Thursday, July 30, 2020

Day 852 Spells and Deception. What are career politicians?

I have experienced these “ information” shifts while speaking and connecting with others. I realize I continue to have fears around this. I notice it when I realize I am in a different point than I was previously and yet I can’t remember the shift. This is most likely because, like the dog, it is a deeply habituated movement. One that I suppressed over time. I realize it is, at the end of the day, a conceptual movement. I am in separation from what is here as the physical, that which is practical. 

I actually feel that it is something like … “ one is not supposed to do that.” “ It is not polite” to acknowledge and expose one’s own personal deception.” DE- ception: the action of deceiving someone - “ from to take.”  A lie-by-omission is a form of “ from to take.”  Meaning, to take something from someone, to take awareness away from - a form of artifice. To take presence from someone, to catch them in a spell, or maintain limitation. A spell that should one see the boundaries of, the spell would have no power. Is it possible that one could be considered “ difficult” if one remains out side of the bubble of the spell ? Like remaining outside of a cathedral ages ago because one realized it was a box of information, like an iPhone, of control, or count rolling, or a thing of measure of limited story, as sequences of events, excited with bright colors and music? I mean what is the difference? There is no difference. One is simply moving at a different pace and sequence!  

The word “ conception “ would mean “with- take.”  The “ con” being an intensifying word, meaning to “ take” in, as to become one with. The prefix “ con” intensifying the root of the word as “ caption.”  Suffixes and prefixes can morph words to intensify their meaning.  So many of our words are related to personalities and likes and dislikes which are all relative to one’s resonant emotional/feeling body, or past experience being projected into the future, that being based on unresolved imbalances one could say are heavily charged with value judgements. That behavioral box that is really no different than a dog being taught to greet the owner with great excitement - that excitement that at times is not wanted, and the dog becomes the problem when the problem was how the human programmed the dog. And the realization that punishment is never an answer because punishment is not solving the problem. It would appear that living in a resonant bubble of likes and dislikes would project the problems outside of itself and onto the surrounding objects. What a waste of potential. 

lol, It is almost as though I wrote out a rant here, about the deception of personal spell casting. Those generated fields of energy around a body. That which becomes visible if one watched a horse whisperer, or a dog whisperer. Some may react as though such a skill is a “ god given talent’ when it is not. It is more common sense in action. Projecting that skill/presence as a “ thing” outside of one’s self, will indicate the degree of separation from real  sound and stable conceptual ability in a person.

Given that normalized deception has been generated for eons, speaking up to such deception will generate reactions! Yet, that is opportunity. Avoiding such is more the same that caused this problem. It is like what Christ said, “ forgive them for they know not what they do.”  That “ forgiveness” does not mean an end game of acceptance only, meaning to realize the limiting and narrow conceptual projections of belief and opinions, but to then follow through and problem solve. Meaning to begin to move outside of that resonant storm to become one’s authority as life, here. It means to disperse the illusions. It means to demystify all of this.

So, I was in this situation where I suddenly recognized that I had been somewhere else, and was in a different space. I cannot remember the switch. I do remember suddenly pulling back. It was so quick. It is like this tiny fragment as a movement. 

This in itself is tied to what it really means to define a word. Meaning, to define words in such a way that the word has an eternal quality to it. It has a steadiness that is myself standing as a “ spell” that is not a “spell” in the sense of deception. It means to stand in such a way, that like a dog whisperer, to with all of me, lend a reflection of a state that allows self-discovery,  or insight into what is real, as the physical creation. If we lived here, on this earth, within the principle of what is best for all, meaning to take the good and do no harm, to give as we would receive, which means to ensure the fundamental basic needs of a human “ plant” we would build a world where our real potential as creators would come forward. We would recognize our own bubbles of illusion and stand here, with creation, which is physical - that one thing we are so impulsed to demonize. This that we as a collective have created and built into a system, which we can deconstruct and reconstruct to build a world that is best for all. 

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Day 851 The patterns of misinformation are visible. What is an emotional fire wall?

In moments in interacting with others and having cross referenced my own motivations, I find that I continue to fear addressing an emotional fire-wall, despite the fact that I have moved through such many times before. It means pulling on strings of belief, it means allowing such beliefs to define me for moment and begin to sort them out in realtime, as though I am a living process in physical space of what is here. A huge fear in facing this, that is the past. In bringing things forward and defining them, one can then relate them to the greater whole. That tends to minimize hypnotic polarized beliefs. After all, we have “ owners” of resources whose means are to thwart attention. We see it every day as the media which comes to reflect our own states of being. What is being scattered and distraught, anxious and uncertain but a loss of self as life? That life that when calm is very good at recognizing patterns. How does one shut that down but with a constant and continuous banter of hyper polarized and thus scattered descriptions about parts of things? Singular, reductionist small points on a bell curve without teaching one to see the continuum? Like someone said the other day, why are our children not taught about a mortgage? Most probably because a child would realize that a loan with interest  in itself denies that in taking out a loan and building a house to have a point from which to create and live, to give value and care for reality, why would one have to pay back more when the more is the stability and creation? This which is the real value? I mean, would we have the consumerist society we have if we ended usury and valued creation? A tree brings massive value to life, and yet it does not pay to live, it simply gives. In fact it gives with every cell of its body. 

Being scattered and hyperbolized into value judgements of right and wrong, more than and less than, good and evil, remains as a fear of something being able to define me, despite having an experience where I realized that nothing can define me but what I accept and allow. This was a dialogue within me before Is started this process. It was spread out, and though I was aware of it, moving beyond some line within this was something I had to live. And, within this, asking questions such as “why does everyone appear to be losing a spatial sense?” That was something I was aware of before I took this initial “ awareness” forward. ON the periphery of our emotional fire-walls that consume our attention and flesh, are moments of insight because that part of us that recognizes patterns is there, even if we are living in bubbles of belief composed of worm holes that look like a techno colored rainbow. Children probably can see this, before they lose a clarity and reconcile with the game because the adults are lost within this hypnotic hyper-realized scattered and anxious distraction in a resonant time loop. Meanwhile the tree keeps on giving and pays no taxes. 

Why does it appear that so many are losing a spatial sense?

Being caught in an emotional firewall would cause such an outcome.

That is pretty simple.

What would it mean to step outside of that loss of spatial sense into really standing here as a living word? 
What would that look like within me? The system programming by those racing to own resources would bring forward Star Wars, that “ force” that in my over-used imagination, would relate to a state of being clear and present, being like a tree, constant, stable and giving, without paying to live. 

Sometimes within being around another person a sudden shift happens. That is in itself telling. I mean, did we have any thoughts of who was wearing a mask or not wearing a mask 6 months ago? How much of that is occupying your attention these days? How much of the narrative is focusing your attention onto some “thing” today? Is this causing more mis-takes in one’s daily life with this additional dis-traction that was non-existent 6 months prior? Compare the two. Is this occupation as a belief of wearing masks entertaining you? Giving you something to make you feel like you “care”? Is it a something to fill a void? 

What would be here if the mask scenario never happened? Shift back to that. Do many other unresolved things suddenly come up that you have a resistance to addressing? Where are you? 

When we become emotional does it cause new consequences that must be addressed leading to a desire to run away and give up? From what? How many times do we realize we are being emotional and stop, having learned that an emotional reaction will lead to greater consequences?

What are the subtle things that occupy one’s attention in any given moment? What resonant ghosts are voicing themselves in your moments of life? How aware of the trees are you? 

Would having the processing ability to read such in self and others, and at the same time retain an awareness on this living practical reality cause one to live that statement related to Christ where he was understood to have said, “ forgive them for they know not what they do’? I mean, it is understood that things as emotions can be triggered, admitting to something existing within the self that can be raised into an expression. That something is not what is here, it is a residual belief from the past, as we live in a practical physical reality. Building a house involves assembling the parts, piece by piece. So it is with what we allow and accepting within. This, and that we have allowed a system where we pay to be life. The trees and the animals all around us do not pay to be who and what they are. That is a human construction and why poverty is ultimately something by design. Poverty is not a condition of life, it is a condition of a system imposed on an abundant earth evident in that trees simply do not pay to live. The thing about a paper ( digitized word ) castle world is that the information can be changed with the click of a button. This was told “ given as a warning” in George Orwell’s 1984. A book written by a man who had his hand on the pulse of “ innovation”tied to that same “ paper castle.” This is the innate pattern recognition of the human at work. Christ’s words were the same thing. The Mayan’s prophecies are the same thing. Yet, if we are over-using our imaginations, and in a space where time-lines of hyper-polarized information is metaphysically imposed via metal boxes and classrooms where the the info is written by these “ victors,” what will come to resonate within our salt and water bodies? Will what is the expression of a tree resonate as the principle directing that tree-that-does-not-pay-to-live but creates-to-live or will what resonates the scattered nature of what anxiety is, what uncertainty is, what hate is, what blame and spite are, what  an inability to speak in ways that empower common sense as that pattern recognition nature not being caught in a reductionist thin-king of belief where one tiny movement is believed to be what defines the whole? 

Remember, everything is a system. I have to ask myself if these “shut-ins” are really about suppressing a natural ability to recognize patterns and realize that the compartmentalized thin-king is simply one point on a graph hyper-realized to sell/cell a half truth that in itself upsets the body because at its core, that pattern recognition ability knows that somehow the whole story is absent. This causes a natural agitation, manifest as more aggressive behavior because we are happy when we are being ordinary and practical and  building that house and we are unhappy and anxious when we are moving as half truths just to pay to live. A tree is being itself in form and function. It is giving with every micro movement of its being, it is a part of the fabric of this physical life. It pays no taxes, it does not declare its income.  It synergistically and symbiotically is with every fiber of its being giving. At the end of the day it is all a conceptual time warp. We are allowing a slow motion of limited information, as half truths, to build in a resonant storm that causes stagnant movement and destruction of the very fabric of life being shown to us every day by a simple tree.  If we slow down enough, we can read the math, see the mirages of mis-information that so many have warned us against. Prophecy is not really a “ magical” state of being. It is simply a state of realizing false starting points. The innate capacity of life in the human has the power to see beyond a resonant storm and realize that we can be like a tree, and that this state of being is natural. It is who and what we really are.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Day 850 What concepts am I allowing to define me as time-lines in space?

I have this sense that things are not working and it is a fear, when why things are in separation from real potential are a math. What is a time line but a state of separation? 

It appears to me more and more, and this has happened before, that in moving from one point into another, in and as looking at what separates me from reality, as a programming from myself and generations of men, that the subtle poles of belief ride in on another level of understanding. It means that while I recognize more and more certain patterns of behavior and the extent of separation from being equal and one to life, the more I recognize the voices of dissent within me. I created this, I absorbed this, I became this, this determined my life.  It is resonant within me. Seeing this, I mean, really looking at energy verses being more creative as in being more gentle, more calm, more present has a quality of recognizing patterns! Being lost in an energetic past-experienced-based-on-fear-generating-a belief - and with the resonant thoughts as the ideas behind that FOCUS - has a quality to it, a pressure, an inflammation like “ thing” in the body. In “ fine-tuning “ what is here, as a personality consciousness sinking into a quantum mind consciousness resonant within, that self allowed and self generated limited and stagnating thin-king distorts reality and shuts down opportunity to make the choice to really live. What I have allowed myself to BELIEVE remains with me, despite seeing with greater clarity the superstitious nature of a resonant shadow of belief. I mean, if one believes in the shadow, can one convince that person that that is a lie? One has to take that apart. Even dogs and horses need sometime to process new information. It is why our schools are timed and sequenced in such away that a child has little to no time to actually process what has been expressed in that isolated environment.  If we practice confusion we master that, just as musician will master an instrument if a movement is practiced again and again! Remember it works both ways. Just stop for a moment - are you still here? Why has a master of a skill set shared with me that one does not need to practice that much if one focuses correctly? LOOK at how fast one learns to ride a bike! Why is biology appearing to be so difficult to understand? Why is it so spread out and something we learn in high school?  We study, through exposure, romantic fairy tales about one kind of relationship before we are allowed to LOOK at this physical life!  It is one big time warp!  Why is so much dedicated to suppressing the human?  We must be magnificent creatures if so much is dedicated to  suppressing us! Yet, we allow it! 

Thus I slow down and describe the difference. This uncovers more perspective. The moment I move into energy I am no longer problem solving, I am no longer looking at practical application. I am no longer processing the math of personification and the extremely stagnant movement of that accepted and allowed state-of-being. One can hear it in how people speak. They repeat things, more general statements about things. The compounded personification of limited values that by nature of being limited are of polarized value judgements,  this compounded, as practiced movements within: they are weighted. That weight can be sensed. The innocence of a child does not YET have likes and dislikes - they simply explore everything!  Try speeding up Youtube videos, acclimate to that, and listen to the difference! One might then DISCOVER the extent to which we humans are conceptually moving like slugs, and the amount of “ filler” words and ideas we move as that take up our FOCUS and distract us from the real “ measure” the real “ accounting we are living and expressing as polarized value judgements in which we are constantly locked into a very narrow focus!  Would that not make learning something new appear to be more difficult? It is like one is moving against a counter ( counting/account ) force! And that force is a projection, an illusion, a superstition made larger than life! Astounding.  It is visible even though it has become normalized ! 

These resonant time-lines of stagnant beliefs are weakening the physical fabric of existence. It is visible. It is visible in how one “ feels” that doing something is too hard, when the doing of something is a series of practical steps!  You are stagnant in a moving train, and someone is yelling at you from those indistinguishable trees out on the landscape and that voice of  life is so far away in one’s resonant storm it cannot be heard.  It is more stable than that train.  When someone says, “I am doing my best” I immediately think of an administrative mind set - too afraid to upset the existing status quo. And this, because even the slightest awareness of the difference, will make a HUGE difference. Why do administrators tend to self aggrandize ? They believe that doing the paper work is more important when they are maintaining the more non-creative actual work!  The term “ doing my best” is in itself already a distraction from FOCUS. I see the difference as standing in the storm without reaction, and seeing the cracks, the realness in the periphery, and manipulating the space in such a way that that suppressed, as glazed over awareness, as a moment to stand equal to and with in an intention of that, with a focus on that, which is great potential, to make wider that “ crack” to allow a person to discover that “ space.” It does have an effect. The person, to some degree then stands like a deer in headlights, processing the difference, for a moment.  I suppose it has to be done in such a way that what was seen cannot be unseen! 

Would being in that space for a moment, begin to end the petty end-game of comparison and stop the focus on a perception of a threat of what are basically micro-aggressions in relation to the potential that exists in the way we so rapidly learn to ride a bike? When we learn that way, we tend to never forget. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Day 849 Seeing through the emotional projections

I am overusing the imagination! I find myself caught in inner dialogues .. lol die-logues. Like my “ god” of duality being logged or scripted within me, to then define me and resonate outwards where I will constantly validate that construction and lose a focus on reality. I move into a resonant vortex and then call myself a creator, only to realize it is a false god. Can one see where if a group did this some might faint as they move from their daily lives into that group generating one singular construction of belief? 

I interacted with a person close to me and suddenly found myself absorbing their focus. It is like a thing, a real thing in the space, a movement, a mirage.  I caught myself. It is a process towards limiting overthinking within myself. I also see that in some respects I may have suppressed some things. No matter, it is all a part of the process for me.

I remember I was in a classroom and had taught a lesson, had interacted in practice with the students and was at the point where I had the students practice on their own. As I walked around the room, one student looked up into space and “stared” what appeared to be a hole in the space. That is when I saw it, a huge screen in front of his eyes. He was an interesting student because he could do the math given by the system without any  previous instruction. He had the program for this within him. Later I found out he was adopted, because I remember thinking after meeting his parents that something did not make sense. How did I have that thought of something not making sense in relation to this student? What was I reading that I was not aware of in detail in terms of processing what happened, and yet had the reaction when meeting his parents that they did not have that within them that that student had within him? And again the question as to why I do not have this ability under my own awareness to the extent I could stand within that in any moment? I suppose my own ability was a program in itself with movements of visibility to cause more confusion within me. That which is real must be used even in fragmentation. 

I have realized that in those moments when such things happen I am usually calm and quiet within myself. This is what happened yesterday. It was such a sudden moment, and yet I slightly remember that movement of slowing down to listen. I am very close to this person, on a deep level I find it hard to become angry with them in any way. It is like we both know on a fundamental level that such is not real and not a place to go or to hold onto. I am, once again, left with a deep sense of shame. And a sadness in some respects.

And yet, the main thing I wanted to speak about was that I could see the resistances and reactions appearing, even in a much smaller movement. That protection and defense shield. It is almost as though there was a pulling back away from having listened. Which is interesting because I was in Singapore one time. I had been told many many times that it was very dangerous to take two blond headed children to that country. The whole time I was there is was so tense about my children. I kept a rigid eye on them all the time. It was a relief to return to the shop house and have quiet. One day I had left the house and gone to an area where there were banks, to deposit money. That day, for the rest of the day, in the periphery of my thin-king I felt that I had something hanging on me. I could not shake it. At the end of that day, that part of me that gets so sick of things stood on a side walk, as I neared the place I lived, and I stopped and said “no more!”. It was like I followed that string of uneasiness within me. I met a wall and heard a surprise on the other end of it. Suddenly, that presence , that “ person” that had followed us most of the day was gone. The whole sense of heaviness was gone. In one moment. I suppose such instances accumulated throughout my life leading to a moment where I asked the internet for some answers because I was really really sick of what is going on. 

Yet, it is interesting, because in that moment with the person in Singapore, it was like sensing that person was suddenly blocked off. And that is what is interesting about yesterday, because that fine line where I found myself standing with that person, there was a subtle shift. I sensed that this person could no longer look me in the eye, their head turned and looked elsewhere. I don’t really have anyone to  help me with this so I have to figure it out for myself. 

Anyway, I became aware of my own resistances which is most likely why I noticed the difference between the two expressions. It requires an increase in processing movements in living time. And it requires slowing down and quieting the mind. I also have this sense that I entered into some private space. Do we have shields that come up when we notice movements in the periphery of our presence? And, is this more an opening of the heart? What I find is that it is so important to work on one’s words, to improve one’s ability to process the language, because it allows one to focus on more than what is happening within one. One develops a sense of ease in processing the words, and by extension, can process more than what one is accepting and allowing within one’s self. It is just like a computer. One’s desk top cannot be cluttered with reactions as beliefs, opinions and ideas, as desires, wants and needs, one must see that and sense the greater space around one. It is simple, yet the chaos of the present system is meant to suppress this natural ability. We will not really be happy until we resolve this. And it is very practical, that is the great irony. And it reveals the absurdity of being a fractionalized resonant shadow of beliefs that have that quality of energy, meaning they rise and fall in relatively limited order because what is not real cannot stand with any constancy. And yet we are so used to standing in that, that anything else appears to be a no-thing because it lacks the addictive excitement of the spinning picture show within.