Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 600 Not seeing the connections right in front of me. Judgements as beliefs as mind con-sciousness.

I was at this meeting; a new group. I listened to the women speak and then at the end of the meeting, began to talk individually with various women in the group.
I realize that I had, in the course of the group presentation, unconsciously picked which women I thought I should connect with initially. When the meeting ended and individual introductions began, those who I had thought I would like to speak to were not the ones who came up to me to talk with me.
When I did move to talk with the ones I wanted to talk to, I found that we had a greater distance to cover in reaching an understanding. The ones who came up to me, I had more of an ease with in coming to an understanding.  
So, I looked at this and realized that I had been moved by my class values, by my story of and as belief, which means my “ values,” my judgements, my past based on what I defined and accepted as values to define me in an action of self interest without regard for all of reality.
This was a subtle thing that I might not have noticed but that no matter with whom I talked, I realized was myself as an action  actually living in and as talking with another person and within this respecting and  being grateful for this.  This means accepting what is here, not rushing in some idea and resisting what was here in front of me.
I had spoken up during the general meeting, so those that heard some of what I had been saying are the ones who came to me. And here, I was surprised because I was off in my own ideological mind expecting something else, even though I could pull back and accept what came. It really is like moving in a train, where the train is one’s self as mind, composed of ideas, and beliefs and opinions based on my direct experiential  past and my cultural past more than awareness and acceptance of simply remaining here in practical common sense of reality, taking that which is good and does no harm, respecting the very formation of life around me.
It really is that we are rushing around in some “ haloed” ground as mind, that is of unequal measure to the practical world in which we live. It really is that we sit in a room during our childhood, looking at pictures of trees while the real tree is outside the window, breathing, moving, flowing, living. What is real, is right here in front of us, and instead we learn and accept the study of pictures about something. The perfect way to divide and conquer the imaginative capacity of our minds, that are really an abstract of what is concrete as the physical world around us. Humans have become a physical being with a halo of pictures that spin so fast - like a moving train- that reality is no longer their focus, instead an alternate reality that is very much like a television-like entity of lesser dimension yet heavy and consuming of the physical body, has come to define us. So lost in this unequal measure to that which enables us life formation, that we have lost all stability which we see in our communications and as such, our community. Our communities are so divided that we all remain neighbors who have little or no interaction. We no longer see the trees outside that are supporting us in simply being here. Our eyes acclimate to our inner pictures, over time, to such an extent, that we no longer are able to spatially see the rise of a step, and we end up tripping and falling, which we call aging, but in reality is the extent of our separation from life, which means we have never really lived equal and one with and as the formation of life, which is the physical. Within this, we can blame no one, because each of us accepted and allowed that alternate reality of limited dimension.
Thus, I must forgive my own accepted and allowed judgements of value, creating my time that is not equal to the space of here, as physical reality that enables me to exist. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to use limited values and to compare using these values, in and as my mind, in separation from what is physically  here as life.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to reject that which does not fit an ideological construct as my mind based on my past, in self interest, where I have allowed myself to exist like a train running on a track as ideas, beliefs and opinions, built of words, creating pictures, and emotional feeling bodies that are in separation from myself as life as a physical state of being.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to lose my natural ability to sense space and the forms that are the physical that are life in form, here, and to abdicate my self responsibility in and as this, as this common sense ability is myself as life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge another as less than myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge another as superior to me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe I am inferior to life,
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become an accumulation of values where I then believe that I am superior to another.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not remain here, equal and one with and as what I am as life as the means of common sense, which is the physical.
When and as I find myself comparing myself to others, in and as a belief that one way will lead to what I believe is a way forward, thereby eliminating others, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I see , realize and understand what is here, as the physical / life, and I take that which is good and does  no harm, to see, realize and understand the potential each is as life here.
When and as I find myself reacting to others, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I see where I judged something as less than what I believed I wanted that was in itself based on a belief that did not consider all things, respect all things as me in another life, and I slow way down, and become present here, taking in the perspective of another, and grounding this into practical measure of physical reality, as I would like for myself, without judgement, as this is the way to remain constant within the principle of what is best for all, today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 599 The Secret. Journey To Life : We Create

How words can hide and shift meaning.
The word ‘secret’ is  a combination of two sounds, let’s say: ‘se’ meaning ‘apart’ and ‘cernere’ meaning ‘shift’. So secret as a movement means to apart-shift. One could say, to divide through a shift, and this mechanism would be focus. In itself to look at a part, to bring one quality forward is not a bad thing, but when a shift is used to hide, as in presenting only a part, then knowledge and information becomes limited, as the story presented does not reveal the whole.
So, a secret is shifting focus, where one sees only a part, and words can be used to do this, thus we must always investigate what is said as the words used, in media and advertising, for example.
An example I noticed of this today was in this article.
It states that GMO’s are being labeled as “ naturally enhanced organism.”  That is being secretive, because it is shifting focus through the use of a mean via the use of words, presented in media, where one has little chance of question and rebuttal.  On the side, I don’t understand how men in lab coats looking into microscopes can be construed as natural because being in that lab is a shift from working with the whole of nature in real time, especially when every movement of what is created in such an isolated environment is not then cross referenced to all aspects of the whole as earth. If we look at what we are taught, as value judgements, we can see that we have been impulsed to believe that men in labs are doing great things to improve our lives which is a shift in focus. The improvements presented may be true in a narrow way, but we need only look at the state our soils and the animals and our children to understand that a shift to look at a part has not been brought back to the whole, as this physical world in which we live. The presentation done with a shift in wording is really asking for a stretch into a limited imagination Acceptance of such is really suppression. It seems our media is more a vehicle of knowledge and information only, without following through to practical application in a relationship to the whole, this earth.
Where did this shift to hide, through limited information, occur within our world?  It began with each of us, because the hued-man-of-mind only shifted from equality to practical reality and chose a self definition of self in self interest as mind only instead of remembering that self is a physical state of being existing because of the whole. This has been going on for eons, now manifest as a system. It is a system where governments can act as terrorists with a shift as a story of bringing peace, that hides the self interest of personal gain, which has become the corps of this world acting because each has defaulted their natural ability to absorb real surroundings in common sense. All the dis-ease, when in this world of the real innovations of men is out there that can make all our lives like that of a millionaire.
Thus, the real secret is to shift within oneself, to investigate what is available in this world and why the innovations that exist are not changing our lives to ensure that every human,  every plant and every ounce of soil is living its full potential. We understand what builds a healthy person, because we, with investigation, understand what it means to build a productive person!
Why not take control of your own perception?  Shifting within, is reflected in the words we use, thus it is always, always visible, and we can all see it. Thus, the state of the world is that fault of each of us because we shift into a convenient ignorance in self interest. Standing in equality with the physical world, taking that which is good and does no harm, is the way to remain constant and realize the mind is a tool to look at parts, an image nation that is not reality, and as such, only defines someone if they accept and allow the delusion of this to be reality, instead of remaining constant in physical space, grounding one’s self here, as the physical is the way and the means of life.
If a substance touted as being of benefit demands that protective gear be worn in the natural world, then this is not a naturally enhanced organism, it is a drone that brings terror to the human form, as the pesticides and herbicides are doing in places such as Argentina. It is time to shift ourselves back into reality, the physical, as this is life, and life is the value.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 598 The Living Word Grounding us Here in Equality

I had a phone conversation with a business man, who complained that no one knows their words anymore. With the use of expediting words within texting words, abbreviations have become a norm for younger people.
But, like our cultivation of plants, that over time, as the American Indians have done, with pollination, creating larger grains heads of corn, our words have changed and built associations to constructs in our past, just as we do, and we can see that we do because we all have personalities, and what are personalities made of but a collection of limited associative values, a separation from the whole, from what we all are as being the same, built of the same building blocks in reality. The ideas we have of ourselves as mind, these are just ideas in separation from that starting point of practical reality.
So, I want to look at two words; evangelical and condemn.
Evangelical really means to well announce. Condemn means to force down.
These are the movement units of these words, they describe a living movement - so to speak.
Somehow, as I have done and been taught, evangelical is associated with the church. This is really a processing spoke in the wheel when it comes to actual living, and one that pulls in all manner of associations, distracting one from the essence of the word.
Condemn, as its essence shows what happens when one uses a force and presses down, as opposed to up. Somehow, over time it has become associated with a negative value, as though one is condemning another, which is in a way, condemning a personality. I mean, classism is a form of pressing down on another that has not had the opportunity for development, a construct that exists because we have allowed a government that voices democracy, the supposed voice of the people, yet supports and upholds a financial system that is in form and function in opposition to democracy! 
So, our words, have changed in meaning through added meanings/values/collective-meaning/story over time, and given that we all come from various levels in our accepted pyramid scheme financial system, we will all have different associations to our words, because we will have different ideas and values coming up with each word.
I also had someone say to me that what is needed in this world is more brotherhood. The lack of brotherhood, could this be because we are all walking around in bubbles, mixed up in all this hi-storical reference, trying to find a match , an exact match to our associative stream of images that are really ill defined? This means that we are not going to find that perfect match, because no two people can occupy the same inch of earth, thus it is an impossibility.
This is why we must realize an equal starting point. That starting point must be what allows us to exist. The physical. The physical reveals what works and what does not work, it is the manifestation of life in FORM. It is creation. It is thus, the eye of the needle. And it is the one thing, our education, our religion, our cultures lead us away from, because if we realize that the physical is life information, than no one can place a viel over our eyes. I mean, where to hide that which is real? Right in front of us, right here.
If we walk around and speak as all these inference associations without realizing that we are doing this, then it is like we are constantly forcing our heavy square pegs into a round hole, again, and thereby not really communicating with anyone.
This is why we were told, we must become the living word. This means, considering, which in a way is changing our focus, to include the physical manifestation of creation, which is earth, here, we must “ force” ourselves to see and include physical reality as being the value, and then can we change and transform heaven onto earth. We are all the same, it is only that television in the mind that is separating us from reality. And that “ sins of the father” television is passed down “limited” values only. This has no real transformative value, it is a state of being that is a structural violence against life, consuming it, sucking the life from the physical as our HUEDman bodies. We are so filled with colors, as values, that we are in separation from what is the value, which is being/existing as physicality - a circle of building blocks that is how we manifest here as life. We can either decide to realize the physical must be respected and valued and worked with in ways that do no harm and allow the full potential of each part to self realize, or we can continue to hide in limited values as mind consideration only, until we destroy this world and start again, until we realize that we can go no further until we accept ourselves as being special because we are life information, which is physical and that each is us in another from, because we are all of the same substance. I mean, in so many ways it is a brilliant design, we must only accept it, and ground ourselves here.

Why do we not see this cognitive dissonance, this game of disassociation that is the cause of so much false dilemma? On some level we all know this. we see the spin of the mind because we are walking comparison, incessantly seeking like symbols through emotional values that comfort our own. Instead of seeking like emotional values, which are our compounded beliefs, why not forgive this and realize that the physical was here, grounding us if we would only accept this as the real value? That one little change within, that one little perceptual change would begin to build, to or more in my name, which is the physical, and this would begin to build real value, real support, and as such real living, where each would begin to become the living word. How much fun would that be? More than our televisions could ever ever ever convey!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 597 We are programmable, which means we can change.

I was sitting and talking with someone the other day. From the onset of the conversation this other person told a story about what they wanted, and what their father wanted for them. By the time I finished talking with them, my impression of what they wanted completely changed. 
Their story changed and they became very upset.
I realize that we are programmed from day one, and that the human realizes this because so much is spent on education, and we humans make movies about painting fences to learn a physical move with our arm. showing ourselves that we are indeed programmable and how it is done, through repetition. 
We also know that it takes 10,000 hours to master a musical instrument. All of this reveals that we understand that we are the consequence of what is programmed within and as us, where this programming is the measure of our understanding, our ability to connect with this physical world.
I mean, if we stand back, we can see that what advertising does is program us. And it is very successful. We also have the term “ the sins of the fathers” which simply means that programs are passed down from generation to generation, each generation/production of one human after another is passed down as the child absorbs the measure of the adults around them. This is a contiguous  action , because each child meets the form of the adults as they grow and absorb the world around them.
And yet, why do we not see that this admits a great ability as ourselves to take in the environment around us? Why do we not conceptually understand this great gift of being able to absorb the world around is in such detail that children often end up looking just like their parents? Why do we not realize that if one interacts with an instrument for 10,000 hours then that instrument can be mastered? And if we understand this, then all things, this earth, the mechanisms of a car and how it functions, can be mastered within 10,000 hours of programming, which means detailed walking of the parts and the whole and how they interact and function. I mean one could teach a child how a car works, and where all the parts of that machine come from, and how the materials interact as the nature of that substance and the qualities within the parts and materials used. So, no matter what we are interested in can be used to teach about all the parts and the whole as this physical existence, and since the human is obviously so capable of absorbing form and function, then why are we not forming a system that mimics this natural ability?
Considering all the chaos on this earth, the lack of food and basic needs for so many, who then have no time to build understanding because all they are doing is struggling to get a minuscule amount of food, why are we not realizing our own gift of life as our ability to absorb the parts and the whole, and making sure that this is functioning in each gift of life as each human physical body of such capacity? It seems that the chaos is composed of limitations, of lack, and then the consequential object is blamed for that lack, the starting point ability forgotten?  If we look at this in common sense, then we can realize that lack of common sense, as lack of investigation can cause a chaotic program of no real focus that then has to loop around in limited episodic stories that contradict previous statements that then causes the person to become completely confused and upset, to the point where they can’t even understand where they rejected one thing, accepted another, and ended up in a soapy chaos of belief that they cannot even begin to sort out. I mean what kind of program is that?
When Mark Twain said that you tell someone a lie, they do not become so upset, but you tell them a truth, and they have to reconstruct their program, their belief system, and this causes a reaction, one of an inability to be immediately flexible and fluidly  move to sort  out chaos, one of having to slow down and look at their own program and take the parts and rearrange them, which is a movement of seeming discord, but in reality it is only re-creating that program within.
If we are not used to doing this, and we do not understand this, and our jobs are dependent on ignorance, then we see that change as fearing to lose something, either income, or a self definition that has become a comfort zone, where one has friends who are of the same belief measure. this causes a feeling of fear when a need for change arises, because one is overwhelmed with the restructuring of oneself and the changes that come in the environment within which one lives, nice and comfortable with the measure around one.  The problem with not incorporating  a change that builds more awareness, within oneself, limits expansion, which reaching out and finding others who have a different program, one that is of more understanding in relation to the older circle of “ minds/programs “ one has become accustomed to,  means deconstructing and reconstructing with the outer world within which one lives. The same is true of working at a job. If we don’t change, we allow the limitation to continue, and we suppress ourselves, and suppression is suppression, which means that one will not move into a state of openness, of ease, of flow, of growth, much like a plant. So, then one becomes the struggle that is a rejection of life, which can only lead to unhappiness. LOL , Un -hap-i ness, un haptic ability, which means touching, which is a physical action and metaphysical development as in being in touch with how this physical mechanism that is earth works. Thus, as we come full circle here,  what we allow to become the program of and as us is not realized for what it is, and expansion which means change, is not accepted as what an absorbent being as life would be and do, then the wheels of that machine get clogged and then confused and then reactive, rejecting and spiting and blaming and hating, stagnant, repressed, and ignorant. 
Overall, this means that I cannot take anything any program voices as itself personally, and that within the expression of a person is their program, thus the chaos is visible and can be understood, and to actually expect reactions of limitation because this is what a limited program is going to be and do when trying to sort itself out, to look at its own limitations of formal understanding to then move into reconstruction, which is change, and within this that what is resisted, as in not sorted, will persist and that the solution is to realize the physical world as the vessel/instrument of life, one of perfect design when programmed with a clear and direct understanding of how this actual, practical physical world in which we live functions. 
So, when I react to another, as a program, I am essentially the same; I am reacting to what does not fit my programming, and myself believing that my programming is THE program. When  there is conflict and friction, it is that I must stop and change - accept what is before me and realize it does not necessarily define me,  and then, take the time to evaluate the equation as the program before me and my own programming at the same time, which is deconstruction and then, reconstruction , which takes time, because unless I had been taught this from the get go, and as a consequence have not practiced as this ability, and reform with every breath on this physical planet that is life inFORMation, then I will not be able to be that which is the gift of life that is me. I must realize that I can only master here, this physical world, when I can see it directly, understand it and change with and as it as who I am as a part of this world. So, the only compliment I can be as myself as this life, is to answer to the chaos of separation unequal to practical reality within solving the discord back onto a program, a structure that can withstand change, which is myself being flexible enough to accept what is here, deconstruct and reconstruct within an awareness that all things must be considered on this machine, this earth, to make sure that no part is left in chaos, that no part is left behind, so that this earth can become heaven on earth.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to act in self interest, to want to bully my belief, me desires onto another.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to investigate what is formed here, and within this to realize that which does no harm.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that I am the consequence of what has been absorbed by me as my natural ability to take in the world around me, which has been going on for generations, and as such, there is no one to blame but myself for what i have accepted and allowed as belief, opinion and idea without real investigation in tandem with awareness of practical physical existence, the way and the means of life in expression, which is here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I can be bullied, as this is a separation from common sense, from taking the time, from slowing down and looking at what is here as belief, as a program, as a construct, and to use my observant ability to see directly as in taking in the form, assessing it, realizing it cannot define me, and yet I can become it, see it, and then to reconstruct in ways that consider all things, and that which does no harm.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to act in self interest as the ideas in and as my mind, as  a program that is of knowledge and information only, as I did not take the time to investigate all things, and that I allowed myself to fear, to become inferior to and as the life that is me that is able as myself as life to absorb the form and the function of an acknowledged mechanistic system within the understanding that to educate a child takes exposure to how here works, that a child is programmable.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear that what another thinks can define me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that an insight as an idea about what is here, limited or not limited ,if I should assess it, has the potential to define me, when it does not, as it is only me, looking at a shape, a form, a construct, and as such because I am so absorbent as myself as life, I can then change, thus a limitation of equal and one understanding of practical physical reality cannot define me unless I accept and allow it.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when I resist what is here, I spite myself as life, as I need not allow beliefs to define me, and I can change, thus I can accept a limitation and transform that limitation into greater awareness of practical reality as a system of form and function that is the expression and mechanism of life here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when I become constricted with conflict and friction within and as me, which can be felt as a heavy suppression, withholding of myself, as in not moving with a gentle ease, here, I am rejecting my own gift of and as life here, suppressing the life that is me, as the means to absorb reality, practical reality here, and as such self empower through the gift of life as myself in accepting perspectives, investigating and becoming aware of how here moves and expresses as life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that rejection is fear of loss, within oneself, often built of ideas that I have accepted and allowed to define me, which is myself stagnant, which is a separation from accepting the gift of life as myself able to absorb and this able to change.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize that so much of my imagination as myself as mind is in justifying my own comfortable self definition and that it was I that accepted and allowed this.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have limited myself through moving as an act of comparison of my self definition as my construct based on class, race, education, nationality instead of seeing that I built this of qualities that are not necessarily good or bad, simply limited, and that the very building of this reveals that I can change, and that I can absorb, and thus that I can become equal and one, with and as life, here as a physical expression, that changes and reforms and thus, is creation, which only I can make the decision to become equal and one to and as, which is accepting myself as life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have be-earthed myself as mind only, and to not have be-earthed myself as life, in respect of earth, the physical, the formation of life in expression, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear the metaphysical mental constructs of me and of  the HUEman, that are limited and thus in separation from life, as the physical , here.
When and as I find myself resisting the beliefs of of others, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I see realize and understand what I fear to lose as myself as a self definition, and I self forgive and ground myself here.
When and as I find myself reacting to a self definition of myself as not being immediately accepted I stop and I breathe and I slow myself down, and I realize that I can reform myself as insight as to what is believed here, as this cannot define me unless I accept and allow it, and I take in the parts and relate to the whole, which is going to take practice as I have not accepted this as me as a starting point, and I assess the parts, bring them forward, attend to them, and then relate them to earth, to the means of life, and I recreate the parts, into and as what is best for all, as what does no harm , as what self empowers as imparting a self directive capacity that sees directly here.
When and as I find myself believing that a moment defines me, I stop and I breath and I see, realize and understand that I can change with every breath, in every moment, as I can absorb what is here, which need not define me, and take that which is good and does no harm, to change as this is the ability of myself as life.
When and as I find myself moving in judgement of good and bad, which is energy manifest as thoughts of one thing being good and another bad, which is judgment, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I assess what i have deemed good and bad, an equation that is a false dilemma, as it takes parts and labels one as good and another as bad, because of a limited insight into practical reality, as the physical is life inFORMation, in expression, thus I slow down, realize the moment does not define me, and as such is not something to take personally, and I use the gift of myself as life, to change, and I look at what is here in form, be it as a limitation as a mind construct and I assess and change as in cross referencing physical reality to stand as that which supports life and as such can withstand the test of time, to allow myself to remain equal and one here, to be flexible, fluid and accepting of and as life here, which is me, and to realize that all that is here is me in another life.
When and as I find myself resisting, as in becoming tense within and as my physical body, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I ground myself here in the moment here, and I see, realize and understand what I fear, as what I have allowed  as a belief to be a judgment of a bad, and what I believe is a good that defines me, as a value judgement, and I forgive, I assess the whole and the parts in consideration of practical physical reality,to ground myself here, in common sense, in respect of and as life as the physical, as earth, thus I b-earth myself here.
When and as I find myself becoming a sense of resistance, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I ground myself in the moment here, and I asses what I am resisting, as what I have accepted and allowed as a belief and I do not allow myself to move into spite and blame in protection and self defense based on an idea, and I use my common sense to assess the parts and the whole, to see, realize and understand that which is best for all here, as that which does no harm and considers and respects all things as the physical, as this is the expression of life in creation.
When and as I find myself believing that I am inferior to here, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I assess what is here, as what I have allowed myself as mind to believe, where I resist through believing I cannot change and as such believe that  one moment can define me, when I can change, as in, assess, investigate and build understanding equal and one to life as the physical world here.
When and as I find myself acting superior, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I ground myself here, equal and one to and with the physical, as this is the way and the means of and as life information, in expression here, and I see realize and understand that I can change into and as the living word, as being equal in sound with and as the physical world here.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 596 The Misplaced Creative Ability of The Concrete Made Abstract. Self Forgiveness

I recently had an interaction with someone, where the creative ability of a person can take parts and create a picture, built of beliefs, and opinions and ideas, to construct a justification around having made a choice. If I look at this as an ability, it reveals how humans are creative, in that they take parts and create an abstract picture of the reality around them.
If this ability took into consideration that which allows this creative ability of constructing something as a picture as an idea, which is the physical world - our bodies, and included the practical reality of the physical in any taking-of-parts, which is “ critiquing” reality, or re-sunning reality” or bringing what is physically realized information as the physical into consideration as the qualities and building blocks of the physical world, then our reality would function in ways that cause no harm because the physical would be respected, in detail.
When we create a paper world where means are used to ostensibly expedite a norm, we allow externalities to be swept to the side, which is not looking at all the parts and as such causes aspects of the practice of living that is a physical way of moving here, to be forgotten, which means the physical world is ignored. A scenario that has a consequence of dis-integrating the physical. The physical world then becomes weaker and weaker and weaker. And we see this happening all around us. We can leave nothing behind, because all of it is the means of life. What is not in full potential becomes a fire that we end up trying to put out, and our attention is on this lack, which is not being attentive of the actual physical world overall. 
I within myself realize how this can happen. I was a child and I stopped suddenly and wanted to hide what I was doing, and to do this I focused on the words only of the adult in my world. As I walked a mind construct, this one little movement, was myself making a choice to attend to my own experiences, my own memory, my own abstract of a concrete world as the physical. Overall, this is not a bad thing, but when I ignore one thing, because I have an idea about it based on actions in the past, and then begin to manipulate what I focus myself on, then I have ideas about things and begin to reject aspects of reality based on ideas, and attend to reality in a way that suits my own ideas instead. This overall is myself no longer being transparent and open and equal in consideration of all that is the physical world. I am being selective, which is not bad, per say, but when done to manipulate what is a construction of belief in fear of being discovered because I have an idea about what that dis-covered thing may be considered as, then I am already building layers of lies, that become the focused being of myself. Thus I have begun to move as an ideological abstract that is in separation from practical reality. I am no longer equal to the physical, I am as such resisting life, because no real god would create something that does harm, a real god would be something that is by nature in all aspects creation. And what I have done, in my manipulations is taken life and my creative ability as life, and constructed an abstract of parts of life that is using creative ability and warping it into a personal alternate reality that is lost of its gift of common sense.
The only way out of this separation is to admit it. To forgive myself back to my own gift as life as my common sense, which is to focus on the physical world and realize the practical measure of it. And why, because this is alignment back into reality, where I reference the concrete world as life in-formation, and sense that which does no harm, which is what is best for all.
My manipulations, where I attend to some things to block my own actions from sight, because I had an idea about them based on an experience that was probably the same thing in another - and myself being a child who did not have the code as the words to sort this all out in clear and communicative ways,  became what I allowed as the measure of my memory, what I defined as the world around me. 
When I talk with others, having spent some time looking at this, I see this same thing going on in the words people speak. Overall this is a creative act as it is taking parts and creating new forms , but it is all done in protection and self defense for an initial separation that we all can realize and know we have accepted, but in actuality fear admitting to. The only solution is to forgive this separation and to come back down to practical reality, because this is the only way forward on earth.
Imagine when someone comes and apologizes for something that is realized to be a mis-take, we accept it when it is sincere. The problem is that we have a system that has become the manifestation of our own abdication of being equal to practical reality. As though each has done this for so long that it is imposed as a man-made system on earth. Thus, the system must change to allow each to forgive transgressions as abstract personas, to give the space and time to come back down to include the physical as life, equal to self and that creative ability, because the two are inseparable. 
Also, when one learns a bad habit, which in this case is a limited insight habit, and does not change, then that habit is what is consumed and becomes what one is, the change becomes harder because the groove has been set and to rebuild takes time and consistent corrective action/movement. the gift is the physical world in front of us, it centers us here, equal in consideration of all things as any real parent/god would want for their child.
If we look at our financial system, which is a rent seeking formation, it is us, manifested externally. What we hold onto as personifications as a collection of beliefs, opinions and ideas used to define us, where we hide from not having remained in practical equal consideration of all things in respect of the physical as life in-formation, as creation, then we are “ renting” qualities to define us, at the exclusion of respect of the physical world that is creation manifest and the gift of life in-formation. So, our financial system represents our separation and our attention to limited abstracts made larger than life as our mind.
And our governing system, is what we tout, what we pray for, but not what we actually live. It is what we say we are, but not what we actually do. it is the limited good sounding actions we tell one another, that we do in small measure to convince ourselves we are not that which we know we have accepted which is hiding from being equal to practical reality and trying to regulate our gains, hiding from considering all life, respecting all life which the physical is the expressive in-formation of and as. Just as our governments and financial systems are forms that are movements, so are we, and this system is what each has become within. so the projection that created the system, comes from each of us. If we do nothing to change ourselves and simply forgive a lack of perception that includes and respects the actual life in-formation as the physical then we ignore and as such destroy creation in-formation.
Thus the solution is that one must stop what one has accepted, has trained oneself as , as a collection of beliefs, opinions and ideas, that take one quality or aspect of reality, and aggrandize that aspect at the exclusion of other qualities and aspects of practical physical reality, and bring that back down to earth, because this is how we bring our own heavens as our abstract ideas about this concrete world, back into what is practical, and within this stop creating doom and gloom scenarios, because we fear to lose what is really an extremely limited acceptance of who we are.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to be flexible here, to not fear changing what I have accepted and allowed as an idea, belief or opinion about practical reality within and as me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to suppress my common sense ability, the gift of life in expression, in having the ability to look at the parts and the whole here, to see, realize and understand movements and actions that consider all things and take that which is good, which is a process of becoming aware and respecting all things as this earth is life in-formation.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize, and understand how I have manipulated myself as life to hide from actions that were in themselves actions based on limited/singular beliefs, based on ideas of good and bad, which is judgement, which is eating the apple of knowledge and information only and ignoring the tree of life that is what sustains and created that apple.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see realize and understand the mirage of  limited experience I accepted and allowed as an abstract of this concrete world, earth, that is life in-formation here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to bring one aspect of reality forward in and as my mind, and to accept this as having a value that I believed would define me and allow me to survive what I wanted to hide that was another form of judgement as deciding that there was a bad that would lead to a doom and gloom scenario, a “ what if” scenario where I acted in a self interest of limitation because I did not investigate all things and reality as that which was good and does no harm, in a practical physical world.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that what another speaks as an abstract imagery of a concrete physical world can define me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand how one small movement of separation in protection and defense, as an idea of a good and a bad, ends up limiting the very common sense of me as life, to be flexible/flowing/mutable in respecting practical physical reality, to consider and be thankful for that which is the means of myself in expression as life, which is the physical world, the tree of life, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe an abstract of a concrete world, of which the abstract used for its formation, is more real than the practical physical world, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as I believe the abstract, as what I have allowed to define me, I actually move into suppression of myself as life, and for this I forgive myself.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when I believe an abstract construction within and as a idea, belief opinion, within and as me, a emotional movement concentrated on hiding one thing and attending to another, as a value that I believe will protect me from what I had believed was a “ bad” then I am like a computer, turning off one thing and bringing forward another, not a bad when consistently cross referenced with reality, but a suppression and limitation when used to define me, causing pressure on and as my physical body, disrupting flow, blocking my own common sense as life, constricting the physical body, causing a dis-ease, as a mis-take with reality, and as such, something that can become a habit that will take time to realign back down to earth, back into being equal and one, respectful of practical physical reality, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow my mind to be greater than my heart, to not listen to here, to what is here, even as the separations of men as abstractions of this concrete reality as what the mind is an does.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that this abstract projection as mind can define me.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to become equal and one to the creative ability of myself as life, and instead to abuse this creative ability in ways of self interest only.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to realize what I fear losing as a self definition, and what I fear being defined as having accepted and allowed an idea that I cannot change when I am the one who accepted and allowed the mirage as mind, as my perception of my experiences that I defined myself as and feared changing because I allowed an idea as a desire to become larger than life, and as such did not walk the practical process of building awareness of the physical, which is respecting all life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the war on resource grabbing for rent seeking practices is an outward manifestation of what I have accepted and allowed within and as me, which has been happening for generations as this is what has been generated as an abstract in dis-respect of practical reality, and as such is an act of violence against life, thus for what I have accepted and allowed within and as me, a war that is the manifestation of conflict and friction against myself as life, I forgive myself.

When and as I find myself limiting the life within and as me, as my own expression, manifest as friction and conflict within as back chat of judgement as mind, as thoughts, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I see realize and understand the values as the parts brought forward, attended to, and I cross reference the physical, practical reality, and ground the limitations back into what would withstand the test of time, to realize two or more in my name builds awareness and respect of that which is life in-formation which is  the physical, which is earth, the hearth, the heart, of life and thereby grounding myself here.
When and as I find myself beginning to doubt myself  I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I ground myself here, to practical reality, to consider all things, and to take that which is good, to stand equal to what supports the expression of myself as life, which is the physical that is life in-formation which is to bring what I believed was a heaven as value judgements as mind in self interest, instead of in the value being life, to align myself equal and one to and as life, to pass through the eye of the needle which is the physical.
When and as I find myself becoming a movement of comparison, as the thoughts of good and bad in and as my mind, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I look at the fear of what I have allowed as the so-called bad that I reject and resist  and I stop and I look to what I fear losing as a self definition of and as me and what i believe I will gain as a desire, and I forgive my accepted habit of value judgment, and I take the good and the bad judgments and realize my imagination of gloom and doom as fear of loss, and I ground myself here to express the practice of life as the physical in-formation, enjoying being in life expression as what I am as a physical being here.
When and as I find myself reacting as in becoming tense within and as me, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I see, realize and understand that I am becoming conflict and friction within and as me, that is in effect emotional/feeling bodies built of ideas, as accumulated  thought, as judgments  of qualities that are from the physical world that I believe will cause a loss should I not be defined as them as I have allowed rent seeking practices as limited value self definition only,  as I react to the words of another as their constructions of belief taking this personally instead of seeing this for what it is, a projection of values only on a physical world as life in-formation, I stop, I breath I ground myself here, as I realize that nothing defines me but what I accept and allow, here.
When and as I find myself taking things personally, I stop and I breath and I reference, respect the practice of physical manifestation of life in-formation and I see, realize and understand an expression of and as me as what is best for all, as taking that which is good as that which is practical, measurable as relating and respecting life in-formation as the physical here, to stand as that which is supportive of life, where life is the value.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 595 Heaven would be Earthed.

I recently had some problems with my identity and my bank account. During the process, there were a series of steps to take to stop a certain action from happening. Unfortunately, the sequence as the minute steps taken caused the undersired action to happen.
Looking at the steps and wanting to realize what and where such a thing could have happened, I had to slow down and look at the form, and the parts of this form and see how they moved, like looking at all the different rhythms moving in a musical piece. If one step was a tiny bit off, then the whole lost its footing. Each part has to be able to hear the other parts in order for the overall sound to be steady and even.
In this instance, and this is the present state of bureaucracies in this system, especially with the conflicting forms as what government say they are, and the very nature of the structure of a usury, rent seeking, wealth accumulating system as our financial system, the parts are not connected and  as such not in sync with one another causing delays and mis-steps and any number of imbalances, and then being so busy putting out the fires that synchronization moves very slowly, or never is reached at all.
Ironically, the within, as what we believe we are as the words we tout as this system, and the form with which each has access to needs, as this financial system, are not in sync, they are as a consequence, in separation.  Structurally, things are in place to correct, but this is slow and occupies resources, labor resources, so progress is really slow, and in reality, there is too little done to make use of technology to automate corrections, which could be done. But then again,  if technology could monitor how things move, then the financial system would no longer flow in rent seeking ways because the tech could be used to distribute and cover all costs, and the end of wealth accumulation would naturally ensue. We could vote to have carefully crafted programs govern us, making sure that what we created from resources would include all costs to maintain the environment, of which the human is a piece of the mechanism that enables a process of ordering this world.
Yes, technology could be used to synchronize all physical material needs, without human intervention, ensuring that the physical world were in an order that caused no harm to any living thing. Sound like a sci-fi novel, but considering we have power addictions, resplendent in our so-called representatives, it would not be a bad idea to have a governing system that distributed our goods and services and monitored the synchronization of distribution and the required care of side  effects of resource extraction on earth, for example.
Since we humans have allowed separation from our own common sense, we can use technology to refocus us back into what would be best for us and this physical world that is the manifestation of life, because the technology could be set on one level, to order the flow, as money, to and towards supporting what supports physical beingness  before any excess that polarizes  circulation and causes  suppression that is simply a lack of what is needed to reach a full potential inherent in form, ensuring the symbiotic/structural rebalance of each environment, to keep earth in sync in terms of making sure no harm comes to any life form. The outcome would be a product that humans would stand and wonder why the value being life had not been the principle followed from the beginning of time. It would be like waking up from a dream centuries and eons long. To put it simply, heaven would be earthed

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 594 The resiliency of silence

Trying to cover too much ground at once.

I notice that I don’t always “ pan out”.  I tend to focus on one thing, and forget to notice the world around me. But this is like a tunnel vision, one that zeros in on what catches my eye. So, how do I slow down and pull back and take in more of the actual world around me, not fearing to “ not” focus in a narrow way, in a tunnel way?
It is not that narrowing in on something is something that does not have benefits,  but when this becomes a behavior that can not in a moment change from that narrow focus to the sum of the parts, that mistakes through ignorance can accumulate, because not everything is considered.

Physically, I notice that I am becoming far sighted, because my near sightedness is not as good as it used to be. It is like my physical body is telling me to look outward more, because I am burning out the use of near sightedness.

This must be from a desire to control, and yet it is the opposite of control, because real “ control” of myself as I live life here, is to consider that which is near and that which is far, and all that is in-between.

This moment here, can be eternal, meaning there is enough space here, for me to change from a narrow focus to a broader focus within this physical world, in flexible ways. I am the stuff of resiliance, which is somewhat like re-silence, meaning to move from a point of silence, as no judgement, and gently, without reaction, accept the world around me as the physical. In this I do not resist and as consequence see directly with resolution in every breath.

But what was it that I wanted, as was the intent of the narrow focus, an ignorance of the sum and the parts as one?
The narrow focus was about ideas I looked for, something exciting that would open some kind of magical discovery.  I mean this in itself is a distraction. 

What if the real self as me, was naturally resilient, as resilient as water? And it was only belief  that was myself  in resistance to change? And, would I not be, if I became like water as the real substance of me as life, really really living the most “ amazing” multidimensional physical full sensory “ video” game ever ever ever?

Did not someone say, one had to pass through the “ eye of the needle” and could he not walk on water? What does one do when one changes from swimming to hiking, or playing an instrument, or meeting a friend? Are these all not changing the measure and form or direction of oneself within? Have we, a humans, not become extremely limited in our abilities as this? Is it not time to realize the full spectrum of this ability and realize our full potential? Would this not create heaven on earth? It is time to change our economic structure, to one that actualizes  a systemic form that leaves no one behind, and supports all life, as life is the value and the fun.