Saturday, February 1, 2020

Day 832 Mirroring

There was a moment this week where I realized the movement of myself as a mirroring of what is around me. Meaning, it is so visible how we mirror, as we speak that which we are allowing within ourselves in relation to a captive audience as the object of that which we stand and mirror our self to and towards. It is this tangible thing, a presence, a projection. The person mirroring themselves, as a quality in their stance of a lack of awareness of their projections. The quality is vacuous, meaning, there is a somewhat vacant look to the person mirroring what is being processed within them. Within this the listener can hide in plain sight. This could be used, to the extent one is protected from this consuming mirroring process. 

I could see where this may trigger anger, like an indignant anger and a restlessness as a fear of being pulled into the vortex of that mirroring action because it may define one and upset one’s self definition. That mirroring movement has an insistence to it. It wants validation when in reality it is the one being in that self projected mirror processing where they are at, like someone banging their head against a wall attempting to see outside of their own self definitions.

Overall, this is a state of separation from being present, because if one is in a state of self validation, which has an element of processing where one is at, or referencing what one has lived, one cannot have a focus on that which is around one, and/or there is an element of self justification within this which in itself is a form of self justification in isolation from the living reality around us. It could go both ways, where one realizes what one is doing and opens this up to process that movement within and the reality the living reality that is what and who we are in this life. Such a state can be something that stagnates, or something that can open a window into the choices one has made, to realize in a moment the degree to which one has lived within limiting self definitions at the expense of being in respect of this living physical reality.

I experienced this this week. I could see my own reactions and feel that sticky sense that I notice when that insistence in recognition for the mirroring of experience. That action of seeking both validation and on some level a reference of experience wanting some kind of closure. That closure from perpetual seeking which is ultimately to become one and equal to the living reality that is who and what we are here. That ease, that which can move through the eye-of-the-needle, or have the ability to process in the moment, to never tell a lie, and therefore, carry nothing around with one, or remember anything because the reference is always, in all ways, equal and one to the moment. The “ here”, as creation, as the physical. 

In this experience of looking at someone expressing themselves to me,I was resisting and becoming irritated, yet in that moment, I was listening to someone basically processing where they were at, building understanding within themselves. 

It pulled up another memory of this. I was in an interview. Yet, I was not speaking. The interviewee was doing all the talking. They were telling me their life story - lol, perhaps they were mirroring me in some way, as though they felt by what and who I am, that they could tell their life story! As the interviewee chatted away, I had the thought that they were doing all the talking, most probably had already hired a person for the position, and that I was basically a captive audience, and that that interviewee would continue to look disheveled even if a tailored suit was made for them! lol. I was not aware of the extent of this process, still having reactions myself. Yet, to some degree, around the edges of my own personalities, there were those cracks in the fabric of the situation where I was safe because the interviewee was mirroring ( as I call it here) and that I could basically hide. What if I had looked deeper? What if I had been calmer and perhaps seen through the veil of the mind projections humans are living within to protect self definitions at the expense of being present and in respect of the living physical reality that is life in expression?  

In other words, mirroring reveals that resonant constructions within us, as ego, that is a state of separation from reality. It is why so many children do not yet have memory, have not YET separated from being present in this reality. It is why they have no heaviness, which we could call a state of innocence. Our information as what we define ourselves as, does not fit into reality, and it becomes a weight that we carry around, consuming the body until it is ashy white and bent. What will leave the body at death, is what remains of one’s purity or innocence. What is that 21 grams that every body loses in weight at the moment of death? 

In moving as this that I call a mirroring experience, what is recognizable is that one is seeking. In being a seeker one is separated from being here, from being in a focus that is a living relationship to all life. All life being the physical, which is life in expression. One would no longer have to remember what one did yesterday or a year ago because the living story is always here, as the physical. As things are systems, with patterns, one need only reference the physical reality that is here, and understand how things are built and composed because the structures would be in plain sight. This in itself reveals creation of which we are, unless we are caught in a resonant storm of ideas, beliefs and opinions, separating us from ourselves. When we use another to mirror ourselves we are acknowledging that we are a construction that is resonant within that we are reviewing to define and to place onto this reality. We know that somehow we are not in sync with what is here. It is also why there is really one principle; to do what is best for all. This is so because with every action we take, it means to reference all things around us before taking an action. It means to realize the one choice of and as “ to do no harm.” Collateral damage, just as the term “ anti” placed before some qualifier are the present industry labels used to seed fear and doubt. It is the game of you are with us or against us. If we are busy mirroring our experiences and self validations, we are already unstable because we are seeking closure, we are seeking stability. And yet that mirroring can perhaps be a right use of imagination to assess before taking action when used in respect of all things.

We basically have a system, we participate within a system that has normalized harm. This is the side of mirroring where what is being moved within as the self, is self justification for choices made that lacked regard and respect for the reality around us as this earth. Just this week I heard in the news feed a comment that suggested the present system is doing everything possible to remove awareness of biology. We have become an anti-biology system. Yet we are biology! 

Our media systems are basically a mirroring system showing that same action. One fears one’s survival which means that there is a loss of real presence - the real normal. A normal that would lead to a life, as opposed to living in a shadow world where one is scattered into projections that require constant support. What if we recognized this and equalized to creation that is this earth and this life. Even the pop music that is a constant in the stores has a weight to it. It is of constant lament, pushing down, like a force, seemingly normal as though one is not alive unless one is living in some form of longing and lament. Meanwhile, we humans are so capable we become our parents! That requires great sensitivity to absorb a form and enact that expression! We take on forms. That means we are creative. Why not do this in relation to the living reality around us, considering all things? Would we need to self validate if we retained a natural presence? 

Given the increasing inequality in financial terms in this world today, how many are living their potential? And I do not mean the “ potential” promoted by the present systems - where one is labeled and placed into a delineation that suits a hierarchy of financial means. The present system simply mirrors what we are mirroring within us, that by degree indicates the extent to which a state of separation from the living biology that is who and what we are here exists as - that which is the means of being here. Hold your breath, and see what will remain! 

Have a look at our movies. Everything happens in the space of a couple of hours. That is not a timing in sync with reality. As we absorb everything, our children would build an inner template that has nothing to do with practical living. And we wonder why we have so many attention disorders and cognitive problems, relationships problems and violence.  The media feeds on violence and harm - it mirrors the degree of our separation from ourselves and yet it shows us how we can take in the most subtle of things and use that information to direct the self! . 

This overall, has become normalized. Meanwhile, the resources from resource rich countries flows with expediency and certainty.  A few have captured the earth, which is all of us, for a false creation that cannot and will not stand because it is not equal to creation. It exists through participation because the real power is in the numbers. It is held in place because it is accepted as a norm, when is it not normal. There are people realizing this, but like a child facing a parent, that “ parent” is so loud and such a bully, an imposition, that it appears to be something one cannot pass, when in reality, it is simply a projection. One that is visible. We know it because we hide from it in plain sight! It has no real power unless one allows one’s self to become hypnotized by it. One is facing a mirror of mis-information and believing that only that exists.  Meanwhile the living earth is being abused, the animals, that plants the waters. The earth is becoming polluted. And by extension, so are we. When we drink the alcohol ( normalized) and we eat the refined sugars ( normalized) we are poisoning ourselves! We have been sold that health comes from a needle, instead of realizing that what supports the body are the living building blocks of this earth all around us! There is an attempt to normalize health through a needle. How does that make any sense? 

I mean, we can all realize the extent of what I call mirroring here, because we have all had a moment where we realized someone was talking at us, and not really seeing us. In that moment, we would manipulate the narrative to hide our own hiding of ourselves! Thus, that same ability to absorb and learn, should we stop self validating, has that ability to see our own states of separation when we are being talked at instead of being present. We are not swayed into self protection and defense, our own self validation, in response to another self validating! We choose that movement in the moment!  We are so able to process what is moving within us, and moving around us as this life that is physical.

It is noted that thoughts move at something like 1000 to 3000 thousand words per minute. Most of us, as the average, read at about 250 words per minute. We are capable of mastering and reading many words per minute! If we caught up with ourselves, and mastered the small enough to recognize it and call it out by name, would we need to mirror our experiences as a state of hypnotic forcing of story if we were present and at ease with recognizing the living, moving environment around us? Have we lost sync with that innocence that is in children where the children do not yet have the means to express in ways that recognize what is happening within and around them and yet do not have a busy-ness with projections of likes and dislikes called personalities? It is all a math, a geometry,  and yet,  that life directing that projected mirror has become a master of something we could call deceit. That is done through practice! It means we can change, we can take that apart and come back to ourselves as life, and move to remain present in this living reality to become the creators we are meant to be because that is the nature of the essence of life within and as us. 

For myself, I must forgive my own reactions to the projected personalities because in effect, it was simply this that I call the mirroring effect of self validation, or self cross reference.  It is like a mirror that is a mirage, and like a mirage, one can slow way down and actually see it! It is not something that one can necessarily see with the eyes - which as this overuse of one sense, we humans  have overused imagination! Yet that means of separation is simply an imbalance of the tools that are life tools as that same ability that allows a child to become just like their parents! In effect, we are life, and thus we are amazing. It is why Christ ( supposedly) said, “ You can do what I do and more.”