Sunday, May 13, 2018

Day 814 Polished Hype

Polished Hype

I begin to realize how things are like a piece of music, a form. Something has volume, composed of relationships of interaction. Some can be of an elevated story of information that causes conflict, discord and destruction to parts of the reality on which that form with its multiple volumes rests. The means is a hyperinflation of some qualities that like a wall, or a wave, of and as a form, ignores the consequences as the effects on all that surrounds that metaphysical hype to the extent what is real is rendered invisible. One can hear this in the very words a person uses, as the very song they sing, as what is brought forward to describe in the storied relationships composed into a picture from the glyphs that are words. 

I have spent some time with a person who has had little education. A very capable person. This person has learned to work more with their hands, and has mastered some basic understanding of  simple mechanics. When they come and tell me a story, it takes a lone time for them to frame the picture of their story, as they describe the story through the many actions as the interplay of others involved in the outcomes that caused the conflict that became the story told. 

It is somewhat like hearing a piece of music that has a lot of drawn out embellishment. Like starting at the variations instead of hearing the theme. It is of coming from the attenuation of a theme. The emotional hype, that emotional reaction, is so inflamed to get the whole story means to listen past all the emotional response, the reactions inside the bubble, that in itself is blinging that hype from catching its own theme. It is probably difficult to hold opposing values within one’s self in such drawn out emotions, that this behavior in itself would be difficult to catch. The junctions of reflection are processing huge blown-out-of-proportion reactive values, that the storm of this is rendered invisible. One is existing within a time-lapse. One is out-of-synch with reality because one’s focus has made a drama larger than reality. It is to say one no longer sees the horizon. 

What is really interesting, is that this person appears, and as though I am looking at a piece of music composed of varying pressures, and of moving colors, like a ring around the person, which I likened to the rings of Saturn. Perhaps, because I have learned to read my own shadows of belief, in slowing down to realize the moving eddies of volume and color, that can be extremely subtle within me, that from that living experience within myself, this same is more recognizable in others. Perhaps it is because I was around paint and the use of color, and the use of words, in my early years, because my mother was a painter and my father was a journalist, thus I am a product of my environment. And I studied music. It somehow all comes together that I would end up noticing the whirling eddies of color in a person coming to me with their problems, telling me long drawn out stories through the mode of “ he said, she said.” 

Recently this person appeared with the latest outcome of a situation this person is living out. The moment they walked in the room, what I saw was a swirling ring of a muddy color around them, like a volume in space, a presence of something around them, emanating from them. I realized immediately that they were angry. What is most interesting is that they were acting more happy than usual. I have to say, that being in fear, that being in a state of protection and defense of one’s self would cause one to not be able to see this. If one is so focused on one’s own protections, this would not be visible. And, that seeing this, to a greater degree, is what is normal. Not seeing this is insanity. Herein lies the problem. What is normal, what has become normal, is not normal. We are a society that has come to normalize polished hype. The expense of that is an ever greater weakening of the very trees around us that emit the air we need to maintain that polished hype. That is the irony. 

I had another client that exhibited a pattern, that I needed time to realize myself. They had a younger child who I noticed was extremely engrossed in their imagination. The older daughter had become obsessed with ordering things, I didn't see it at first, but then realized, because of the potential of the human physical body to read the self created muse within, and its relationships of cause and effect without, that the older daughter was the response to the earlier state of an overuse of the imagination. The proverbial pendulum was swinging in the other direction, in response to the child realizing that she needed to come back down to earth and order the things that were here, instead of living the consequences of an overblown imagination. Listening to such measure, to the metrics in the space unfolded a pattern. What inhibited myself from realizing such sooner, was, like a television jumping frames, my own protection mechanisms, probably to ignore all of this, causing resistances to the real song happening in my environment, the volume of which is very very loud when one slows down and begins to look without interjecting one’s own self inner rest. 

I brought up a memory from my childhood, one that I have replayed through the years. It is one of those lived experiences as opposed to knowledge and information only. Yet, those experiences that one has lived, they do not go away. And the mind will scream them, because the mind must scream its experiences, which is why someone will reveal themselves to others, because we can only communicate what we experience. If we practice resistance to looking here, then this will be in the very words we speak. It is always, in all ways visible. Self interest would have an ignorance to this, as I said. 

Thus in this childhood memory, that appears and has this greater detail to it, I am younger than second grade. I am running up to a tree, for some kind of solace. I am aware that there is something following me. While I want to run away, I am also aware that I cannot run away from that which I believe is following me. I sit at the base of the tree and curl up in pure reaction. I have the thought that now this that is following me, will have to move through me, and that I can blame no one but myself. I built it, I played the game, and now the actions that I took are a picture  within me, and must be processed through my body. I just sit there, angry at myself, not wanting to look at this. That is the extent of the memory. Most probably, that which I ran from, that which I had practiced, that which was not yet in total direction of me, came back to rest with me, and I went outside of what was more normal, which was to be on that ground, under that tree, aware of the resonant construction that reflected my accepted actions, and started to become what directed me to the extent I cannot remember the next moment. 

I have come across descriptions of people realizing that they have an inner back chat as voices within, as sounds within, as images which are of sound, within, that appear to haunt them. This sounds just like my reaction to my own shadow I created. I feared that paranormal entity and yet, recognized it as such, and as something that I allowed. I feared facing that. And, just as in nightmares, the imagery of that self created shadow, come up as horror movies because it is a state of separation from reality, to the extent that one knows what one has done. Perhaps, from some scales of something, the combination of exposures and my own inclinations, lead me to see through a crack for a moment, of which every person must have within them in their own unique way. This has to exist. This gap, this jump from real presence and the resonant storm, can be realized. One has to reverse the state of resistance to looking and to being what is natural and normal, as a polished hype is not normal. 

When someone says to me they are intimidated by me, what they are really saying is that they are intimidated by what I am suggesting is happening within themselves, which of course they would be, given the storm of horror, resonant within that one will open up should one make the decision to deconstruct a resonant construct of composed ignorance, as building up defense systems that resist seeing reality, because playing a video game of a limited morality to survive in that that has become prominent, was not something easy to navigate for a small child not yet accustomed to the code, as words, used to express either parts of reality, or the whole story. And, this is why, this state of separation through illusion, must be forgiven. Humans will find happiness in removing their ignorance or releasing the tension of suppressing a natural insight-ability, because that ignorance is a polished hype causing a state of separation from being what is by that same system of separation considered to be abnormal, which ironically the real “normal.”  Go figure and see this for yourself. Breath, slow down and listen to the music around YOU.

Another way to say this is to realize that one cannot clearly see the more complex if one has not mastered the small. The small is the manipulation of sound. For humans that is words. We master our words, the small, and we can unfold what is normal. The more complex cannot be mastered until one understands the small well enough to see its music, or form, or construction with an ease that creates a confidence in practice that allows one to face the unexpected, because the unexpected is always here, as this is the risk of creation, just as learning to walk has risk as one builds awareness into what one is in total, as one’s form and function. 

Overall, the creative ability mis-used to build an inner entity of separation, done through suppression, where one’s greatest strength becomes one’s greatest weakness, shows immense capacity, though mis-placed. That is an irony in itself. Within this, imagine synchronizing back into what is by this present system considered,  touted incessantly, as being abnormal, that is a real “ normal”? It is the castle forcing a false economy that dictates the narrative of the “ good” fairy and the “ wicked” witch. It is the castle of an ignorance of physical and practical reality, as creation, that polarizes through ad hominem and hyperbole.  It is the castle that superimposes expectations through statistics worked out on paper in isolation from reality, and who suppress evidence of causation under the guise of business models too big to fail and an idea that such creates economy- a false premise, or promise, at its inception.  Imagine, for a moment what being in respect of all things would lend within a nature of the self as being of the very substance of creation? At the same time,  look towards removing the defenses to realize the defenses to the extent each helps one another come back down to earth, to bring these entities that are believed to be a “ heaven” back down to earth to exist within harmony here with creation manifest as the physical? I have noticed through this life, that the very nature around me, is, as I said to myself, like a composition of all things coming together, as though all of creation is here, as this earth. This, being a moment of reflection most probably done in a state of calm, of being open as lacking in being caught in a state of fear or ONLY seeing  consequences of fear, as protections and defenses, that are really suppressions and self enforced ignorance, or selective values being made larger than the metric of creation that is the physical. We all know this, because it is so heavily in our face! It is felt in our bodies. It is composed and forcibly heald/held in place as a form of polished hype. 

We become what we practice. It is the persistence in the small that leads to what we create.