Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Day 829 Patterns, form and function.

Everything has a form and a function. Therefore there are patterns. Patterns also expedite and turn into forms and functions. 

It has been said that  one can understand where a person is at, in relation to how they speak, or how they describe things. And, it has been said that if one cannot explain something to a 6 year old, then one does not YET know something well enough to explain it. In this, words come before accomplishment. 

I think our symbols reveal the overall nature of how we work, I mean, as said above, if patterns lead to form and function, and words come before accomplishment, then a form is either SYMbiotic with life or it is not. If it is not, it lacks real form, it cannot sustain itself, as it does not fit into the circle of life; it does not fit into what is a self perpetuating balanced circle of movement. That lack is visible.  

Again, we all realize this, that we are running within a system, through acceptance that is not what is best for this plan-it. Ideologically, within, as how we define ourselves in service to this  present usurious system that is composed of consumers lacking any regard for their actions as they FOLLOWED a system that is counter-intuitive to the living reality on which it feeds! In so many ways, is it no wonder, according to some industry generated “ conspiracy theory, “ that those same generators realize that program of and as the consumer has become so destructive it is consuming this plan-it and must be removed? I mean, they are DOING SOMETHING instead of ONLY following! Can we blame them? No. We took the bait. Can’t blame anyone for that. 

The patterns are revealed in our symbols. We tend to order things in forms in terms of using communication as how humans speak and write. And, because we can only speak our experience, we place in our symbols that which we hide, that which is in plain sight. For instance, the alphabet begins with an A. That is a pyramid! It is how we learn. We move from the general, accumulate understanding, process as move within that more and more effectively. We become more and more aware of the details and process that more and more effectively direct us, until we move through the top of that triangle into grace and mastery! Unless we become a master of a limited set-body-of-information, as lack. 

The alphabet ends with a Z. Does that symbol not somewhat reveal the outcome of our programming as how we use the very symbols as the words we speak? Does it not look somewhat like a DNA spiral? Thus, how we BUILD ourselves within, as the development of skill sets, as that natural order of building as the A, will determine the building of our neurological network as that DNA spiral that is similar to the Z that is the symbol at the end of the ALPHABET.  Remember, we can ONLY speak out experience. And we hide our hiding in our words as our practiced experience! 

I have come across articles that suggest that some people talk about other people, some talk about events and others talk about ideas. None are necessarily “ bad.” Those who talk about other people, tend to take a long time to tell a story, meaning, they have to move through, “ then they said, then they did, then they said, and then.…” It is a way of building a picture but it can take a long time. In other words, they cannot expeditiously tell the story in few words. 

Others can talk about events. This is a level of greater pattern recognition. It is the “ he said, she said” situation on another level. It is also a greater awareness of relationships between thing in this reality. One is including more of the outer environment called this life.

The third stage is talking about ideas. Of course this is usually made “ holy.” It is filled with holes as it can be a positivity cult of thinking instead of being a transition, in tandem with the other “ maths” of communication, to seeing the parts and the whole of what is expressed on this plan-it and how one can become locked into limited and collectively accepted forms of information to the extent it automates and runs the machine called YOU! 

In looking at this overall, we can automate patterns and get locked into them, making it harder to READ new things around us, manifested as it being more and more difficult to actually READ words on a page. Reading does help one to READ the world around one! Reading sounds a lot like REEDING, like pushing movement through a pipe to SOUND something. Thus, we are the WORDS we effectively know. Are our words LIVING WORDS, meaning, do our words recognize all the relationships of this life, or are our words tied to limited constructions of information, the kind that have become a program of consumers offered by a few, who actually get out and DO SOMETHING, that realize there are too many CONSUMERS, as though they took the initiative to BUILD SOMETHING, and have made a mistake in their calculations and must back track to return a certain degree of BALANCE on this plan-it! I mean, can we blame them? Once again, as I repeat?

If one has not realized, as studied and LOOKED at the nature of being locked into limited perspectives revealed as the very words we speak and CAN generate, how does one know the degree to where one is at? How can one realize the programming of a limited story, and to note, we need stories because we recognize through patterns forms? A limited story, or being caught in one means of communication as a program, is a state of separation from the living story. One would have a harder time READING in such a case as READING reveals the extent to which one is caught  in limitation and therefore cannot PROCESS information to realize the patterns to both respect patterns and see outside of them as self and the living system of this PLAN-IT at present, to the extent one expresses as MOVES and COMMUNICATES with all the above limitations and the whole overall!  Who has done that to a greater degree? 

Again, yes, a limited program is not cool. Yet, if the following realize they have made a mis-take, then it is to realize that perhaps those that did take some initiative also made a mis-take. Overall, what exists exists through acceptance and allowance. And yes, what is here must change. Yet, it can only change as each individual must learn to respect all things, and take the time to study and understand how all of this works. It is something that no ONE can do for each one. It is something each one must do all by themselves.  And yes, there are those who fear stepping outside of limited programming because they fear their own “ self creation,”  AND they fear changing, they fear that they will not survive in the present system. AND, some have worked very hard to get to where they are at. Yet, we can more effectively use resources to the extent we do learn to control the population of humans and the natural world here on earth, in ways that allow each one to live on this earth like a millionaire! 

We also know we have a divided consciousness. Meaning, we all have memories, some of painful experiences. Those memories are our past. Some we bury. Those memories can manifest as pictures hiding what is behind that curtain- the degree to which the images are filled with uncertainty and fear and are seemingly fantastic is the degree to which one is separated from what is initially behind them! . That can take up a lot of our conscious mind, as our focus as our time here on this earth. One as the self, must sort that out and realize how the inner picture show, within this present system, that exists because we are doing this instead of being present and sorting out what is within. Thus, in terms of the words we use to describe where we are at, as what we talk about, we can begin to recognize the patterns revealing the degree of distance or presence in relation to this living reality! It is, as the words we speak, just like that curtain of numbers falling down like rain in the movie the MATRIX. We humans are amazing machines, we can build such illusion and defend them, and we can, simultaneously, realize the layers and see beyond them! That is amazing! Yet, one must be willing to study how one is in expression and what that construction is, as that “ fire-wall” as the very patterns and use of WORDS to RECOGNIZE- RE-COGNATE-IZE/eyes in the order of respecting all things as this living earth plan-it( structure) to stand as self, from the HEART/EARTH instead of some running picture show as a consciousness divided from self! A CON-sciousness that is visible in the very words a person uses and the tension as the constructions as the words  that inform to PULL like puppet strings on the PHYSICAL body. EVERYTHING is visible and in plain sight! YOU CANNOT HIDE! It is like it is said, one will face all that one has done. And, there is one choice,  to take the good and do no HARM.  Just as we actively participated in the present limited system through a lack of self realization ( that was actively and busily embraced! ) that was the means of building said system, so must each one begin to LOOK at what the self is defined as, and begin the journey to self realize to begin to walk a correction that fits into this PLAN-IT  that would be an action of REBUILDING the within to live and express self as life, as the principle of and as DO NO HARM. 

I mean, what is a projection but a set body of information self has allowed to define the self? Can one automate such behaviors? Yes. What is a divided and fractionalized consciousness but all of the above? And, is it not visible in thought, word and deed? 

Thank you for reading!