Monday, July 16, 2018

Day 815 Seeing through the cracks of con-sciousness.

I notice that our systems, that function under the guise of good, without specificity on how the “ good” is implemented, function backwards I some ways, from this perspective I offer here in this moment. 

With taxes, having done them and knowing someone that is engaged in them professionally, that the people working in the system do not know what they are doing. The ones that begin to realize the structure with greater detail, end up leaving the government system and working for themselves, because they earn a higher wage. Even I have been sent a tax letter that is a construct that reveals such busy work, and of which one has difficulty in engaging with a human being within the system, and if one does all they do is read from the book, one begins to notice that the little ones that compose the system, do not know the system themselves. And yet, the system is and was created by men. I suppose when something is not working as it should, it hides. And the ones that created it, create some invisible hand other than the self,  to blame. And so, gods are created, the entities to hold all the blame. 

In my town, health and conservation rules are side stepped for the individual supposed “ greater good” of revenue generation for salary rather than for the environment.  A agent will send an associate for a write up about a property that moves beyond a general statement of bedroom numbers even when the building is no longer inhabitable, and already a non-conforming structure, because that agent does not want to lose the bedroom numbers as her salary depends on bedroom numbers. Ignore that the property is very small and close to the water table, because such considerations cause one to not get the prize of revenue generation. A health and conservation agent ignoring all aspects, like the conservation of the natural world we cannot live without. 

It takes some time, in this system of already separating children from the natural world and from a consistent interaction with a variety of age groups, to notice the systemic structures as what they say they are and what they behave as in their small movements. Separating children into same age groups,  at a very young age, is a means of already limiting exposure to the greater whole. On the other end of the spectrum, the elderly are sequestered into mostly being with that same age group, not to mention one gets used to being in a narrow focus of interaction, making it difficult to change. Yet, there is greater and greater disease.  Perhaps, that disease has something to do with being placed in what could be called isolation chambers via social constructs. Then one becomes an agent in a municipal office and only reads one aspect of something, always through the lens of accumulating money instead of respecting reality.  If we are a sequestered society, we become an ignorant-of-the-whole of life, which would look something like being zombies if one stood looking in from the outside. This is why we make movies about zombies, because sometimes we see through the cracks. It is that we are funneled networks yet at face value say we are a community, but in effect we are not. 

I wonder why we study chemistry at the end of grade school instead of at the beginning. I wonder why facing the building committee comes after health and conservation. I wonder why we pay income taxes instead of a VAT tax. I mean a VAT tax would be a way and means to realize what people choose. With the creation of income taxes,  some representative official, that then becomes a career politician, makes decisions in their interest. Naturally, it must become a career because the self interests must be managed. That scenario is no different than a municipal worker ignoring the nature, in the interests of getting as many bedrooms from a piece of property despite lack of balance in regards to the nature around that land. It is all a mis-use of resources. It is abuse towards animals and plants.  It is done with manipulations; man I pull .. in self interest. One must collect a body of other men, to build that emotional fire wall that distracts, the one that should one question or point this out, that body of emotional justifications will fire back. It is a Goliath that really has no power as it is all smoke and mirrors. It is the same in our bodies, as what we allow ourselves in support of that. This does not fit into life and as such, has a consequence, a continuum of inner discordant measure, called disease. A lack of ease. A lack of real presence. I lack of community with life. Look around, it is all around us. It is within as the human. We are either hued men, of emotional and feeling bodies of story disconnected from ourselves as life, or  instead we can choose to be HU-men, as “ hu” means power by some accounts. Our words somehow/ sum-the-how of what we experience as allow, because life-will can only express itself, as does a constant resistance to life, as the image of life is warped, thereby revealing itself in every sound, in every word we speak. We are in deed great at the subtle, because that is the means to separate and also to realize the respect for all things, from the smallest to the largest, the ineffable to the most obvious. And yet, it is all obvious. One need only slow down and look.

I remember in high school noticing that something was in men, something was in the body, the physical body of men, the people around me. Perhaps I had the opportunity to notice this, as I lived in NYC. I was playing a lot of classical music, and I was a reader, and I walked the streets of New York. I was exposed to a momentum that was moving so much around me, and I was building “ reading “ skills, like doing a math, within myself, as languages of words and sound, and my physical body being aligned into what I was doing. Perhaps the momentum of all of this, caused that moment of seeing through a crack and noticing some slight movement in the mankind around me. Something was in “ there” that was thick and dark. I mean, I must not be alone in this, many must have asked this question. I most probably was already composed of belief, that though I noticed this, I had no means, no practice in calling it out, my resonant constructions of a differentiating consciousness, as a layered mind consciousness of associative thinking of and as relationships to limited means, that that moment of seeing through a crack, was a consequence of some means being developed. Around the same time, I met an entity in an apartment. I realized they could not touch me, and that everything I had been told was a lie. Yet, to speak this to the world, meant that the wall would attack, the limited resonant belief systems would start to scream their experience. I was scared to face that, as I was already a part of the system. And I had to survive within this system. That occupied my time. And yet, in time, that point comes back again and again and again. Until one realizes something has to be done, because municipal workers ignoring nature for salary, is not and cannot be a respect of life. What must be done is the realization that in order for life to exist, it must be respected. It is the respect of life that will end disease, and it will end up reversing that wall and deconstructing it to fit back into the landscape of and as life here.

What I have found is that in general people do want to do this. When they understand a means to recompose, the cost is no longer even considered. They are glad to pay. It is a deep way of giving thanks in this system. Once they make this decision, they more relax and are super nice! Yet, it appears to be the opposite from the perspective of ignorance. This, for me, is one of those things that appears the opposite to what it is in reality. 

The other point here, is that one must practice LOOKING and READING what is here. This means moving within one’s self, and rebuilding to get one’s stagnant beliefs moving, to synch back into seeing what is here, catching the patterns of non-looking that are a pressure of resistance. I say pressure of resistance because it is actually hard work to suppress and repress. it is more natural to be at ease, to see directly here. A differentiated consciousness of layers of consciousness, is associative thinking, within a set body of information, which is limited thinking, even if the parts are not “ bad.” It slows down processing or is an ignorance of processing what is happening in plain sight as this physical reality. A resonant layered consciousness is of hyped and tense energy entities as information, as ideas, beliefs and opinions, that distract one from being  a natural presence, and as such upset one’s presence to the degree one “ has something in one’s back.” The joints ache, and the limbs have greater and greater difficulty in bending, not to mention the consequence of a misuse of resources that though touted as having no significant difference, accumulate into a HUGE difference. Mistakes compound just as a correct practice leads to a mastery. Remember it works both ways. We know this.

One could say one must turn the tide. A seemingly impossible thing to do, yet water is forgiving, it can take on what it is directed towards. In this, we are Human. The castle wall is simply a smoke and mirrors show of hued men who have through acceptance and allowance, abdicated their power for a lesser and seemingly invisible god that is only a resonant shadow that will scream its experience, yet that need not define who you are here. 

Perhaps, it would be better to turn everything around and, for example, instead of studying chemistry at the end of grade school, begin with that subject. After all, what are all the romantic fairy tales of social engineering really doing for us? Why do we begin with that narrative/form/sequestering-of-attention?  Those stories that by some accounts are repurposing social norms through role playing as a present supposed “ social warrior” heading, that in itself can never align us with our real natures, and our real purpose which would demand a correct use of a great ability to sense the smallest of things, which fits into the idea of the “ eye-of-the-needle “ that we have been told time and again is the way and the means of getting into heaven. Remember, we were told too bring heaven down to earth. that means focusing HERE.