Sunday, December 23, 2018

Day 819 A beautiful understandable design.

I have been listening to how people speak in terms of how they frame description. 

I have a friend who has no eduction, though he can be handy with tools and getting physical work done. When he comes to tell me about something in his life, it becomes a very long story. I realize as I listen, that because he describes it all as “ then he said, and then she said, and then he did,” it takes a moment for me to frame what he sees as relationships of conflict and mis management within the scenario. To see if I understand his perspective, I usually do a summary afterwards. I use words such as spiteful, resistant, embarrassed. He says yes or no, or sometimes, tells the whole story again. He sees the actions between things as the emotional reactions. He does not call the movements out by name, he describes all the reactions between people.

Today, I was at a local service center for my mother’s cable company.  I had had a problem signing in and ordering something. I said a pop-up window had asked for something and then disallowed my action. The response from the service desk people was this long explanation that did not use qualifiers, but instead told a visual example through describing this long example. I found myself becoming impatient. I realize I did not want to listen to this long dramatic description. I cut the conversation short, drew another picture using words, that was short. One of the two women said no to my response and the other agreed. One realized I did a summation, and the other could only relate to a long story of cause and effect. As I walked to my car, I realized I often reacted to that level of conceptual ability that told long drawn out stories about something to describe a “ why” of something etc. .

I have read a lot of novels in my life. I got to a point in my late thirties where I could no longer read them. They were like some pieces of music I have performed. The gamut of their range was somehow very limited. I had become acclimated to the patterns and they no longer went beyond a certain boundary. Though all I could say about them was that they were of the same “ measure.” In a way, that was me being what I perceived others to be, I was as limited in recognition of myself in my conceptual ability as that woman in the store who could only see through her way of describing something. 

I recently read something that said the more petty talk about other people all of the time, the less petty, by degree, begin to talk about events, and then one begins to move into recognition of both, and moves into problem solving, or realizing relationships and finding what is of even more expedition in creating. 

This is also like music, because one moves from the simple structures and begins to realize patterns and then tightens up those patterns to create something, see the starting point and the ending point, as some would say. I would call this orchestrating.

I have been studying things about cells, and the interrelations of cells in the body. From high school I had pictures only of hexagonal chemical structures. I have read about things on a limited basis through the years, so I am somewhat beyond a 101 level, but not much. I realize as I expand on this study, that it is the same movement, that growth in recognizing patterns and seeing things in another light is that of a greater conceptualizing ability. This becomes a momentum that has the nature of wanting to expand to basically “ hear the tune.” It is a natural desire to understand, to hear the symphony, to see the beauty in the design, to stand equal to the awesomeness of a functioning thing. I had ONLY an image of proteins, for example, as the standard geometrical shapes with single bonds and double bonds, etc., I did not realize I could see them as ribbons of building blocks one could call carbon snowflakes. On another level, this reveals the extent to which humans being have been dumbed down. It is extensive. We basically have no idea what our present medical “ health” system is offering as an item to sell, with us as the resources in an economic design that moves towards power, gathering the profits in self interest, that is an ignorance of the resource as the most amazing design that is what is supposedly sought. It is such a magnificent design that that design and the means thereof, is the real power! That “ power” is of such beauty that one could but not want it for each and every one at the same time! That is how it is so amazing!  

If I am at times conceptually what I would call “ tighter”- in this context -  in my description in relation to another, I must realize where they are at, and use the same means. It may require being of a tighter conceptual ability, with some dramatic description. At other times, it may require more dramatic description and less conceptual tightness. This could vary by degree in any situation. It would also mean that some would respond to being more conceptually tight, because it would sound like a new kind of music that was a clearer compound of information- something like seeing a master work. Basically, this living physical reality is that “ tighter conception” in its intrinsic harmony and seeking of balance. One must recognize the means of perceptual ability a person had in relation to this reality and speak that, because it is one of those situations where “ all roads lead to Rome,” as they say. The natural desire to understand is to realize patterns and see the harmony, and stand with the design and move as it, with it, in joy of the small and the many relationships of that as the sum of the parts is of a awe inspiring design! As anyone might have experienced, well designed things are a joy to watch, to experience, much like watching water falls, or fire burning. 

I also remember an exercise where one closes one’s eyes, and places one's arms above one’s head, and then places one foot on the other knee, balancing on one foot with arms raised above the head. This is easier with the eyes open, because we have allowed ourselves to rely on our eyes more than our other senses. Thus, when one does this with one’s eyes shut, it is not easy. But then again, that shows the extent to which I am not in practice of being present in my own WHOLE body! I wonder if this shows the extent of how much I exist within my head, because the tendency is to lose balance, as though one is in a mind spin ONLY! That would mean that I am not being like a tree, stable and able to remain flexible enough to not bend to the resonant spin of an overuse of my imagination and a lack of real focus in this life that is here. After all there is ONLY here. 

I also remember that it has been said that when the words I speak can be recited backwards and will say the same thing, my starting point is equal to my ending point, in a way, as what I have said is complete in itself. 

If I am talking with another, and I cannot remember the perspectives they are using to describe something, than I basically have not really really listened to them, because I  have not HEARD the measure/meter/framing of their conception in how they describe something! If I were really listening, I would be able to relate to the means of their presentation of whatever it was they were talking about and transpose a response to their present means of conceptual ability. Thus, I must realize that one point of being what some might call “ intellectual,” it that I feel threatened if I have to listen to a long drawn out dramatic means of description, because I fear that this will define me as an idea about one level of conceptual ability being more than another, when overall, such is naturally a part of a process of what could be called refinement, or being able to say more with less, and at the same time, saying it in a way, in a “ tight “ way, there that same tightness creates that sense of “ hearing” the form in a clearer way that brings an awe of the beauty of the design of something. I can relate this to an opening of a door into greater insight about something. 

One can forgive one’s self for not being patient, etc., YET, one must also understand a point of conception, to live that patience in a way that leads it into being that which is of great joy, which is “ tightening” of pattern recognition that breeds understanding of the sum of all parts as being an expression of beautiful design. 

I can see where a bureaucracy contains all of this. As one moves up through that bureaucracy, one meets people who are more able to expedite conceptually, and correct in greater detail. And, within this, how one cannot really move up until one is more able to do this. 

It has somewhat the nature of the “ eye-of-the-needle” because one must be able to express more with less, or make a tighter design to fit through what appears to be a smaller opening, when it is not a smaller opening, it is that only a more well composed conceptual ability unlocks the door. But that is awesome, because one cannot pass unless one can answer to the balance that is that greater understanding which means a greater consideration of the composition overall. 

That is so cool and  means it is so doable! 

Overall, this opens another point for me. That other is more of direction. It is to realize, for me as  the point of excitement. I think of qualities in horses, that can move into reaction, into excitement so quickly. Things can be so exciting, which can cross from a place of balance when awestruck with something. I ask myself what is the difference? Should I look at that point of being able to suspend desire to the extent that what is of great design has an eternal quality to it to the extent it is always present and thus there really need be no rush of excitement that crosses into a fear of loss, that leads to chasing something and causing consequences of harm that one does notice but is too caught up in making something a “ more” when that more need not be feared to be lost because it is a constant and in that constancy is so stable the beauty of it is always, in all ways here?