Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 458 Politeness

Politeness, what is politeness? Is it polite to cater to another’s uncertainty? Is it polite to stop and respect another’s position even when within that position a person’s supposed authority is limited even when asked to describe practice in detail, and this is incapable of being done, and there is even reaction within this as the person realizes they cannot describe in detail what they do, and thus must admit that they are not really aware of what they are doing, and thus have to admit that they really do not have any real “ authorship” - so to speak.  So, here politeness, as being clear within what is best for all, as in what enables a clear understanding which means having a directive capacity that gives all of here as the physical the ability to move with stability. Thus, real politeness of what gives stability which is the ability to move in ways that are supportive and clearly understood. And this, overall means  that there is no singular point of authority. This is what is really polite. A policy of “ liteness” as in having clear direction, as in being unburdened of uncertainty, which means seeing here in a self directive way.

Interesting that we are taught that there is a “ light” out there to follow, to find, to seek, when it is the opposite, as the real value is the “ lite” of enjoyment in being self directive without burden or “ weight” as self, within self being directive here in the physical world. No one but self can direct self as this. And our pyramid scheme, our hierarchy allowed on this earth is the burden of separation from being self, equal and one to physical existence, moving in ways that support self and the physical, which is to be here, and to direct the movement of what is here in ways that are best for all. Which is why there is not choice but to create a Living Income Guarantee as this will stabilize each person to be able to direct themselves, to stop and to take a breath, and to begin to work with physical reality in common sense.

On another front, this problem of being polite to a construct that does not consider that we live on a physical planet that functions in visibly understandable ways; whether it be visible consequences, as we see in our vaccine programs, or the amount of pollution our practices create that are often hidden because the differences to the environment that one practice makes is small, and then another inconsiderate practice creates another negative impact that is negligible, so on paper each part says that their practice had no significant impact, and yet the collective of practice accumulates to create a significant impact, but no part is willing to realize its impact in total, because its profits are what is allowed as money to determine who remains on the table and who falls off the table, so each faction hides in being responsible, because the secondary point of money, as the resources are without consideration extracted from the earth and not seen for the real sustenance that they are, as money is the accepted determiner of life. This in total a real disconnect from reality. We have become polite to this construct of imposed value, of impulsed value instead of to the actual resource that has a physical value, that breeds a physical consequence when not used in polite sustainable respectful ways. So the problem is where we shed light as what policies we allow to determine how things on this physical planet move/express. The problem is that we are not allowing a pole/policy that is a balance that allows the physical to move at ease, to be the liteness of ease of movement as physical beings on a physical world.

The solution then, is to only choose that which is best for all, that which stabilizes this physical world, that which enables all life to move with ease, meaning without constriction. If our waters are polluted then what sustains life as water, cannot move with the ease that is the nature of water that is clear and clean, unburdened by built up impediments from reckless extraction practice in the name of a polity in service to men believing the are dominant and within this dominant belief, a repetition of this belief layering again as this dominance creates an order of more dominance within itself, which creates perpetual judgement and division within each point building a separation from what is real, which is the physical world. Thus, the solution is the gift of the physical, to become polite to what is what is best for all. Politeness is standing as what gives each the ability to be self directive as self as life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have the thought that before anything I must be polite to the order of the person with whom I speak.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that i must be polite.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to want to be polite
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I am good when I am polite, not stopping and looking at what i am within and as what i chose to be polite to and towards.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to connect politeness to making another person happy
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define politeness within making another person happy and as such believe that this is what makes myself happy and a good person.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that politeness exists within what does not upset what is impolite to and towards what is best for all, as what is best for all is what is best for self.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to use politeness as a form of protection and defense in self interest.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that understanding how the mind works, as in memories of what is bad and what is good, within a limited belief system that does not include the actual physical world and that is built within a system of inequality where limited values are the construct of survival which in total is in separation from considering all physical like as being interconnected and thus parts of what sustains life as earth, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear push back as reaction as a fear of loss as an idea that is based on a limited perspective of what actually physically composes reality as this earth, as this gift that sustains life that functions in interconnected ways where parts complete the whole of life as an expression.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being considered impolite.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to exist within and as an idea that being impolite, as in not being polite is a threat to myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to place the focus of myself into an idea of what it means to be polite.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being considered as being impolite.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that it is impolite to speak unless spoken to.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that it is impolite to be contrary to another’s words.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that there is such a thing as being contrary to another’s words.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from another’s words.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I am separate from another’s words.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that first and foremost I am responsible to be polite to another’s words, instead of looking at the form as the sound as the words and relating such words to the principle of what is best for all, as this is being polite to and as life here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that changing myself within and as directing myself against the storm of being polite to limitations of belief, where belief of another as the construct of their words is what is taught as how one is polite and within this to respect the belief touted and to then take this and direct this within and as what is best for all as what allows another to self direct with ease here, this being as what is clear within and as what supports self as life, to see here as the physical being equal and one as what supports life as life a focus of life that is here as what visibly sustains absolutely.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being reprimanded as the voice of separation within limitation holding onto its limitation in and as a belief that this is what is supportive and to not see, realize and understand that this is a voice of seeking as a habit of an idea being supportive, an endgame instead of realizing that it is the physical world here that is the support in and as and of life where words are constructs of sound, mutable, and thus able to move into what is directive, into what ensures an absolute focus of here as what causes no harm, as what enables each person as a point on earth to become self directed in common sense as a starting point of awareness of self as a physical being on a physical planet, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear losing something should I not be polite towards the belief’s of another.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the burden of my own beliefs, being my own counter rhythm in discord from common sense of each breath, of each movement here as myself slowing down to sense here in detail.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I must be a social sponge where I am a walking mirage to follow the order of politeness to protect and defend myself from hurt as the bully of self interest, which is myself accepting and allowing my own self interest in and as an idea of a fear of loss.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate from the principle of what is best for all is best for self, where what is best for self is not a politeness to the good and the bad, as agreement to injustice as an end game without solution but to take this and to stand as what supports all within and as stability here as physical beings on an interconnected planet, that works in practical functional ways when supported with the basic needs of life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that being polite to what directs within causing no harm, as in stabilizing the good and the bad, bring this back into and as self as in finding solutions that stabilize the physical world into and as what functions in support of life absolutely.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being impolite as in being a fear of loss, as a fear of potential hurt, and as this, to not see, realize and understand that slowing down and breathing, and being self honest with humility, as in not allowing righteousness, within directing within what gives direction within and as what causes no harm, as what considers all life as being the value, beginning in each moment, here, and thus all life becoming and being at ease, this being equal and one with physical existence as this is the starting point.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 457 Online porn saves money spent on dating. WTF

I read a comment today where someone defended online porn, saying it was cool because they no longer had to pay for dates and sex.
I mean, this is such a disconnect from reality because that porn that is being watched, someone has to pay with the expenditure of their life in doing sexual acts to pay their bills. In all there is payment being made in one form or another. So, a statement that online porn saves money is really a total disconnect from any respect for life and as such a total  zombiehood of ignorance of reality.
There is a way to end the porn industry, and that is to simply stop using it. There are interviews on that can explain how one can masturbate without images. It can be done. At best, another human being will not have to spend their life being sexually abused at a young age  just so a man ( or woman) will not have to save money going out on a date.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 456 Protection and defense in the face of self validation

I had a reaction to a person this weekend and I realize that I was fearing a loss, as in believing myself to be inferior. As such I could only manage my ire instead of directing within a solution, where I took that which is good and directed it in such a way that supported everyone in the situation. So, in looking at the presentation that I reacted to, how could I  accept the self validation before me and walk it into what would be a structure of support? How could I create a situation that allowed interaction, that allowed interactive relationships that were a win-win for all parties involved? Thus, to direct instead of react? To “ play,” to build instead of fear? For this, the solution was to move as what is best for all, as has been said, if one uses the principle of what is best for all, then the way is clear.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being seen as inferior.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to react when another states what they are, not seeing realizing and understanding that i can accept what another is and take this into what would be what is best for all, thus not denying what is here, but accepting it and moving it into a part of a scenario as what is best for all.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself  to compare myself to a statement as a validation as a belief being voiced of what someone is and does, and within this to accept this and place this into a scenario that functions, to the best of my ability, as what is best for all.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself, within this reaction, to not see realize and understand that in accepting a statement as an absolute, an end game, I react in anger because I am allowing myself to become a belief that I am less than the statement, less than the label, and as this am lost in comparison without looking at how this position touted is myself in another life, an expression as a part of the whole, where I am another part of that whole, a whole that can function  as a system that moves in support of all the parts involved and thus within the principle of what is best for all, can be directed into a structure that moves as what builds a community that is a win-win for all involved.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when I react, I am existing within inferiority, and as such constrict within and as my physical body, which is myself in comparison based on ideas of win and lose.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become spiteful in and as my mind, to not see, realize and understand that in allowing myself to become inferior I begin to compare and then to select in self interest what is a belief as a “ good” about myself, and a belief as a “ bad” about another, which is a protection and defense of my own lack of looking, my own lack of self responsibility as life, this being the absolute purpose of what is best for all.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand how within and as becoming an act of comparison to another I become diffident as in silent in some situations and as such physically allow a sense of hopelessness as a perceived " hurt" and physically become a sinking in and as my chest area, and at other times I have an irritability rise up within me in and as an energetic movement of protection and defense and move in word thought and deed to offend that which I am allowing myself to become inferior to and or believe threatens a belief of myself as being superior, and as this energetic movement within I stop and I breath and I give up this self definition to realize the principle of what is best for all and I direct within and as that which causes no harm, as that which takes what is good and realize the solution towards what is best for all as this is what is best for self, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to take a statement of belief as what someone says they are, as something superior to myself, to see superiority as a spite directed to and towards myself, to which I become a retort as spite, in protection and defense where in reality I am only defending and protecting myself own sense of inferiority instead of realizing I am here  and that a belief in one thing being more than another is a separation from myself accepting and allowing myself as life, as ideas of more than and less than only exist if I accept and allow them.

 When and as I find myself reacting to another’s self validation I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down and I apply the principle of what is best for all, as in what would a situation that creates a win-win scenario as all the parts of myself as life that is me without and within.
When and as I find myself as a reaction I see, realize and understand that I am defining myself as inferior or superior, connecting myself to being less than or more than, fearing a loss and or wanting to hold onto a perceived gain, and as such I do not allow myself to become indolent, I slow myself down and I breath, and I direct within taking that which is good and apply the principle of what is best for all, as what is best for self, as another as life, is what is best for myself as this is realizing equality and oneness in and as life here.

When and as I find myself reacting in separation from myself as life in and as judgement as end game as  a label of less than as a belief of a fear of loss, I stop and I breath and I no longer allow myself to disrespect life, and I slow down and employ the principle of what is best for all, as what is best for self is that which is a win-win situation.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 455 Protection and Defense. The loss of humility.

Protection and Defense
I am looking at how I protect and defend myself in my world, which is pushing away that which I do not stand through, avoiding looking at the movement around me, which began in childhood in not having the words to describe what is around me, or not having the authority to speak because of being a child.
I watched a documentary on ADHD and there was this one child who would tape things, his window and his toys as though to direct himself within administering his own punishment, which is telling of the environment in which he lived.
The bottom line was that he had to adhere to the emotional status of the family, which meant he could not move, because the whole tone of his world was confined to existence, probably limited financially, dreams and ideas of what life would/should be lost, and this made bigger as a within idea than the practical physical world without. Practical existence becomes a burden instead of a joy, as an idea of life, a fairy tale - as what is impulsed during childhood- does not teach/focus onto/enjoy the very physical interactions of our world and how all physical connection and interaction is what allows creation to exist. Thus, it is not that the points within fairy tales are bad, but that they become the inner memory as point of view, as story told, when chased in the absence of learning the whole mechanisms of life, including one’s own actual physical body ( meaning really learning to work within one’s physical body) so much is denied. This would confuse a child that comes into this world naturally discovering itself as a physical being. So, the child does not learn about itself in detail, and has to conform to ideas that bypass all explanation and self discovery of a physical being. And we wonder why there is ignorance of practical reality.
Does a child, before accepting the “ party dictate” rebel even within confusion because in taking on the limited explanations so much understanding in detail is lost, and this loss is then a lack of understanding, like bypass surgery of self understanding and thus equality to and as life , here.
Within this, does the knowledge and information without practical application become overwhelming as it really has no substantive practice as experience, thus the memory of inFORMation as mind is a dearth of evidence unequal to understanding physical reality.
Within this, so much time is spent on behavior modification, so much war as a life is forced into limitation. An indoctrination ensues that in itself has no real awareness of the physical world, the child sensing that something is lost, that a suicide of self as life is taking place, and as a small person has no chance and no developed voice to withstand the storm of separation into a image nation as mind that in itself is made bigger than the world without. This would be a hell for a person being born into this world. It is no wonder ADHD exists, it is no wonder children rebel, it is no wonder a child clings to their parents, because it is realized that the child is in a world of adults who ignore what is real, and in order to survive the child has to learn the limitation, and this is difficult because it is obvious as a learned and accepted confinement so entrenched as a program as behavior, a child is defenseless in finding a way out.
They give up and start repeating the parental line until the lie that is a limitation is repeated so many times it becomes a believed to be truth. Is this why the child speaking has an irregular breathing pattern physically. Will this child end up snoring as an adult, never having learned to be equal to self as life physically and as such struggling to breath, in essence never really having learned to breath, as imagination became the goal, a lie by omission, a control mechanism, a separation, and thus a lack of ease with the physical.
Does this sound like advertising? Does this sound like what we allow our politicians to be and do, through the use of ambiguity? This use of words that can have more than one meaning?
Is there a part of me that stubbornly refused to give up to the ghost in the machine as the limitation as the mind? And as this I am stuck in my own action?
And does this cause a lot os pain for myself, as I am a refusal as a reaction instead of clarity? And having said this, the search for the bridge in the separation, this which must be right here, as what is here is the physical world which is the reality,  I miss and or, if I begin to point out or have pointed out, have not understood the entrenched behaviors of another and that what I get is a reaction to the process needed that is a deconstruction of entrenched limitation, and entrenched dearth of understanding, as ideas have been made bigger than, as being unequal to physical reality. And within this, is this what is meant by bringing heaven - as mind, as inner imagery/imitation-of-physical-reality back down to earth. I mean what else would humans as being take in but the world without, what else is there? is not the gift of life this world, is this not where life is actually happening? Is this not what would be reflected to the within as what we are? And if we impose an alternate reality, as our media is in fact, would we not zoom in on this presentation that is limited and become the zoom-being of this presentation, the focus of this? And would this media not be the manifestation of what has been accepted within as we create what we selectively have taken in/imitated ( in me taken)? And this zombie is simply the ghost in the machine as the physical form, that ignores physical reality as the ghost is believed to be greater than, that it is in fact a parasite of, the physical body as a man.
What thoughts are the indicators of separation, what accumulated thoughts have built the emotion of ourselves, the feelings that exist within? Thus, the unconscious is our collective limitations, and the subconscious would be our immediate cultural environment and the conscious would be what we wear as our personification values that maintain our character to a heaven of belief as mind that is in separation from physical reality, from equality and oneness to and as what is real, which is earth, the heart that bearths self to the expression of life enabled as the physical world. It is that all the letters in the word have the answer, earth - only the singular perspectives in the consequence of the letters can limit the understanding.
Ironically, in becoming a constriction as a belief in needing protection and defense, I limit myself. I makes claims and want them understood, acknowledged and in this process forget self direction, which can only exist within becoming equal and one to and as life. Nothing can be lost within this. The real loss is remaining within judgement without finding solutions.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into a protection and defense mode which is myself within judgement that something will be lost.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that something can be lost.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that in becoming a belief that something can be lost, I see only that which can be lost, which is an idea, as the physical practical world is here, which means I, as I am here, am able to look at what is practically physically here and move in and as life, as that which does no harm and only, in common sense, directs in thought word and deed that which is a solution that considers all life equally.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to , within all this, to fear facing the bully of the mind, the bully of belief in self interest within myself and without.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the inner world as limited/selective ideologies as mind of the human has manifested without and until this is realized as a separation from life by the collective, the abuse of judgement, as the abuse of one thing being more than another will continue to be the movement of life on earth that is, if one takes the time to look around and understand the present system formation, has caused the need for behaviors of survival where everyone is vying for money, as this has been allowed to determine life, and thus within this playing the martyr is pointless, as the system in totality must change, because one person acting “ good” becomes a target and thus it is to realize that the collective is the power and that which must stand to get this earth in order, realizing that the physical world is what is real and that each of us has a responsibility to stand equal and one with the physical world as this is the value, as this is life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear not having any effect on the existence of limitation as the mind in humans.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that all I can do at this point is investigate the accepted and allowed system and point out its limitations and corrective solutions, as it takes a collective to stand and change what has been the product of many generations of men.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear not being understood.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have driven myself to succeed in other areas of myself in protection and defense, becoming a voice in and as my mind, that if I just keep going and just keep looking I will succeed, which consumed me to such an extent that I constricted within to listen to this motivational drive and within this ignored practical physical reality and an investigation into the systemic practices that created this overwhelming system of survival.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being labeled as unsuccessful.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that even when I happened to appear to be successful, there was a sense that an idea of winning or having won was not the real value, as in realizing that it was simply being that was the value.
When and as I find myself believing that i am not understood, I stop and I breath, and I realize that a cup is a cup, period.
When and as I find myself wanting to escape, to go into flight, I stop and I breath and I look here at physical reality, and I look at what is real, as the physical, I do not allow myself to only be compassion for an emotion, I take that motion and I bring this back down to earth, within and without, to realize what is common sense on a physical planet that is the form and function of life.
When and as I find myself becoming sad, I stop and I breath, and i realize that the solution is what is best for all, which means what supports physical existence absolutely, and that the answer, the solution is right here in front of me/us and that this can be revealed in all humility again and again, no matter the bully of self interested profit which is in essence a fear of loss as an idea that bears no witness to physical form and function as life is a physical mechanism as this would be what enables life, here, thus allowing financial lack is a crime against life, as the physical manifestation of life, as what life would, requires certain basic needs to fulfill its “ rightness” as the expression of life.
When and as I find myself feeling uncertain, I stop and I breath, and I use my common sense ability as my human physical body to find the solution that is what is best for all in thought word and deed, I balance myself here within and as the physical, where there is no need to drive myself into an idea based on my culture and past into an imagined personification of success.
When and as I find myself moving into anger, I stop and I breath, and I see, realize and understand that within and as anger, I am within judgement, and not in humility, here, choosing that which does no harm, choosing that which is best for all, and thus, within the slightest rise of irritation, I stop and I breath, and I remember myself to humility and I look to a solution that brings a fear of loss back into common sense and I direct within what is best for all here.
                                                          DIP Lite Desteni I Process Self discovery

Stand as realizing the physical has basic needs to stand as life in full capacity, and as this, all of earth must be cared for, utilized in ways that cause absolutely no harm, as the physical is the gift of life.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 254 Americans will not stop playing the game.

Today, while riding a ferry, I had a conversation with a man and his wife. The outcome was that Americans know that the “ game” as the system is rigged, and it is not in their favor. But, the problem is that they will not stop playing the game.
When this man said this to me, I stopped. I have had conversations with others, strangers, before, with the same outcome. We know, we just don’t do anything about is, and continue on our way.
But, if we keep playing a game we know is rigged, then we don’t really know, we don’t really understand. We don’t react until the limitations that are the outcome of our present monopoly game really affect us. Then we start to scream, when in reality, the moment we see a neighbor or a child struggling or not being developed, this is when we need to do something, because by the time we realize the consequences physically, meaning by the time the consequences of economic inequality and ecological abuse are staring us in the face, it is more than likely too late, and we no longer have the power to change the situation because the situation consumes our time and effort. 
In all common sense, the amount of money spent on military efforts in America makes no sense. This money could just as well be used to develop the countries we are attacking and ourselves, creating a situation where life on this earth is cared for and sustained within maintaining life and removing so much of the problem, which is a problem of being lost in survival instead of understanding how to take practical care of a physical world that can make sense when it is looked at as a structure that moves and functions in visible understandable ways.

First, there was the word - a structure and then there was “ god” a hierarchy, a game that one thing was more than another, that each of us was less or more than another, when in reality, we are all a form of life and that as this, humans are the same. This present game through lack, creates one human appearing to be more or less than another. We know that a human is determined by their environment, the lives of feral children reveal this, which tells us how capable we are at learning to use our sensibility to understand the world around us when given the chance. Oh, but then someone could not play the game of god, the game of being superior if others were not placed in situations where they had no opportunity at development. Thus, all lack of development in a human is the fault of all of us, because we keep playing the game. The problem with playing the game is that we as the game players become limited within maintaining this game, we do not develop to our full potential. And we have been doing this for so long that we no longer have any idea what this might mean. And, this game has been going on for so long that it is systemically moving into automatic. Unfortunately, the outcome is going to be automatic destruction, because this game ignores life.  Life came before judgement. It is judgement that is the game that we play that is a state of ignorance. We are playing a game of measure of ideas about things, instead of realizing that the joy is enjoying the being of ourselves as life in form and function, where when we realize this we become creators working together and being what is the real value, which is life.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 253 it is our responsibility to show all consequence when using words on a page.

I was looking for words to practice in the company of a guest staying at my house. She became involved and we started to speak the meanings to some of the words on the list. It appeared to me that she knew more words than myself. I noticed a moment of “ not wanting to look stupid” as a judgement. Then I stopped and let this go. I defined words as I thought I understood them, and then looked up the meaning. If I did not have a clear meaning to the word, I noted it and moved on. Together, the two of us realized we did not know some words as well as we thought. And we laughed and just enjoyed ourselves. It was really just pure “ follow through” as I call it in this moment. Another way to say this is to have direction within clearing up, taking a direction into understanding, letting go all ideas of self judgement, judgement about the other being “ more” and any thought about the task being overwhelming. She and I were simply two people working together. 

I realize that humans build understanding together through communication, through words. Yes, we can within direct physical interaction imitate and learn but in our modern world, we use words to communicate with one another. For this reason, placing words on a page without giving a total understanding, can be used to manipulate within a monetary system of inequality. And, it would benefit some for children to not be able to process information, the IN -FORM ation as words that have come to be used to convey how things work. In essence words on a page are people communicating together.

Thus, any group of words placed on a piece of paper that do not fully reveal all consequences within what the words propose is a crime. And, not taking the time to ensure that all children, all humans can understand the format of the written word within proposals is a crime. If we as a collective of people assume that others can understand words on a page, within the full implications of what those words are building an understanding of,  and we do not follow through in making sure every person understands, and, that our words and descriptions are clear within all consequence,  there is no one to blame but that the very fabric of the collective must understand before decisions are made.

It is easy to see in this that in a profit before life system, this can be used and abused, and this is what is happening. This is unacceptable. Blaming the ignorant is not solution, it is blame. Using this lack for gain, or brushing off the incapable can no longer be allowed, because this is not taking care of the very sound understanding of this earth. We, all of us as people, are the composers of what is sounded on this earth. If we remain in bubbles, thinking we are only responsible for our little bit, then we are not being responsible. A democracy means that each is aware and participating in being aware and ensuring that those around us have understanding. This is why a principle of what is best for all is the only choice. It gives direction within following through, beyond ignorance, beyond lack, beyond abuse. When facing resistance, it means cleaning up what has been accepted as a belief as a limitation. Deconstruction and reconstruction do not happen in an instant, especially within a system that has not been honest within itself as life. Realigning will take time and practice as the “ turn” from judgement into supportive direction will probably be slow. But there is no other choice.

On an individual level, this means letting go of all ideas of inferiority and superiority, it is these emotions, that are the limitation, as they are ideas about good and bad. Such state of being is stagnant. Such state of being is believed to be impenetrable but it is only a constriction that is inferior to movement, to life, to self direction that leads into understanding. Thus, again, there is no choice but to follow through to understanding. This each must realize and move as, forgive all lack, in every moment. This is the only way to align with life, as life would what is best for itself as form absolutely, this is how life can exist. 

So, start walking self forgiveness, to acknowledge the accepted judgements and then change the voices of separation in and as the mind into what is directive within what is best for all because this is the way of life, the way of understanding what supports life, which means self being equal and one to and as life , here.  In essence this is what we are all looking for, and the gift of this is within us as the very sound of us as the words we speak. For this to be allowed, this system of profit for a few must stop. It is simply the manifestation of not understanding life, it is a construct of our own fear, a fear that is a state of non-follow through of self as life. It must be realized that the elite are as delusional and limited as the rest of us, they just dress better in their limited and stagnant state, that is all. What is here as abuse, that is non support and care for this earth, is because the collective as men, are not aligned with choosing in every moment what is best for all.  It is the only choice, it is the way to understanding life. Support a Living 

Day 452 The corporation is the person of each of us. It is a state of being in abuse. Forgive Your Personality.

The system has been allowed to become a person, a god, a directive, an order followed, an order accepted and allowed, without question, without looking at how this system moves and expresses, in the consequences this system forms with the very substance of life as what we all are. This is a systemized god - so to speak, a separate reality that bears no witness to life. It is each of us not really looking here, even within the common sense of democracy, this that is the answer, this that is allowing the voice of the people of all the people. People regarding and respecting the physical world, looking at how it works in common sense, realizing that this physical earth is interconnected, where all parts support life. Forcing the forms that are here into other than they were meant to me, into less than what they are is a crime against life. The destruction of which we see all around us. This destruction is because each and every one of us humans believe we are more than life, in our complacency as we follow energy as ideas, as what define us instead of being equal and one to and with the natural world, the physical world. We are in separation from life, from nature. This has been written about many times, especially simply in looking at the behaviors of our children. This system in which we have allowed money to determine life, when it is the physical world that determines life. Money is simply being used to divide life and support an idea  that the imagination of the human, is more than life. Ideas in the mind, that the composition of  made from the substance of life is more than the life itself. We try and force idea instead of taking the space in around us and understanding the consequence to the whole as every action we make.

We are afraid to give up the ghost.

How we form as individuals, starts from day one, as our substance as life, we take in our environment, we take in the values made huge, bringing some values forward pushing other back, ignoring the rest. Taking some and capitalizing on them, presenting then as the end all be all of success. Creating a very limited expression of life and abusing what does not fit into the limited idea, this limited idea in itself a control device, a frenzy of survival instead of choosing what supports absolutely. It really is a fear of death, a fear of change, which is really an idea made into an idol. My precious.

Personifications as collections of beliefs believed  to be more than others. It is like, collect some experience and then get lost in believing oneself to be superior. In the end we all die and the personification is gone, because it was a separation from life and had no substance because it did not in fact move as what is support of life, absolutely. And meanwhile, our obvious separation exists as the animals suffer because life is no longer seen, and thus, the common sense of the physical world which is what is real, is ignored.

When we allow a system that moves the values of resource and labor onto a piece of paper as a conduit to receiving basic supportive needs of physical beingness,  and we then allow, for example an activity on a continent where for every ten dollars that is taken out of that continent only 1 dollar is then sent back in by America, we can see that this is not enough for the people of that continent to have what is needed to physically support them as the very physical form that they are. This is criminal, it is abusive and it is inconsiderate of physical existence, this physical existence what it is that is the expression of life, the only real expression of life. Your mind, as the picture show, as a built GPS for a system that is in itself  in separation from life, is your separation, it is a “ heaven” that is limited, and in it’s separation it is not real, and yet it within it’s limitation believes itself to be more real than physical existence. 

What is happening, has happened in Africa and is happening in America. If we allow a corporation to be seen as a person, and we allow that personhood to use the resources of America, such as water and coal, and we allow a government to allow this corporate “ personhood” to take the waters of our lakes and the coal from our federal lands, into money to be divided into small royalty payments and very large profit through sales payments where taxes are not paid by this personhood, so that the only taxes paid are by the worker, what is happening is the slow drip of all material physical goods in America to be transferred to that personhood as a corporation owned by a few. So, this personhood corporation who we have allowed to be a person, and who we believe is taking care of us  - despite the fact that, just as in Africa, there are children who are not receiving proper food and self development to the point where these children can READ the existent structures without-  is in fact not taking care of physical reality and is only acting in self interest, just as the rest of us as mind..   If this system is/was built by people, then it is people who must change this, all of us. We have allowed a profit based system to determine guidance, which cannot work because of the allowance of monetary profit. We have allowed a system that allows the values we create to move into the hands of a few who are personalities before life, just like us. Thus we are all to blame for the existence of abuse on earth. 

The personhood status given to a corporation in a system of representation, means that we have allowed representatives the chance to order the flow of money, which is the flow of resource (labor too). These representatives , who we have allowed to make decisions for us because we did not take the time to look in common sense, have decided that they are more than people, and to hide this, a corporation of anonymity has been created, to protect and hide the fear of loss of  personality, of self as life, a self that is simply a composition of assembled values that in themselves are a limited perspective of the totality of life. And this, is what each of us are doing, we have come to believe that our personalities define us, and our personalities are simply a collection of ideas about physical reality, they are not physical reality itself. So, as our collection of beliefs made and believed to be life, those children in Africa, and the growing number of children in America, are believed to be insignificant, because that “ god” that “ heaven” as the mind as ideas has been allowed to become more than life itself. And how we move money backs this delusion, and as this, disallows, does not give, what is needed to develop and support the physical as life, this physical being what is real, composed of what is primary, the substance of life that informs us as physical beings to be life.

A system of inequality, on an interconnected mechanism as what earth is that allows it to exist, naturally creates extremes, these extremes are our starving, our diminished life forms existing in lack, and our elite, the few. Those on the extreme end of lack, cannot stand up, they are too busy suffering, they are too busy dying. The extreme of the elite are too busy building an industrial/military complex in self protection and defense, touting this as protecting the people but what is really being protected is their personalities, their collection of beliefs of superiority. Meanwhile, both extremes are people, all the same, only ideas and the things money can buy create an illusion of difference.

The elite are simply the same as all of us, believing our personalities to be more than life, to be more than being here, on earth, living as physical expressions of life. We have allowed our memories, our experiences, our inner picture show, to be more than life, our withins are bigger than our supportive physical without, this physical formation being what allows life, it is what is real, it is composed of the substance of equality, the substance giving to form life as what we are: personalities  are ideas( lesser dimension)  about life, but not life itself. The mind is of energy, it is not life in balance aware of itself as what it is in fact. 

Our anonymous corporations are becoming the directives of us, but they are built of judgement that one thing is more than another, of good and bad instead of what is supportive in standing with life. Our corporations are us standing UNDER our own judgements. This measure of judgement ideas about what is good and what is bad, what is good and what is evil, a separate reality and thus a lesser reality that is not being practical within physical existence,  because our personalities composed of past experience as defining what we are instead of correcting and understanding what works that is absolutely supportive of life, this that has been going on for generations, accumulating and being passed on to the point where we don’t even, in detail, realize  why we have some of the personalities behaviors we have. And we wonder why we inherit  DIS - EASE with life!?

Life is a substance that composes us, much like sound composes a piece of music, or a word. So, if our focus/directive of what we are as the very sounds we create as the forms we build on earth are not absolutely supportive of life, as the absolute purpose of life as the nature of life, as the nature of formation of what is here, then that which is not aligned with this has no real substance and no real support. And so, we have allowed that which we are within to resonate to that which is built without, an anonymous corporation that is the collective, now directing of our  own created governments, as our personalities believed to be more than life, when our personalities are the composition of accumulated mis-understanding of what is not within being of absolute purpose as the substance of life. Our personalities are a collection of the accumulation of a self inner rested past in fear (ior) to life. And it is how we are unequally dividing money that is supporting the separation, we allow flow of what determines life, unequally, money speaking as our own inner separation from life,  and because of this, parts of this physical supportive world are suffocating, dying, diminishing, disappearing, rotting. We are all to blame, unless we stand and forgive our limitations, our judgements, our beliefs, opinions and ideas that are not equal and one to life, this being what is of the absolute purpose of supporting all of this physical existence. There is no choice but the choice of what is best for all, as this is best for self, this gives self the directive capacity to live in full potential as life. This is self in self response in and as life, here.
Living Income Guarantee

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 451 Subsidizing is a from of control as sub-sizing.

Our present structure, as our governing system, our regulating system is not working. The fact that we have war means that there is a problem. The fact that war is so profitable for a few reveals why it continues to exist. We have soldiers standing up and saying that they realize all they are doing is killing people just like them.

We have corporations building pipelines with hoards of lawyers manipulating laws, that were meant to protect nature, in favor of control and gain for a corporation. The corporation has become something considered equal to life, when the corporation exists because of life. A corporation is a group of men, because the systems are made up of people,  who ‘s law is profit. We need only look around at the abuse to life on earth, to see that the law of profit before life does not work. To measure profit gain next to the physical earth is a form of insanity, it is a state of separation from common sense. When this judge measured the costs of the pipeline in loss, he did not consider all life, he did not consider the beings in the soils, the beings in the rivers and the streams, the marshes, he did not consider the animals who lost their homes.  Equal consideration of all life was not done. Without all the parts to the machine of earth, which are all interconnected, earth cannot exist. Just like our computers are made of so many different parts. A structure that divides the gains of earth unequally, as we have allowed money to be used as, acts in self interest only, because it is disconnected from practical physical reality. 

A system that allows the same corporation to not pay its workers a living wage, and has the collective pay taxes to pay for that which the corporate worker cannot afford because that worker is not payed a living wage, is really a from of control. Why, because then a system has control of choice. If a worker has to get food aid and health aid through the governing system instead of directly within their environment, being allowed to make choices within  their income- even trial and error- what will work would naturally be the choice. Take away that person’s choice through economic limitation,then that person can be chemically, and within lack of proper food in choice, suppressed. So, we have to admit that our present structure of regulating earth’s provisions is not one that is of support of the life that is evident within each of us. This is a system of control based on an “ over arching” idea, an allowance - despite the obviousness of how this admits to the capacity of life within each human - of some human bodies believing, being within a BELIEF/OPINION, that they are more than others.
The fact that taxes are subsidizing corporate worker’s lives means that the many are supporting this system of suppression of life.. We are, each of us, allowing this control.

How money is circulating within the present accepted and allowed system built by men, by people, is stifling life, is killing life. This circulatory system of how money moves must change. it is not working. In order for life to exist within out bodies, what supports us must circulate to all parts. It is the same without. The choices cannot be controlled, because a human will choose what works and withstands the test of time over what does not work. Taking life’s choice away is an obvious form of control and it is a control that is suppressing life. DUH. Thus we cannot blame that worker when behaviors of lack exist. These behaviors of the physical world are such because life as our physical needs is not circulating within them/to them. 

 The solution to this problem is obvious. A living Income Guarantee. a basic income that allows each person to support themselves. This does not mean some pittance wage, like what was given in Nambia, that did not work because it was not a LIVING wage. It was a supplementary wage that did not support absolutely what was needed to create a healthy functioning human. A living wage allows a human being to support themselves as they are able to do given the chance. This does not mean “ extra” luxuries.

Within this, so called subsidizing has become sub-sizing for control, for suppression of life. It is a competition of gain for a few, and it is diminishing a common sense structure as physical reality that functions in parts that are not of a value of more than and less than, but of a value that is equal in and as the substance of life in expression as life where all parts must function in full potential for life to exist, to continue to exist.

It is time to take that which is freely given, and to circulate this in such a way that all parts on earth function in self directive capacity as life, as what we all are, each and every part of earth. It is time to reconnect in common sense with earth. Living Income Guarantee. Time to get life circulating on earth.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 450 Offshoring and Transnationals: Dissembling Life

In reading about offshoring and transnational practices, that use tax havens that move the values of resource and labor as money around the globe in a digital world where a business can be created in a manner of minutes, a virtual perpetual loophole,  to allow a sybaritic life for a delusional few who are lost in their minds of idea that they as humans are more than others because they can dress in a suit, have an education, eat proper foods and receive health care other than what they deliver to the rest, I realize can no longer be allowed. And yet, the allowance of this avoidance of tax, this hiding in usury particulars where between subsidiary companies loans are made for salaries then written off somewhere else, where lawyers become the trust holder and hide behind client lawyer confidences/privileges - placing the burden of proof “ out there” for some slow moving lawyer to find a burden of proof  in a mirage of intangibility - which begs the question as to why it is not asked for transnationals to prove they are NOT avoiding taxes and hiding profits,  of, for example-  federal land resource use sales- within /by comparison tiny royalty figures in countries that are set up to have such laws - all of this a structure that feeds the corporate construct of abdication of responsibility to earth and its inhabitants. A body that then passes, or begins to impulse an idea that water should be made a commodity or sexual release in the form of masturbation to pictures should be a commodity to be sold because capitalism as capital gain via profit is  believed to be the proper order of the day, obviously a dis-functional one at that given the state of earth. 

To capitalize from earth is really to respect earth, absolutely, as the absolute purpose of the physical earth is to be life, as this is the value.There is no “ more” than this. If one thinks of mastering something, it means understanding all the parts to the point where all parts are in function absolutely and even here, realizing that even the machines we build are of multiple parts, that are not a monoculture. Thus, the earth cannot become a master of life until all of earth, every part is functioning, and this would make sense in terms of life being in expression. The physical is life ordering itself into an expression, it is only men that are the rogues - so to speak- lost in beliefs that they are some kind of god, when it is the physical, all of it that is the expression, no god needed, as the physical as life gives understanding absolutely because this would be how life could exist. Which is why earth is being destroyed because humans are existing as zombies, actually believing that they are some higher being, when they are not more than and not less than, they are simply equal to life as they are composed of life - this is the real “ more than.”

First, there was the word and then - then then then then then - there was god - an idea of a “ more than” - this the separation. A word is a sound structure, a formation of a movement, and a movement from nothing is a sound and that created a structure - so to speak, and that structure had to exist before there could be any so called “ god.” Life is the value before any god, and since form and structure is what then creates another structure, such as an atom, then this builds and what works what creates to enable more expression in varied forms, this means that this is the fun,this means that all can understand creation, this means that no one structure can be more than another, and that the idea that one thing is more is a separation, because if a form is not allowing expression than it as sound can change, be as mutable as water. The problem is the creation of idols by men through beliefs as mind. And this has gone on for so long, not having moved beyond an idea being more than the physical, that the consumption of the physical world to create the idol as idea is what is happening on earth. So when we fear ideas while the physical is showing us that the ideas are not working, we abdicate our response ability as life. 

So, the corporate use of secrecy, usury, tax abuse, and corporate supremacy ideology before life, is each of us as what we are simply allowing as what each of us do as mind to exist, as each of us tout ideas as more than physical reality. We do this in thinking that a black man is less than a white man. We do this in thinking such things as class is real, despite it being known that a proper education and a stable home life create and develop a human being to be functional, and this all admits that  developing humans beings is a process. Any lack within this process creates a limited human being. So, a belief in a “ more than,” fixed in stone, is dissembling life and is in separation from the absolute purpose of life to be directive within what supports life absolutely. Government officials are simply existing in a belief that they are more than others, and can write contracts where natural resources on federal lands make very small royalty payments to the total American infrastructure on the ground and HUGE profits hidden in off shore structures, where the taxes on these sales basically do not exist, and thus the salary taxes of the “ workers” on the ground all pay for everything, even the  toys/aggression self interest only tools of submission of the military - these then sold to resource rich  economically “ poor” countries. 

And even here there is another layer, the transparency in these economically  poor countries is “ low “ on some created western systemic scale of measure, and it is low because there is not enough money to pay/buy the lawyers to act as a trust to hide practices, and in the western countries where there are lots of lawyers, there are castle wall laws and bodies in place to HIDE what is going on, so the measure of these “ transparency” laws is high in these countries, I mean, this is very very messed up. But if we all look at this, we can realize we are this within ourselves. The problem is that this considers self interest in a bubble only, and thus is in separation from practical physical reality.

This planet really does not need the corporate structure as it now stands, this is the illusion. What must be realized is that expecting an illusion to change is not going to happen, each of us, the many must simply stand and build a structure of earth maintenance that supports all life, and this is done within simply realizing the form and function and structure of this physical world, which can be understood when one has the words as the structure within, the forms, to see the forms without. We sense them, we really just need the “imitations/structure”  of them in word, to get us back to understanding and using our natural ability of common sense of life as what we are.

We humans need to “ catch ourselves back up” so to speak, to our common sense, and stop the stagnant ideological mind beings that is us being no different than zombies. I mean, just look, our relationships with others are not working because we are in essence wanting others to match and validate ideas about ourselves that we have. We are wanting our limited frameworks to be substantiated incessantly. If we were substantial, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, we would not need another to substantiate us, we could stand in eternity so to speak. This would mean we would have to become equal to the sound of life, and this would mean there would never be a death, this would mean that there would only be transformation.

So, the idea of a god, the idea of a more than is just this, an idea.  This corporate structure is the outward manifestation of what we are all allowing and accepting within. We are all being secretive, we are all wanting to tax another to pay for what we are not willing to stand equal to in responsibility, not equal to in understanding using our ability to understand as the very substance as what we are. We are not willing to realize that taking from Peter to pay Paul is usurious practice disregarding and disrespecting life. We are not willing to stop our secret judgements that what we believe - our delusion - is what is real and if another does not see it, or realize our grandeur thoughts and ideas, then they are less than, and we keep this to ourselves locked in our own politeness, this politeness really a lie because it is how we hide our delusion. To say at a party or holiday fest that talking about starving children is better for another time is delusional, it should be talked about and actions taken to end this, until it is done, nothing else really matters because life cannot exist until all life on earth is functioning in full potential. Period. Wake up.

Our corporate constructs are simply what each of us is doing on a micro scale, and this is/has resonated on a macro scale. And what that corporation that controls the voice of the media sends is what we each allow as our inner minds, an idea that we are a superhero- for example, that we are a god -meaning that we are all ‘knowing’ as the mind only , a mind that references limited knowledge and information without practical application experience as our schools feed knowledge and information only, so our separation from life is re-sounding  back to us. And in our separation, we only seek that validation which supports our separation/idol,  because what we have accepted in separation from ourselves as life, cannot sustain itself, so it needs support, which means taking from Peter to pay Paul, taking the attention from another to obey its ideological self, insubstantial self, I mean there are men marrying children, so unable are they to work with life and would rather hide in self validation with a child, a vulnerable and helpless smaller person. This is criminal. This makes it obvious that any reprimand towards another is really a crime, is self pushing away responsibility and looking for another to tout and justify self’s abdication because if self can have another speak as it, it believes that it’s construct is valid, like saying, “ see, she agrees with me in word.” Delusion.  To this the only answer is the question, “ and? what does that mean?” “ Prey tell.”  This is building an army to support self, and is really no different than the privatization of our military to get away with using our young men and women, our boys and girls to serve the rape of the earth to serve a few self touted “ more than” voices of men in delusion.

The solution is to look, investigate physical existence because how it functions is visible. Were it not, than there would be no need for trade secret laws, no need for non-disclosure laws, no need for trust formations of client confidentiality. The “ secret’ reveals the ability to understand, hence the hiding. But each of us support this if we continue to hide our self responsibility as life. Democracy cannot exist if we do not pay attention to what is happening on earth.

It really is time to end the military-industrial complex. And it is time to create a Living Income Guarantee to all. This will end so much bad behavior on earth. For one, women will no longer have to become sex slaves, men will no longer have to leave their families and go and kill other families just like them. Our resources can be used in sustainable ways, where the animals no longer have to suffer, and we no longer have to accept meat that is filled with cancerous growth. The waters of our earth can be cleaned up, I mean who would rather work at cleaning up the earth than going and killing children and families that happen to wear a robe instead of blue jeans?  We have all accepted such separation from one another, and we cling to a system that we allow to follow dictates of corporate so called “ enterprise” even when it is obvious that such enterprise is not working, and is in fact abusive to this earth. Here, a Living Income Guarantee is each of us saying that we need to create a system that allows change, that allows common sense, that allows each of us to be mutable.