Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 489 The babble of limited association.A tool of suppression self accepted.

What is suppression and how does it work?
I look at myself and what I allow in total to occupy myself here, what values do I chase, what parts of here do I choose to look at, to see. What do I avoid? What am I direct about and what do I place out of the picture as though it is not something to consider because it does not directly influence me in the moment, or is considered inappropriate to discuss socially? 
We are taught in school to make associations and to use this to build understanding. There is nothing bad about this. But what if this is controlled within only allowing certain associations to be expressed?
Also, if we look, for example at our schools, using this “ not bad” practice in the setting of the school as our society overall, without addressing the developmental abilities of each child and their socio-economic conditioning, we allow a situation where there is already inherent inequality and thus competition and fear of survival and place this into a lesson that spends time playing an associative game to ostensibly build understanding or “ critical thinking” we end up with an agenda based learning system where those who have had more exposure to language to excel.  This just ends up perpetuating inequality and the distraction of such as we are a society that endlessly compares because we have allowed a profit based system that by design will choose limited qualities to chase because this is a way to manage inequality. If one has more, then another must have less, and then the less, the one’s in lack have needs, so we place religion and spirituality to have one believe there is a reason for suffering, and then have the jobs that pay a somewhat decent wage be those that serve the structure of inequality. And all done through constant association making without ever realizing the interconnectedness of all physical life in total. It is like a rhythm of a slow steady beat the slows down space and then adds all this babble of limited association so that by the time the whole is realized life has passed. 
I find I want to get angry, but this is not going to do anything. It really is to teach to see the whole, to bring in all consequence as everything that exists  on earth, how every move leads to an outcome and to use this ability to see to transform what is here into what would create interaction of life on earth that is supportive and values being an expression as life. It would make sense that this is the ONLY way to life. One must make the physical world equal to all, and as all, life. No rejection, no blame, no spite, no finger pointing. What is here as the physical must be considered as much life as any alternate reality as pictures as mind. If we allow limited association making we allow a construct of separation to build as mind, and then we end up in a tower of babble that bears no witness to reality. As such that tower will fall because it is not equal and one to the test of time as that physical ground on which it is built.
This has me asking questions. Is the testing done in our schools really to monitor development to ensure a controlled limit in moving beyond a certain ability to connect the steps of consequence through stringing associations in such a way that the whole is realized as being interconnected. By this I mean a controlled connection making ability, which is a suppression overall?
If I could read more than 250 notes per minute by the time I was seventeen, then why was I not taught this with words?
Why is our ability to process information not done in such a way that we develop the means to carry through with associations as the outplay of consequence to the extent that we can read the whole of what exists on earth? 
We must learn to understand how our human minds function. There are interviews on that explain this. Take the time to understand, especially if you want your children to be able to support themselves in this system until it is realized for the dysfunction that it is by design, within and without.
Parents need to realize that only a parent can ensure that the child realizes that knowledge and information without practical application only builds a game of limited association making as mind, and that this will lead to all kinds of mistakes that take money and time to correct. In a society where pensions no longer support us in old age, our pensions become how well we have developed our children and if we look at the falling status of American school children in a world where China and India are moving up the ladder and provide a huge profit stream for American water and gas and coal,  ( time for nationalization?) the interests of the profit model are not going to be an old horse put out to pasture. Just read up on how our veteran’s are really being treated. You are next.
Definitely, time to wake up before consequence ignored is on your door step. The power is in the collective to transform the system in a gentle humble way, which is to take what is here as the values created from resources which includes labor, and to create a Living Income Guarantee before it is too late. We can do this, and we can do this calmly and efficiently. But it will take all of us, and even if there is some chaos, it is going to be much much much less than what presently exists on earth because of our allowance at existing within a bubble of babble of limited association instead of looking out at earth in total, our home.
                         Time for Desteni I Process Lite!

Day 488 Can we trust what we see with our eyes alone?

I watched this circle of pink dots, stared at it and this kinetic movement happened with the use of my eyes and how they work. Yes, the pink dots started to spin, and yes, a green dot appeared and spun around to the point where some of the pink dots disappeared. I then looked again as this was happening, and could stabilize the ring of pink dots, but rings of green dots remained in my field of vision around the ring of pink dots.
This is an example of what the mind of men can do, create all this movement where there is none, and have images remain that will eventually lessen. And the energy from this if it is not realized for what it is, can remain within us. So, just this simple visual can show us how we can be deceived if we are not equal to common sense as ourselves as life, here. what we see with our eyes alone cannot be what is real, we must learn to sense from ourselves as the very substance of ourselves as life. I mean, we know when we are doing something that is harmful to others. Unless we want to get this world in order, we must realize that everything we do effects the world around us, and that it is when each of us are equal in understanding with physical reality that we can begin to move together as one, as all, and that this movement, expression, would be what is best for each of us as life.
We all have these ideas and memories measured with ideas spinning around as the information and knowledge within and as us, and as this we are not equal to what it means to be physical beings. This has to be corrected with understanding that a human cannot develop unless given the basic needs that develop a human. If we blame the consequence of the behaviors of another as being the problem when that person did not have the opportunity to develop themselves because we have an economic system that inhibits development through lack of access to what builds a fully functioning human that uses their natural common sense, we create a system that does not solve problems but only blames outcome.
There are many who have access to development, and many who do not. Thus it is the responsibility of those with access to money to stand and change the present system. What needs to be done is to give every one the ability to develop and become self responsible as life, here.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 487 Self Forgiveness on Thinking. What is thought?

Sometimes I allow myself , when moving through a point to procrastinate. It is that I am allowing the point to be HUGE and it is not.Once moving through a point, there is a sense of “ duh” so I realize that I am making it difficult. I can’t blame anyone but myself.
Today I asked myself. “ why did I need to think?” How could I see if I were thinking when perception is simply looking? How could I take in what was around me if I were thinking? Taking something in, in totality, needs only that focus, and anything distracting from that would diminish that process of taking something in. So, taking something in would need to come from silence, from nothing.
What  relief in a way, to not have to think, to not have to be prepared in some way to take something in. Thus, to really “see” would mean to come from a state of nothing, which means no thinking while looking. Thinking would, from a scientific standpoint, mean there is static within self as the movement of thinking, disrupting what was being taken in.
Note, that this does not mean, especially from where we have allowed ourselves to be, that we do not need to practice looking.
Ironically, we have televisions all around us telling us what to value, what to accept, what to think about. Which means that there is a lot of static around us, to disrupt looking. If we think of ourselves as a substance that would life , then a moment of silence may actually cause a moment of real seeing. In a hierarchy that would not be cool, because it would disrupt this.
But it is us, all of us that is allowing this constant thinking, this constant “ thinging” around us. Is this because we are afraid to see, we are afraid of the silence? And, this silence is how to see because it is nothing/no thing, which means clearing the mind to take in that which is something - as an expression in totality.
I mean, just look at how a piece of music can rapidly change a mood, disperse a hang-up on an emotion and alter the listener’s state. So, an emotion can change. Well, if one became silent in the face of emotion, would this be like starting again, in a moment, to register what is here from nothing, to stabilize in seeing, to clear the emotion,, and as this to correct what caused the emotion, to realize what would start again as a correction to a state of seeing, a state of ease, without the chaos, the static of thinking as holding a belief as an emotion? Is this not the way to correct an emotion to forgive that emotion back to ease, which is back to participation within self direction and self honesty with the life around us?
Any of us can realize that we cannot participate in our day, when we are hung up on an emotion. or over excited, such always leads to “ missed moments” and we regret that we were being so emotional. This especially happens within relationships. We later regret what was said and done and realize that we were selfish with our emotions and did not slow down and take the time to equalize in understanding with the other, and solve what was causing the conflict.
Our media uses this to distract from what is happening with political decisions, as we are all caught up in some soap opera of judgements, the workings of self interest are moving behind this curtain of emotional drama. So, those workings in self interest can say to all of us, we hid nothing, it was right here in plain day, in plain sight - lol and we were all in drama sight/emotional judgement sight - a thin veil really, so we cannot blame the system. As within so without. We cannot ask the system to change, because it is us. The many that can somewhat read, must change this, which means anyone on the internet. 
Thus, in so many ways, what desteni is saying we all know. We are just being that person within that storm of emotion, not having gotten to the other side, slowing ourselves down, to equalize in understanding to bring ourselves out of the static and correct to understanding where the discord stops and the ease within the communication within the relationship returns, the silence, where two people ( in this example) feel at ease with one another. And that is probably the most fun one can have, that ease with another.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to take thinking seriously.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to react to thinking within, and without seriously, as in believing that what another thinks defines me, or is the end all be all of what I am or what is real as what is here as life as the physical.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when I think I am creating something, thus I forgive what I think as defining me until I can slow myself down to the point where I am ease within and as myself within becoming silent as in having no thought, as this is myself here, able to take in without expectation, without judgement, without fear and as such this is myself able to take in what is here in totality as thinking would limit my perception to accept what is here in totality.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see realize and understand that taking in the words of someone, accepting the words of others where such words cause a movement within and as me, as thought would mean that correction has not been reached as in understanding to the point of being at ease, thus within this, to not allow another to speak or answer, to discuss and resolve is a crime against life, a from of bullying in self interest.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to with every breath, to slow myself down and look without thought to see what is here in totality, to thus not react to what comes to me in the form of value judgement - as in comparison, fear of loss, desire for gain - as such within and as me, is not myself able to see in totality from a point of silence , from which I can only make a decision about what is best for all, because I must slow down and look, sense what is here in order to be able to direct myself within respect for all life, for all that is here as including the physical world as being as much life as what we humans have been lead to believe, accepted, as the mind, an alternate reality as being more than the physical, and within this to realize that what is the truth is hidden right in front of us,  thus I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to become silent within and as me, as a state of ease, to realize that all things here must be sensed when directing myself here, which is to begin from a starting point of respect for everything that is here as me as life, because it is everything that is that one something that allows me to be an expression as life, here, thus it is for me to silence myself as nothing to see everything and to respect all that enables me to be here as something.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to think. 
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that something outside of me has caused me to have lost something, when all I need do, is silence myself and breath and accept all things, including the physical, to bring myself into directing myself within and as what is best for all here, this which would allow a state of ease as life, as myself to be, and as such, if created for all one earth would allow life to begin within and as realizing that it is ourselves as being something from nothing that is expression of life which cannot exist as long as the static - so to speak- of judgement exists as thinking, because thinking is being stuck reading a picture as a secondary image taken of here, and cannot be the total sensing of the formation of life as the physical which must be done in every moment from silence, as such we cannot fathom because we are all so caught up with the something as the clutter as mind and so addicted to this, as ourselves fearing to simply not fear loss. 
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I can lose something. 
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as I am an emotion as a fear of loss, I am not one and equal to myself at ease, in silence, myself being here and as such equal to everything, which includes the actual physical world.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that i need to think.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have a thought
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that my thought must be in accord with what is best for all, for the silence and ease of myself as life to exist, here, as this is myself from nothing to something as everything, of which I can only be as, as the part that i am here as existence for which I am thankful for all the other parts, as without the other parts that are me as life here, I would not be the part as me , here, as the composition of the parts create the whole, and as this, this is the real roller coaster - so to speak - as the joy of life, which is each part working together as the whole, in equality and oneness here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have separated myself from life into and as thought here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that i have been hurt, mistreated and unloved, as idea within and as me, as this is the same that I have been given, which is idea of more than and less than, this pain as me is myself having accepted judgement, as this is myself having moved as fear of loss, of which I denied myself, myself as life, having not silenced myself as mind, to  move from a point of silence, a point of ease, to accept all things and respect all things and direct myself in consideration of all things to direct myself here in equality and oneness, meaning realizing the physical world is all things too.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to reject the physical as being less than what is in and as my mind as thought. 
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that I was taught as a child, to give as I would like to receive, and as such, when I began to judge the physical I was not in effect giving as I would like to receive because I was rejecting the physical world in all its expression and allowing one thing to be more than another, instead of looking at everything as the physical and realizing that the value was life, where not one physical thing was more than another.

Thus, ‘When and as I  find myself full of thought, and thus in separation from here, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I see , realize and understand that unless as mind I am silent, as in being equal to the starting point of here, I am no longer in sense without judgement.
When and as I find myself believing that I am more than or less than another I see, realize and understand that  I  am not moving here within and as solution as that which is best for all here.
When and as I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I stop and I breath and I walk myself through the belief that what is here is too much, or too difficult to walk through and I see realize and understand that I can only walk one thing at a time, and that allowing the focus of myself onto the knowledge and information only , in and as my mind, I am distracting myself from being in common sense, walking practical steps as how being physical means and does,  and I put myself back on track, through realizing equality and oneness with and as the physical , here.

Day 486 Is our ability to sense the fabric of here suppressed? How do we read?

Sight reading
Sight reading (Photo credit: discopalace)

We need to read much faster, process at our natural ability to process just as I could read musical notes at seventeen, so should I have read words to see and realize the patterns of the words, the form of them just as I noticed forms of music, so I can see that lack of development that is going on, and realize that the inability of people to read must be designed to be such, because it is known and practiced differently in other areas of development. We are distracted from the very fabric of here, through impulse of limited design. Really an avoidance tactic within each that has manifested without.

And I have not wanted to say this because of fear that this will be considered some kind of conspiracy, but the fact is, is that humans can process symbols at greater speeds than the majority are taught to process them at. So, this really is a crime against life. A form of suppression is to slow down conceptual ability and occupy with less dimension, we call this being superficial. A facade of limited parts.
I would not consider myself as more intelligent than another, and not stupid either, because when I have taken the time to learn something eventually I learn it, because that’s what a human can do!
Thus, the ability of men to read is deliberately being diminished. Just look at what we are  capable of seeing when we look, we look out at nature and we can see the shapes of the world and we can process this, and we can learn to read this, the ability of us, just as with animals is to see what is before us, we just need to look.
So, we have a society that feeds numerous images at us. If we look at the content of these images we can see that they are very very very limited, and that there is all this drama around them in the form of music and the rhythm at which the images flash, all of this a stimulation. How is this done, with tempo, with colors, with music, and buried within all this fan fare is a very limited set of signs as pictures. So one could say that the language presented, if we see pictures as language - in some respect a compound one- our language has become of few symbols and though the speed appears to present more, the content is less.
If we had the time to stand back we would see the patterns and how these patterns begin to turn us into automatons of limited knowledge and information.
And yet, by the time I was seventeen I could sight read many many many notes at a time, and within this read tempo and texture as adding percussive elements, and see rise and fall of phrase and as such shape. And even here, I started later than many, those who started at two years of age who could do what I did at seventeen at say seven. Which means that so many are denied this capacity, and as we see in our schools and what media impulses, what exists is actually purposely slowing us down and at the same time rushing in a limited dialogue, and all in self interest. The problem here is that we are all allowing this, we know something is amiss, we are not stupid, we are stupefied by our own accepted volition.
Time to wake up and become life.
Economically, we are all caught in survival, this thus, must change. Support a Living Income Guarantee so we can all stop, forgive our separation and begin an organized process of walking ourselves into our full capacity as humans beings on a physical planet. 

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 485 The mass of christ is the word of equality. It is earth-heart-hearth as all as one as equal.

If our words are not of what actually exists then we are not what actually exists. If we do not look at what is happening in the world, we cannot realize what is actually going on systemically, and as this we abdicate our responsibility, we abdicate talking about it, looking at it and asking ourselves why such a thing exists, because we then must change what it is that is allowing abuses that exist all over the planet. This is really like not wanting to face solution which makes no sense at all, especially on a world where men have created the present system, generations of them, and as this, men, the collective must begin to work together to become what is best for all, which is a process of becoming aware of oneself. What other action is there that is of worth here on earth, an action that allows one to become aware of one’sself as life? Would this not fulfill oneself of life so much more than chasing that idea of fulfillment that never plays out and only leads to more desire of un-fullfillment?

We all know that having an expensive car is cool because the machines we build are cool in many ways, but that car does not give any real eternal sense of security. What happens is the desire for another car, or another thing because somehow there remains a sense of lack within. Also, the car cannot be enjoyed because the cost of it is such that something can be lost as we have allowed money and things, as objects to become more of a value that actually being here enjoying physical presence and expression as life. This is why there cannot be any real life until all people and all things of this planet are at ease equally as life, as that awareness of what we are here as. The volume of ourselves as life is so diminished that we keep wanting something to fill it with a substance that completes us, but this cannot happen from without only, it must be what one is as an expression from within, and what one is as life is this, thus we are really suppressing what we are as life and then taking on an idea, a very limited idea to be expression as ourselves, building an alternate reality called consciousness as mind of pictures to be life, when it is a reflection of lesser values and has no power to sustain itself because it is not equal to life.

The physical world is life, it is the gift to equalize self to and as life. The crosses we bear are our quantum minds built of various limited beliefs that separate us, these can be seen as class, as nationality etc. etc. and we are using the ecology of the earth to maintain an economy that maintains separation from realizing the value is life. Thus, are minds as the collective ideology and imagery are self built, self accepted and allowed crosses that we are carrying within, and these are our crosses that are the self built would( wood) of crucifixion, our minds show us the parts of our own fiction that separates us from life, from respecting the physical world, from doing no harm to this earth, to respecting everything that is here and realizing that the physical is equal to us as life. Behaviors  of destruction to anything here, are behaviors of separation, they are the being and the having of inner ideas as mind, that lead to insecurity and an inability to have a common sense of reality, the physical. 

There is only one gift to give, and that is equality, to give as one would like to receive. Thus a system must be placed on this planet that allows this. This is a Living Income Guarantee, where all life has stability, and within this the ability to help a neighbor as oneself. To have the ease from economic stress to slow down and take the time to look around and realize solutions that are sustainable and supportive. The really cool part of this, is that in the process each would become more aware of how the physical world is creation and how this works, thus an understanding of self that is solid and stable would be the gift. Is this not the best gift that we can all give to ourselves? This can be done, it is only the quantum mind composed of our accepted and allowed limited insight made picture endlessly looping around that separate us. The tools to slow down and realize this are here. The course of action through this is free and the only way is to walk through our own created valleys as mind of the shadows of death. These appear huge, but they are but the smoke from the friction caused by separation from self as life.

It is like we are building our own crosses of separation and spiting this action in a blind rage of fear. And all we need do is take a breath, slow down and stop and look. 

We cannot allow what is happening on earth, We cannot allow the devastation to nature. We cannot allow the frustrated behaviors of survival to continue, as these are the consequence of lack for which we are all to blame, because every part of this planet is us, what happens on every point happens to all of us. 

We are each breaking our own hearts within and as such breaking this earth without as we are allowing a polarity playout as mind of good vs. bad, which is the movement of ourselves in judgement instead of common sense and respect for everything, which means the actual real physical, that which is the means of expression. We each are not allowing ourselves to give as life as what we are, and using the physical world to be and do this.

Thus, the present system of hierarchy is a reflection of ourselves within as limitation as quantum mind. This limitation voices itself as thoughts, that accumulate into emotions and feelings, of good and of bad, the positive and the negative, and we as flesh deteriorate just as the earth is, as we consume the physical to maintain our limited alternate reality as mind. And as this, our hearts/earth/hearth breaks with us as us, and instead of giving as we would like to receive which is the joy of life, we build idols of idea about how we should appear and be just to survive the crying of our own accepted and allowed state of limitation.

The system represents the playout of this behavior, the extremes exit and the degrees between the extremes of this system of limited awareness of life. The wealthy are just one end of the spectrum of our separation and the impoverished are the other. Both exist because the collective allows this. Thus we cannot blame either, and it will take many of us to change this, to create a society that is constant in creating stability on earth. A child born into a stable environment tends to do better, thus children that are unstable and grow up to be used as a commodity, cannot be blamed, as they have had no exposure to development and know only extreme survival behaviors. All of this can change as we change what we have allowed as the sound of ourselves within, through self forgiveness, writing and corrective application, changing the very resonance of ourselves, and as this the very substance of what we are within can change, that is the power we have as life as what we are, we need only accept it and walk.

When ever something new is started , the turning, the changing of direction seems very very slow, and at moments it appears that the old habit will not move, and this is because it is stuck. But this can change, because it is of a substance as a sound, and that can be redirected. So, the beginning change seems slow and almost impossible, but with concerted effort, the slowing down and looking begins, and then the movement and/or state can be seen. We have all experienced this, in modern lingo I have heard it called a “ eureka “ moment. Then the new movement must be practiced until it is understood and automatic ( now within this realize what our media has been doing, as the extreme end of the spectrum as the elite that have cloistered the wealth from labor and resources created by all of us, this innate ability of ourselves as life is being used thus it exists). So, this ability to sense here, this that builds here, can slowly build awareness that is equal and one to the physical world. The physical earth is life, and self as life would leave nothing behind,  would never waste the very substance of life because all of it is the fabric of what builds here, thus all of it is of value. 

So, with a Living Income Guarantee, we can begin to realize the value being life and build a world that respects and takes the very stuff of the fabric of life to build a heaven on earth, where each heart can have a hearth to enjoy self as life and be life in thought, word and deed, as the principle of give as you would like to receive. This is the real mass of Christ as the message of equality.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 484 Communication that with stands the test of time can be a process of joy.

One of the things about friends is mutual understanding. This leads to open communication. Such understanding takes time. The process of this should be a joy within the realization that this leads to open direct communication. Thus, if humans understood their world, meaning we lived as a real democracy where all people stood and participated in what happens on earth, especially with our resources - of which our children are- then communication would exist between all of us. I mean it would be fun to communicate with neighbors.

But as a society we do not have this. Why don’t we? We are capable of speaking, of using words, why are we not communicating, meaning having equal understanding our our physical world and enjoying it, no matter who stands next to us? It makes no sense that we are not this.
Because of this, there is really no other option but to have open discourse until mutual understanding is reached. This is a responsibility for each of us. Any movement within, any doubt, any thought against such is an indication of ignorance, even if this means thinking another is impossible because they throw a fit. This has to be let go, and the solution to communication must continue until that communication flows in understanding, an understanding that can withstand the test of time.
Thus, to not allow communication does not allow development and the ability to practice and learn the structure of discourse, meaning making the mistakes and being patient within them, to learn to see the patterns of the way we use words and what we believe and what we think and how this thinking can become stagnant and misinformed. As this we can see that communication with others can help each of us to see what we are, as the words we use and assemble show us what we have formed ourselves as.
Within this, each of us can realize that communication with others helps us to self realize as life, and as this to come to understand life in ever greater measure.
I/we have to be willing to communicate what we think, and to forgive what another communicates with each breath, to help one another realize what we have allowed ourselves to be informed as. We can begin this, by simply slowing down and breathing, even saying to another, that we find ourselves reacting and need a moment to breath and slow down, simply because we realized we were, for example, suddenly thinking about something else ( and each of us knows that we are so economically stressed that slowing down and actually listening to another needs some practice).
This is how we become a democracy, to communicate with one another, to share our information as what we are, and to realize that which is good and that which serves us no real purpose within understanding what it means to live that which withstands the test of time, as that which creates a communication that moves with ease because an understanding is lived that is a joy to express.

Walk the FREE Desteni I Process Lite, Become equal to life and withstand the test of time.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 483 The growth of special needs children. Who is responsible. YOU.

In my local elementary school that has an an expected enrollment of 107  students for the 2014/15 school year, there are expected to be 13 special needs children in grades K-5. The number of special needs kids was projected as 5, but the number has doubled.
If this is happening in my small town, this is probably happening in towns all across America. The numbers are exponentially moving and if this continues will the numbers make another jump to 26 for every 100 or so students?

That is a huge cost to American taxpayers. These children require special attention outside of the regular classroom, and if the classroom adapts to them, this will mean slowing the class down for the students who are moving at faster speeds. How is this growing problem going to be met by the public schools in America? Especially, when China and India each has more honor students than there are students in America.

One of these special needs children will attend another school that has a program especially suited to this child’s type of problem. This will cost my town 60,000$ a year. Now imagine the potential increases in school costs.

Meanwhile, many people are no longer able to pay their mortgages. And private salaries are not going up, they have remained stagnant. Hence, the growing number of homeless in America. And even here, when these homeless manage to find a low income living solution, if it is outside of a district, naturally the school does not want to carry the children, even if they have been students in the school for many years because the parent’s of the children are no longer paying taxes into that district. Is the school wanting to throw these children out, children that are not the cause of the problem because they are children, just to save money? Is our system such that teachers and superintendents choose their salary over innocent children?

 This is how much money determines life, even before considering that we are dealing with children, who have nothing to do with the present system accepted and allowed by each of us. A system that is not working. A system that needs to change. And each of us is responsible to investigate and question what exists and to stand until a change is created that supports life. If we hide and do not address what does not make sense we allow it to continue, expecting someone else to become responsible for us, when in all common sense, it is the collective that builds the system, thus  the system can only change by the movement of the collective.

What I find most astonishing is that it appears that every decade the education system touts new programs that will teach “ critical thinking” skills, which means that we are “ going” to teach critical thinking. So we are accepting and allowing a “ going to” instead of a “ doing.” More lack of responsibility. A perpetual state of lack of responsibility. Thus, again, the collective is its own demise.

The collective, is the parts that comprise it. That the system is not working, is not supportive, is causing increasing numbers of dis-eased children, and is constantly touting that it is “ going to” teach critical thinking skills, and that people are unable to pay for homes, means that each of us are simply not being responsible. One part in this, one person can’t possibly change this, no one, not one, can be responsible for any of us. Each of us has to become responsible. And, if I might add, making money and having a job does not make one responsible, as we can see from what is happening in our society.

Perhaps having pensions losing value with each passing day, and homeowners unable to keep their homes, and as this, less local real estate taxes and less money for pensions, all those who have worked and screamed about how they worked so hard all their lives, etc. etc. find that their pensions are very small and/or non existent will wonder what happened, or blame those who did not work,  or could not find a job, or were too lazy to work, or whatever justification, were you really self responsible? Were you paying attention to what was going on and making an effort to realize that the system must change? Or were you one of those teachers that when this is pointed out said, “ yes I know, yes I know’? I mean saying  “ yes I know” does that do anything? NO.

This is the fault of the collective, of each of us, because we are not paying attention to what is going on, to the very ways that this system works in detail, and since there are fewer and fewer people who seem to own more and more of the wealth, our ignorance is being taken by those who are paying attention to a greater degree and are aware that no one is really paying attention. ( And I say greater degree because even the extreme wealthy are not paying attention and acting in self interest only, because the consequences of greed are being spread out all over the earth via the way water moves and carries all that pollution we are allowing within practices that are not responsible. Water circulates all over the earth taking everything that is put into is to all nooks and crannies, so no one is able to escape the effects of what is practiced on earth, no one.)  So, these few, can then control what is taught and how much is learned and how developed a child becomes, how much healthy foods children have access to, everything, to ensure that the competition is simply eliminated just in case the collective finally wakes up and decides to pay attention to more than their immediate environment within and without. I mean, would you not do the same thing is you realized no one was paying attention and only thinking about themselves? Wouldn’t you just decide that instead of trying to get someone to think beyond their own immediate needs without looking at all consequence ( and there are many many doing this) to just take as much as you can and build a system that would keep the masses of non-lookers at bay so that when the outcomes of not being aware begin to effect the non-lookers they are going to start to get reactive, and the ones who looked a little bit more are going to say, well you did not really look at what you were doing, so too f-king bad, you can’t blame anyone but yourself, and then throw the tar bomb over the edge of their very substantial castle. ( and meanwhile a wave is there behind this one, so there is no real escape) I mean, I can understand this, I would do the same.

If we are jumping to 13 special needs children out of 107 in my little area, then something is seriously not functioning. Perhaps all that we have allowed to be placed in our water, all those “ no significant differences” that no one can lay cause to one specific practice that our advisory boards have swept under the rug and hidden in so-called “ data” while the government advisor during the supposed regulatory acceptance process moved onto the product’s corporate board ( off shore and protected - remember the castle) of advisors or affiliate, has finally accumulated to the point that the numbers of dis-eased children are moving exponentially.

Yes, if I were you, I would be scared. And realize that the more each of us grow fearful, the harder it is to stand and change the outcome, because when we get to the point where we are directly confronting the consequences of our ignorance, that castle is going to have lots of tar in place and there is not going to be anything that you can do about it at that point. Your begging and hungry children and grandchildren are going to look at you and ask why.

This is the consequence of not being responsible, of wanting someone else to stand for you.

It really is time to start looking. It is time to investigate how the various systems function, the money, the education, the banking, the government, the corporations.

It is time to understand how you function as a mind consciousness system.
It is time to suspend everything you have ever believed and take a hard and long look at what you in fact think and do, and what products you use and where they come from and how they effect the environment.

It is time to realize that our schools are not in fact teaching critical thinking skills. I mean, if teachers really started to look at the system, and if parents really started to look at the system, most children would be pulled out of school and taught at home. It is that simple, and teachers would probably tell parents to do so. I would, I have been in the schools, and I would say, “ home school.”

And, if I were a  parent with small children I would probably look outside the box to ensure that my child had critical thinking skills, because I would realize, if I started to look, that more than likely, my pension, or my partner’s pension is not going to be enough to support retirement so I am going to need to make sure that my child performs extremely well. Remember, there is a continent called China, and they have more honor students than there are students in America. I mean, aren’t the supposed “ elite” acting the same as you?

It is time to find solutions that cause no harm to any living thing on this earth.
It is time to ensure that children learn to be able to be self responsible.
It is time to consider everything we are accepting and allowing.
Investigate a Living Income Guarantee. Thus, things are not as bad as they seem, there are solutions, we need only stand and respond as them.
Investigate how your mind functions. DIP Lite. It is Free.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 482 Realizing the mind as associating within limited values. LIFE NOT.

I had an image pop up that my mind wanted to follow, a circular house with two walls, like a corridor between the inner rooms and the outer wall, the windows above bringing in light, somehow in the small detail in the back of my mind was the sense that this building hid the outer world yet, used the light. And there was a window, long, rectangular, reaching out to the exterior from each inner room.

I have been obsessed with looking at small houses, and I have noticed that desire to have a perfect house, imagining what I might want.

This window that was the same or similar design as what M. did in the P. house.
All of this is a transfer of the male story onto a house, which is accepting being my own caretaker, and then moving this into the house, of care, so to speak. Still this is a shield from the outer world, a protection and defense, myself the many characters as the women in the house sleeping as the rooms were sleeping rooms, myself not wanting to face the emotional values in the words of others, the threat of not adhering to these words with inference d values.

I find myself looking back over my day and how i have interacted with another, the sound of their voice. And I notice I want to move to that voice and match it, as in serve the emotional/feeling values laced within their words, also looking at the words in between sets of associations, because the mind screams its limitations. I notice a resistance to NOT follow.

I have to breath, to let this fear of NO SERVICE to the underpinning match game as habit, as fearing the other to not “ like” me and as protection and defense of facing myself here. I have to look out, so to speak, and not react when the words of another “ hit me” in what is a discordant manner, which is myself in a state of  not letting myself  go as belief, as idea, and stop and breath, and realize that I as life as sound, can metamorphose as mind with a common sense of the environment around me, meaning not remain in the infinite self interest, inform as how I have learned, accepted and allowed, myself to build a character and personification of my social cultural/national heritage that was in total that of a bordered existence as what humans have created on earth.  And that the contrast of listening to another need not be a burden to carry as a pain, where I believe as a woman that this is my responsibility. I won’t lose any definition, as letting go of my own limited self defining values, as I realize at moments within interacting with others, how limited I have been within my awareness  and / or  this same happening in another where a tendency would be to go into superiority that then overwhelms me to the point where the negative to this self aggrandizement leads to  a fear of carrying responsibility as in turning this into a burden. Within all of this I create my own pain.  And meanwhile, all around me is an earth that is round, forgiving as the resources have no one’s name on them and as such belong to all, as the resources are life. In the end, what is best for all life, is what is best for myself. I can let go the shame, the burden, the pain, as myself trying to answer to all factions, when all that I need is the principle of what is best for all, here. It is to just stop, and use my own common sense.

I was listening to an interview of someone riding first class on an American train. Normally, they rode “ commuter class” ( the names are always changing - wonder why/). To them there was little difference, and the accouterments were based on values from another era, like a black maid, a white table cloth, etc. all little things that are associated with a “ more than” classier environment. Meanwhile, it was a train, moving from one point to another. All the same, except for small changes. But a human will make this huge, or devalue it, to justify a relationship within as a self definition, and become so occupied with this that what is real is not really looked at.

As a society, each of us has accumulated so much of such values, that we no longer look beyond this and because of such accepted and allowed limited common sense of the whole, we have become ignorant of our world and the movements and forms we have allowed : for example how money moves and a multitude of  values as justifications we have given money, like we use money to keep our limited values in place so we do not lose them all the while missing the real value and one that can be lived with ease as we no longer need to chase a metaphysical carrot as idea. Overall,  this separation that is self created and of no real understanding of reality, of which we are more than able to do. Ironically, that which we seek in collecting the self defining values is right here as the solution of equality. This to value life, all life, as life is the value, and thus to accept and respect all life. To give all men the means to become their full potential, to give as we would like to receive to get ourselves out of our separation from life.

In all, our elite are this. They are us in another life. And they are so caught in this that they really believe that they are somehow superior. And it is only a belief in the head, a projection that is an association of values that are used to define a self, that then becomes a personification of this self, in manner, in dress, leading to a deed to support this and the thoughts as the measure of this taught building a concrete mind/ a mind map, a mental imagery of data that serves ideals that direct instead of common sense. And the irony, is that moving as common sense would mean giving all of this up, and as this becoming so much more than that limited personification. It would be to give up everything - so to speak - to become an EVERYTHING that is an equality to life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that something of myself as how I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself will be lost unless I protect and defend that value as an idea.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that ideas define me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have accumulated ideas to define me, instead of using my own common sense and equalizing myself to physical reality here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to protect and defend ideas, beliefs and opinions as taking one small value based on a idea from my past and from a cultural past and using this as the measure of myself, and as such ignoring the real value as the physical as the life around me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear facing the value system of another, and within this to fear being bullied verbally and /or physically should I not match the limited values systems of self definition as the society created by men on earth.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that listening to another’s self validation as life story as touting limited values is a burden, where I believe that out of some belief in respect, as a social norm it is my responsibility to listen and empathize, and for this I forgive myself as the only choice is to do what is best for all here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to hide within myself, my own limited values and silently compare within and as myself to protect and defend my own value system because in effect I fear a “ value war” and/or realizing that my values are an ignorant acceptance that will be revealed for what they are, a limited value system that has inhibited my life, and as such I become embarrassed and fear my lack of awareness being exposed, and for this I forgive myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear my values being questioned.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to enjoy life and move within looking at my limited value system and letting it go, as in transforming myself  within learning about others, and as such expanding my awareness, which is in essence to enjoy life, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I will be hurt and that this will be painful if and as someone questions my value system or in sharing their value system I become responsible for not having clarified the limitations as in questioning their values as is the responsibility of myself as life, and because of this what I fear is that in questioning the values of another, I will be met with bullying and deemed difficult, both scenarios simply mean, an accepted mean as reaction in self defense,  looking at what has been accepted and allowed as idea, and aligning within and as what is best for all, what does no harm , what brings stability and ease of being, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being wrong
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being bullied
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe I am a right as in only being this, and as this fearing the responsibility of this, when such can be clarified through taking the time to investigate to realize what is best practice as what does no harm, and as this that rushing, and hurrying in haste is not worth the risk as the consequences of non-investigation end up causing one to retrace their steps.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to react to touted “ value drives” as personification  just as I might react to a sale that suggests value drives, where I allow myself to believe that I am inferior unless I take on that opportunity as a value interaction through worship of value as personification in another or as purchasing a trinket to place in my environment to ostensibly give myself more value.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that listening and being socially polite as the norm is a burden
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that idea only is superior or inferior to me as me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that something will be lost if I give up ideas I have accepted and allowed about myself.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear I will have no definition should I give up values as ideas, as pushing away what I define as being less than, and bringing forward as what I define as being a more than, not seeing realizing and understanding that as such I am within my mind on a polarity roller coaster of right and wrong instead of being here equal and one, in common sense of physical existence which is practical.
When and as I find myself constricting within and as me, as my human physical body, i stop and I breath and I slow myself down.
When and as I find myself comparing my self to others, i stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I bring myself back here one and equal to breath, I touch something within my physical environment and take the time to stabilize myself.
When and as I find myself beginning to brew a storm in a teacup, so to speak, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down as I see realize and understand as my body constricts within this that i am reacting as a value judgement.
When and as I find myself reacting to the thought, word or deed of another, I stop and I breath, I slow myself down to stabilize myself here, before I speak, or do not speak.
When and as I find myself  beginning to breath in shortened breaths, I stop and I slow myself down, I stabilize my breath as this is a smoke and mirrors show as anxiety in fear of loss, or control of myself as being confrontational as reaction, and within this I move as the principle of what is best for all, here.
When and as I find myself encountering the words of another I stop and I breath and I see realize and understand that the words of another do not define me, here.
When and as I find myself tensing within and as my human physical body, I stop and I breath and I see, realize and understand that I am here, and can stabilize as breath, and within this that all the associations being presented are parts of a whole even as judgements of good and bad, and as such  can be brought back to the whole within the principle of what is best for all here, where the only choice is what does not harm, what gives as one would like to receive, as there is no real life until the parts are in full potential, as each human, each plant, each animal, each water molecule, as the parts are only substantiated into the extraordinary when all working as individual yet equal, a state that cannot exist as long a hierarchy is the accepted and allowed form as men on earth because this is a value system of more than and less than by its very design and therefor must come to an end if life is to begin. 
When and as I find myself reacting to the exterior system that is a consequence of what humans have accepted and allowed that has accumulated into the present system that abuses as profit is the law before life, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down and I realize that this began within and as me, and as such, the only choice is to do what is best for all here.

In all, our elite are this. And they are so caught in this that they really believe that they are somehow superior. And it is only a belief in the head, a projection that is an association of values that are used to define a self, that then becomes a personification of this self, in manner, in dress, leading to a deed to support this and the thoughts as the measure of this taught building a concrete mind/ a mind map, a mental imagery of data that serves ideals that direct instead of common sense. And the irony, is that moving as common sense would mean giving all of this up, and as this becoming so much more than that limited personification. It would be to give up everything - so to speak - to become an EVERYTHING that is an equality to life.

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