Blog Timeline

Year 2012

April 2012

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6 Guilt
Day 7 Regret
Day 8 A desire to be Social
Day 9 Emotions and being compassionate as giving attention to emotions in self and others.
Day 10 Monthly Period Nasty Internal Conversations
Day 11 Personality is my woe, my fear, and my self pity.
Day 12 The Human Physical Body
Day 13. Defense and Attack
Day 14 The Dominance of the Mind
Day 15 Self Judgement and Affection
Day 16 The Monoculture of the MInd.

May 2012

Day 17: Bringing reactions to my dog back to self.
Day 18: Actions stated as personality are label and competition
Day 19: My Legs and Hip Pains- What I have accepted and allowed.
Day 20 Compassion as my justification to abdicate self responsibility
Day 21 My Story as a Widow
Day 22 Irritation - self separation
Day 23 Breath and being here
Day 24- De-press-I-on, Forgiving the Past.
Day 25 Who I am within the mechanism of a world system.
Day 26 My Fear is my Want
Day 27 I forgive my self for allowing and accepting...
Day 28 Spiteful interaction as mind.
Day 29: Family is home.My family is here, mother’s day, mother and sister came, sons are home. All in one day. My self, I become so aware of trying to communicate and remain here with ease and I find my self  trying to bridge a gap away from creating more patterns of separation, to not react but to direct, through not reacting. Meanwhile, this sense of being depressed comes, where as heaviness com
Day 30: Hemorrhoid I have a hemorrhoid and it is really annoying and it hurts. I have had them about four times in my life. The first when I was pregnant. It was awful, because I was Italy on tour and I could not walk and there was all this great food and I did not want to eat because of this hemorrhoid. The other times I have gotten them is when I ate corn chips or corm tortillas, for some reason
Day 31 Embrace
Day 32 - Space
Day 33 Ordinariness
Day 34 Competition amongst women.
Day 35 Screwing young girls is screwing self as life.
Day 36 Worry about my Children
Day 37 Age of innocence?
Day 38 Flexibility/Movement
Day 39 Family past and silence
Day 40 A state of ease.I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to believe that a state of ease is dependent on being with another person.I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to not realize that, for instance , when I am walking with my dog and she is looking up to me and wagging her tail and I begin to laugh, this is being at ease.I forgive my self for allowing and acce
Day 41 Spite as defense of mind imagery/label
Day 42 my sons
Day 43 Walking away.
Day 44 A change of plans.
Day 45 Advertising consumerism is the Pied Piper
Day 46 The tethered human

June 2012

Day 47 Administration/admitted traitor
Day 48 Personality: the NO-I-SE-e self sound.
Day 49 In-no-sense common sense
Day 50 Woe/Owe
Day 51 Staged acts are defense.
Day 52 Opposition
Day 53 Rejection and expectation are Image Nation
Day 54 Accumulated back chat and sleep
Day 55 Consumerist sex is not physical intimacy.
Day 56 My Husband lit himself on fire /hung himself . Suicide
Day 57 Turning away from the physical
Day 58 Is blaming the outcome the solution
Day 60 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to believe in love.
Day 61 The reoccurring child within
Day 62 Comparison is a bubble of separation
Day 63 walking the ordinary
Day 64 Perpetual Jury Duty
Day 65 Effective Communication
Day 65/59 Assigned Living
Day 66 The folding of knowledge and information.
Day 67 significance to the insignificance
Day 68 Pondering as mind is experience as relationships
Day 69 Unworthiness as reaction to Irritation
Day 70 Suppression of common sense begins in childhood
Day 71 Life or sympathetic longing-for ? memory. You decide.
Day 72 Rolling with to transpose role play
Day 73 The valley of the shadow of death. Emotions and feelings.
Day 74 The value given to emotions and feelings
Day 75 The checklist of values in and as my mind.

July 2012

Day 76 There is no good or no bad there in only common sense
Day 77 Taking care alone, a labor of self pity
Day 78 I am the creator of my character, thus I am a creator.
Day 79 Secondary image nation.
Day 80 My legs and “hurt.”My life has been filled with sudden change and there is a point where this happened the first time. I was a small child. I had to be between 4 and 5 years old. What I remember is walking towards my father, who was talking with my younger sister. We were outside on this patio. Next to my father and sister was a tricycle. I walked up and suddenly I was pushed or I feel, but
Day 81 Fear of Attack
Day 82 Being annoyed at my son for smoking pot mother character
Day 83 Feeling I have too much to do.
Day 84 More gloom as Fear of Loss
Day 85 After the death of my husband
Day 86 A day of the mind
Day 87 War King/Working/We R King I  was reading today and I had a reaction to the word working. Much like a romantic relationship, my working relationship, as in my character, or my cast of characters, I become nasty. I attack and threaten, and blame and spite and judge and fear, and retaliate. I have schadenfreude, I  seek justice, I reminisce over believed injustices. I am a hissing, spiting, b
Day 88 Worry and the Future
Day 89 Attention Seeking
Day 90 The heart is a lonely hunter
Day 91 The character of believing I must have something to say.
Day 92 The I am trapped character
Day 93 The needing support character
Day 94 The Looking Away Character
Day 95 Fear of Falling character
Day 96 The care actor of the future, the past, and not here
Day 97 The Character of Arrogance.
Day 98 The character of the petrified deer standing in the headlights.
Day 99 expectation
Day 100 Our shackles are of our own design.
Day 101 The character of the dreamer.
Day 102 The sigh of avoidance character
Day 103 The avalanche of characters falling around me as I have decided to move
Day 104 The character of unemployed
Day 105 The passive care actor.
Day 106 A Parent setting conditions

August 2012

Day 107 The character of sweetness
Day 108 Replacing the clock with death
Day 109 Castle in the Sky
Day110 The frightening wall of separation
Day 111 Love is the admission of fear
Day 112 The tale on my ASS
Day 113 Be Ur Den, the wellspring of belief
Day 114 Everyone is talking about relationships
Day 115 Letting it go.
Day 116 this is myself in and as hope and not life.
Day 117 Jury duty of soldier duty? My annoyance character
Day 118 The real book of life
Day 119 The solution is an Equal Money System
Day 120 The voices of the past.
Day 121 The stop sign.
Day 122 The flood of abuse
Day 123 Addiction as Behavior
Day 124 Bearing no witness to what is real.
Day 125 Hiding from Contradiction
Day 126 Don't tell me I can't - Character
Day 127 Standing vulnerable
Day 128 Wanting to belong.
Day 129 Morality Character
Day 130 The pacifier is a plug
Day131 There is no ascension, there is simply HERE
Day 132 Anger Reaction to Truth The care of self interest
Day 133 What is actually here.
Day 134 Withholding common sense development in Children is a crime against LIfe.

September 2012

Day 135 By a Man came these words, and not a god.
Day 136 Anxiety is separation
Day !37 Is not heresay/heresy a sin?
Day 138 What happened to the potential in our children?
Day 139 Is life expression moving?
Day 140 Walking the Desteni I Process, the correction of self back to life
Day 141 Facing the fear to look. JourneyToLife
Day 142 Primary and secondary associations, self intimacy with the physical
Day 143 Security
Day 144 The Mind is the past
145 Change self Stop the Mind
Day 146 Defenses are Bigger Than Expression in a System of Debt
Day 147 The Survivalist Lies of Administrators
Day 148 A consequence of physical separation
Day 149 The idea of my future is based on my past, and not real
Day 150 Reactions to dogs and aging people
Day 151 remain within the text
Day 152 Facing the Cold
Day 153 Listening and solving involves no reaction
Day 154 Is Common Sense Dirty?
Day 155 Judging by appearance based on limited values
Day 156 Insanity- the crazy woman in the attic = my mind
Day 157 The I am vulnerable character
Day 158 What Is a Primary Source?
Day 159 Letting go is only reformation
Day 160 A Memory of Confusion
Day 161 Imagination of Childhood Event

October 2012

Day 162 Facing Back Chat as the voice of the impossible
Day 163 Reactions within Confusion
Day 164 In worry I begin to rush and lose my breath
165 Becoming obsessive within reaching a goal
Day 166 Isolation in mastering of fantasy
Day 167 Service to dividends is loss of breath
Day 168 Fear of joy is suppression of self as life
Day 169 The mind wanting precedent
Day 170 I could not move my physical body
Day 171 Facing a belief of myself as being unworthy
Day 172 Self forgiveness into separation as being unworthy
Day 173 To judge is to separate from life, this is consciousness.
Day 174 Quantum mind the road map back to self as life
Day 175 The interest of self into fear
Day 176 The care of wanting immediate change
Day 177 The loss of "Princess" status
Day 178 rejection through having judged
Day 179 Self validation
Day 180 What is physically actually HERE
Day 181 Hiding as defense
Day 182 Facing emotions and feelings,
Day 183 Reactions within interactions
Day 184 Service 'to" as protection/defense
Day 185 The chord of belief, opinion and idea
Day 186 A desire to comfort.
Day 187 Worthlessness; Preparing to avoid judgement
Day 188 Reactions in fear of being judged as unworthy.
Day 189 A chance meeting and communication
Day 190 A System of Fuzzy Logic
Day 191 De-serving life

November 2012

Day192 Only consider the whole.
Day 193 The law of inequality = the wal of a belief in more than.
Day 194 Pointing out what would hide myself
Day 195 A being of blame
Day 196 Beyond face value
Day 197 Friction/conflict is only limited choice
Day 198 The word of the male.
Day 199 The ghost in the machine
Day 200 important/unimportant, A separation
Day 201 A horror movie in my mind
Day 202 According to the plan
Day 203 I am my own author
Day 204 Answering in protection and defense of self
Day 205 discretion within making a degree of difference huge
Day 206 More on dissing creation
Day 207 The mind as magnifier of parts of the physical/story only
Day 208 Fluctuating vertigo
Day 209 Fear of not being valid, fear of loss
Day 210 Self correction Validating Life
Day 211 Thought dimension on being valid
Day 212 Self Correction on separation into values of more than and less than.
Day 213 Values recited in back chat of more than and less than, the cry of fear.
Day 214 Self commitment within back chat self validation
Day 215 Reaction/behavior within self validation
Day 216 Self commitment within validation/idol creation
Day 217 Values in separation from life affect the physical
Day 218 physical constriction signifies separation
Day 219 Self validations within the presented
Day 220 A thought of " I care"
Day 221 Behavoirs of conjecture

December 2012

Day 222Thought Dimension; Apprehension Character; the nail biter
Day 223 Imagination Dimension Apprehension Character
Day 224 Internal Conversations Dimension: Apprehension Character
Day 225 Reaction Dimension ; Apprehension Character
Day 226 Behavior Dimension : Apprehension Character
Day 227 Fear Dimension: Apprehension character
Day 228 Consequence Dimension: Apprehension Character
Day 229 Redefinition : Apprehension Character
Day 230 Thought Dimension : Despair Character
Day 231 Imagination Dimension : Despair Character
Day 232 Internal conversation/ Back Chat : Despair Character
Day 233 Reaction Dimension : Despair Character
Day 234 Consequence Dimension : Despair Character
Day 235 Thought Dimension / Victim Character
Day 236 Imagination Dimension/ Victim Character
Day 237 Internal Conversations/Back Chat Dimension : Victim Character
Day 238 Reaction Dimension : Victim Character
Day 239 Behavior Dimension : Victim Character
Day 240 Fear Dimension : Victim Character
Day 241 Consequence Dimension : Victim Chaaracter
Day 242 A reaction of irritation
Day 243 What is being "irritation"?
Day 244 Christmas Past
Day 245 A projection from the past.

Year 2013

January 2013

Day 247 Is a behavioral cycle a way to operate?
Day 248 Self abdication character
Day 249 - 250 Fear Dimension Self abdication character
Day 251 Thoughts within Self abdication Care actor
Day 252 Imagination dimension: Self abdication character
Day 253 Imagination Dimension Abdication Character
Day 254 Back Chat Dimension, Abdication Character
Day 255 Abdication Character Reaction Dimension
Day 256 Behavior Dimension : Abdication Character
Day 257 Fear Dimension Abdication Character
Day 258 Consequence Dimension, Abdication Character
Day 259 Bridging the gap of distance, stopping vertigo with common sense
Day 260 Children's books advertise fear and product use without solution and prevention overall.
Day 261 Fear of speaking is separation from self as life.
Day 262 Fear of speaking : Thought Dimension
Day 263 Are we aware of the Water Wars? War is about Self Interest Not Life.
Day 264 Fear of speaking; thought dimension
Day 265 The abuse of a lack of presence equal to the physical
Day 266 Fear of speaking Thought dimension
Day 267 Why poverty?
Day 268 The happy face of the profit motive uses a projection of what is best for all, yet the directive is profit only.
Day 269 Fear of speaking Imagination dimension
Day 270 Equal Money Capitalism will end Pet Abandonment
Day 271 Fear of speaking Imagination dimension

February 2013

Day 272 Equal Money Capitalism will end lack of development in Children
Day 273 Fear Of speaking Imagination Dimension
Day 274 Fear of speaking Imagination Dimension
Day 275 Equal Money Capitalism Best For All Children
Day 276 Fear of speaking Internal Conversations Dimension
Day 277 Equal Money Capitalism. Where do the guns come from?
Day 278 Fear of speaking Imagination dimension
Day 279 Fear of Speaking Internal Conversation Dimension
Day 280 Equal Money Capitalism Will change local and global practice of money before life.
Day 281 The Sabotage of Predictive Programming: Not Enough Food to Feed the World.
Day 282 Stereotypes are the story of Predictive Programming
Day 283 Fear of speaking Reaction dimension
Day 284 The Story of Inequality, No sustainability
Day 285 Fear of speaking The behavior of commercial speak
Day 286 The Buried King Philip's War
Day 287 Children and the "concrete stage"
Day 288 Fear of Speaking Reaction Dimension
Day 289 Fear of speaking Reaction dimension cont.
Day 290 The blanket of ownership, to outflow of liability
Day 291 Fear of speaking Behavioral dimension
Day 292 Self forgiveness: Make-Up and the Modeling World
Day 293 Disgust Character Memory: Self Resistance
Day 294 Disgust Character : Fear Dimension The Trap
Day 295 Rebellion, Protest is Not Practical Change
Day 296 Transfer Pricing, Usury and the education of a child.

March 2013

Day 297 Character of Disgust Fear Dimension
Day 298 "Please feed the models' EMC
Day 299 Weathering the storm of my own judgements to discover my own disgust.
Day 300 Thought dimension Disgust character
Day 301 Children: breath, vocabulary, conceptual directiveness; the physical
Day 302 Disgust Character Imagination Dimension
Day 303 Advertising uses the learning capacity of man and abuses it in self interest
Day 304 Disgust towards attention seekers.
Day 305 The quantization of empathy
Day 306 Self Commitment Statements Disgust Character
Day 307 A congress in separation, sequestering in self interest
Day 308 Do we conceive from a song or from what is real as the physical world?
Day 309 Disgust Character Back Chat Dimension
Day 310 Suicides of our soldiers, the pawns of greed.
Day 311 Disgust Character Self Commitment Statements
Day 312 Extreme Shock and Trauma: Accidents, Disease, Mental DisOrder
Day 313 Disgust Character Behavioral Dimension
Day 314 Disgust Character Behavior Dimension
Day 315 Reacting to reacting, another disgust/fear behavior.
Day 316 What are memories? What is consciousness? A bubble of separation?
Day 317 Immediately Desiring Help: A Past Movement for Attention
Day 318 The Innate sensibility of the human physical body and the image holder as the mind
Day 319 Distorted Capital is not Democracy
Day 320 The quieting of disgust
Day 321 "Don't Look, Don't Look" back chat
Day 322 The Global Mind of Self Interest: Bernanke and " It's Complicated"
Day 323 Being bullish with bullying

April 2013

Day 324 In unequal ownership of capital we all fall down
Day 325 Self Commitments Forgiving Labels
Day 326 One way communication without term defining
Day 327 Orderly with Tulips yet NOT with men?
Day 328 Rejection Character
Day 329 More on Rejection Character: I am my own rejection
Day 330 Self Forgivemess Rejection Character
Day 331 Fathers killing sons is the product of a sequestration of POWER.
Day 332 The profit corporate, the liability mass.
Day 333 Hiding behind the Spider web of self interest in profit. A system of inequality
Day 334 What is the DIS-ease of Power in Inequality
Day 335 Killing is not life
Day 336 Rammed Earth House
Day 337 A government in time with a Hollywood Movie
Day 338 The " I don't know" Syndrome
Day 339 Bring RIght Back to the Principle of Equality
Day 340 What would top us from seeing the humanity in others?
Day 341 What stops is from seeing our divisions as division?
Day 342 There is no escape from facing what has been allowed on earth. Period.

May 2013

Day 343 What is friction and conflict?
Day 344 The deception of one dimension presentation within consciousness
Day 345 Drug Culture is Profit. Organized Profit?
Day 346 Local Events in a System of Profit before Life.
Day 347 Are our politicians a representation of our suppressions?
Day 348 A " state of being" in separation from life.
Day 349 A full self in the words, here?
Day 350 It is many hands that care for earth.
Day 351 Self Forgiveness of a lesser self. Fear Dimension
Day 352 Methods of Division
Day 353 The lesser self self commitment statements
Day 354 The lesser self Fear dimension
Day 355 Addressing the parts of separation
Day 356 The lesser self imagination as projection reacting to self judgement.
Day 357 How is a lesson taught in a school?
Day 358 " Only corporations " is the warship of a false god.
Day 359 The lesser self: thoughts as beliefs.
Day 360 Self forgiveness cont. Lesser self.
Day 361 "God's" heaven is more of the same.
Day 362 Self Judgement as allowing inferiority
Day 363 Education is the Responsibility of us All together.
Day 364 Self Judgement Commitment Statements
Day 365 Land grab, pollution and a blinding media; Is this what we want?
Day 366 What is a prophett, the prophet of a system of inequality known as profit?
Day 367 Patenting is profit in self interest ONLY. A denial of life.
Day 368 Distraction, Comparison, Competition, Judgement.
Day 369 Protection and defense is fear of life.
Day 370 The grid of separation
Day 371 Divisions are the borders of our separation from life.

June 2013

Day 372 Heaven was a lesser dimension, the mind is the sound of your separation.
Day 373 Paranoia of the UNknown
Day 374 The paranoia of the unKNOWN cont.
375 Paranoia of the unKNOWN Self Forgiveness Thought
Day 376 Covering the known with data in self interest as consciousness in separation from life
377 Remove the "UN" from the Known. Walk the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Day 378 Self Forgiveness of the unknown.
Day 379 The unknown and facing others.
Day 380 Self Commitments, Paranoia of the unknown
Day 381 Ignorance is bliss NOT: Paranoia of the UNKNOWN
Day 382 Paranoia of the unknown; Lack of common sense
Day 383 The Paranoia of the Unknown: The illusion of ONE hand before our Eyes
Day 384 Free Choice = Paranoia of the Unknown
Day 385 Self forgiveness on the para noise of my mind
Day 386 Paranoia of the Unknown: Associations within words creating the Unknown.

July 2013

Day 387 The Ponzi Scheme of Inequality
Day 388 Common Sense is the value of Life
Day 389 Self Forgiveness on the Manner of Consciousness
Day 390 Paranoise of inferiority, Unknowiing common sense.
Day 391 Add money to peace keeping and it becomes military and security forces. Is this acceptable?
DAY 392 Abraham Hicks Vibrational Abundance : You have been HAD!
DAY 393 being sick of the choice of " a lesser evil" is the moment to stand back and look to the whole.
Day 394 Paranoia of the Unknown: Superstitious Society
Day 395 The Inflation of Memorization in Education: Breeding Separation from Reality
Day 396 The Paranoia of Unknowing, The Equivalence of Dis-Ease
Day 397 Paranoia of the Unknown : Ownership is Serve I = All.
Day 398 What Just flashed before my eyes?
Paranoia of the Unknown: Smoke and Mirrors
Day 400 Perspective: Self Forgiveness

August 2013

Day 401 The bubble of association to disassociate from life
Day 402 Walking into the Known: Self Correction into Common Sense
Day 403 The corporate personhood of perpetual life. The Poly Di
Day 404 The flow of a Living Income Guarantee
Day 405 Clyde
Day 406 Programming and the word.
Day 407 Existential Emotional Soup
Day 408 Is that turn into looking too difficult? Or is the change only a different feeling?
Day 409 Self Forgiveness for Separation from Common Sense.
410 An Economic System that Withstands the Test of Time
Day 411 Children love structure
Day 412 Missing the structure of here.
Day 413 limited values create the unknown
Day 414 Monsanto GMO and the cart before the horse. StoryAnnoDomini SAD.
Day 415 The within is separate from the without. A Paranoise of the Unknown
Day 416 Imagining Outcomes
DAY 417 Common Sense is Our Natural Learning Ability
Day 418 Africa in America? Fracking in Texas Profit inversion America Style
Day 419 The superstition of power
Day 420 Common sense is in the world, we need only place it into a structure.

September 2013

Day 421 What will Miley Cyrus and Washington in Syria gain with the Disappearing Male?
Day 422 In Despair I am Unequal to Creation
Day 423 Understanding equality within direct movement of myself here.
Day 424 Syria, Time for humanity to stand as what is best for all.
Day 425
Day 426 Hierarchy, a nipple/welfare for the few.
Day 427 Fairy tales: The Commerce of Division for Control
Day 428 Self forgiveness on the changing forms of colony: settlement, form, cultivation
Day 429 Making Sense of the World.
Day 430 Food stamps and minimum wage.
Day 431 Heaven is Waiting
Day 432 Self Forgiveness on highlighting systemic particulars as mind.
Day 433 Transnationals, catch them if you can. Living Income Guarantee: the solution.
Day 433 How can " trade secrets" be used in a democracy that requires an educated collective?
Day 434 Transnational Action disregards practical physical reality.
Day 435 Are you an automaton or are you here aware of the whole?
Day 436 What is a capitalist?

October 2013

Day 437 Trickle down, Trickle up. American Capitalism
Day 438 The fairy tale: a division of unequal measure of a physical machine of many parts.
Day 439 The game of associations hiding Monsanto and Transnationals begins within.
Day 440 Fear Mongering tactics, sidestepping the real issues that are done in self interest.
Day 441 Substantiating the insubstantial in self interest. Transnationals the other foot of government.
Day 442 - A CONGRESS of limited parts, misunderstanding life.
Day 443 Positive reinforcement, does it allow self discovery?
Day 444 Indolent imagination
Day 445 Indolence Continued. Self forgiveness and Self corrective application
Day 447 Indolence Cont. Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application.
Day 448 Self Corrective Statements for Indolence
Day 449 Offshore building, a smoke and mirrors game /human mind reflection, of self interest before life.
Day 450 Offshoring and Transnationals: Dissembling Life
Day 451 Subsidizing is a from of control as sub-sizing.
Day 452 The corporation is the person of each of us. It is a state of being in abuse. Forgive Your Personality.
Day 253 it is our responsibility to show all consequence when using words on a page.
Day 254 Americans will not stop playing the game.
Day 455 Protection and Defense. The loss of humility.
Day 456 Protection and defense in the face of self validation
Day 457 Online porn saves money spent on dating. WTF
Day 458 Politeness

November 2013

Day 459 The projection of the good limitation to hide the consequence of greed as each of us within.
Day 460 and 461 Peer Pressure from Grade School to Work Environment
Day 462 Aligning words into and as what is best for all.
Day 463 What is an autistic child doing?
Day 464 Physical Reactions based on Past Events: Separation from Life
Day 465 Reaction to " I"m too busy."
Day 466 Self Forgiveness on Reaction to " I'm too busy."
Day 467 Watching the reactions only.
Day 468 Solicitation, TPP and Protest Laws. As Within So Without.
Day 469 The EXIT ment of fantasy.
Day 470 Wholeness Enhances Individual Parts
Day 471 A knot in my chest. Not being directive, here.

December 2013

Day 472 The Problem with Controls
Day 473 Rapping Crime, beating ourselves down. STOP
Day 474 The chaos of inequality: An inchoate Life. STOP.
Day 475 ALl SEe the fAL SE confidence and comfort.
Day 476 Accessing Knowledge and Information
Day 477 The muddy waters of the impulses of consumerism.
Day 478 A hangover as data of knowledge and inFORMation.
Day 479 Watching Autism in My World. What is Mind Consciousness?
Day 480 Minimum wage, Corporate Welfare babies, the metaPHYSICAL tool of the mind in disfunction.
Day 481 What have I accepted and allowed as mind? What am I as mind?
Day 482 Realizing the mind as associating within limited values. LIFE NOT.
Day 483 The growth of special needs children. Who is responsible. YOU.
Day 484 Communication that with stands the test of time can be a process of joy.
Day 485 The mass of christ is the word of equality. It is earth-heart-hearth as all as one as equal.
Day 486 Is our ability to sense the fabric of here suppressed? How do we read?
Day 487 Self Forgiveness on Thinking. What is thought?
Day 488 Can we trust what we see with our eyes alone?
Day 489 The babble of limited association.A tool of suppression self accepted.

Year 2014

January 2014

Day 490 Our soldiers that are the living dead. They are us, we are them.
Every Day
Day 491 Walking the process of the pain into a lightness of being. DIP Journey to life.
Day 492 The extremes of suppressing life. The solution a Living Income Guarantee
Day 493 One seemingly little thought. Looking up to father.
Day 494 Self forgiveness on a thought about my father as a child.
Day 495 Minimum Wage and our Children: An Addiction to short sounds bites of knowledge and information.
Day 496 Democratic Behavior, Childhood Cancer and Reality on the Ground.
Day 497 A Difference by Degree: Bridging the Judgement Gap
Day 498 Learning to Self Correct Behaviors of Frustration. DIP Lite
Day 499 Rapping, State divestment of Fossil Fuel supported Pensions and the Virtual Senate
Day 500 Addressing the Paranormal: Our Cognitive Maps
Day 501 Addressing the Paranormal story of Chile
Day 502 What is paranormal?
Day 503 Resource extraction and currencies, A design that weakens the infrastructure of life.

February 2014

Day 504 Self Forgiveness on the thought " Now look what you have done."
Day 505 Resistance to words.
Day 506 Reacting to words of blame: addressing limitations.
Day 507 The ghost in the machine is the ghost on the machine
Day 508 Is self validation as sadness, care or an awareness of ignorance of consequence?
Day 509 Facing the Paranoia of the Paranormal
Day 510 Blaming myself and realizing there is no quick fix. Self Forgiveness and Corrective Application
Day 511 Tactical in War, Thinking Magically Everywhere Else. A Collective Abdication of Common Sense
Day 512 Why not use out ability to attend to detail to create Heaven on Earth?
Day 513 The Paranormal Veil as Mind Mis-take and the Solution as Income.
Day 514 through the veil - to be directive in the way of becoming of sound mind.
Day 515 The worth and quality of life is earth in equality.
Day 516 Facing Cruelty and Conjecture

March 2014

Day 519 Cross Purposes - Journey to Life
Day 520 Self Corrections on Cross Purpose
Day 521 The ominous cunning Fox
Day 522 The missing Limb and what we build in our children.
Day 523 A culture of division and a missing plane. The manipulation of an ability to measure here.
Day 524 Leaving a dog to starve and the American Congress. Time for a change.
Day 525 Using the Heart to stand within the Principle of what is best for all.
Day 526 Limited focus creates zombies
Day 527 Remove the hegemonic eye, and become an earth that is a field of life.
Day 528 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting a separation from life. The process of Equality.
DAY 529 The drama of ego upon structure.
Day 530 Being in Charge.

April 2014

Day 531 I can't hear if I am not here.
Day 532 Dropping literacy rates and the consequence of special needs.
Day 533 Self forgiveness on the thought, "Why do I have to sort this out."
Day 534 Seeing the patterns of administrators.
Day 535 What is the total story?
Day 536 - The valley of the shadow of good and evil.
Day 537 Going into Mind Consciousness Self Forgiveness
Day 538 Self Forgiveness Arguing Limitations
Day 539 The Me-sure as Mind Consciousness
Day 540 Being a Leader and Being Self Responsible
Day 541 The MAZING mind.
Day 542 Self forgiveness on looking for a purpose.
Day 543 The limited measure of projecting values.
Day 544 Slowing Down into Common Sense

May 2014

Day 545 The Spin
Day 546 The clock work of my emotions.
Day 547 The inner-rest of interest in separation from physical life.
Day 548 Personalities within a group meeting.
Day 549 The journey to life is to rule equal to the measure of the physical.
Day 550 The storied existence of the NOW and the presence of HERE.
Day 561 The Desteni of Living - My Declaration of Principle

June 2014

Day 562 The Limitation of the Conspiracy of Self Interest in Zimbabwe and within Myself
Day 563 A sound form begins with each of us.
Day 564 Apathy and Sound Mind. The Journey of Limitation into Common Sense.
Day 565 Distraction away from Common Sense into an Idea of Gain
Day 566 Self Forgiveness on Getting too Occupied with Organization in mind ONLY.
Day 567 A belief as " having to contend with a group."
Day 568 Moving " upon" the section of a group.

July 2014

Day 569 Reacting to the statement " too much reality." Self forgiveness
Day 570 Transnational movement is a reflection of our minds of separation.
Day 571 The CARtelTOON of Profit.
Day 572 The Nonsense Right In Front of Us.
Day 573 Facing the Shadow World of Limitation.
Day 574 Skeletons in the mind.
Day 575 Loss by Association Self Forgiveness

August 2014

Day 576 The usurious smoke and mirrors valley of good and evil. HALOgraphics as mind/consciousness.
Day 577 A sense of unworthiness cutting off communication
Day 578 Fryeburg Maine and our Children.
Day 579 How come there is organization to replicate lost keys, but not solve poverty?
Day 580 Instead of Restricting Speech, Remove Anonymity.

September 2014

Day 581 What would you want for yourself?
Day 582 The Slow Motion of Entities as Mind Constructed of Thoughts.
Day 583 ISIS is mice confined in lack, unable to see the parts and the whole.
Day 584 How did I remove negativity from my life?
Day 585 The Dis-association that leads to a Mis-association of the Middle Class
Day 586 The consent to be governed
Day 587 Suppression: believing the entities of belief are real.

October 2014

Day 588 Moving through the limitation of " I am uncomfortable."
Day 589 The Lag of Self Definition towards a Natural Expedition in Men
Day 590 Repetitive Play, the Opportunity to Collect Data.
Day 591 The gift of Self Forgiveness
Day 592 My Personality with Women Self Forgiveness

November 2014

Day 593 My Personality with Women Cont. Self Forgiveness
Day 594 My Personality with Women. Cont. Self Forgiveness
Day 595 Believing that I Have to Say Something to Prove my Worth. Self Forgiveness

December 2014

Day 596 Who am I within the systemic culture of women? Self Forgiveness and Practical Application. Day 1
Day 596 Who am I within the systemic culture of women Day 2 Self Forgiveness and Practical Application
Day 597 Who I am within the Systemic Culture of Women Day 3
Day 598 Who am I within the culture of women. Day 4 Self Forgiveness and Self Correction
Day 599 Who I am within the culture of woman. Day 5 Self forgiveness and Self Correction.
Day 600 The veil is thin. The practice of value touting vs. practical application.
Day 601 Real Cyber Attacks are the Presentational Use of False Dilemmas
Day 602 Understanding the space and time of practical existence, communicating here. Self Forgiveness

Year 2015

January 2015

Day 603 The resiliency of silence
Day 604 Heaven would be Earthed.
Day 604 The Misplaced Creative Ability of The Concrete Made Abstract. Self Forgiveness
Day 605 We are programmable, which means we can change.
Day 606 The Living Word Grounding us Here in Equality
Day 607 The Secret. Journey To Life : We Create
Day 608 Not seeing the connections right in front of me. Judgements as beliefs as mind con-sciousness.

February 2015

Day 609 The Worry for Security
Day 610 The False Positive of the Halo of Piety
Day 611 The courage of water
Day 612 Despair and Space and Time, Self Forgiveness
Day 613 Self Forgiveness on this Morning's Rant. I am what I accept and allow.

March 2015

Day 614 Where is your presence? Journey to Life.
Day 615 Mindfulness follow through into writing out thoughts, self forgiveness and corrective application.
Day 616 We are resonant beings, what we allow we become.
Day 617 The limitations of our thoughts as knowledge and information only, and the suppression of our presence.
Day 618 Remember in School when you really just wanted to particpate?
Day 619 The FearObligationGuilt of Doubt separating myself from using doubt to cross reference reality.
Day 620 We are all holding this system of abusing life in place.
Day 621 Presence as mind only or presence as Equality to life? Which is the choice of freedom?
Day 622 Equality with The Physical, Grounding Oursleves Here in Practice.

April 2015

Day 623 The Circulation of Blame is Self as Life in Abdication.

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