Saturday, January 14, 2017

What is the Semmelweis Effect? What is personality? What is sound character? What is a false morality? What is correct action? Day 739

I ask myself what is right action and a state of being in righteousness? Right action is focus of will on the practical, where there is no inner personality resisting or having expectations as the focus is always on solutions. What does it mean to no longer have a personality/ What does it mean to stand as the real value being present and here, focused as a movement of realizing there are no problems and only solutions, in a system that is based on addressing a wrong instead of initiating from a principle of causing no harm, always respecting all things on the plan-it ? What does it means to consider what is here, without resistance and desire, as nothing one physically accumulates can be taken with one when one leaves the present physical form that one is in this life? 

I was at a meeting, and individuals in the group were standing up and sharing their reason for being in that group. I noticed I started to become irritated, my body becoming restless. I noticed that the talk was filled with many positive words, that seem to say over and over again how wonderful the ‘ club’ was, without going into much detail.  For me, it was like an accordion being stretched out, the color of the emotion greater than the experience as a story of self direction in real time. I had stood up and talked too. Someone in the back had asked me a question in relation to what i was saying. This question was to direct me into lending a more detailed practice in relation to why this club was of benefit. I realized with hind-sight that I had been given the means to pull the emotional accordion back down to a size that lent more specificity in describing what practical actions one had learned from being a member of this club that in itself was about improving one’s capacity to create in this world. 

I was being of a morality, as my resistance as reaction as irritation and physical restlessness. Instead of being what I had been given, I went to control what I understood was not cool and the same as what I complained of around me, as moving into a value judgement about something and seeing only this lack instead of becoming a practical follow through that brought greater clarity in practical application within standing and creating a real value that could be being of a right action instead of a righteousness in self interest based on projecting value judgements as a persona of a right and a wrong, a more than and a less than. In my case, my reaction was a fear of myself being rejected as in not having played the political game of touting positive emotions. This irritation towards the touting of positive emotions, is a fear I have because this can become a wall, where a collective group stands as this drug high value instead of being practical and insightful. What is interesting, is that when real insight is shared, the listeners tend to have a greater quietness of presence than when an accordion of emotion is being touted into all of the space of a presentation. The difference is tangible in the space, as the contrast of silence and the restless excitment of the listening body, as though the greater whole reflects what I myself was doing within me. Mine was simply of resistance.

I have lead musical groups. Because of the system of money, rehearsals have only so much time, thus one cannot allow a personality game to come forward and occupy the space. One must be of a focus on what one is doing, much like an air traffic controller. There is no time for emotional justification, one must direct in practical space within our present measure as systemic timing. 
One time, after a rehearsal,  my peer called me a slave driver. I was shocked, because I did not see myself as that. I always moved the interaction of the group towards performing. This meant that if someone suggested adding some quality to the music, it was said, and then directed into application. I did this because the actual doing brought more insight than long periods of talking about the music. The time was dictated by cost, so my approach was to bring as much performing into the time frame as possible. I later found out that this partner that called me a slave driver, rarely practiced for extended periods of time, without multiple breaks  and thus, the rehearsals  seemed intense as they were not used to such consistent focus and self direction.  Yet, had we not practiced in this way, the performance would seem long, as most performances are a solid hour and a half of performing. 

Most of us in society are not confronted with extended direct focus. Most professions do not demand this, as one can take a break, or stand down when something has somehow become out of balance, yet in music, one cannot do this.  Such a thing makes it clear that direct practical application builds greater focus ability. Especially with something that is not the repetition of a singular action. This also shows that humans can expand their awareness when given the opportunity to do within a broad range of practical activity. Hence all yourself why television is so ubiquitous and cheap? It is a means to distracting one from discovering one’s real capacity when making the decision to focus on something, with engagement of all the sense in physical reality. A lack of practice within real engagement appears to be hard if that has not been lived consistently. The contrast from a state of complacency and emotional value touting only, becomes one comfort zone, and a change into what is of greater sense of presence, and awareness appears to be too much.  Thus, just as I realized and was shown in a moment, via a question, it is to share right action that is directing into practicing practical actions, as this is what one would want for one’s self. Then one is no longer a personality and instead a presence in physical space, sharing a time, as a measure that is equal to being aware and expanding one’s capacity in actual real doing. 

It is to say that the personas, as ideas, beliefs and opinions, are quiet, and that quiet has a presence of focus in awareness of self and this plan-it. A right action has no personality. Thus, it is to share and stand as real value creation. In this there are no wrongs, there are only solutions. When I become irritated, and restless, it is a red flag that I am not standing equal to value creation as asking the questions that define practical actions that focus one to become a presence in respect of physical planet living as who and what I am. 

Thus, I have looked at the wrong, and judged instead of standing as correct action, or right action.   My morality is somewhat like the Semmelweis Effect, where I fear standing up against a morality of self interest, and/or believe that standing up against the self interest of a collective Semmelweis Effect of fearing to lose how I have defined myself in terms of survival, believing that changing myself to move as what is best for all, as acknowledging a narrow focus, rejecting considering all outcomes, as consequences of my actions, to , as I said, avoid change, or believe that losing the gains I get from the mistake ( hidden under the guise of good) will be too hard to live through, or with no longer having the gains of mis-take, cannot see anything outside of my construct and compare myself to a potential situation where I may not survive ( based on a fear of becoming the lack I allowed and perceived in others through my acceptances! Like falling into a morass of less that were/was/is those not participating in a collective limitation). It is a myopic standing as accepted mis-information that when one views from this lack, on a physical and practical planet where all is visible,  that bubble of idea, a composed resonant entity, see only those not having that belief and their lack of participative ability, so there is  a fear in this singular contrast, so occupying, that what is missed overall, is seeing the corrective action that would remove the mis-take and balance out into a greater ease of movement not subject to disrupting insight into factions that cause conflict in what is more natural as interactions and relationships that move with greater communication.   And so this spins. A false morality, leading to heinous acts. Then, I believe there is no way out. Can’t speak up to the ‘ wrong’ action to correct ‘ wrong’ action hidden by pretty sounding words, because I will be Semmelweised! It appears to be a catch 22,  rejected if I do, by the collective. Yet, this action is completely unacceptable, and as someone said, it is not democratic. It is, as the system goes, an Oligarchy. 

Thus, when a group moves into a personality cult, and becomes a creed/greed as a Semmelweis effect, and hides behind using semantics as a good, like ‘ for the children’ to justify a change, based on an experience of not having walked correct action, or sabotaging action through taking correct action in a limited environment where it is difficult to make something work, because facing where such would work means really standing behind value creation which was feared overall. It is always easier to talk value to a social class one feels is inferior to self, and harder to do so with one’s own level, or place, in society.  This means to really stand as ‘ correct action’ no matter what.  This is a conflict  I have been facing it seems my whole life. I mean, really standing as the practical, means standing as value creation no matter what. And that means standing as such in price as well, because we are hard wired to believe that value costs. Or, when we stand as value creation, we also have the insight to realize that simple things cost something in this world, especially when the cost is much smaller than the cost of not being able to do the math in respect of causing a Semmelweis effect, which is a heinous act of self interest. In effect because we are not realizing how deeply engrained such an effect is in our society at the moment, in so many systems, is a fear of standing as a real value- that value being to take that which is good and does no harm.       How does one adapt to what is unacceptable?

The means of building understanding, be it mis-information of an in-formation that is a practice of direct seeing of all things, as being here, equal to the physical, as self was before a resonant seed of mis-information built itself, was the child who without any direction learned naturally to crawl.  Our bodies naturally resonate what we experience. We take in the form, as what a group of words strung together IS.  When we apply that information, that thing, that body of a string of sounds, representing perception, self discovered or imposed on self in a box, or heard by parents who are products of the present system, so engineered to allow selective information, we hear the resonance of said sound forms, and it moves through us, or we process it. We do, over time correct this, yet there is only so much time on this earth. 

To continue, we inform ourselves with what we do. We inform others with what we say. What we say is the information that we are exposed to.  It becomes a resonance of what we are doing. This is a building within, or this is building within us. It works both ways, we accept limited story of information, we become that, and we can only speak what we allow- thus it is always heard. Meaning we can do nothing but speak what we allow. Thus, we resonate all that we accept. A beautiful design overall. Nothing can be left behind, it is always heard because it is one’s focus, accepted and allowed. It is the simplest of things. 

I have a fear of facing this individual and collective outcome of mis-information in and as the Semmelweis Effect. It is  a fear of the paranormal. It is a fear of a metaphysical construct that is also a gift, and the beauty of the design of life as the physical, as sound. How we work works both ways. We can become a resonance of good and evil, get so caught up in this, that we see only through a lens of competition, as comparing two sides of the same coin. We can begin to realize this, as that same ability to process and see information, in the act of comparison, can, over the timing as the movement of mis-information, as the presence of self, catching glimpses of that math/song/construct/timed measure in the overall space of creation. We can realize the patterns, as calling something out by name, which is what the term Semmelweis is and does. And thus, as this begins to resonate in the collective, just as mis-information resonates, a clarity begins to form, to build as this is how awareness begins to unfold, this is how an innate awareness begins to expand and recognize its creations. In order to stop this, a bully of information must become more intense to counter the life, the expansion , the very nature of creation. Do we recognize ego? 

Remember it works both ways. The resistance, is that personification of mis-information that is a mis-use of the imagination, does not want to be let go. To realize that one’s value system, as one’s resonant value system, as one’s morality, as one’s creation, one’s outcome  use of the gift of life, is, overall, not equal to real creation, to real innovation, and upsetting to the system ( a consequence of not understanding this that is right in front of us) appears to be difficult. Yet, just as in death,  one will eventually let go of that mis-informed resonance because it has no real staying power but by bullying, by forcing, by constant reigniting, because that resonance has no real constant. Thus, the only way is to live what generates real value, sound value, clear resonance that rings into eternity, is using sound to realize what is clear, what causes no harm, the very nature and means of what we are as physical beings, moving as a collective to keep ourselves in tune with who and what we are, as life, that is made from nothing into movement, that movement creating a sound, so to speak. 

Thus, the way and the means to real value creation, as clear presence, of hearing what is here, what works, what does no harm, is the capacity of each and everyone of us. To build understanding, either of a clear resonance, or a mis-information song, is the same, thus, the correction is to stand as what is best for all, as what builds a clear resonance, which means to become a morality of what is best for all. This is standing as the will of life. We can do this, it is who and what we humans really are. Our intrinsic desire to participate, and what tends to follow only, is a natural presence unassuming overall, because it is pure in its desire to be. 
How we use semantics , as how we form words, becomes resonant within us. Thus we can use semantics for a good or a bad resonant construct, visible through the math one resonates as the words one speaks, creating personifications separate from life, from what is best, from what would be a resonance that mirrors respecting all physical forms around us. We can realize what is not a resonance of life, in space, in reviewing consequence of the forms we speak, that can, like a frog being placed in cold water, heated over 50 years eventually kills as cooks the frog, so does mis-information that is invisible yet present as the conflict and friction of presence from being in clear relationship to life, as movements and actions that do no harm. This heat, or energy of mis-information is the mendacity of a gossip, as what one focuses upon and speaks as we sound what we see, what we accept, as what we imagine, can become an entity, resonant within. We all know this, because we have all had relationships that ended in conflict, in disagreement, that we, in space, as we focus outside of this, that resonant entity, we see our own mis-takes, and realize our focus on wrongs, instead of a focus on real value creation, as building equal understanding, as correct action, that enables real potential to speak itself into creation, into life, into being what does no harm, and is in a state of considering all things, as being equal to the physical and realizing that the small practical movements are the means of building correct standing. This is a standing that can stand and enjoy a creation, as this is the real joy, where all steps are of that joy, not moved by limitation, by the challenge of mis-understanding. 

I find accelerated learning techniques a reflection of how we work. When we pay attention to what we say, what we hear, what we speak, and become involved in doing, in real physical time, becomes us. When we change up our focus, to what is in the distance, and what is near, we place ourselves in a math of perpetual movement, and here, we are exposed to form and function, the overall consequence is opportunity to do more than one math,  or to the flow of what we as humans create, and as such, get out of ourselves and realize, through a contrast of exposure, this reality and what effects our actions have in the big, as the distant, and the small, as the immediate. In this we create a more widespread focus, that is by design a listening to forms, as what is inherent in this is a practice of insight into form. It is expansive by design. and it describes being in contact with what is here, and the consequences of our actions. It leads direction in what to investigate, using the means of building understanding, done with sound, as ordering our words to speak with clarity and detail about how the big and the small move, as the inter-workings of the basic building blocks of this physical reality, I mean LOOK, too much mercury on our bodies has an ill effect of mis-firing neurological networks, just as it does in the big, as our rivers and streams.   It is not as complicated as the voice of a Semmelweis effect of self interest builds as mis-information, as it is the mis-information that is a chaos of separation from what is capable and natural in who and what we are. Have a look, is it hard to move outside of a resonant form without, does it feel life moving counter to a vibration within? Does this create a sense of internal shaking? What is that? Are you connecting to the people around you with a sense of ease, as not moving with friction? Can you remember what you did yesterday, or the day before, or last year? Are you present in the life inFORMation as the physical, or are you lost in a time, a memory in your own self accepted and created resonant seed of information that is so occupying that it becomes more and more difficult to place your presence in space and drive your car, or finish that project, or order some project from the beginning because focusing here, appears to be a huge effort, when that capacity is the most natural capacity within self, when self is present and here, doing what is natural as being a human being, in equal resonance to this physical creation where one actually gets things done and builds things that one can stand an be proud of to the extent that one would teach anyone the same, because that is the joy and simplicity of being life? 

Thus, ask yourself, what have you built, what are you speaking, what constructs of information have you accepted and allowed that cook the physical you over time if not aligned and resonant with what is this life, where you are focused on here, and as such are equal to life inFORMation and can remember you presence and awareness to living, a state that moves with ease, as a lack of resonant measure unequal to life expression is being in conflict wth life as who you really are?

The Semmelweis effect is the same as the HUMPTY DUMPTY effect, it is a self broken into pieces as limited information made a resonant seed of mis-information, causing conflict and friction with creation, with the physical world.  It is self scattered into a resonant entity as a ghost in the machine that cooks the frog that is you into a complete loss of the gift of being spatially aware of reality. It is felt as the reaction and resistance, of a false morality. It is a resonance of self interest, as a forgetfulness of who and what we are as physical and sentient beings on a physical planet. We can be a plan-it at most fear, or we can build as resonantly stand in measure of a plan-that-resonates at the most spherical expression of creation. It is up to us and we are all capable, and yes to correct the resonance of who and what we are, means forgiving acceptances and allowances, and becoming a right sound action to equalize ourselves, our presence, to creation. We can start this, to move into correction through allowing economic equality. What fun would it be to do this? What fun would it be to no longer exist in a resonance of rejecting and resisting your neighbors, what fun would it be to have the space to create a time, a resonance that is clear  where the perspective of your neighbor only expands your awareness in creation? What fun would it be to do what humans do naturally, as order and understand this living creation and being innovative in ways that unfold the nature within that is life, to create and discover the very essence of who and what one is, to resonate a pure sound information ? How fucking awesome would that be? Forgive what resonates within and rebuild. The means of misinformation is done the same way as the means to sound information. We know how, it is right here, right in front of us. Pay attention to this world, and your immediate world, investigate, realize each word you speak , you sound, you resonate shows the way not to go and the way to go. No one can do this for you but you, yet that is totally awesome, because it means that you are life. 

What is the three pronged fork? What is double speak? What is hiding in ' trade secrets"? What is personality? What is misinformation? What is entertainment? What is practicality? What is usury? What is economic determinism? What we are resonantly allowing within ourselves? Who and what is Humpty Dumpty?  What is sound character? Are we the words we speak?