Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 558 Moving " upon" the section of a group.

In looking at words and what memories come up, a thought and memory came up with the word ‘ upon,”  which means to be “connected with.” I read this word as up on, and then I was in a memory of sitting in an orchestra section and having the thought “ Move up on.” It was the idea that I had to move up, move forward, move upon the seating placements in front of me. That being forward had more value than where I was. The motivation to be more than what I was within a picture of one thing being more than another and defining me.

Such a movement is not good or bad, but being the motivation to appear to be more was a distraction from being what I was , where I was, and giving my attention to what I was doing. Having a thought, a judgement, was myself as mind paying attention to an idea within a structural belief of hierarchy, and not myself seeing the whole and the parts, realizing that in space and time, there really is no difference. And, to know, that when a section leader plays really loud as a means to leading, it is really annoying, because the sound of the group, the section, should be balanced, where it sounds as though it is one, all as one. So, each part is really equal, and it is only the illusion of one seat, placement being more than another.

This is also me competing, believing that I must compete to prove myself, where the proof of being present, in this scenario, is to perform in a way that joins each seat with the other so that the sound is stable, able to be heard and balanced, so the section can respond to the other sections of the group and as such, hear all the interplay, which is what is fun in playing anyway!

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have the thought ‘ I have to move upon”, as up-on the front of the section, becoming connected to the front of the section.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that being up on the front lines gives me greater value than being behind on the section in seating placement.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to connect “ upon” with a personal value of myself in relation to society.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to imagine myself being of greater value were I to be upon the front lines of the orchestral section.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define value with my placement in a group, meaning I have more value if I am on the front lines of the group.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to distract myself from paying attention to the whole in and as thinking that I would have more value on the “ front lines” of a group.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define upon within the measure of where i am from a limited perspective in and as being placed in a spot, in a group.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from where i am, to imagining where I should, or could, or would be, and what that imaginative idea would create as a value of what I would be defined as in separation from myself here, being equal and one to and as what I am doing and where I am here as being the value of life as what is real, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become such a thought as “ I have to move upon” to prove my self worth, and as this meta-physical idea, separate myself from seeing directly here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand how this one thought creates a sinking feeling from my head into my chest, where I become a self judgement of being this thought, that I am less than because of my position, and within this, creating a heavy feeling, occupying myself with an idea of more than and less than, and limiting my ability to grow and expand in awareness as my attention is on idea, instead of a focus of equal measure to and as practical reality, as it is only here than I can change, see, and equalize myself to practical actions that enable me to reach the full expression of and as myself as life, here.

When and as I find myself having a thought such as “ I have to move upon,” I stop and I breath, and I realize what values I am accepting and allowing to determine a definition of myself as a more than and/or a less than, and I slow down, and I see, realize and understand that the value is life, and that i am here, and that I can only move myself from here, from where i am, and that it is only from here, that I can hear what is here, as an idea in and as my mind, is just this, an idea, and not what gives me life, and enables me to direct and move, as i am here as a physical beingness, the way and the means of and as life, thus, what is real, where growth happens in thought word and deed is paying attention to here, to the physical.

When and as I find myself becoming an idea, as a thought, I stop and I breath, and I bring myself here, equal and one, breathing, to be in common sense of practical reality, looking at what steps I can take in one moment that direct me to the next step as this is the way and the means of life, as life in expression, as, in all common sense, life will.

When and as I find myself becoming an emotion of believing myself to be less than, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I forgive the memory, as the thought, as the emotion being the accumulation of and as such thought, and I bring myself back to practical reality, to realize a common sense measure as the physical, and I become the principle of what is best for all, as that which does no harm and takes that which is good, to see realize and understand myself as life, here, equal and one.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 557 A belief as " having to contend with a group."

Memory pops up of middle school. Lost my “ best “ friend. When I found out she was running for Orchestra President, I decided to run too. I ran and I won. She cried at the bus stop that day. I was a mixture of elation at having won and guilt that I had run in reaction. I realize at that moment too, that she had moved into another circle of friends, all of whom were more sexually mature than I. 

So, this memory, this imagination comes up with the word “ some.”  A sense that I have to begin to contend with the collective, the forces of social groups, more like I become aware of them. And with this a sense that I have to comply with this or lose ground.  A sense that the limitation of this, cannot be, I can’t allow it.

It is this idea that i have to contend with a group, a social group. But inherent in the “ contend” is the belief that a group is contentious in relation to me. That there is a con - dition in relation to being involved with the social groups formed around me. When I am with a group I must tend to the “ intentions “ of the group. I have already separated myself from myself as life in and as a belief that I as life must live by the limited, but not all “ bad” values of the group and forgo myself com[pletely. But, in reality, as physical beings in life expression, there is really only that which is best for all, as what is best for this physical world, as the expression of life, is what is best for me. Anything, any resistance is really a resistance to being myself as life in common sense of respect for the physical formation of and as life, the manifestation of  creation, the physical showing what works and what resists the expression of life, all of which moves and changes, and which, as this change, as this manifestation, can only happen here. It is only HERE that life can exist. It is only here, that direct seeing can exist. And here, words on paper, and more words on paper as laws that bind them, can create a world that lives in a past, a selective past, which is a limitation. Which means that a control in self interest fears change, and has taken an idea about itself, and made it more than life, wanting the world around it, to change in an order that allows it to remain the same. And the physical world is always in a state of movement, so such must limit the life moving around it.

So, either moving as myself here, or within a group, as in facing the social groups within this present system, the principle that directs must remain the same, which is to be self as life, which is to move as what is best for all, which is common sense. One can investigate, and the group can investigate, to ensure that what is in action, is what considers all life and does what is best for all. The present divisions each clusters into to survive, that each lies by omission to remain within, a form of ignorance, that change over time as the limitation accepted as the group belief system, eventually does change, because the limitation turns into a sense of loss and/or becomes aware of its own limitation, and a more is sought, self not realizing that it is self who has accepted the limitation, which has nothing to do with the group. So the group disperses, not wanting to admit that the choice to be in the group in the first place, had a starting point of limitation, having believed that the group would be a gain. And as such all constancy is lost, and one does not build an awareness that allows one to stand the same, today, tomorrow and yesterday, where one has the directive capacity to respect the life that is here.

A group is a gain, as in men working together, but the principle directing the group must be equal to the principle within self, which is to do what is best for all, as what is best for all is best for self, as self is a physical manifestation of and as life, the physical being the means of life.

I mean we see this in the practices of men all around the world, how the physical substance of this world is being used and divided without regard for consequences. Not only is the resources of and as the very physical means of the expression of life taken apart, divided and then marketed to create a demand based on an idea that is a truth about singular aspects of practical living, but also, the spoils of such is transferred onto paper and divided in unequal ways, and the waste is left for the ones who actually did the labor, and the means of access, as money, is upholding a group sustaining an idea of being more based on appearance of values, selective ones,  and the vocal means to tout them, having accumulated the wealth that is an illusionary value placed onto a piece of paper. It is like a collective amnesia has become what mankind is. And this amnesia, is self fearing to stand as what self is, as life, where what would disperse this amnesia, is a directive, as a principle, to do what is best for all.

So, I stand as the principle of what is best for all, as this is what is best for self, and as this is what can withstand the fickle nature of groups that give no stability because the motivation is based on beliefs, opinions and ideas, and as this is what can lead to stability within self, to see directly here, something that would bring a constancy instead of a con-tention, to see directly  and look for what supports this world, this physical manifestation of and as life, in ways that allow a participation that leaves no one behind, that leaves no waste, that has no one getting to a point where they become a belief that they have to contend with a group. Each has done this, and each knows it is a separation from self as life,here. It is time to put an end to this, and to stand as what is best for all, as this is what is best for self.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I have to contend with a group, as a starting point.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see a group as separate from me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to give a group an ominous presence, as something that is composed of idea only, and not what is real, as the physical formation of and as life, as that inherent within the physical forms which is the nature of life, which is to do what is best for all, realizing that at present the imaginations of men have become more than what is real, which is the physical world.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from a group, and standing within and as me as a belief that I must attend to the beliefs of the group, and forgo, forget myself as life, which is myself moving as mind as a starting point of belief instead of standing as all of me as myself as a physical being, the manifestation of and as the means of expression of life, which is the physical.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that within this belief as contending with a group, I have accepted and allowed myself to become an idea as mind, before equality and oneness with and as the physical here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that the physical world is the means of the expression of and as life, and as such, this respect of the physical, must be realized and understood as the starting point of choices made as self, which when the choice of each, would transform this world in a very short period of time, to a world of discovery, support, transformation: transformation being the real value, one lived with common sense, the most fulfilling experience because it moves in consideration of all life, of all expression, with what is tangible, as imagination is just this, an image in and as mind, and not the full sensation of life, as the physical.

When and as I find myself believing I must contend with a group, or as this, a belief system, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down and I see realize and understand that I am existing as idea as mind, and I look to the beliefs done in comparison in self definition as beliefs, and I forgive such beliefs, and investigate to see what is best for all, which is to consider all things as me, and to choose that which is good and does no harm, and within this realizing that at present because of the separation into and as limited ideas as mind before life, that this is going to take come collective effort to balance out from a past composed of choices that were made in separation from equality and oneness to and as life, and yet, can transform in less time than the accumulation of separation took in time, as time is the illusion of separation, and the physical world is here, as it has always been.

When and as I find myself feeling contentious, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I see realize and understand where I am reacting in self interest beLIEving I will lose a belief about myself- having accepted such as a self definition in separation from common sense, in and as wanting to prove, for example,  that I am worthy when the world is changing around me and I had remained in a past, or stop what I as belief find limiting and or unacceptable as my own generated energetic actions of blame and spite based on a cultural morality, or accepted definitions of gender, instead of as a directive capacity within the principle of equality and oneness, and or, join in to survive, I stop and I investigate within and without, to become a directive principle in and as what is best for all, and move as a solution  as that being what in practice builds step by step, what is of a common sense measure of awareness that is equal and one to and as the physical to see realize and understand that which respects the physical, which means in practice, taking that which is good and does no harm, here, as time is the illusion, and what is real can only be here, which many realize in their daily lives and as such, must be realized collectively and placed structurally as a system with all that is of this world.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 556 Self Forgiveness on Getting too Occupied with Organization in mind ONLY.

I notice at night that I become overwhelmed with reading posts etc. And I remember when my children were younger and I went back to school, I felt that I had too many logistical things to do in terms of taking care of a house and then sitting and learning an order of words, as an order of sounds, to be able to respond to a system I was walking, as in going back to school. What I had done, is assigned a period in the evening when the children were asleep to do my school work. I had organized it to remain on a large table, where only this task was done. It worked out well, because I was allowing myself to get fearful of not being able to do the work while managing everything else. I had to say to myself that that “ set aside” time was when I concentrated on school work, and the rest of the day was for all the other things. And to say, that this did not have to be set in stone, meaning i could deviate, but in general, this time was always for the school work.
I find that i have allowed myself to get all worked up about reading things, feeling like there is too much to read, too many things to address, too many layers to realize and order in a way that I can respond in a concise manner, and address as much as possible. So, often, I find myself feeling, “ I don’t know where to begin.”  I feel like I am trying to bring too many pieces of the shell of myself all spread out into something that is stable, and can address myself and thus others, in sound ways.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that i have to process many articles in one day.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that in so doing , I begin to rush and overwhelm myself, overall allowing myself to be directed by a desire to win, as in a desire to control, and in the desire to “ fix” something, thereby getting so caught up in this, I sabotage myself and become overwhelmed to the point where I feel reading is a burden, which means i have to slow down, and realize that doing a few small things everyday, is the way and the means to accumulate careful actions that create movements of sound practice leading to self trust, and stability, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to imagine that I have to get a lot done, which in itself is ambiguous, because it becomes an idea of “ getting a lot done” instead of a practical movement of simply walking little by little in stability.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see realize and understand that if I remain in breath, and slow down, it is here that I can take the time to address what is here as this world in front of me, where in some instances, one must research information presented, which takes some time, so not all articles I come across on FB can be read in one day.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to equate failure with not reading everything that I come upon on FB.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a control freak, wanting to keep up on every issue.
When and as I find myself becoming a feeling of resistance to reading, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I see realize and understand that I can read one article and take the time to comment and or investigate each day, for example, and that this accumulates understanding.
When and as I find myself feeling that there is too much to do, I stop and I breath and I slow myself ( msy-elf) down, and I bring myself here, to become and realize a practical measure of myself, even writing out what I am going to do each day, which I do at times, but then I find I begin to organize it all in my head, which then occupies me as I start to juggle things around in my mind, and get to a point where I can’t decide which thing to do first, thereby slowing myself down.
Thus, when and as I find myself beginning to become indecisive about what to do next, I red flag this and see, realize and understand that I need to write things out on a list and check them off to simply choose an order and get things done in a structured way, because ordering things in my mind is not necessarily “ bad” but when getting ahead of me, as in occupying myself as the process of ordering, I then see, realize and understand that I need to create a structure to direct me here.
When and as I find myself rushing, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I realize that it is a process of many parts, as each human, becoming stable in common sense of practical reality, where I as one of many, must become self directive within myself as common sense of what is best for me is what is best for all, and this within the realization that the present system of an outward manifestation of the inner self interest before what is best for all, as all men, and as such has to be worked with at the moment, thus, I can only direct here, in breath, and can bring reactions back to myself and stabilize within becoming a living word, a word that is in measure of what is best for all is best for self, that cross references this actual physical world that is the way and the means of life information in expression, here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 555 Distraction away from Common Sense into an Idea of Gain

I realize that I have been having expectations, and then I fall because these expectations do not play out.  I then go into analyzing the situation to discover a mis-step. Then a rant starts in wanting to blame something and become obsessive in figuring out how to address this. 
Even if I am correct in my assessment, it is the rushing forward in haste and frustration within choosing something to address from a starting point of blame to and towards something that creates more rushing, instead of slowing down and being practical about the situation, asking questions to really discover what is limiting, because if I remain within myself, as a reaction, and go off in secret to figure things out, I end up building ideas that have no direct solution. It is not to say that some measure of reflection is not productive, this must also be done, but to know the balance of this, within the whole scenario of living.
Our money system is much like this action manifest. Meaning that we rush forward to gain something. And what has happened is that money/gain has become the order of men’s existence on earth, and now we are enslaved to our own personal desire for gain, to be defined as something, rather than being at ease here, and enjoying being life.
A child is not born with any sense of money, they must learn this, as they learn languages, and culture into which they are born, into the religious systems within their environments.  What children will begin to do is order the world, collecting all the aspects of the physical world around them. The physical aspects. And then they begin to learn to move within this. The culture of men, as the order of men, is learned, each believing their culture and religion to be more than another, when culture is just a measure of reality and nothing else. What is same within all men is being physical.
This is really an illusion, because the real gain is to move, at ease, with the physical, realizing that life is the value, and that the physical world is the means of expression and that to be so means using common sense, because we are the machines built of the substance of life as sound formation  to exist as common sense. This is why advertising must force itself into every corner of our lives, to maintain the distraction from common sense. This is how strong common sense is. And it is right there beyond the veil of the mind in a rant of limitation.
When enough people begin to realize this, then standing will be done with ease, without violence, and within standing until it is done, but it will take many to do this, to silence the voice of profit for a few, the rant of self interest made manifest as how we are allowing money to determine life, gain to determine life, as the accumulation of wealth, when the real accumulation of wealth is to become equal in understanding and working with practical physical reality, with ease, with grace, with humility, with out any sense of fear. So, overall, this system is our fear in action, which means we, each of us are in essence maintaining fear when we continue to allow a system of profit being monetary accumulation instead of an ease and enjoyment with the physical world around us, where another’s self development is our own self development, because we are all life, and in order to become life, the physical world around us must become the life within, as the form expression in common sense, equal in sense within to the without as the physical, the real means of expression of life. Here, no one is alone, yet every one is individual. It is up to us, we decide, but the rant of the mind, an abstract, in separation, lost in an idea of gain, must equalize into common sense of practical physical reality, here.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 554 Apathy and Sound Mind. The Journey of Limitation into Common Sense.


I am looking at where and when I first wanted to participate and could not because I could not express myself. I remember being in the elementary schools and the middle schools, realizing that what children wanted more than anything was to be able to participate, and not having the means, and thus not having the measure to respond to what was being taught, not being able to point out what they could see, and or understand their own behaviors.  And all the teachers, the adults who were so set in their ways that they, more often than not because it is not all so,  did not notice the child struggling to make sense, and instead looked only at the reactive behaviors.

Apathy is really ending standing up no matter what. So, perhaps one stood, and then did not continue to stand, continue to question, continue to ask that something be explained again, or point out verbally what did not make sense to oneself, which is to take the time to reveal what does not make sense over all. If our schools teach a one size fits all story, then there is going to be reactions, because people see different perspectives, and that point of view will expression. If we do not allow this we actually limit awareness, and limit the expression of a child, suppressing the life in the child. I mean, we teach that there are master’s of industry in our schools, tying a name to this invention or that invention, when this cannot be so, as it is what came before as all the layers of human networking that built industry. It could not have been done by one person, or even one generation. The nouns used in limitation are ‘ Rockefeller and Factory workers” - which is very limited. So, what our schools teach makes no sense and the conceptual ability of children see the discrepancy but lack the vocabulary to express this, and this state of being, unable to voice itself is suppressed and labeled as difficult, when it is simply  a sense of an accepted limitation that is not overall sound. There are going to be children, who do not have an ease with language use, that will understand this, and want to speak up. And in many ways, they cannot accept this that is unacceptable.

Apathy is really, the end of making sense, of using common sense, because the voice lacking common sense and choosing limitation is allowed voice instead of the overall expression of a sound measured and balanced whole. Limitations that are really suppressions of sound mind, can be brought out of apathy and given opportunity for a voice of common sense, being of sound mind equal to physical reality in form and function.  The solution to apathy is to stand and to speak up about what does not make sense and to change what is taught and what is allowed as the present design of the system, through following through to what would be best for all. 

In all the real path of least resistance is the path of what is best for all. In our busyness with suppression of our innate empathy, going into endless detail to justify limitation, we become stagnant and apathetic, and the answer is to equalize with practical physical reality, to see directly what does no harm and allows each to direct in common sense of the means of life, which is the physical world.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 553 A sound form begins with each of us.

What does it mean to captain, and can humans “ captain” anything else but what they are a their form and function as men?
Look at a captain of a ship, for example. Someone must care for the sails,  another the tiller, another the longitude and the latitude measure. And I am talking about a big ship. One must look to the horizon, as their measure of attention. Not one is more than another, they are each simply focusing on an aspect of running a ship. It is only a value judgement, that one carrying out one task is more than another. And all must learn, must have had the time and space to walk the experience of understanding/ having exposure to that which they attend with understanding.
On another, developmental level, each unit of focus as each man, and each measure of material used, for the ship etc. must be of a condition that is sound, meaning physically cared for from and through the process of inception, that the structure is solid and complete; in utmost capacity. As well, the abstract side as the focus and “ reading” mechanism of the man carrying out the task, which takes a process.
So, what would happen on earth, if our physical materials were all sound, meaning solid and sturdy? And what would happen is the men of earth realized the importance of all parts being equal, and simply being a point of reference, to care with the end outcome being to captain the physical world and all its parts, in ways that each part is a captain in its own right, as a physical form, in space and time, that is working with a group of men, where the collective tasks are because a man cannot do more than one thing at a time, within large endeavors, and must share the focus? If each part were respected for the simplicity of what it is, as a necessary part, there would be no need for a “ captain of industry.” To have such, and to allow “ more”  money to flow to such, having aggrandized such a position of focus, when in essence all such is doing is looking at the horizon, ( and perhaps not, just aligning the parts - which is another task ONLY ) is a value judgement. It is an idea that one is more than another, when in practical physical reality it is not, it is just another aspect of focus.  Would not the belief that one is more than another, or that one alone can make the decision to organize this world really be an impossibility? That we have a system of compound interest, usury, where structurally a belief is allowed that gives a few the ability to hold a form in place that flows what is decided to be the means to exchange material things  and services,  and then with this, to determine the development or lack of development in men despite the ability inherent in the capability of men, as all of the physical when formed in ways that are sound?. 
In many ways, there is a debt of lack, with many men on earth, where so many are never given access to physical development and abstract development, meaning understanding something enough to direct and captain themselves and as such enter those endeavors that happen when men come together and share the  function of the whole- which, actually, is every moment of life.
Also, the aggrandized, fear those in lack becoming aware that everything as life is capable over time of becoming aware, even when slowed down, due to physiologically needing time to take care of weaknesses in physical structure- and here, actually creating with the purpose of slowing down full awareness and capacity within and without as awareness allowance and structural soundness.
All of this, creates a busyness that takes away from what can be a solid and stable function, as life on earth, had it been accepted that no one thing on this earth is more than another, had no value judgements been made and then embedded into a system. This is how hierarchy is built, and it is of limitation, by the nature of it ordering and then having to maintain such order, through limiting access to sound structure, and clear measure of seeing practical reality as the forms that we create and use to captain ourselves as life, here.
Each person, on earth, at this point must forgive the accumulation of a belief that one thing is more than another. We must accept that we have become walking value judgements, in self interest, and stop.
Each person must realize that what we believe is a collection of values, that we are using to define us, where not all is “ bad” but that such values are aspects of what is means to exist as life, and that the order we have accepted over eons of time is one of value accumulation within realizing that awareness of understanding from all perspective is of value in itself . But it is the awareness of here that is the value, and not just becoming aware of something and then labeling oneself as being this value ONLY. And then, within this, placing one person who happens to have an awareness developed as more than another, and then creating a system that holds this value accumulation in place, to make sure that no one takes your inner value away as your awareness. I mean , it is being aware and as such interacting that is the value, so if one part is not respected and allowed development as this, the awareness becomes stagnant and the attention of maintaining a value gained is a stagnating act. I mean, if we were sound within ourselves,  and learned something new, and realized that this learning demanded in itself a mutable ability, then that changeability, that reformation ability, that transformative ability would mean that nothing could be lost, ever, because one can learn, one can transform, one can understand, one can focus, one can learn to captain oneself!  Humanity is really,  being petulant ( ill mannered- ill tempered) and as such immodest as in lacking humility. Petulant comes from petere, which means to aim at, and immodest is not being moderate, is being impudent. Impudent is not giving something respect, which is not focusing in common sense, as an agenda, an aim is allowed, without realizing one is of the same form as another, as life, and that the form must be sound in order for things to function and that nothing can be lost, so there need be no “ aim” because the only real aim is sound formation. Such a small measure of an inner usurious act, can compound over time, this inner wanting to bypass a connection to being in form that needs the total form to move a ship across the water of earth, where the very nature of the substance of self is one that is mutable, able to understand sound formations, within and without, that needs only the process of becoming aware of it, and as such there is no rush, there is only the joy of the being of sound formation. The irony of the illusion as mind as a belief is really one of limitation, and when and if we wake up, this illusion, this separation from life, will be realized the the petulance that it is.
If we look around at this earth, what we see is a stagnation of life to the point where the earth is dying, slowly but surely.  And, the laws being written, are to hold this stagnation in place, because of a value judgement that one part of a machine is more than another that is only a belief. 
But, this happened because each person, every human, had defined themselves as a value, instead of realizing that it was becoming aware of the physical, as sound formation being an expression, as being the value.  A system, as our present money system, is by design a system of lack to prevent awareness, when the solution is to cultivate awareness because awareness is how a respect for life is developed. Awareness of how each part is cared for with respect to the whole, and for each part to be a focus of care, each part must have the ease to express themselves as life.
As we stand now, each part is dealing with behavioral issues of the consequence of suppression of development, getting all jumbled up.  Instead of admission of this, what is presented is an idea - because the hope and “ positive” face value that if a good is touted, everything will even out eventually. But, things can only even out when an action is taken, that gives from the get go, what prevents suppression. The only way to awareness is to cultivate awareness.Practically, a direct democracy would focus us into considering all things as being of value because what happens on earth effects all of us and participating in what is going on directly, as the measure of resource use and movement, needs the insight of every point of the form of life, which is earth. As we can see, a few making decisions, is not working. We must all become equal to and one with what is the from of life, as earth and participate, which means supporting one another to have each become sound within and equal to our world without. It is the only measure, the only balance, the only way..
Because of what has been built as a system, based on value judgements of one thing being more than another, one human being more than another, based on the means to build as money, and the access to what develops awareness and express awareness as words - the secret code only a few have access to- is to flow the means of access to all, which is money at present. Money can be an organizational measure to do what it is presently doing in the opposite way. At present money is monitored to flow to a few, we simply change this unit of measure, and allow money to flow to all, enough so that the basic needs are met, so that each can become aware and slow down in dealing with accepted and allowed, structurally embedded, systems of suppression, which is limitation. Within this, so much fear is removed, and the ability to begin to take care, to captain oneself, as  a part of the machine of life, which is earth, can begin to wake up and become aware, so that each is a captain of industry, the expression of life- to be industrious, a “ formation” of dust that is in an expression of life in an order that is of sound structure in stability, harmony, communication. This is creation, this is life information. This is what we all really enjoy doing, which is giving, forgiving ourselves as life as our sound form, being creators, being captains of creation, stewards of earth.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 552 The Limitation of the Conspiracy of Self Interest in Zimbabwe and within Myself

I noticed an article that pointed out that Zimbabwe had farms that were producing 90% of internal food. I don’t know all the details about every move on the ground in Zimbabwe history, but what I have read from a few posts is that Mugabe distributed the land back to the people, meaning he gave the farms back to Zimbabweans. This has been given a term called Indigenization.
Some are calling this a failure because the immigrants who had come to work on the mass of farm  land owned by a smaller number of people, are now displaced and do not have work. But, the smaller farms that were reallocated to Zimbabweans are becoming productive, and this has taken some time, and even here, as one article pointed out, will improve as the generations learn and work with the land.
In space and time, depending on the view point taken, there are articles that say this new collective of - what just happens to be- the indigenous people ( also another measure)  is not working, as they point out the lack based on an idea of perfection or/and an idea of how what is produced should flow out into the system.
So, a farm in development is not working, meaning instant success and single measure of what should be produced is the association made.
Also, how the money flows, through the people, where when looked at, behind the justification, is an accepted and very limited idea of what a social order should look like.
So, now the local people are busy on these farms, and they are improving their practices, which is what men can and will do given the chance. Sometimes, I think I am lead to believe that only a corporation can improve, and it is as though this is what is touted without being said directly and the irony here, as what is the means of corporate takeover is a politic of calling this democracy when it is not.. But, corporations are men, just as governments are men, so the starting point is that it is men who improve things when given the chance, which means the opportunity and access, and time to develop, as the physical world takes time to change.
And yet this is ignored, and what is not being supported, or has lost because of a restructuring, as in the case with Zimbabwe, is brought forward as a bad, and used to justify the agenda of another, and it is all about getting the money, grabbing the resource and forming it in ways that flow the money, as the value created from the freely given resources, into an idea of social order, where there are those that do not need a decent life, where their basic needs are met, and their ability to develop and understand many aspects of practical physical reality, and that this is the way it should be as an idea is embedded in stone. But this is an idea, this hierarchy, this method of suppression, and in Zimbabwe we can see that if men are given land they will learn to develop it, and begin to produce 90% of the food production within the borders of a country. In many ways, when Syria had a drought and the farmers there in that country that had been producing its own food, being responsible within it’s own home, and then a few having an agenda to grab what was there , using a situation to create conflict to reorder based on an idea of changing the money flow, to really just take more for a few, believing that this was leading, wanting to order the very development of men, when this has proven not to work all over the globe, had it then there would not be starving children, and animals becoming extinct. Controlling the physical world without consideration of all its potential, meaning to limit potential based on an idea, as a picture in the mind, is not a solution.
If men can be placed on the land, and allowed the time to develop that land, they are capable of doing so. This is obvious. The restructuring itself, is not a good or a bad, it is a movement, and unless it is a movement that considers all life, leaving no one behind, then consequences of lack will emerge and as long as money is allowed to determine life, that lack will be used to justify a change, in the interests of greed.
Also, it is interesting that the European banks are there, offering loans, to restructure the land, to correct, as is touted, the imbalances. If more people own the land, and are learning to farm it successfully, then people on the land working with the land works, it need not be in the hands of a few.  It is more about proper food flowing to those in need, than money flowing into the pockets of a few.
So, now the food produced by the nation ( Zimbabwe) exists but the money is not moving into the hands of the politicians, nor the interest payments - which is the usurious practice of moving principle value from Peter to Paul, flowing into the banks who can then and must, create a suppression of life, to build a conflict, to destroy infrastructure, to then create more loans to rebuild, controlling who gets this opportunity to rebuild, in self INTEREST, so that the cycle of interest as principle keeps moving into the controller who then believes themselves to be more than another, and the land is justified to be controlled by what is touted as working, while the liabilities are not carried by the loaner/leader but by the labor. And the labor is what is the capacity in the first place, as this is how and what has formed this earth, as men. These loans perpetuate  into  our present chaos using ideas of one thing being more than another, despite the success of giving people the land to farm and produce food and that given space and time, a human being will discover efficient and effective ways to use the land.
But this is what each of us are doing in our minds, that spinning voice that we have been told to stop. It is because it is a series of associations that are very limited, and because they are limited, cause an imbalance that then runs after ideas made more than practical reality.  And the individual ideas have a “ truth” to them, such as the immigrants that were employed by the colonizers or at present the corporations  ( a new name for the subsequent order, which is  moving into another name of same design, but of more unequal measure)  no longer having jobs, and yet the farm lands are now owned by a larger number of people ( who just happen to be men who’s ancestors had worked on the land before it was colonized under the auspices of improvement - which was improvement for a few - which naturally caused conflict as lack that then lead to uprising arriving at the point Zimbabwe is today, where there are consequences from a previous act , as the workers that were brought in, who are dispossessed yet still remain men,  that no longer have the old format/division systemically to give them some means to life support as having access to money/wages. Suppression of life causes chaos. It is very simple. Those in abundance are simply the other end of the spectrum of suppression, thus we are all responsible, and the crime we allow as this is a crime against life.
And the programs of the politicians remain, each wanting to “ rule” and the corporations are there waiting for the banks to loan with conditions, from an imagined order that has as its god, the flow of money back to Europe or some other continent, touting good ostensibly being done, not noting the collateral damage of the dispossessed that are of the previous order that was not a balanced order that considered all life, and choosing overall to create a system that brought men into contact with the physical, of which men are composed of to exist, and as such are incredibly capable of working with when given the space and the time.
I did something similar on a micro scale towards another person in my immediate environment. They called and told me about an event in their world where they received praise. I immediately related this to myself as said, oh ‘ isn’t that interesting, I had a similar thing happen this week where someone praised me.”  I was creating a relationship to counter a self accepted and allowed self definition of being inferior to them, which means I was feeling lousy,  thinking I was less than because I was not being in the “ limelight” of praise, of gain. If I had slowed down immediately and not reacted with inferiority trying to bring a “ good” forward about myself, I could have learned from the situation  immediately, and expanded my awareness of what it means to interact with people, as this was what this specific instance involved. But this is the point, to bring a truth forward, and align this in ways that expand awareness, and so enable one to balance out what would make one aware of the function of the physical world in practical ways that support all life, that are the measure of what gives all the potential to become aware of that fact that we are physical beings, and that being physical is the way and the means of life. The fractional reservations we exist as as mind, are the separation from life, when allowed to be considered more than physical reality. What exists as mind, is  a part of reality brought forward, and this in itself, shows the incredible capacity of men to imagine aspects of physical reality, that which is what is real, and if realized as such the nature as life, as what we are, to order this the physical in ways that do no harm.  In order for the chaos of limited association making to end, the physical world must be realized to be the measure of life in formation, and worked with as the means to balance ourselves as life, to move in ways that are creative instead of destructive. And the destruction is caused by a constant judgement of how the physical world should look which creates a lack when allowed to be more real than the actual physical. We are all composed of the same substance, the sound of life. This sound, as the physical as life information, must be balanced and aligned in ways that allow the mechanism of the physical to reach its full potential as the innate capacity of what men are, and all that composes the physical formation of life as what life would be in all common sense.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to compare myself to another in protection and self defense, in self interest..
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I must compete with another and compare myself within and as finding a story as a past event , in and as the imagination construct of and as my mind, to become a definition of and as me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that the imaginations of others conspire against me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become jealous of another, believing myself to be inferior, and reacting within and as using my own conspiration as the story of my past, as the imaginational construct of what I believe myself to be, based on my past that is an accumulation of the measure of a system of hierarchy that began with me, acting in self interest, fearful of changing, transforming, being equal and one with and as the means of life information, which is the physical world.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to order myself in self interest, instead of considering the physical world with every thought, word and deed, realizing that everything that is here is me, and that the state of being of everything that is here, determines my existence, as what I accept and allow persists, unless I stand equal and one within and as the principle of what is best for all here.
When and as I find myself going into comparison, based on inferiority, I stop and I breath, and I look at how what is being said can be aligned within and as what is best for all here.
When and as I find myself wanting to tell my con-spirations to survive, I stop and I breath, and I bring myself here,  realizing that I am an expression of and as life, here.
When and as I find myself having a thought of inferiority I see, realize and understand that this is a belief, as I am using a belief to define me, as a comparison, instead of taking that which is good, that which expands awareness, and praising this as a cool insight.
When and as I find myself believing another to conspire against the value of myself as what I accept and allow of what is presented to me, I stop and I breath and I see realize and understand that what is told, is a series of events, as an insight of the measure of here, and that this measure is a part of reality brought forward, thus not good or bad, but when used as a more than is used as a consequence of time as mind, slowing down a direct access to practical reality in totality, where I need not react, but simply breath, slow down, and equalize within and as the principle of what is best for all.
When and as i find myself reacting to a measure of description of space and time, I stop and I breath, and I see, realize and understand that the conspire, the sequence of events used to describe an action, are simply this, and as such need not be something to compare myself to, define myself as not being equal to, measure myself to as lacking the experience, going into self pity as in believing I have no access to when I am as physical life, here,  and I slow myself down, and I remain here, in breath, walking the principle of equality and oneness, to take that which is good and does no harm, and to give as I would like to receive.