Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 530 Being in Charge.

I get charged up with being unable to answer to what is essentially objections. The thought comes up that I “ don’t know where to go” or that I can’t answer it”  and then I have no standing, I allow myself to become inferior and my fear is that of losing ground, which means I move into an agenda of wanting to be superior. But stability of remaining here, on common ground, as what I am, looking at the details of what it means to execute the physical mechanism that is the form of me as life here, my memory is subject to here, thus my memory to function must be a working memory of what is here as the physical in practical application.
If the measure of my working “ memory” as past experience is not of the detail of how the physical mechanism moves, and is charged with a value, it means that I am not equal to that which moves me, here, and I become uncertain, which means I require investigation and realignment to common sense.

Since the physical determines myself here, what I allow that does not regard the physical with every breath, with every objection,  will end up destabilizing myself as life. Thus to sense here I cannot have any charge, because I can only move in constant cross reference to the physical, which means to investigate and bring back to here, in common sense.

So, how to bring myself back to investigate what is essentially being normal, means looking at here, at the simple detail of how here moves, and to realize what brings stability in gifting what beings ease to another. This means slowing down and looking at details in common sense towards something that can remain a constant, that gives purpose, that is consistent in direction so that a structure is built that makes a sense easy to remember.

In so many ways, words that have no charge and that give direction opens awareness to detail here, so that the executive function of myself as a physical form aligns, here. Thus, it is to always bring the words to what makes sense in detail as not only awareness building of the measure of this physical fabric that allows me to exist here, but also, at the same time, in opening this awareness as a focus, to then exhibit a constant that never leaves, because the measure has become equal within to the without. No manner of loss be present, and no manner of discord need destabilize because the points can be brought back to what I am as how I can exist, here. Facing objections means to use executive function of sensing here, using a working memory of words as a collectively given name of how here, as the physical moves/exists - no added values necessary. As such, added values of measure as one thing being more than another, is a crime against life. 

A lie by omission, with a threat of gain or loss, as both are similar because they destabilize, must come to an end. This, as such, in our present system, moves all liability and ignorance onto the many at the base of the hierarchy that is a system moved by judgement instead of discernment. And it uses the gift of life as the wealth of earth and transposes this into money and then, places laws and borders to order that wealth in ways that separate each of us from our true potential, through omission of opportunity and what is needed to support a physical mechanism that allows life. Thus, for those who are able, it is time to stand and change the system within, through equalizing ourselves within, in common sense of physical reality, which means stepping out of our minds and coming back down to earth, realizing all resistance as objections to slowing down and aligning ourselves back into being normal, and as such, equal and one to here.

DAY 529 The drama of ego upon structure.

I had a talk with my son today and he said that he learned to remain calm and follow the structure of a process and in so doing he ended up being an exemplar in his responsibility. What he noticed was the ego game going on around him, the others making things into big issues and competing to be important. In the end my son realized that drama so-to-speak going on around him and how unnecessary it was. In all, I have to say that that “ drama” is a form of entertainment also.

The conversation started because I had talked about how I had realized this within the music profession. The same ego dramas happen. Clicks start with a peer group, and the combat begins. But what I noticed, even when I fell within this, that the one’s participating within the competition and need for recognition, did not have the capacity to remain consistent in their playing, and within myself, remaining within the structure of the music foremost, I moved up to the front, and began to remain there consistently.

Still, I find myself allowing uncertainty when the competition comes in with spite and off putting accusation of blame etc. If someone feels that another is a threat, they attack with little measures of things. But then again, ego is a little measure of things. lol

In all, this is about how I continue to react to competition that attacks, even when I have faced objections and walked them into a structure that calms the reaction. 

Now I have to go and face some people, walk with them for a moment. I find myself having some dread, but I realize that this is a lack of structure, I am looking at myself becoming inferior to here, as it is here that I am the director of my own executive function  and that I can move myself as a working memory if I have scripted the simplicity of what I am about in regards to the principle of what is best for all.

 It reminds me of seeing a man who turned into a demon, where the demon part was the emotional storm, and that storm seemed of no substance, so I realized that this man could have no effect on me unless I allowed it, and that behind that projection was that man, who was kind, and gentle, confused and lost. So, when I talk with others, I know this is there, because this is the nature of life, this is an innate desire to participate with the total fabric of this actual physical world that is the structure of life that enables the expression of life, and that it is the awareness of how we are also physical beings and not only a mind that imprints an understanding of physical reality  and that it is this function through which we are controlled and that ends up creating a projection instead of the equality to here, with ease, that is that which we seek. Thus, do I face the storm, to reach the joy, through walking the objections to here, using the principle of what is best for all as my constant, as this is the real “ angle mark” ( Spelling on purpose) Because, it is a mechanistic uni-verse of life expression that is a measure that the very substance that enables up to learn to crawl and walk and eventually talk,  that builds an executive function that is of a working memory that is equal to here in measure and precision and that that which builds is that which must remain in awareness to perpetually cross reference with that which enables awareness, which is the physical world.

It is interesting, because within the eyes of people one can see the fog, a layer of cloudiness and also the whole musculature of the physical in tension. And I suppose I see this because I have had to be aware of it within myself within playing the violin. I also notice that things come up in adults, and that this is not as thick in children. With a child one can reach a clearness at time, greater than with an adult. And all of this helps me to realize that within and as me there is a fog, and it sets me shaking ever so slightly. This is where I allow myself to become inferior to here. I am no longer at ease. And I realize that my lack of ease, is a belief in a constant protection and defense for survival. The irony is that I cannot survive all, because the all that is here as the physical, is how I exist, so if I eliminate others I eliminate myself, thus the only solution is to face the projection, as belief, opinion and idea, the sins of the fathers as the key board of DNA where such has been passed on because it has not been cleared by the collective of men on earth, it has not been equalized to that which enables life, which is the physical. It is as though we men, have been given the gift of creation and we have abdicated that gift because we held the object more precious that the formation allowing the act of creation as being the real value. Our real museum is the physical world around us, where we are the muses, creating life in expression as the physical.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 528 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting a separation from life. The process of Equality.

I was walking my dog, and I walked past the home of someone who held an annual party. About a block after I passed the house, there I was. It was like I placed myself in a projection play-out as a fantasy. I was not even aware of the physical world around me, because I was so busy up there in my mind, conscious only of the characters in the projection. I was in the past at that annual party.
I breathed and came back down to earth. It gets so, that this is very tangible. It has a thickness to it, a slurpy thickness. So, I catch myself doing this, and it involves believing that I am defined through validation, through interaction with other characters as people.

Even within writing this blog, it is like a self validation, in putting myself out here on the net, to explain what I have accepted and allowed as consciousness, my own personal collection of qualities that i “ own” to define myself, and maintain to participate in a system so caught up in limited measure there is a separation from the physical world, which is the real life, or one could say, as much life as the limitations used to own a self definition as a belief that such is needed to survive and motivate, when none of this projection is necessary, because what is real is being here. One is or one is not, and as the “ not being” one is the being as well. 
If my attention is on a singular quality, and I practice this in a game of play-out as fantasy as consciousness, then I cannot be here , equal to the physical reality, and all of its qualities. And I do not learn the process of transformation, because I am too busy in an industry of quality gain as a self definition of character. I am too busy monitoring my gains, and reviewing them with past experiences, and thus I become a limitation, and place myself on a treadmill that I have to run on to maintain what is essentially a bully of my own personal qualities to define myself and force others to accept.

If I become too “ original” than I lose a connection, if I do not fit into a limited self definition, then other become uncomfortable because they have a hard time placing me in a box, because in this limited quality definition as character,  as a game plan, other characters want to define each, in order to have that projection working. Thus, any judgement of me by another, really tells me more about them than it can about myself, and conversely, judgements by others, where I react in any way, tells me about myself. In this game of energy, one cannot even suppress a reaction, because the very substance of energy, is thicker than water, like to say, oil and vinegar do not mix, you can shake it up, but still they don’t mix. There is no way out. To appear to mix, an agitation is necessary, and agitation has a vibration to it, which means a movement, which is visible, and to ask myself a question here, the focus of  self validation and as such gain, cannot hide from silence. It is like silence hears everything. A seeming contradiction for one busy in a projection as consciousness.
So, when I am projecting I have to come back to the starting point of silence and listen to equalize myself to what is here as the physical to listen and then direct myself as this is how I hear what is here, and enable myself to consider all that sustains this moment in time as myself in expression as life.

So, when I move myself into consciousness, that is a story of my past, in a system of survival, using limited qualities and ignoring all of this physical creation, I must stop and breath and slow myself down, to learn to address myself as life, in order to move here, in ways that do no harm.

Nothing can define me but what i accept and allow. And I am here, even when I am not here. lol

When I go into projection, it is like an intensification, and a funnel into that projection, one moves up into this, like one is filing a bubble. And that bubble is filled with pictures, streaming through the eyes. And the lining of the tube, is like a staff of keys that are the triggers that when sound moves through them, ignites the construct of the key, and the keys are built of the past, and so the past sings - so to speak- and the game begins, the comparison, the self justification as self using pictures to define and maintain what self is. All of this built from a system that has become the manifestation of this construct as consciousness. Well, helium balloons get to a certain height and then they pop, and all the gas is released and sent back into the substance of what is here. So one eventually comes back to earth, back to the physical. 

Within facing what has been going on in my heart, I realize that when I become what we would call “ nervous” I am not here, I am not facing he separation from self, I am not directing what is the capacity of men, the natural learning ability of men, to be aware here, to see directly here, to consider how this physical world is a construct of creation, all of it, and that as we stand in this moment, has a construct on top it, that is a consciousness, a science of a collection of limited qualities, or values, used to define a human, in an order of survival that is the outward manifestation of an inner self definition accepted in separation from self as a physical manifestation which is what one can use as a starting point of form and function, as expression, in tandem with all manifestation to understand how creation works, thus each part needs the other parts in cross reference to give direction, one does not need to direct from the idea alone, one moves with the physical, like flocks of birds do at times. It is the joy of being aware in full sensory motor skill that the physical allows that directs in real creation, as it is here that one can be aware. The two happen at the same time.
In this one gives up all belief, to gain everything, thus nothing is really lost in giving up the mind consciousness system. That doom and gloom feeling in change, is simply giving up a limitation, and the habit of that limitation, appears to be a death, when it really is like a birth.

So, when ever I find myself in a projection that uses the past, as a conscious self definition, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down and I return myself here, equal and one with the physical world, and I take that which is good and does no harm and I stand equal and one with the physical to see, realize and understand myself as a physical human on a physical planet and as such I respect the life that is here that is me, and I realize that a system of separation has been accepted and allowed and constructed in the image and likeness of my own accepted limitations, that must come back to the realization of itself in total as life, here and as such align itself/ myself equal and one with the physical.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to compete within and as a story in and as my mind, in and as a projection as an interplay of limited qualities/values where I measure in very limited reference as ideas thereby separating myself from the joy of simply being here as this competence is a cognition of limited means, creating externalities that experience extremes of lack either though physical discomfort, or physical comforts that become a burden believed to be a gain, that in itself is ownership that ends up costing the life to focus on protection and defense of what cannot be taken in death.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I am defined within a limited measure of myself, and as such am not allowed to be and have a certain measure of common sense of the whole as I must limit myself to allow others to feel comfort in pegging me into a limitation to enable a self definition, which is respecting a limitation, and as such is a disrespect of life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I an not allowed to express beyond the limitations of what i am based on limited criteria as a self definition being owned by others, which by some invisible ideological belief is supposed to be adhered to, when this is a limited projection as a self definition and as such a disrespect of life that must come to an end.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that because I do not look a certain way, I cannot smile and be joyful as this is only allowed within a narrow construct where women that fit within a very narrow idea of beauty are allowed to smile and place themselves within this behavior to flirt with the ego of men who themselves are in a very narrow self definition of themselves as life, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that there is no way out, and within this to see, realize and understand that there are those who react to a person standing outside of proscribed accepted norms that in themselves are limitations that have nothing to do with being life here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to conversely, use knowledge and information of a limited value system, and the memories of my past, to be a directive here, when all of this is a limitation that is not self transcending into awareness, but a self that is existing within a projection as consciousness self constructed, self accepted, self allowed, and as such a separation from that what one seeks, which is self as life, that can only exist in equality and oneness to and as the physical being life, which is simply to accept all that is, as all that is is life, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to measure myself based on limited values only, and as this be caught in a energetic web of organization which is using the capacity of myself as a playful “ worker” as a physical being-ness, within a very limited construct that consumes and devours the very substance that is me as life where I turn as colorless as a wick and die having taken the substance of life, the color of life, and burned this in and as a projection in and as consciousness instead of becoming aware, and as such one and equal to and as the physical world, to address myself equal and one with and as creation.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I cannot be transparent here, equal and one to and in common sense of the physical, using auditory gifts visual gifts , kinesthetic gifts as the physical to own the value being life here, where i stand equal and one with all life, realizing that the physical is life, as all that is, is creation and as such to be respected.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see realize and understand that I am here and that it is here that allows me to exist as life, and to interact with all that is life in formation here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that life has passed me by, and as such I do not have the opportunity to be life here, and also to believe that i don’t deserve life, when in effect this is more of the same that lead to separation from the physical as life, as punishment and reward are based on values judgements and not the measure of the means to equalize self to and as life here, as this is the only thing that humans can own that can withstand the test of time, and remain constant, and as such realize what is eternal, which is the expression of life, which is creation, and as such to be enjoyed by all, and as such the cross reference gift that stabilizes self as life.

When and as I find myself existing within a projection I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I realize what i fear losing, as what I am pushing away as a value, creating a good and a bad, a more than and a less than, a belief in superiority and inferiority, and I bring this back to self, and I realize what I fear losing as what I have allowed as a self definition, and as such a rejection of life, and I realize the expression of myself as life that i have rejected, that I fear may mean a loss within a system that is a loss of life, as I see realize and understand that this loss is an illusion.

When and as i find myself fearing competition, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I see, realize that it is to include all that is, and to transform what is essentially a fear of loss, into a way and means that accepts all externalities as an ambition that is ambiguous to what allows the innate capacity of life to diverge equal and one to the physical, and to see, realize and understand this in accord of a direct seeing of what is same in all creation, which is life, as this is the value and that as this, one can cross reference with respect to all life, which includes the physical, to become self directive, self responsible, and to realize that because this is not how men have existed in earth, and for which earth has been created, to realize that this equalization to life, will tale a process, and that a mis-take is a gift of myself as life to balance myself here, equal and one to become equal and one with the sound of life, as that of a functional purpose of what supports life in-formation as this is the gift of creation.

When and as I find myself existing within and as a projection as mind consciousness, I see, realize and understand that this is a righteousness, that is an anger, that is a bullying, that is a fear of loss, that is a limited value believed to define me, and I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I forgive this narrow focus, and I bring myself back here, and I let this emotional/feeling energy go, and I see the thought and forgive it, and I look to the objection of it, as it manifests in a judgement, as a protection and defense usurious action, movement within, as I see, realize and understand that the solution is allways, always, equality and oneness to and as life, here, within and as the principle of what is best for all, which is what does no harm, and gives the gift that keeps on giving, enabling self directive capacity and self responsibility, to here.

The process of deconstruction, to bring the pieces of self back together in equality and oneness to and as life, here. DIP Lite. FREE

Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 527 Remove the hegemonic eye, and become an earth that is a field of life.

So, this study suggests that an increase in a minimum wage, within a measure of digits in a study that is not present, has no significant difference.

Well, that is the problem then. The proposed wage is still not enough to make a difference on the many trying to sustain themselves on the present minimum wage that in essence demands subsidies in health care and food aid because the wage is not a living wage.

In this design, that person on that non-living wage, is dependent on what foods the food stamps buy. And we know that food stamps are a profit entity. So, this is a construct that forces people to not have a choice in the food they purchase, meaning they go to food banks and can only purchase what is in the food bank. Are there seeds for these people to perhaps plant and cultivate a garden? Is there a chance to have a means to help themselves? Can someone have time when it takes two jobs just to survive?

In all this whole minimum wage situation is a control system to force people to have limited health care choices and limited food choices, and limited means of being able to choose a way to begin to seek alternative choices.
A living wage is a wage that allows people to make their own choices in all that they do. I mean this is real capitalism, to allow people to choose what works, in health care, in time to investigate, in time to try alternatives and develop skills and awareness within space to make mistakes and experiment with others ways of doing things. Thus a wage that allows movement to create is the solution.

The objections to this, must realize that there are examples out there in the world where people were given a supplemental income and/or a basic income and that when this existed they stood up and became more careful with their lives - their children, their homes, their health. 

It is also to realize that because of what we have accepted and allowed, there are behaviors that are not going to change overnight, yet most will change. most crime is because of a will to survive and given the choice, would not be what any of us would choose.

The solution is to stand together as a group, as a large collective, because when we want someone to stand and be the face of change, that figure head is crucified and then the rest become scared and fall back, thus the power is in the many standing together within a principle, and that is the principle of give as you would like to receive, the principle of equality, as the equality of ourselves as physical beings that have certain basic needs to have our bodies function in their utmost potential and that it is the field of that body of parts that directly sees what works there at the starting point of common sense of that physical space.

The Living Income Guarantee is a solution that gives all a living income, and for those who choose to work, twice the living income. This system uses the freely given resources as funding, and creates a government system that is both automated to end corruption and governed by people who place into practice through educating the public and then allowing the collective to vote on issues, so everyone is empowered and allowed active participation in the process of restoring life on earth, as earth was meant to be and has been, and in so doing, been patient in waiting for humans to realize that life is the value. It is to say that the physical field of life  as all men, must awaken from a slumber and take a breath as this is how that field will blossom. You and I are the physical field of life, each one of us.

Our banks must become financial managers.. Our resources must be used in efficient ways and the land cared for post extraction. Our rivers and streams, our water, must flow clear and pristine so that animals and nature remain unharmed.

We have the capacity to leave no lot abandoned, no animal destitute, no child homeless. We have the capacity to create an economy that respects the ecology of this earth. It only means realizing that the substance of this earth is the same in all the forms that express life. 

It is time to remove the hegemonic eye, and become an earth that is a field of life, where each stands one by one, as all as one as equal.

Day 526 Limited focus creates zombies

I was listening to a Noam Chomsky lecture that referred to something Adam Smith said about people. He said that having someone be a gardner or a butcher only lead to ignorant people, because people were too creative to be forced into limited expressions, and that the allowance of such would lead to a society of zombies.

I mean, is there anything else to say here? Anything else to say about this division of labor into manageable units serving a few who wanted some big estate, when the real big estate - that is freely given at that - is earth?

Chomaky also noted that at MIT there are doctoral studies where people learn complicated mathematical formulas to use with a financial entity that was formed to manage money, but has instead turned into a system to suck tiny amounts of money off of the money that is flowing around. The point in this aspect was how the very talent  for detail of our young is directed into useless professions that serve the self interest of a few, and yet, it is us the collective that allow this.

What would happen if the development of skill were given to all, and then what skill was developed was done in ways that produced ways and means within our existence here on earth that benefitted everyone? Why is not attention to detail, focused on what would balance out what is freely given, as resources, in ways that support all the life on this planet that is composed of the same things?

If we take the time to look, we can see that the structure needed to govern and organize the capacity of men is in place, but on top of this is a financial system that follows a law of profit while underneath is a structure that at least touts that it is for the people, but this undercurrent as a structure in place is swamped by a profit before life entity.

It is a halo system, by now a TRANSnational system circling the globe, building a halo that we are all supposed to believe is real and believe sustains us, when, if we take the time to look, is not sustaining us - and here it is to remember that what is here is the same stuff as us, so it is us. Earth is a circulatory system, so what we allow within the environment, becomes us eventually.

So, in essence we are developing people to place their creative/detail ability into a very limited and narrow focus, such as the mathematical formulation of  “skimming” ( probably called some other “holy” name) instead of supporting them in focusing on what would support all life on earth in ways that do no harm and, at the same time, allow them to use this ability to discern, to understand this physical planet. If our words were equal to the measure of here, would we become the living word? Is it really that simple. if so the answer is right here in front of us. We have only allowed a charge of values to excite us as an idea that there is more, when the more is to be equal to here, equal to the physical. Including the physical as being as much as life as any picture in and as our consciousness. It is to realize the mind as picture, an image and likeness of the physical, which means the picture as consciousness is the idol maker, the illusion, the veil that eastern religions tell us to remove, the mind that we must realize for what it is, a noise/static of imagery placed on the real heaven beneath our feet. Life is in reverse, and the actions of men are following that illusion of a more than. The real more than is right here. This earth is creation.

What we are doing with these freely given resources is not sustaining the planet. It is to say that the hierarchy system is not working and must simply stop. We are even building machines that use this resource. The irony is that the greatest piece of technology is the earth itself, the actual physical, the way and the means of expression, which is locked away from us because we ignore the essence of it, that is the essence of ourselves which is that we are creators, and that earth is of the same substance as ourselves, the very building block of what exists, which is sound. Yet, we believe that creation is pictures in a mind consciousness system, and we are  not asking ourselves how these pictures where formed.

The starting point is not the chicken and the egg, the starting point was nothing into something, and that something was movement, as sound.  If we think of the wheel as transforming trade, why not realize that if earth is to be lived as it was meant to be, then this ball must have the sound of life, as what sustains the physical, circulating, and that this can be done easily because the human is a creator, a perfect organic robot of same substance as all that surrounds it, that sustains it, to be and become an expression of life able to create life as itself. 

The immediate solution is to vote in an equal money system to begin to allow each the means to sustain themselves and choose what works for them. The human will choose what works given the chance. Each must stand and realize that what you are as life as a physical being, is able to sense, to make sense of how the physical world functions. it only means using your innate common sense as the very substance of what you are as the machine of the physical. Even of you cannot realize this through the static of the mind, the choice of a Living Income Guarantee is what will remove the stress of survival and allow one to slow down, breath, and begin the journey of self as life, to life, because this is what you are.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 525 Using the Heart to stand within the Principle of what is best for all.

I have lead musical groups and within this remained directive and calm, focused here, using the structure of the music to stabilize me.

It really is no different when standing as a principle, especially the golden rule: to give as one would like to receive. As this, to hold the sound of this and remain unwavering within it, facing all objections and limitations within and without.

This brings to mind an event I experienced in Singapore. I was in a wet market looking for lemon leaves. One of the vendors directed me to a woman who sold the leaves. This vendor refused to serve me. I did not speak Chinese, but I knew I was not meeting openness, just a blast of rebuttal. 

I remained calm, because clearly, this woman did not want to serve me.

Then, someone appeared next to me, and they told me that this woman did not like Caucasians and told me where I could find the leaves I wanted. 

Being a white American, I had not faced such racism. I found this a new experience, and it scared me, I felt very hopeless, and realized that there was little chance of changing this attitude, and I also did not speak the language. My sister was with me at the time, and she reacted and wanted to leave. The person who came to help, came up to me, and I think it was because I remained calm, un-reactive. I went back to the market while I was there, my sister refusing to go, and I found I had made some friends, people would come up to me and try to sell me more mangos than I could possibly eat and asked me questions about my boys, and told me all about the people in the market. I found it cool that there were people here who were open and curious, sharing and enjoying differences, opening up and exchanging each other’s lives.

I also run a cooperative and have worked with others in organizing this group. What i find is that there are those who need the details walked again and again, and usually are really good at coming up with excuses, and even break the rules when it is an inconvenience for them to follow them. It does not matter how many times I reiterate the rules, they are broken. Every once in a while I have to state them again, and then things align again and function smoothly. We have even had people drop out because they find the rules too difficult. And the rules are not difficult. But, still, they seem huge to some. I have learned to remain calm and state them again, otherwise, I allow a Pandora’s box of emotion to open, and then I become the “ bad guy.”  I have even had others join in the task of maintenance, and they will end up leaving because they can’t handle the emotional storms. Which is an emotional storm in itself.
There are times when I feel like I just stand there and take the storm, again and again. And the bitch of it is that, reacting to it does nothing. it is to simply explain the guidelines again and again. But i have to say, there are some, that realize the guidelines and work with them. And even apologize when something comes up and a mis-take is made. it is surprising how mush an apology and an act of correction without me asking them, is supportive. The people in the wet market were the same, coming and correcting what was unacceptable. And there are many such people, but not enough, because if there were, then this world would be put in order in a short period of time. And the order, is just simple common sense, being responsible. That is all.

Leading then means remaining consistent and stable within a framework, and in this case what is best for all, what will be a win-win for all parties involved. It means seeing objections and beliefs that are of limitation and directing them. It means understanding the limitation, and narrowing the focus of that objection , defining it and then finding a solution that is of a clearly defined goal with the practical steps delineated. It is remaining within the sound of that frame, that structure. This I can do, because I have done this many times, even with the competition breathing down my neck. It is interesting that one cannot be touched when standing in stability like this, even anger from another is tempered as it has nothing to project onto because the stability within the framework remains constant.

If one listens to the tempo of speech, one can align to this, and become the rhythm of this and then hear/here the limitations, and move at that speed. I realize that this will take practice, and that I cannot rush or charge myself in any way. It is to remain focused and directive, because in the end, if the understanding and constancy is not held and modeled, there will be no structure given that can withstand the test of separation in time and space. And, it is only a belief that the quality of myself will be lost, as an idea of what I am in relation to another, especially since competition will use such and run with it, destabilizing on purpose within self interest. This is where the quiet is of great benefit, because not only is this a place of focus, it is also where one hears the storm of  self interest.

In trying to figure out what was going on with my husband, before he died, I had a moment where I said out loud, STOP. And indeed, did everything stop. And in that same moment, everything that i had defined myself as as being important suddenly left me.. And in that small space, I realized that everything I thought I was, was meaningless.  And, in that moment, there was this bubble all around me too, which means that what I had allowed needed to be cleaned up, there was no escape. And yes, I feel as though I am standing in the midst of this and trying to clean it up, because this is not equal to here.

Interesting that in writing this out, suddenly there is a sense that there is so much more to myself and as such to others than we can imagine beyond our petty projections. I would have to say that this is a compassion, that gives the heart direction within consideration that everything that is here, is one expression and that is an absolute purpose of being equal and one with this in everything around me. as though it were me, like bringing everything back to myself , like one, in the end, does not sense with the mind, one senses with the heart.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 524 Leaving a dog to starve and the American Congress. Time for a change.

Okay, this story really got to me. I wanted to go into statements like “ she should he imprisoned for life.” Or “ she should be tied on a chain and left, without food, I mean she is certainly fat enough.” So, really nasty statements like this. I could even go on. There is no excuse for a grown woman, who holds a degree, to have allowed an animal to suffer like this. 
But, what does this do? Nothing. Does this solve the problem? No. Yet, how could this woman not realize that her dog was trapped on a leash in a kitchen? Why could she not call someone and simply say, look would you go and take this dog? Or, even let the dog go outside, where at least it had some chance of care. No, she left the dog tied up in her ktichen and went and stayed with her mother, for a week. Where else, are we humans so blind to common sense?
Are we blind to an American Congress that earns 174,000$ a year, plus expenses ( and so many being millionaires) while only working 113 days in 2014 while 1/2 of all Americans earn only 25,000$. Obviously, our American Congress is as ignorant, and as blind, and as disrespectful of life as this woman who left a dog to die in her kitchen and went to stay with her mother for a week.
American waters are being polluted, our children are dying from cancers at rates higher than  20 years earlier ( though this has been denied once stated) . The sperm count in our males is down and hidden by changing the accepted ratio of healthy sperm to unviable sperm as a norm. What is the difference here? There is no difference. Both are negligence and abuse of life, a delusional hoping what is inconvenient will somehow go away. It does not just go away, it suffers, horribly.
Such is not the behavior of a leader. I mean look, do you think that this woman is a leader, someone to give responsibility to in any way? Why are we allowing millionaires in a profit based system to make decisions for us, when it is very obvious that the decisions being made are shutting a door on life and walking away? Even actively killing children for self interested gain?
I think it is time to take collective control of our freely given natural resources, and our banks - as Iceland did- and create an economy that respects and cares for the ecology in ways that do no harm, and  as such gives everyone what is needed to live in dignity.
What imaginations would have a woman fear a dog that she had put on a leash? What would become so huge within that she could not face her dog and allow it to die of starvation, a horrible death? What is in her mind has nothing to do with practical physical reality, and our own disbelief tells us that this is so. 
What beliefs are in the minds, the very self direction within making decisions , of our congress men. I mean can they actually really believe that they are somehow different from another man? I mean, just because you can read and write, and do simple math ( because I can’t seriously believe that our congressmen are very good at math) does not mean that a lack of such training ( and it is training - even though most know that when you cut an apple in half you have two halves)  makes one man suffer less than another when not having any food, or any water, or shelter. What we are as humans is a fabric of cells and water, and many other substances. We are organic bodies that require certain things to maintain what we are as this. In this we are all the same. Even dogs and plants and everything of the earth are this. Anything else is a value judgement in accord of a comparison based on a decision to aggrandize one thing over another, and then tout that as being greater, in the face of what is right in front of us, that this earth works because of the different interactions of elements and plants, and animals and their functions. The very fabric of what is here is what holds this together. Thus, the ideas of one thing being more than another and the addictions to these things that are impulsed to be more than another instead of realizing what is here as being functional, is the delusion of men.
So, how does one solve delusion? It is simple, just come back down to earth - if we bring our mental delusions back down to earth, and equalize them to realizing that they are just parts made bigger than life itself, then our little very abusive and destructive humpty-dumpty world will be put back together. So, our little “ heavens” of delusion, that are energetic because they are of lesser dimension and as such a separate reality that must be constantly charged through validation in a game of good verses bad,  must stop. They are meaningless.
So, when someone comes and says “ I can’t” or ‘ I don’t like…” or “ but it is dirty” or “ they have no talent” or “ she is stupid” or “ I can’t bear to take care and face my dog” then know it is not the dog, it is not the other person, it is you, you are lost in your energetic mind of limited values, and that this is a complete lack of responsibility to life. You have in essence rejected life. It is that simple. Why should another suffer because of your separation from life?
It is time to realize what you have accepted and allowed as belief that separates you from life.
Walk the desteni I process lite. Know what you have composed yourself as that is not equal to life.
Listen to the interviews on to understand your separtion. begin the journey to life to bring an end to others suffering because we work so hard at being ignorant.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 523 A culture of division and a missing plane. The manipulation of an ability to measure here.

I had a dream the other day, where I walked with a man to a pool of water. The water was deep and down in the water was a cobblestone type of street,  a perspective view of a city, like there were cities upon cities in the water.  It was like the water was a glass ball and I was looking in. 
I remember reading years ago about another culture, how qualities were divided between the male and the female within this one culture. What fascinated me was that this was done at all, that the measure of qualities were distributed between the males and the females. I asked myself why this was done, and then I started seeing all cultures as this, as a decision to divide certain characteristics into the make and into the female.  How did cultures do this overall.
I was interacting with this couple, and I noticed that the man would move around in the background, flirting in and out, around what I was doing, but paying attention the whole time. At the end he came forward and wanted to see an aspect of what I was sharing. So I sat down with him and showed him. He could do one section, one way of division, spatial division, but we got to another and he stopped. I laughed, and said, do you know this way of measure as well as the other. He was silent. A stunned silence.
It really is like we have a lens in front of us, and that lens only measures in learned patterns of measure, and slowing down to see our own constructs of measure to deconstruct them and/or build on them to become divergent in  a rapid manner - so to speak, is our responsibility, each of us, and it is our responsibility with our children, to not do so is really a crime against life.
I mean, when one does this with a child, with a musical instrument, that child actually becomes calmer, and focuses on the instrument and begins to self direct and does not hesitate to play. The whole volume of the child expands in some way. Interesting, that in educational studies, across the boards, children who study music perform better in school, overall, and even companies like to hire people who study music, because they make good managers, I think it is that they have a more developed ability to measure space and time, a more divergent thinking ability. But I ask myself, how far can we go, is this just the tip of some “ ice burg” and we humans do not even realize this, so lost are we in a magic glass ball of limited measure?

We have these studies that say this, and yet we allow only 50 minutes of music in our schools per week ( average according to my local school district). And, we turn the music teacher’s position into 80% and cram the classes of a whole school into that 80% position. I have to say, it was more exhausting teaching music than in the classroom, because, at the time, I taught 5 classes back to back 3 days a week, and 3 classes back to back two days a week. I later found out that many musicians I knew did this for a short time, they said it was back to back teaching, for less pay and they did not have the students enough each week to really be able to develop them. The situation was too tragic and they got out.
For me, I realized how much awareness could be taught through music, and how this would help the children in other areas. I realized that music is a way to teach children to divide space as their bodies, instead of just in their heads. It was frustrating to not be given the time each week to do this.
But this brings me back to culture.
I woke up this morning thinking about leprechauns, as it is St. Patricks day.  And I realize with having moved to the Massachusetts area that I am more and more dealing with the Irish culture, one that I really have had very little to do with. Then it hit me, with the water dream of cities in cities.
Me with my cultural loving family, tend to measure in terms of culture and even use it as a segue into understanding the nature of people, the measure of people, you know , where one says, for example “ he is so Irish.”  I mean, there is no harm in this, but to make this an end game and to move into thinking one is more than another, when it is just a measure of character on a “ national/tribal” background  and that that in itself is limited, confining overall even though some qualities are open and giving, and how people are divided and controlled, and - on a personality level - used as a self definition in lieu of common sense in relation to realizing we are all the same as humans. When  such organizing is done with self interest - or common sense is only allowed within the confines of the divisions that define the group who accept and move within the divisions of character, and not what is best for all, bubbles of separation happen as each culture as the individuals holding this in place,  begins to fear losing the web of definition, not realizing that the starting point is that they are humans, equal and one, physical beings on a physical world, so the values learned are just this, awareness to some degree of values as insight, as qualities of being here, but not all qualities, and as such, are extremely limited.  We can end up becoming the voice of our own culture, and stop an innate ability to understand all life. It is not to become a walking tele-vision show of one’s culture, but to realize it is simply a measure of organization and to use this to expand understanding. I mean, if we started from day one realizing this, where would we go? Instead we teach children confines of measure, they become stuck in this, instead of realizing the ability to do this, to build this, means that, the human can build understanding within about the world without, and that that building must become equal to the actual real physical world. In this, a direct seeing here, of what is real all around us, as the physical is the starting point. Perhaps, if we realize this, we can see how limited our constructs within have become, and that this is done on so many levels. but the ability to have direct seeing is there right in front of us.

What I have accepted and allowed, and been trained to do to remain within a certain level of society, is to be aware of this division and to realize who is who within my world. But this can become a carrot on a string, like a sign post to protect myself within a system of survival that uses this to create borders of division, and overall creating the separation from practical common sense of physical reality. 

Again, is not that looking at this is” bad” , but when limiting me from seeing the life within the person, I hurt myself overall, because I separate based on a collection of values, instead of seeing the life that is within that is using these measures of reality as a self definition. At the same time, this is an opportunity, from my accepted limitation, to direct into realizing that this is a measure of here, and not the use of that which builds this, which is an ability overall to become aware of all measure that forms creation as this physical world, that is THE expression of life through structure and form, and that this is how, life exists. What does no harm is how life is formed, and transformed,  and that this is the overall “ quality of life,”  this is the absolute purpose of life, to build and express movement here. So, earth is like a huge machine that is understandable, that is composed of the same substance as life, and is in expression, and yet we believe in our bubbles of limited qualities.
I mean, look at the media, this story of an airplane missing. This is a story to make the masses believe that this world is too vast to manage and understand. In all common sense, this goes against what the NSA is and does. If we can realize and measure everything that is here, and we can suddenly send aid after much devastation, then what is here is being controlled through ideology. I find it hard to believe with all the technology we have, and all the people on this earth, that that plane is simply gone. Thus perhaps, this whole drama is a psychological manipulation to diminish what this age of knowledge and information has done, which is open up the world to becoming aware of everything that is happening all over this earth, thus the need to change the measure of understanding, and to place an idea that things can be lost, which impulses an idea that this earth is too big to be aware of. The misinformation game of limited awareness as the misinformation and cognitive dissonance media impulsing, is busy at work. Each really needs to use their common sense here, because the whole NSA thing is a contradiction of this charade.

Can we begin to see how stories can divide and limit, how knowledge and information can be used to limit awareness and development?
It is such a subtle manipulation, one that uses fear of loss, in direct contradiction of a practical physical world.

I would suggest walking the desteni I process lite, to begin to deconstruct one’s bubble of measure, that is not good or bad, but used as being good and bad in relation to a game of survival, a control mechanism that is over all accepted and allowed by each of us, as we are the starting point of this division in fearing to stand as life, here. It is like the thing that is feared the most, is the very thing that is what is needed to live without fear. Thus the solution is to realize self as life, and that this is the starting point and it is the same in everything that is here a this physical earth.

There is no god coming, it is us as life, this is the gift, and this is the ability of each. Look at the constructions of measure as your mind consciousness system and realize what is good, and equalize self to life using what is the substance of self that built the ideological character, and forgive the limitation so that life on earth can begin. Forgive yourself your accepted and allowed limitations and expand your awareness of physical reality. It is in becoming equal to the volume of life, here, as the physical that one finds full-fill-ment.
To understand how your mind consciousness system functions,check out Many interviews are FREE.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 522 The missing Limb and what we build in our children.

I came across an article about how someone who has lost a limb can continue to have “ feelings” that seem very real about that missing appendage. This is how strong the inner ideological map can be and become. So real, that despite all reality, one feels that what no longer physically exists is there as though it is real.
We have a media that impulses so much, and the values are carried into our way of expression, a sudden excitement about one dimension of value irrespective of the volume of values that substantiate physical reality to the point where an emotional/feeling body is built that is believed to be real, despite the damage that entity does through ignoring inclusion of all that is the physical world in form and in function. This is to say that the inner emotional/feeling body is in separation from being equal to a common sense of physical expression on which that parasite/ limited sight exists. 
Presently, in our world we have children that are disconnected from reality, they sometimes cannot speak, and manifest extreme physical agitation, clenching their arms and their whole physical form. A moan comes out like the sound of duress. What has been resonantly imposed that could cause such constriction as the behavior of the child? Is it a possession that is unequal to practical physical reality. I mean, if we look in this way, it simplifies things, and it means that much of what we do in treatment of these children has to change. When it comes to children there is always the child before the salary. Anything else is really a crime against life.
I was talking with someone who described young children as being  either more outward and explorative or more fussy as though this is character. Already a child is labeled as a character when just learning to walk. but this is accepting a justification without any practical application. A human is an instrument, built to be able to sense the world, to explore with sensation. If that instrument is caught up in being uncomfortable, then something within the instrument is not clear, at this age it can be what the child is being given to eat that does not sit well, and as such the discomfort taking the attention of the child. The human body is composed of the same things as the plants; water, minerals, vitamins, proteins, lipids, enzymes, cells,  etc. . Which brings to mind  one time a Pharmacist leaned over the counter and told me to walk out of the store, and never come back, in a whisper.
So, not only are our children not being fed properly, they are also not being connected with practical reality, this physical world. And, in America, the number of children below the poverty line has increased. Thus, this is how we are treating this world, this earth on which our ability to exist is determined. And, we become a belief that one person is more than another, without looking at how we have never respected the actual physical form of life, and have instead measured this physical world with an emotional/feeling entity that bears no witness to what is real and is even at present at cross purposes with being an absolute purpose as what equalizes to the physical so that the physical can move equal and one with the inner construct of movement as that which imagines that lost limb to still exist, to be equal with the physical world, as this is the way through the eye of the physical as the proverbial “ needle.”
It really is that simple. And the common sense of it, can be the guide that can withstand the test of time, and is the principle of oneness and equality, the principle of give as you would like to receive.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 521 The ominous cunning Fox

Last night as I pulled into my driveway, I suddenly was scared to exit the car  because there has been this fox wondering around my house at night crying. The sound of a fox crying is loud, piercing, like a baby or a person crying out. It cuts through the house. I feared the fox coming towards me, a little fox. I mean, fox are not known to bite people, so why the ominous presence around me about a fox?
I got into the house, was curled up in bed with my computer  before sleep, and there it was. But, this time, is was as though the fox was at my door emitting its cry-like bark. I nearly jumped out of my skin, I actually had the thought, “ did the fox get into the house?” It was that close.
I can be practical and realize that a fox cannot hurt me, may get some bites in, but foxes are not that big, and though they could hurt me, it is not like I cannot use my arms and grab the snout and protect myself, I mean i have done this with a bird the size of a fox, and though that bird had surprising strength from my perspective, I held my ground, without hurting the bird. It was a kind of balanced grasp, where I did not hurt the bird, but I did not allow the bird to hurt me, or move in any way that allowed a chaos that lead to reckless reactions not considering stability and just wanting to run away.
I had been working with a child, and that 13 year old tiny framed child, with braces and pimples, was full of dust - so to speak. All manner of  resistance and denial of common sense, manifest as the words “ I don’t know” again and again.
I remained unmoving, and did not point out or acknowledge the resistance, simply redirected, and then remained silent. The child kept going, eventually completing the task with clarity, the parents astounded. Though they said he was capable, they were surprised when the boy performed with such clarity - they “ did not know he could do that.” 
So, why do I fear the fox? What is a fox? A fox has traditionally represented cunning. 
cunning |ˈkəni ng |
1 having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion : a cunning look came into his eyes.
ingenious : plants have evolved cunning defenses.
2 attractive; quaint : the baby will look cunning in that pink print.
skill in achieving one's ends by deceit : a statesman to whom cunning had come as second nature.
ingenuity : what resources of energy and cunning it took just to survive.
cunningly adverb
cunningness noun
ORIGIN Middle English : perhaps from Old Norse kunnandi ‘knowledge,’ from kunna ‘know’ (related to can 1 ), or perhaps from Middle English cunne, an obsolete variant of can 1 . The original sense was [(possessing) erudition or skill] and had no implication of deceit; the sense [deceitfulness] dates from late Middle English .

 So , what is cunning, how is this related to me? Where have I assumed knowledge and/or denied myself being erudite? I mean, “cunning” seems to mean being clear, being ingenious and yet has a negative connotation as being sly, evasive, deceitful. And here, this is my attachment to the word as the meaning.
I talked with a lawyer yesterday, and she said suddenly, “ but you are using common sense, and common sense is not what exists” lol.
So, cunning is to be able, as in “ can” but somehow, this is associated with deceit and at the same time erudition. These two meanings are seemingly at cross purposes, are they not/knot?
Cunning can also mean attractive, and attractive can be an ease, that is normal, like a child breaching through tiresome petulance and smiling, a smile that cannot be restrained, as though seeing clearly leads to a real joy. Was this done with deceit , or was this done with erudition? And is it deceitful to use common sense? Is my ominous presence built around the fox, simply myself existing as an ambiguous belief that being successful means being deceitful, or simply using common sense? I mean, it was using common sense of the bird, with all its strength that enabled me to remain calm and directed. Have we as a society, become so in separation from common sense that we/I see it as an unfair advantage and as such call it deceit? That is just so weird.
Am I afraid of what Rumplestiltskin will do when I call out his name? And will I feel guilty at doing so as a woman,because I will thwart him from having a child to care for him in his old age? I mean, in all common sense, is that not what Rumple wanted?
If humans were allowed to exist in common sense, or decided to stand in common sense, then the world would move in common sense, which is to move with the actual real physical that allows us to move and is the only way we can move, then would our health, and our security be such that there would be no need to use the ignorance of others to take in a way to have security for oneself.
This is also interesting, because, within our system, the doors for taking a direction that is best for all are right in front of us, we need only name them in common sense and walk through them. And yet, the accumulated dust of judgement  made idea, that is what really burns the flesh, has been allowed to become COMmonEPlace-nt/common place ( knot) within. This commonplace of limitation, has lost all divergent thinking, common sense, and is caught in the trap of its own limitations, and spites everyone who is not of this limitation and who instead uses common sense, like the fox, who manages more often than not to not get trapped and as such has come to be labeled as cunning, which is the capacity of common sense. So, instead of ideas about how something is done it is to look, here in common sense and realize that one cannot move in this world, unless one is equal and one to physical existence, because this is the way and the means of actual living. No idea, forced/placed/touted about this does the actual moving of oneself here, and as such the fox is a very attractive being, because they are able to move themselves in fluid ways, that the mind of limitation cannot even slow down enough to see but in a momentary flicker as they move through the night in silence. I mean, it is very hard to catch a fox, without the bully and aggression of a pack. So much man power used up, just to catch one small cunning animal. Who is the real cunning here? 
The “ cunning” of a fox, is defined within being sly, as in using slight of hand, but in this context the hand is actual physical “ can” do, “ can” be, as in able to move oneself physically and through time this has been connected to a negative meaning, when it is the limitation as deception that limits awareness of what directs self practically, as a physical being as what is and allows the expression of life, and as such is therefor, the real quality of life here. The fox is cunning because the fox “ can.”  The fox is cunning because the fox uses common sense. In relation to a lack of common sense, the fox appears to move in sly ways, appears to use a slight of hand, but it is the opposite. The fox, is simply here,

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to connect the term “ sly” to cunning.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define sly within cunning.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from the word sly and the word cunning through defining the word sly within the word cunning in separation from myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow a negative connotation/value to the word sly, within this.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that “ sly” is really  the use of an erudite sense of reality, nothing more and nothing less.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting  myself to see, realize and understand that the only way to direct myself here is with and through the physical, as the physical is how i move here, the physical is how things get done, here, the physical is the way and the means of living, the physical is what stabilizes me here, the physical is equal and one in common sense of the form and function and measure of being alive, being life, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to connect a negative connotation to making sense here, of space and time, of seeing realizing and understanding the common sense of practical physical reality that humans have accepted and allowed themselves to become so in separation from, that an idea as a fox being cunning and sly is a belief, when it is simply the extent to which a separation into and as a mind consciousness picture show of limited values has indeed separated men from practical reality, and as such lost all “cunne” ability of equality and oneness to and as life here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the mind will view what is not equal to its construct, as limited values,  as limited measure of space and time as the physical, as being a slight of hand, and as such a threat and as such something “ difficult” something “ dirty” something impossible, which reveals, the ego-centric nature of a belief system made more than reality, and as such an invisible hand that has no real power to see the fox.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the cry of the fox is perhaps the cry of common sense, and is painful to hear because it is a reminder to what measure of common sense may be left within a human, as the amount of separation accepted and allowed from common sense by the human, thus perhaps the cry of the fox is not a cry, but a mating call for humans to realize that the way to life is to realize oneness and equality to and as and with common sense, here as the physical world.
When and as I find myself fearing to leave my car, at night , in my driveway, because of a fox that has been wondering around my house these last three months and crying - last night sounding as though it was sitting on my doorstep wanting in, I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand that  common sense is a slyness of erudition  that takes the time, with patience and ease, gentleness and humbleness to stand equal and one here in common sense of myself as a physical being that can only move here as what I am as life.
When and as I find myself becoming a subtle oscillation within and as me, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down until I am stable, and I place myself here, in  common sense of the fact that i am a physical being on a physical planet, here.
When and as i find myself fearing a fox, and have all manner of ambiguous projection in and as my mind, that is of some ominous presence that what, a fox is going to come and consume me?, I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand that a fox actually came up to me one time while I was walking in the woods and was cautious, slow, gentle, sensing as its nose twitched, and as such did no harm, thus the real “ slight of hand here” is my mind, in and as a fear of death, which is in itself a loss of common sense within and as me as a physical being.
When and as I find myself becoming anxious about a fox, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I sense , here, the physical, as this is the only place that I can direct myself.
When and as I face deceit and evasion, I stop and I breath, be it within and as myself , or without as the construct of a self accepted and allowed and projected and allowed-to-define-self,  mind consciousness system of rushing to a good value to hide an accepted ambiguity,  I slow myself down and I move with the erudition, the grace, the gentleness, the humbleness, the common sense of a cunning and slyness of a fox, and I direct within and as what is the measure of a common sense of the physical in practical reality as this is the only place I can direct myself here.