Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 634 Our use of water reflects our self interest that is in the end our own accepted lack.

It is interesting to see that a local state bureaucracy manipulates freely given resources in self interest. In this case, selling off their water to corporations for so little return on that resource. And, the cost of infrastructure placed on the local people. Is it not understood that the cost of maintaining the roads and the buildings will more than likely be more than the money gained from the resource? Thus, what is the real gain for that self interested public service worker?
In the long run, nothing. And, did we not see this happening in Detroit?
In Detroit, there are people working at jobs that are not living wages that then are handed water bills way beyond their financial means, with a natural landscape that contains a huge lake. How in any way does any of this make any sense? It makes no sense and it is a crime against the life of the people and the animals and the soils on which we all stand.
We have managed to separate from one another through very limited values which are in essence judgements. And we judge without looking at the overall effects of our very limited bubbles of belief. So in separation from using our own water-like ability to take in the form of something and investigate it to understand it, that we participate in actions that end up harming us. If a municipality gives its resources away for pennies and then does not have the means to take care of the infrastructure and resorts to asking non-living-wage workers to foot the bill, we have to ask ourselves what there is to blame. It is us, each of us, remaining in a self accepted and allowed ignorance that has created this situation. When we look only at a short term gain, we end up with nothing, our pensions meaningless because they are not enough to support us.

The solution is to give each the means to live, unconditionally. This will focus us back into what makes sense, to what supports this earth in ways that investigate what balances and retains a functioning earth. If we believe that things must be destroyed as the natural order of gain, then we have not taken the time to understand how things work, because in understanding how things work, we can transform what is here, using resources in ways that do no harm.  Sustainability is about using everything in its utmost capacity, which means respecting the very nature of things and using them in creative and self empowering ways, which realizes the value being life and all its forms on this earth. Inequality economically, does not work, and it cannot work. It takes just a few minutes of investigation to realize this. An article such as the one I posted makes this very clear. Give as you would receive, consider all things and take that which is good and does no harm. The simplicity of this is much easier to move as than being locked in a bubble of self interest without regard for the reality around us - as this separation is the source of conflict and a life potential never realized. We decide. Mathematically our proposals in water movement and management via a economic system of inequality make no sense. It is time to make a change that is best for all.


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