Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 420 Common sense is in the world, we need only place it into a structure.

I was out in my busy summer community today. I had a moment to talk with two different couples. One man had heard of Bernard Poolman, so we talked and he said he was going to look more into this, which I thought was cool. Another couple who had run a business for years, expressed that they realized there was a need to create a social dividend, a basic income grant that supported people, and what was interesting is that they made a point to say that it had to be enough to provide shelter, enough food and even transportation. Within this, they said that the conversations they had on FB were of disbelief that the American government was not getting to the point of understanding this choice. This second couple, even admitted that those in the ivory tower simply did not want to give up their power and their money. That this position came before a realization that with the amount of automation going on, a system of support must be placed, as this was the only solution. The conversation then went onto talk about the complacency of the American people who had the means to stand and change the system. What I thought was cool about this was that at least when being out in public and talking with people, there appears, from this singular incident, that some common sense amongst people is being expressed.
I also talked with a group of Hispanic people this week. I explained in simple terms, as well as I could, about how we as humans have a natural learning ability that is our common sense, and that this is what enables us to be mutable within understanding the whole of existence, instead of existing within limited dimensions of reality as idea, belief and opinion as mind. One woman was staring at me with these huge eyes, I said to her, is what I am saying what you have wanted to say placed in very simple clear terms, and she looked at me and said, yes. Perhaps it is me, I am no longer so caught in the emotional storm of the mind, and for this I can only thank Bernard Poolman and all destonians and my thanks is to share this as this is the only choice: to give as I have received. 
Our common sense is like the volume of life moving within the violin/instrument of the physical body, where the words are the structural keys to communicate life, kind of like placing a finger on a string to create a sound, a variation of sound, to express here,  if our words answer to a lesser god as idea as picture as mind, then we are not equal to being a clear, fully focused volume of life as common sense here, expressing directly with the physical. The mind, when allowed to be real as a picture of a dimension of here made huge, becomes a judgement of a more than and a less than when followed as reality, creating a bad that is rejected, thus creating polarities and division from what is real, the physical, life. Thus the segment, as idea, must be brought back and placed with physical reality in every breath to equalize self with life, with the physical, to aid in becoming an absolute purpose as life, here. As this, it would be realized that there is no such thing as rejection of life there is only the volume of what is best for all, the within being equal to the without as the physical world. Thus all thoughts , and the accumulation of thoughts, as emotions and feelings, are storms in the teacups of ourselves as life, that need only be brought back into common sense of physical reality. 
Support a Living Income Guarantee to get the ecology, as us, equal to the economy, and clean up the mirage of the mind accumulating into the physical causing disease and behaviors of lack as what having allowed the mind to be more than life has created, and equalize yourself to life, this is what has been sought, and the gift of this is right here in front of us, we need only accept it and realize how we have separated ourselves from the physical, from life. DIPLite. It is free. Check out the interviews on Eqafe, explaining the consequence and history of humanity in separation from life.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 419 The superstition of power

I am reading Nicholas Shaxson’s Poisoned Wells. He discusses Exxon Mobil going into Equatorial Guinea to extract oil from the coast. When this company goes in ( this American company,  or originally an American company, realized in what was/is considered a country that promotes democracy, or equality and liberty as its guiding principles, this that this country says it wants to bring to the world,  this corporate body made up of men)  they do not get involved in the countries politics, even when they are obviously abusive. They actually use the ignorance of the people in their favor, setting up transactions of payment that bring as much as any principle of the money involved back to themselves. Thus, what superstitions exist within the country they are seeking contracts from to extract resources they use in their favor. I mean, is this democratic? Is this bringing democracy to another country? How can an American company from a country that screams one idea of what it is all over the world and allow corporate structures that in practice only seek profit, disregarding the state of the country? This would mean that the only time a country is attacked, within this practice of profit before democracy, is to forcibly control resources or to create a platform for an action that would bring profit, such as war. America says it is one thing and does another, and within this I mean the corporations that originated in America. The appearance of democracy has been used to take from somewhere else in self interested greed. I wonder how many pensions are tied up in this, and thus support this. This would mean that this act is each of us. I mean, if you are in the service industry, who can afford you? A degree of separation is still a link is it not?
The leader of this country, and I am not going to say the name because it is the action as belief that reveals the state of superstition here, had imprisoned a man who had lead an army to capture another man in this leader’s self interest. When this person who had lead the army had achieved his goal, he was then considered a threat by the leader of the country and was consequently eventually beaten to death. What is believed to have happened next was that this  successful soldier was eaten so that his “ success” could be transferred into others. The leader of this country, that was being raped financially by an huge corporation, was so rife with superstition that he killed and ate one of his servants around him that had carried out his demands with success. Success in another human became a threat and was also something to eat. This was how the power of another was dealt with. Incredible.
What a layered mess of greed and abuse. It really is the same act, both cases. The American company grabbing energy in the form of oil, and the leader grabbing energy in the form of eating the flesh of another. Both are the act of eating the flesh of life, of earth, without any regard for the physical world and how it functions. When the energy corporations suck every last inch of oil out of the earth, will the flesh of earth be a dead as the man killed? Do we really know what the long tern consequences are of sucking all the oil out of the earth?
At one point in this book, it is mentioned that oil is like a free for all, something that can be picked up “ off the street” and sold. But is it really? How can something that is a part of the earth, that we understand nothing about, really be free? It cannot, and the voice of greed bullying such descent down cannot change this fact. If humans cannot create practices and governing forms that do no harm, then the controls being placed are having to be done because what is here is not understood, which means that what is here has not been looked at.
The desire for power is because here is not being understood. We tend to think that the behavior of lack is the fault of the form, but it is the other way around. The behavior of lack is because the form is not understood and thus allowed to move to understand itself as how it functions. Ideas of how something should be are not the act of really looking at what is here and allowing that form to function as itself. 
So, power is the disease of self understanding, and not in some abstract sense, what I mean is the form reveals the function. Eating off of the earth for money to give you some special power, and or eating the flesh of another to give you some special power are the same things, both are not using the power of self as life, as the form of self as life, living here, interacting with what is real here, as the structure of physical existence, this being the cutting edge of simply being an expression of life, learning to move and understand as a creation of physical being. So, basically, one form of superstition is believing itself to be more than another form of superstition. Incredible.
I am such an ignorant American, really.
And I grew up thinking American industry was like a “ god”, well it was, it was a very diseased and jealous god, hungry for power because it ignored reality, ignored physical reality believing there was a more than what was right here as what we are, right here in front of us, the physical existence of creation. 
Thus, behaviors of wanting power are really behaviors of lack of understanding here, a lack of being here, really looking at here. They are behaviors of believing that control and excessive materialism is control, when it is not. Control means being able to move with the form of here, in understanding. If here, this physical existence were understood and each physical thing used as its name as it form, then earth would be heaven on earth as there would be no need to use force.
The superstition is that a more than comes from without, when a more than comes from within, as us being equal and one to the very physical form as what we are.
As what now is allowed, as money that represents resource and human effort, being funneled to a few lost in superstition,  where what is good feeds an idea of more and what is bad threatens that idea, or is in the way of the idea being fulfilled, must stop. It is ignoring what is real and it is abusive to life, forcing the expressions of life, as the form of here, into conditions that cause incredible abuse and pain. There is no gain in pain. None. There is gain in careful discipline, but not in pain.
Bombing Syria is a crime, and there is no justification for it. none.
Allowing corporations to move as profit under the guise of democracy is a crime.
The way out of this has been given. It is to implement a Living Income Guarantee. Martin Luther King was  a man who looked at racism all his life, and at the end of his life he realized that there would be no equality until there was economic equality. This point of equality is where we realize that the physical has basic needs to stand as itself and have the time to understand itself and develop itself. There are men who have taken the time to understand here, the opportunity to understand here. The first lightbulbs, for example, lasted 100 years, so we can figure out how to make things that last, and so use less resources, use less labor time, and thus allow each time to support the community of earth and have time for self development. 

We know that monoculture crops do not work, they do not yield more than agricultural practices that do not harm the land and we know that nutrient dense whole foods that are not irradiated are supportive. And we know that e-coli bacteria is always present in the gut of a cow, it is when it gets out of balance  that this imbalance then effects the environment. Perhaps we can get to a point where we can work with the physical but we cannot until we understand it, and only make a change when such is very carefully monitored to not cause harm to any part of physical existence. As long as profit for a few exists, what is best practice will not be the chosen method, because what is best practice can only be what is best for all, which means we have to understand the physical, which means allowing the physical to understand itself as what is is as form, to do this we must stand equal to the physical. And we have not done this, all we have to do is look around, and this becomes obvious.
So, Americans must stop “ eating “ the bling of fame, as a more than. Those who are in the spotlight have simply had some opportunity for development. Chasing the bling with the attention of ourselves is not going to transfer that development onto us. Development comes from within, as self direction, as self honesty, which means equalizing oneself to here, to what is physically practically here.
Walk the process of self forgiveness, writing and self corrective application, to understand the superstitions as idea, belief and opinion made bigger than reality, to bring yourself back down to hear here, the physical. Stop racing in your mind, being an emotional storm of separation, and ground yourself. Desteni I Process Lite. The Journey to Life.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 418 Africa in America? Fracking in Texas Profit inversion America Style

It is amazing to see the consequences of fracking play out in Texas. A small town no longer has enough water. And despite this, the fracking trucks collecting water for fracing continue, serving the problem of  profit before life disregarding the environment and the people - which means the plants and the animals because they all depend on water to live too. This is similar to practices in Africa, rape the land, force the people to follow money flow which is leaving the natives to fend for themselves - with nothing, as their livelihood no longer exists, and then blame them for their state of existence.
Of course, there is also drought and the communal use of water by the community, which functioned but with the advent of fracking, which uses massive amounts of water, the town has been sucked dry. The media and stories broadcast make huge communal use, or global warming and belittle the presence of extreme distortion, in this case, fracking. Yes, in every way, there are probably ways to improve water usage. Limiting and distorting reality is not one of them. And a body of people who are not educated to look at the whole, but to become emotionally reactive as what drives them, can be manipulated. Perfect breeding ground for abuse. Unacceptable. This is why economic support no -matter-what is so important, it removes the fear of loss, allowing more insight.
What also happens is those with wells, start selling the water on their land to the fracking industry, so, economically what is left to get money to survive is to continue what is causing the problem in the first place that is disregarding life, to sell water to the energy industry. I mean, what good is resourcing energy solutions if there is no longer any life left to use that energy?
The play out in this town is simply a micro picture of what is happening on the world stage, the rape of resource for money without any consideration and respect for the earth from which it comes, so much in separation is man from practical physical reality.
Obviously, fracking must end or be so limited that it eventually is no longer needed or practiced. Efforts must be made to support life before profit, and practices that do no harm to the physical earth must come before profit.

This means that this profit based system must end, by nature it has created a survival game that is monopolistic, meaning its policy of profit as a directive has no built in care for life, for earth, despite what is “said” by politicians that we accept when we place them in office. It is a disease on earth causing disease, spreading a dis-ease of lack. If we continue to say that this system is impossible to change, we must look at what we are really saying: we are saying that we fear to step outside of this systemic box and stand beyond a state of I - am - possible only, this “ state” that is fearing to move forward in common sense and becoming the possibility of ourselves as life in fruition. It is possible to change.
It must also be realized within this, that as children we were inundated with the idea of a super hero, “ the one” coming to save us, that only a few can reach any extraordinary development. As we are able to be impulsed, which is why media and advertising is so successful, it must be realized that within this system of profit, the impulses would misdirect, misinform in the order of profit for a few as money before life. The consequence of this is happening in Texas.
It is astounding to see the superhero ideology play out in watching these ranchers sitting around a picnic table praying to a superhero for salvation while the fracking industry is preying on the land right there in front of them. They are good subjects of the misinformation, they have accepted the diminishment a distraction from physical reality would create. Not realizing that the real gift of life is right there as them, as their ability to use common sense in understanding the physical world, to stand equal to the physical world and create with and as it, to build heaven on earth, as the words of their “savior” gave as the real gift, the living practical word, to bring that imagined world back down to earth in common sense with physical reality. After all physical reality is what supports us, it is what is real, and those who are losing their water to the greed of systemic profit are witnessing the effects of a taught misinformation that serves a lesser god.
Time to stand up and use our common sense. Time to put an end to abuse of earth. Time to realize a profit based system does not function in common sense ways. Time to realize that what is here has been developed by generations of hands of men, that no man is an island, that what goes in is what comes out. TIme to realize that we are the gift of life, as what we are, in form and function, and that this is one and the same as any real parent would give, the ability to stand as life, equal and one to and as it.  Time to remove the limited ideas of belief that just because one sits at one point of organization of earth, as in congress, does not mean that this position is more than any other because all points support life. Within this, a congressman or any other point on this grid, believing that more of the trust of earth belongs to them than another is an illusion, as taking the resources of earth via money is collecting the welfare of earth, no different than anyone else. And with the amount of automation created by all men, past and present, no one or few men, really can say that they created anything. The “ well fare” of earth belongs to all, in all common sense. The only way for common sense to reign is for the many, the collective to stand and implement common sense through placing policies that are the voice of common sense. And since the voice of dis-information reigns at present, the voice of common sense will have to be done by many many many people. If we want the sound of common sense to be what informs us, then we must stand and be it. All of us. Realize that protesting with little pictures on signs is in essence another form of prayer, it is not actively standing and creating systemic structural change, it is asking another entrenched in limited belief to change and if you were at the top would you change?
Get involved with a solution that makes sense of this world. Support a Living Income Guarantee. Respect those who came before us and those who are yet to come. Respect earth, it is life.
bring yourself back into a perspective that considers all life, as it the natural ability of you as life, that which is a distortion of misinformation, your consciousness. Forgive yourself back to yourself as life, whole and accepting of the sensation of the gift of life as the physical earth, through self forgiveness, writing and corrective application to deconstruct the mechanism of separation as limited values taught and reconstruct yourself equal to life, to become equal within and without, which means to be here, in absolute focus as self equal and one to and as life, to become a living word. The tools are here. DIPLite. It is Free

Sunday, August 25, 2013

DAY 417 Common Sense is Our Natural Learning Ability

All children are born with an ability to sense the world. They start ordering this world, sensing its structure with their very physical bodies, the tool to sense this world. This is why they start putting things in their mouths, to sense the texture, the shape, the size, all the qualities that an object of substance consists of and as. Slowly this builds into clear structures and awareness of properties of this physical geometrical world.

As well,  the child senses their own physical body and the way and means of movement within that form. This then leads to learning words. Words are structures that define the space of here, that describe the qualities of here. In Iceland, I believe there are many words for the various formations of water turned into a solid, and if one is born into this culture, one is taught how to read the solid water on the landscape. Important for survival in such a world.

But what if a world in which one lived, presented a limited expression of self? What if a world where a few owned what is freely given and with this form an added structure of power and control, taught a limited vocabulary that adhered to the values focused upon in self interest for the maintenance of that control and power? If words are keys to expression, then words can be impulsed within limited actions available to survive, diminishing the common sense, the natural learning ability into an arena that is of limited values and because the values are limited, not necessarily good or bad, but limited, the child becomes limited in their expression and thus their understanding of this geometrical world, where what is here as the physical world makes sense when investigated.

But this is the problem, if the actual real physical world were what we were taught to read, we would understand this world. Instead we are taught to read behaviors of values as a personification of what serves power and control, instead of community with physical reality. If we understood physical reality before behavior to a central power, we would have the power of ourselves as our natural learning ability to realize the movement and function of this real, supportive physical world. In being impulsed to read the venue of a form of power and control as the without as us, we take in following an idea over the power that is innate within us to read and understand physical reality. We give our power away to a directive created with what is the directive, our natural learning ability, and we allow this to be the following of and as ourselves, a second hand. Another cannot direct the object of ourselves here because they are not here on our ground, they are there on their ground, thus their directive will be of a limited perspective. This is why there are many men, to allow the expression of men to be on earth to see what is physically happening on earth. If we are taught to read this physical earth, we must then value the ground on which we stand, then we will not only come to understand but also take actions that do no harm  to that on which we stand. A centralized power loses contact and thus common sense of the physical. Just think of all the bureaucracies that layer a state of confusion which is really to hide the lack of perspective from a central power because that central power has no sense of physical reality, being lost in directing and believing that they must control which is ourselves fearing our common sense and abdicating ourselves as life, ironically that which we end up longing for. And when the control does not go according to plan, more controls are placed. We keep doing more of the same expecting a change, when more of the same does the same. Those with the control and idea of power do not realize that it is the non development of man as the perfect tool to read the physical that when developed to read the physical geometrical world would become the structure that understands the physical and moves with and as it in common sense. It is like the tools are here right in front of us and they are of much greater ability than anything man has built, and yet we deny them, so great is our separation from reality. An evil, as it is the opposite of “ live.” Just read the news, the play-out is all there. And it is a crime to not look. All actions of blame are an abdication of self responsibility. Self responsibility is innate as our common sense, right here in front of us as us, thus self responsibility is common sense and this would be solution, absolutely. It is right here, right in front of us, and it is what is real. Consciousness/mind is the story of our separation. 

The answer is not in putting up more signs, the answer is in developing the carrier of common sense: man. Thus human “ rights” would “ right” the world, as man would be able to read the physical. No longer would abnormal behaviors be directives, the directive would be equality with physical reality. Ideas about the physical, limited perspective, that are in essence abnormal behavior, would end as they would be balanced out in common sense with physical reality. The rape of children would end. Starvation would end, we need only accept ourselves as life, take up our common sense, as this is the principle of what is best for all.

The physical world is a brilliant design, because it does not allow a centralized power, it gives the power of creation to all, it gives the very substance of creation, which is real power, through the total fabric of the physical reality, to enable it to work with what causes no harm to any part, thus things that form are what is best for all, sustaining a state of balance. When this power is made second hand, this second hand cannot choose what is best because it is not equal to all parts, it has taken on a value of being more, of believing itself to understand, when as its very starting point is of a separation. Thus, by giving/allowing natural common sense to all of life, as the forms created working together,  the total functions.

This is why a Living Income Guarantee will begin to “ right” the fabric of earth and begin to remove abnormal behaviors that are not in accord with respect for all life, that are not in accord with causing no harm. We have been behaviors of survival for so long, stepping out of this habit may seem like a death, when all it is, is stepping out of a limitation and back into our natural learning ability to structure this world into an order that understands the myriad qualities of the physical world and “ plays “ with then to express creation, a much more fulfilling state of being than a lesser substance, known as energetic movement, as emotions and feelings that are the accumulation of limited values as thoughts of dictate to serve a lesser god of centralized power that is by form and design in separation from physical practical understanding of this geometrical able-to-be-read world. It can be realized within this that the present structure is a crime against life. Period. Thus a change into a system of equality, is really just coming home. What we have all been seeking.
Stop the paranoia of unknowing common sense, start self forgiveness and self corrective writing yourself back into and as yourself as life, your gift of life, your common sense, your natural ability as life. Time to stop the mind, we need to get this world into its natural order, life. This is FREE
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 416 Imagining Outcomes

So, all this stuff is going through my head, my consciousness, my selected values, for survival, my separation from my own common sense as life. I am constantly organizing, and then imagining outcomes, what I will say, how it will end, and meanwhile I am not here. I miss because I am not listenting with my natural ability to learn, my common sense, this that is the gift given to become one and equal to and as life here. It is humble, it does not fear loss, because it is life, it enjoys interaction, to give as one would like to receive, and I have allowed a picture in and as my mind to be a clutter of judgement, of what is more and what is less, constantly weighing through limited knowledge and information that is what serves an idol, a lesser god, an imagined god no one has ever seen because it does not really exist, only in the paranoia of the unknown as what the mind is, only in the voices in and as the mind, our judgements, constantly seeking self validation, telling stories to substantiate the story of survival, that is the separation, as limited ideas, opinions and beliefs. False idols, and we were told that this had to be brought back to earth, the malinged aligned with physical reality, with earth, as the physical world is what is real, it is here,  the biggest commodity created has been religion, relying on an image and not what is real. Thus what is real is taken, while we prey to a false god. And now we pray, to an idea of a more than, a consumerist more than, while men have to work in conditions where they must wear diapers to maximize efficiency. If we don’t want this to happen to us, then it is unacceptable, especially for a few having excessive “ more than” others, there, in all common sense, is no greater crime, it is a logic of insanity, there really is no other name for it. I have said this to people, and they get really reactive, it is astounding to watch, either this or  the “ I know, it is really sad.”   This would be a consciousness response, as this is lack of all spatial ability, the ability to see the form and function of this earth and the accepted and allowed systems, that can, when looked at with common sense, change. It is only the idea that something is far away, or not real because it is not on my street that it does not exist. This is a lack of being aware of this world, this is a lack of common sense. The interaction between people, as relationships, and getting ahead, within money determining life, create the interaction between men and woman for sex and for money a huge thing, a distraction to occupy so that what is happening on this planet is not realized. Each of us are to blame for accepting this. We are the evil of self interest, the allowance of the inner rest of us to be on blowing reality out of proportion. 
I have to slow myself down to get out of the bling of excitement taught and walk in common sense here, realizing I can only be in one place at a time, bringing back the habits of character in self interest into and as what is best for all, as this is the only choice, this is how heaven is brought to earth, this is the point where life can begin, equalizing self to everything, not just a picture show in and as the mind. Of course the only choice is to equalize everything as being the value, as respecting everything that is here, and realizing that what we have put out as mind has influenced the physical, as the physical is the manifestation of life, we warp reality when we believe that one thing is more than another, as we separate ourselves from the very substance of life, this that is common sense, how else can creation really exist? Creation would have to be common sense, the ability to sense what is here, otherwise there would be no creation. Thus the false god of good and bad, of more than and less than would, in common sense measure substance into a working form, with care, without harm, as the very substance is the value, thus any abuse on earth is a separation from common sense and a maligned sound, discordant with life. 

Greed is the discord, it is “ gain read” of the physical, instead of common sense of the physical. Greed is a dis-ease with life, it is not human nature, as human nature in children is not burdened with the measure to justify greed, they have no religion, they have no words, they have no gender bias, this is all placed into them, instead of themselves developing their common sense as life. What the highest abilities that men have achieved exist as is what humans are capable of, and thus to deny development is a crime, we cannot blame those in lack, because their lack is locked in place through absence of development. This system of inequality to common sense, to the rights of life to have what is needed to be the full potential as life, has been going on for so long that those who are extreme behaviors of survival are such because they were denied their right as life, as a physical being that requires certain basic needs to reach understanding and responsibility. Can’t expect a starving dog to be a dog, they cannot do it, because the physical does not have the support, and that dog cannot be blamed or called stupid, it is the human calling the dog stupid that is the problem, this is human lacking all common sense. Blame and spite lead no where, it is more of the same behavior of separation. This must be realized to the extent that every breath is directed towards changing this system to one that supports all life, as the physical being what is life, until it is done, this means supporting a Living Income Guarantee until it is done. This means putting an end to war, and the games of war, creating terrorist atrocities and building a story of blame on factions, a smoke and mirrors show in greed, done by those with the money, as who else has the means to create the machines of terror? If the governments have the means to survey everything, and they are placing heads of corporations into government office, then they are all in on the terror, it is not the common man doing this, the common man wanting to enjoy his children, does not have the means, it is this present system that is the terror and we all participate when we continue to support it!  he minions must realize that this has gone too far, and that inequality does not function as a supportive system. A new structure must be placed on earth, and the power is in the many. I mean, why do you thing that the fairy tales in childhood, told in various forms again and again, over and over, are about heros, a singular hero coming and saving the day: Because this builds a belief that ONE is going to come and save us, so we don’t have to do anything. The perfect illusion to enslave the common sense of the human, the understanding that it is the common sense of the collective that is the real power. And yet each of us followed this because it was an ego within us, we lit the fire that now burns as the system. The power is us, each of us, as life to use our innate common sense! We can only be in one place at a time, but our ability to be everywhere in every moment is through an understanding of physical reality, which requires us to use the very substance of ourselves as our common sense, the very building block material as what we in essence are Can’t imagine this, have to be it. In this we are all equal, in this we are life, in this we can choose to stand and be the creators that we are as this, and the fun would be in doing this together, as a collective of beautiful machines, with individual signatures, moving together as life, here, where what is best for all would be the choice, because it would be common sensed. The real god is the very substance of the physical, coming from nothing, into expression as life, thus all of the physical is life. To abuse any life is to abuse self. 
I mean really. Common sense is alignment with life. It is the natural learning ability of each of us. Common sense would always direct within what is best for all, as what is best for all is understanding the physical, being equal and one to and as physical existence.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 415 The within is separate from the without. A Paranoise of the Unknown

If I allow the emotional/feeling body to become the directive, a game of matching the parts selected as self definition to substantiate ones global positioning system of limited values in totality, this that separates the use of self as a natural sensor, a natural learning ability, to realize the geometrical design of the physical reality, where instead of being here, I/we have constructed a limited value system based on cultural pasts and present systemic design on inequality, to survive. This is what becomes the concrete mind, so to speak, at seven, where we slow down and begin to direct ourselves based on a limited value system that is not, as parts, good or bad, but still, limited and in separation from sensing here, physical reality. This construct is a disconnect from our natural sense as life, our natural reader of physical form and design without judgement, as with practicality, and abdicate ourselves into directives to survive within a system that has been built from each of us having chosen a limited picture as mind as being more than reality. We have created false idols as ideas and judgements as one thing being more than another, and warped them into something to emulate and follow, instead of remaining equal and one to physical manifestation. We are, all of us, in essence walking judgements, we are de-manned, we are demons, abusing physical reality because we believe we are more than this that builds what we construct into ideological states of being, when the real state of being is here, one and equal to and as physical reality.
Thus, when our emotional/feeling states to not find a match, we have a hard time communicating. and this varies by degree in all manner of ways, creating all the misinformation touted by media, that causes so much abuse on earth, that creates so much lack, so much devastation. Our greed is us in a state of separation from practical physical reality. The only way back to life is to equalize with the physical, the bring back into alignment with what is real, what is so varied, so abundant, so giving, so clear geometrically, as this actual physical world.  Our emotional/feeling bodies are the accumulation of our separation, and they drain the physical as self, to maintain the illusion of limited value, and thus we age, become a “ wick” of our formal selves as life, because we did not use ourselves as life, we used an alternate reality created as mind, as consciousness, of limited selected values to define, an entity projected that sucks in what built this, as our natural learning ability, our common sense, our substance as life, our forgiving selves. We in essence rejected life for value judgements. And we were told not to do this. We were told to give as we receive, which is giving as ourselves as what we are as life, this that builds the ideological self.
Some may say, I have not done this, were this true than you would have become as Bernard Poolman, and realized that there is no choice but to clean all of this up. And since you did not become this, you are not equal and one to and as you as life, this substance that built the personification that consumes the flesh that supports you as life, the gift to realize and become equal and one to and as life. So, within the gamut of variation by degree, with all possible ways and means of measure, the development of men is within a very limited gamut of expression as life as what is possible for mankind to be and become. Within this, there can be no gurus, because the only choice is to allow each and everything here to be and become itself as life, as this is how the universe becomes a verse of life, each part functioning in its full potential, which is a capacity to understand the very essence and substance of what we all are which is life. Everything can develop an awareness as being self directive as the substance of life, here, as sensing life as life. This self that is there under the construct of limited values that is self in constant measure of good and bad, as we accepted and allowed instead of the tree of live the belief that choosing good and bad, was a choice, when it in totality was the choice of separation. Thus we move as good and bad, a constant measure of right and wrong, balancing our selves via values judgement, instead of physical reality exhibiting form and function, we rejected the structure of life, of the physical for an imposed structure of lack. If we continue to blindly accept the present system, we are the abusers of what abuse exists on this world. What must be done is to look at the abuse that exists and no longer accept it, because the acceptance of what is abusive, is a rejection of life. 
I can see where my own constructed value system I allow myself to focus as, makes communication here with physical reality so difficult, because I cannot move, as my concrete mind values system consumes me, and I have no space to be here, to move with physical reality in constructive ways. And I become frustrated when my value system is not matched, or I remain within a limited social strata, limiting myself as life, never really living because I am so busy projecting I am not here. Them I blame that which is without, outside of me for not matching me, for not being equal to my inequality. I spite what does not meet my standards as my concrete mind, built in the first seven years of life by parents of same background, of same system of separation. All of this varying by degree and measure, some more capable than others or so it appears in youth, but in time the accumulation of limited values unequal to life substance dissipate the physical body, and thus we die from our mirage not having anything to burn anymore, and our lives are lived as projections instead of as life. And all the while the truth was right in front of us, our natural sensibility as life, is there under the voices of separation as thoughts touted again and again and again building and constructing our personalities, our characters in thought, word and deed, as what we have placed/selected within, of limited design, instead of becoming equal and one, respecting the physical, a life giving gift to equalize and realize the value of life, the expression of life.
Our stories are our separations, our system is our separation manifest. And as we die a wick consumed, so will this earth. It is time to realize ourselves as life, to stand equal and one in respect for this physical world, and bring a system that supports all life, to create a system that in design and structure gives as we receive from this earth, the physical support to be an expression of life. We need to bring our minds back down to earth, to realize the mind is dependent on earth, and simply takes a picture of life, it is not the thing to make idol, it is a false idol, what is real is physical reality. Thus, to allow any child to be sexually abused, any one on earth, is a crime against life, to allow any animal to be confined in a cage is a crime against life, to dis-allow development of full potential is a crime against life. To allow any politician to vote in self interest is a crime against life. To allow a system of usury is a crime against life. To allow monoculture is a crime against life. We are walking zombies of ideology before life. We are our own self created bubbles supporting this system of inequality, we are the people in the bubbles as shown in the matrix movie. We, humans are in separation from life, we are the abusers, we are demons.
Our emotions and feelings are our separations. our thoughts are the builders of this separation.
We accepted and allowed this, and we can stop. This appears hard to begin with, and it is a process, one I continue to walk, I mean , it took seven years to build this, so it is going to take time to deconstruct this. The tools are given by a man who walked this for all, and in the end he may never be remembered, nor any of us, but this does not matter, as what matters is that this mis-take is corrected, that we clean this separation and abuse up. To begin this would not be as difficult as we have been indoctrinated to believe, and as our constructs as mind would appear, it simply takes a steady and slow awareness of what we are behaving as in every breath we take. We can forgive our stories and realign them in common sense through voicing them through self forgiveness until they are no longer so huge, and thus with self corrective writing create a construct/structure that enables us to see here, to focus here, to once again begin to move here. It really is much lighter than carrying around an emotional/feeling body and incessant dialogue in and as the mind. When we exist as mind we are out of balance with life, and we visibly shake, like a vibrato, as we allow ourselves to exist within polarities of comparison, always measuring what is good and bad according to our limited value system, this inequality to here creates instability. If we slow down enough we begin to see this. Energy is heavier than sound/equality/life substance and yet less dense that physical reality.
Meanwhile, I have been walking around, understanding that something is out of whack so to speak- but not being able to pin point it, and even having said this, I realize that I have been so wanting to explain this that I create more ideas and run into friction and conflict as I face humans in separation protecting and defending their ideological selves, running into conflict as I do not match their emotional/feeling bodies as what they believe themselves to be in totality. It is like we are constantly running to validate our emotional/feeling bodies as built up ideas, instead of being at ease here, like real “ singing” here. In all this must be done, equalizing ourselves here.

Practically, this means changing the present system, to one that supports all life, equally. A living Income Guarantee is to allow the values created from limited resources, that will prove to be enough to support our physical selves to become the gift of full potential life expression,  as money, to be distributed to support each of us, eliminating so much behavior of frustration because of lack, and eliminating a huge bureaucracy that is  like a damn, but also stagnating the expression of those locked in a cage of pushing papers ( another form of waste). There are transport system that can certainly move what is needed to areas devastated by design to allow land grab ( as those indigenous peoples have lived there for eons and survived - why are they suddenly in starvation?)  for a destructive monoculture that moves principle value to a few, leaving the liability with the many ( and we are liable because we have accepted and allowed it through abdication as life- believing that representatives would chose what is best within a system of usury!), thus we can blame no one, and there is no time for blame because if we don’t get this earth in order, we will suffer the consequences of the abuse we have accepted and allowed, and ignorance of what is happening on this earth is no excuse.. This will also end the bully of war, which is another form of greed and unacceptable. Even if we ended the war/grab machine, there is enough to support life. There is no excuse for any of this. Time to become equal and one, responsible as life, in common sense, it is right here in front of us, we need only stand and begin the journey to life. 
Watch out for the shifting dimensions of knowledge and information presented that are misinformation. where, everything must be questioned.  The full story must be told. Just look at Fukushima, this is a disaster that is being hidden which is unacceptable,  because it damages the animals on this planet, where this being hidden is said to supposedly not cause havoc with the people, but in effect it is to protect profit before life. When disasters strike, people do stand up, but if they are hidden how can we stand up? Thus the main interest in hiding is to ensure profits, a crime against life. The same is done with massive starvation in Africa, there is no excuse why planes and support are not immediately sent, there is no excuse why bureaucracies say they have to have the “ right paper work” in order, this is a smoke screen of bullshit, which the leaders up the ladder are using as justification, where at the end of the story some peon is blamed, and supposedly justice has been served. An illusion, as that plane and that grain, of which there is more than enough, can reach those in need. What is in the way is the fear of loss of profit, I want my money first. Criminal. Thus, money must be used to support all life as no one hand has created that value. No man is an island. 
 Time to get this world in order, as it is an order of life, what has been is a rejection of this order, a rejection of structure. And we wonder why our children are so reactive, they simply have been denied a structure, this which they crave as their natural learning ability senses but is warped into a character that is misinformed  through limited perspective/dimension only, in the interest of eliminating competition to maintain an idea that one thing is more than another where ideas are made a god as a more than as mind, as consciousness the signifier of our separation leading to a lack of equality as the within with the without as what is of same substance that is in total the formation of life. Let’s birth life into the physical, there is no other choice.

Living Income Guarantee

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 414 Monsanto GMO and the cart before the horse. StoryAnnoDomini SAD.

Monsanto GMO and the cart before the horse. A play of hero warship.

I watched an interview yesterday about the advantage of GMOs only. What was interesting is that the person was defending GMOs and specifically Monsanto’s application of GMOs. In all, because this world, this earth is so interconnected, when something is changed it must be insured that it is what is best for all.  Thus, it is necessary to carry out long term studies, very detailed ones, and as we know that studies done in isolation can be influenced by the persons doing the studies, the real effects are on the total world, the total earth, thus the research done in isolation in short term study cannot be used to validate. And yet we allow this. So, when consequences occur that are against this isolated study, what is referenced is the study, and even here, the details of the studies are hidden within “ trade secrets’ etc. one big game of hiding, as the goal is profit before life, a crime.
There is the argument that Americans have been eating GMOs and this is left at that, without looking at the total condition of the American in general, We are not healthy. So, having said this, have  Monsanto’s GMOs done anything for the America people really? And here, the arguments are that the differences are so slight they cannot possibly be the cause, which begs the question that perhaps all the accumulative little “ insignificant differences “ we have accepted and allowed in total create the damage to our health. Why do we not realize that tiny differences can, over time become huge differences. Is this not the technique of water torture, that the slow drip of a little has great effect? Why do we then deny this in other practices? I mean, it is “ bring forward what validates, wonder around in dimensions to present what justifies that gain. Such a mess and such a crime against life.
Within this interview this tactic was used. The guest was talking about GMOs, about Monsanto GMO’s, and suddenly the newscaster moved from this into making blanket statements about science, turning the whole argument into a cognitive dissonance as dimension was changed from the practice of how Monsanto was working with GMOs to this being all of science, all of the practice of science. This is moving into vagary as generalization and accusation as demonizing a general practice as what the person is saying to substantiate a practice being questioned , this is dis-clarity, this is becoming protection and defense instead of looking at this cart being placed before the horse.
In this case, that science is saving people’s lives by giving them three meals of rice, altered rice, to eat a day. How can this be saving their lives? Especially when these - usually indigenous people -have managed to survive on their land for generations? And when Weston Price went to visit these people, they had straight teeth and were healthier than they are now, just as the Europeans noted how healthy the American Indians had  been when they arrived in America, thus these people have diminished since the arrival of land grab for monocultures, and now what is touted by the media is that the monoculture land grabers are saviors! All that is presented is the hero status of this form, that it is going to save lives, - the lives that it destroyed in the first place - I mean just look at the condition of the American Indian now! This is sad, yes, the lying here, the singular story line told, the lack of dimension and spatial awareness of consequence, to the point where the cart is before the horse, the  cart as the built and fabricated story for gain is placed before that which is real, the physical. It really is a game, a presentation of smoke and mirrors, a lie by omission, a choosing of limited parts as limited dimensions, to lessen the potential of the physical as the human, for gain and then to act like a hero, when it is the opposite, and then to place all this under the blanket of being against this is being against science! It is the crime of cognitive dissonance, and this needs to be understood and voiced. Time to look at all dimension, to become spatially aware, to use our natural ability to sense here, as what we are as life. Time to realize the media pretty much shouts out one part, that is only a partial truth, and then touts this again and again and again, until it is beLIEved to be THE truth, when it is not. It is like Snowden broke the law because he did not remain within partial truth telling, because partial truth telling supports a system that is partial life supporting as profit for a few and yet touted as salvation!. As this is the world we have built, we cannot trust what is in our minds, because this is the memory of a system of inequality, and thus not ourselves as being respectful of life here, realizing the effects and consequences of what we have accepted and allowed as a structure to organize earth. Our present system is not a system of order, it is a system of disorder in self interest. Those promoting the self interest are the product on the extreme side of the consequences of our separation from the horse, as we have believed the cart to be more than the horse, the cart being our minds, as thoughts, opinions and ideas, our part selfs. This that is believed to define us, as limited values, this that we believe will lead us to heaven, But remember, that Christ said that heaven had to be brought to earth, as this was the salvation, this was the solution.
We see this same game going on with the water on earth. Where the industry of abuse, goes in and pollutes the water, and then “ voila” a savior appears upon the scene, the very same that created the dirty water, they have a solution, and for this solution we must pay. This is the “ s” spiral before the ad, before the advent of the savior, the anno dominii ( Story Anno Domini) the before “ god” head as the creation of the “ star” the “ hero” presented in big shiny lights, touted all over, until everyone forgets and this savior, becomes the truth, a lie becomes a truth. And we, as our land is destroyed right under our feet, accept the story, the lie, especially when we are the many, we are the power, to stand together and change this, because we are the ones that built the cart that carried the berries, or whatever, that are squashed to make the Coca cola that polluted the water, that  forced a symbiotic nature into a monoculture that touted solution and created weaker, diminished humans that then ate rice three times a day and then became diseased and then needed health care that never cured and that then needed clean water. One division after another, one abuse after another, and the story presented is one of a hero? This is ludicrous, an eluding cross we all bear unless we realize this and change within and without, forgive the truths touted by the media, see behind the illusion, and come back down to earth, remove the cart before the horse.
So, it is time to clean up the dictates we have accepted and allowed within our minds, and to create a order in this world where all life is supported, and since indigenous peoples have survived with straight teeth and healthy bodies with much less disease - which is why they must be eliminated in corporate logic because it is competition - it reveals what is real -  and that cannot be allowed from the eye of self interest. Thus, turning this earth into a monoculture is not a solution, it only creates more problems, and these problems are accumulating, so this system that forces nature into boxes cannot and will not work, as it is not looking at the form and function of this geometrical world, this system is abusing science in its own self interest as profit, to force a more than onto a few, themselves a product of placing the cart before the horse, this it is the responsibility of all of to understand the disorder to be able to work with the physical world, the horse, that magnificent animal that has no desire to be a superstar, they just want to enjoy the physical world, run in the wind, eat the grass, as what they are as the very form and function of what they are. To abuse this is a crime against life, as it is the crime of trying to take what is here, that is not understood, or it would not be abused, and force it into some idea in self interested gain, this in itself a cognitive dissonance of life.
Stand and get your mind in order, there are tools and there is the Desteni I Process Lite, it is FREE. There are also interviews on Eqafe, many are free and realize that the system is one of inequality and until it is ordered into what supports life, you are going to have to support those who are making an effort to figure out why this world is in such a state of disease, thus what desteni has done is made the solution affordable and enough to support a few standing up and clarifying what has been allowed on earth, within and without. One can only play superhero , if one has money, which in itself is revealing. The only real here is equality and oneness.

Support the Equal Life Foundation, to change the system to one that supports the horse before the cart, where the cart makers can earn more and yet the horse is given what it needs to support itself as life - so to speak. Realize a healthy “ horse” will do what a horse does as its very geometrical design and function, but it needs more than three meals a day of rice. Realize the resources of this earth, cannot be owned by a few, and cannot be cultivated by one hand, it takes many hands, and that the value of this placed into money does not make money bad, it is how this value that is then used to support life, be distributed in such as way that all of the physical world has what it needs to be life. Support a Living Income Guarantee, time to get this world in order.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 413 limited values create the unknown

I have had problems with my back. It is not visible with the naked eye, per say, it just starts to hurt. Much, much better than when it really started about three years ago. At that time, it became like solid rock one day, and I had to spend time in bed because I could not move, it hurt so much. Self forgiveness would clear it at times, and then I realized that I had to direct myself. It is like learning to balance the within, of which will take practice. Like for instance, sitting here writing about this starts to clear this up, it is moving all the time.

I had spoken to Bernard about this, and he said that it took him many years to figure this out. Now that he is dead, I can’t get direction from him, but this does not matter, because it is me that must figure this out, and with the words, “ it took me many years to figure this out” the message is pretty clear, I have to figure this out. What I notice at this point is the heavy syrup thing coming down from my mind, and the suppression, or rushes of energy coming up from my solar plexus. Somehow these things must work in equality here. To go into the detail of how the mind as thoughts accumulate into emotional/feeling energies, to slow down and name, then to stop this action of separation from here, where all spatial sense of the physical is, as capacity of the human as what we are - like a tree  on the landscape doing what the form and function of a tree does, where no one tree is more than another tree as there is no hierarchy of trees unless they are organized into some system through value placement by men. A hierarchy of trees is pretty silly. So why do we have a hierarchy of men? Why are we not taught to work with  physical geometry, in common sense? Why do we have superstitions of lack of awareness, a limited awareness, a separation from common sense of physical reality? Why do we allow a system where all principle, all real value is slowly dripped towards single ownership, this monopoly game placed on a physically common sensical world? Why do we allow a media saying partial truths over and over again where it becomes supposed fact when in all common sense the behaviors promoted, such as porn, are obviously a distortion of reality causing addictions that make no sense within being aware of physical reality? What are we doing that is perpetuating this abuse, do we blame, do we spite? Do we regret, to we self pity? All of this when what is real, and practically able to be understood, is right here in front of us? Why are we using resources to send a false message instead of developing ourselves to be able to move here without negative values, as judgement, placed as what we sound here, as our words? Why is there so much friction and conflict in our relationships?

I have been taught the measure and weigh things according to a limited system of values, that feed a hierarchy of inequality, and the separation creates confusion that is registered as complexity, a compound interest is then created as what i have allowed is not equal to life, it is out of balance with common sense. As this I give the life of me away, reject life, for a lesser value, a singular value, a limited value. My self interest, as idea, as mind, as consciousness, as a picture, that is of limited structure, and thus, if I use this to direct myself in the world, the physical world, I run into all kinds of conflicts because I am forcing a limited concept of life into a physical world that is the real value and this is why it is physical, because it is the real value. We humans are in separation from the real value, as what is creation. In separating ourselves from what is real, we have forsaken ourselves as creators. We have rejected understanding the physical and the limited values we have accepted and allowed have created a mind/consciousness system that is the limited values we accumulate that cause the conflict with reality because it has not total value awareness. We are not absolute in our equality with reality. Have a look, we do not need thoughts to be here. Interesting, in the word thought, is thou ought, which is judegment, which we have been told not to do. If we learn to be spatially here, equal with the physical world, and we learn to read the actual physical, which is composed of sound and thus we can hear/here it, then we do not need ideas as our minds, to direct us, as an idea is a superstition, and we have accepted and allowed ourselves to create a paranoise of the unknown, the unknown being the pictures and ideas in and as our minds, which we use to direct us here, and project a belief system of what we are, this taught to children that come into this world naturally trying to make sense of the physical world, through touching everything, placing things into their mouths, listening, learning language, they come into this world measuring how the physical works, and we as adults place ideas of superstition into them, as our behaviors of blame and spite are based on superstition, because we thing something out there has caused our lack of practical common sense of the actual real physical world, when this cannot make any sense, because we are here, born with a gift to sense here. Thus we teach our children our own behaviors of a paranoia of the unknown, we teach our children the same separation we exist as, beliefs, opinions and ideas that bear no witness to physical reality, this that is geometric and visible and able to be sensed.
We are then, not taught that words are what allow us to create placeholders of understanding how here functions, to build a GPS within us of understanding. Naturrally, a system that is a monopoly game would not want understanding, because then the end game - of more to a few - would be realized for the abuse that it is and does as what it is by design, which admits that each of us, as humans, by design, can understand the geometery of the physical, as what we are as form and function. In a sense we are just like the cows that spend their lives in a confined cage, while we are milked of our principle economically, and then we die never understanding the ecology of this physical world that is what enabled us to be life. This is a crime beyond all measure and it must stop.
I once read that the human is capable of reading one thousand words per minute, and since we have training to develop this skill, it means that it can be done, and if the government knows this, why fear this capacity? Why limit this? And how is this known, and why is this stopped? because of an idea that one has to be more than another? Would this not allow this world to function as that tree, where all over the earth everything is working within an awareness that the physical is interconnected geometrically and that this is the value, because this is physically being life here?

Thus, in order for this physical world to function, all, everything that is here, must be in absolute value as what it is, working in full potential for life on earth to become life, for life on earth to exist without any abuse, any destruction, And this would make sense, because abuse makes no sense, war makes no sense, poverty makes no sense, and it is as it does, it has no sense of life, via no common sense of physical reality. The building blocks of reality are of rings of sound, an infinite design that allows creation. Thus life can be understood, as it is a gift to express life.

Thus, my back problems are myself misaligned to here. For which I must forgive the limitations as ideas, beliefs and opinions of what I have defined myself as within a system of inequality, a pyramid that is not a bad design per say, but as a design used to organize men, into values of more than and less than, into suppression of common sense as life, it is a mis-use of structure, as how we have allowed that which we have created to distribute what supports the physical world as resources,  as money, to be denied and metered out by varying degrees, to suppress the life that each of us is, so that self understanding as life is limited. Why and how this happened, does not matter, as this can be understood once we all come here, to physical reality, as the game of survival is removed, through creating a structure on earth that supports all of the physical world absolutely, respecting it as the life, this being the value, that it is, here. Support the Equal Life Foundation, walk the lessoning of judgement as the thoughts, emotions and feelings that have been taught as a consequence of separation from common sense of physical reality. Fill in the void of understanding through quieting the voice of judgement as the mind, the superstitions that are the smoke and mirrors that create the unknown. This storm that is of lack, that must be faced and equalized to physical reality here so that life can begin.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 412 Missing the structure of here.

Last night i heard that this boy in town had been hit by a car. Then I heard about how wonderful this boy was, how special, how smart. Then the complaining about the speed limits on the highway and how people do not pay attention when driving, listening to cell phones, texting.

I had been on this same spot on the highway and almost hit a car going 45 miles an hour. The car had been this chartreuse color, the same as the new spring leaves at that time, I did not see it on the horizon, and then I was watching the oncoming traffic because there was a train of cars, behind a huge prefab house on the back of a truck, the house unit on the truck extending outwards more than the width of the lane, so the truck was driving slowly as it just barely fit on the lane with the pre-constructed house section. My eyes had missed the small car waiting to make a left  that meshed with the color of the trees, as I watched this oncoming very large truck. It must have been about ten feet before the car that I noticed, and so I turned my steering wheel and headed for the trees, luckily I managed to pull myself out of the swerving motion, me heart pounding violently. I in essence had not really looked carefully, there was no one to blame but myself. I had made a habitual cursory look at my world. I can’t blame the car, or the car companies for making a car the same color as the new foliage. I can’t blame the partial house moving down the highway, I can’t blame anything but myself, I am a body, a human, who has arms and legs and eyes and ears, I steer here as a movable physical object able to sense the world, that is if I have been developed to use this structure of myself.

So, in hearing about this boy, I realized, that yes this is tragic, that this child attempted to cross a busy secondary highway without a cross walk and ended up getting hit and is now supposedly brain dead. We cannot really blame the highway, or the speed limit, or the summer roadrage from increased traffic. We cannot look to one aspect and blame that, we have to look at the totality of this world and understand the total picture and why what is here is here, understand the forms and the functions of the structure of what is here, what we have done with this, on all levels and realize how it is out of balance. This is just common sense. 
So, one complaint was that we needed signs on the road. I was getting angry at this point, I was not being clear, the rant of blame about the lack of signs, the speed limit, the summer tourists and their behavior, the cell phones usage. There was blame placed on limited things, and all the while the boy was talked about as being so special, such a special hardworking child.
It is interesting  living in a small town, the ones that can read, the children that learn to read to some extent, if I look now, they tend to die accidental deaths, and or of cancer, the townies that never do too well at school, the fisherman, the tradesmen, they die in different ways; suicide, inebriation of drugs and alcohol over a period of time. I know one townie boy, he would notice all the animals, like he was aware of the movement of the animals, another man here could use a rod to find water, which must be possible because we know barometric pressure exists, so this must be a sense that can be developed, I mean animals must use this.
This boy, this supposedly book smart boy, obviously misjudged while crossing a street and was hit by a car. He had misread the physical movement around him. Does not matter how many words he had running around in his head, they served no sensibility at that moment. This is not to deny the development of word usage. Our words are too busy being used to describe limited values, as what we label as special, which when asked specifically how someone was special, the answer is often limited because it is not about looking at the structure here, it is about the energy, a unity through an energetic feeling to have a quick fix of pity and sorrow this being what we have allowed to validate us, when this is what separates us from living, from being able to sense the forms and structures around us.
If we are so busy being judgements of what is good and what is bad, even to the point where we gain a energetic sense of being good vicariously through being a judgement of good and this is self interested proof validating self “ goodness” what are we doing? Is this the same as that boy was being the moment he miss-crossed that road, is this what was taught to be within himself, that he no longer had the sense of the physical world, the structure of the physical world here, all the dimensions of it, all the movements of it, because he was being caught in consciousness of limited values, a process where a state of being exists in a warped reality diminishing the substance of the physical into energy, out of balance as a value of good and bad? His whole sense of himself lacking a sense of here, and being a distorted value in - stead. His “ stead” thus reading  ideological values instead of physical, real tangible structures here, the real value, the means to be, real, here, that which is what is of value?
One of the things being said, over and over again, was that more signs were needed on the road. Perhaps the signs on the road are the problem, the signs on the road are showing the separation as the need for directions from without, instead of the development of awareness of the physical world within? Division and separation from physical awareness through limited values made huge through becoming a judgement of what is good and what is bad. We made the wrong choice, we choose the tree of good and evil, instead of becoming equal and one, in sense of the tree of life, the physical, we choose ideas and thus separated into a more than and less than world, and we use signs to keep us here because we as mind are in separation from here.
Thus, the solution is to not blame that there are not enough signs on the road, that the people in the cars are not paying attention because we are, none of us paying attention, an act of blame is a sign that we are not paying attention! We cannot look at and tout that this boy was special, because all boys ( and girls and animals and plants) are special because they are a physical form functioning as life. The sensibility development of this boy is the fault of all of us, and storms in teacups about parts of what is here, are the being in separation, screaming what is wrong and what is special is not looking at here.
If we teach our children to move as emotions and feelings accumulated through directives that are of judgement of what is good and what is bad only, then this is what becomes the focus of the child, and thus the separation of the child from reading the physical structure of here, using the physical body to even be able to sense barometric changes of which the physical is capable of doing, thus the gift of life is taken from us as we allow a system of more than and less than held up by money distribution,  as the manifestation without of our own capacity, like we are throwing away the gift of life. Our self abdication of life is really us throwing away life. The solution is to come back down to earth, and to equalize ourselves to life here, to forgive the acts of emotion and feeling built from thoughts of what is good and what is bad, to accept responsibility as life, through equalizing ourselves to physical reality. Instead of running around looking at energetic emotional/feeling values it is to move in understanding the structure of here as the physical world.

TIme to get out of our mind consciousness separation from equality with physical, real supportive reality, to use the gift of life to read here. The values of more than and less than must be brought back to the physical, the gift to become life here. Walk your projections of self definition as limited values back to self as life - DIP LIte - it is free.

Listen to the interviews about the separation of the human into a mind matrix of imagination of limited ideas causing abuse on earth in ignorance of physical reality, respect for life at Eqafe.

Support a economic structure that supports all life and respects the physical world, a Living Income Guarantee. It is the physical that supports life, and thus belongs to all of us as us, as it is many hands that have created here, as this is how it is done. The words of a delusional president that one hand feeds are are simply the indication of our separation from life as the image of such a statement bears no witness to life in common sense. A real leader gives self responsibility, they do not beLIEve inequality, values of more than and less than into idols of compounded self interest gone delusional.