Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 637 I am the Self Directive Principle of Me.

I noticed this week that in not reacting to the words of another, as the very measure of value and/or understanding about being here, that the emotional reactions as I see them manifest - as justifications based on good and bad, as a fear of ‘ what if’- quickly passed. The momentum into concept understanding moved to a greater degree, being more fun than the reactions based on belief that sometimes voiced itself within me as words moving through my mind.

I would let things go and look to the construction and reform. It is a very creative process, and one that takes focus. When I look at this, as having done this more often, it is really quite fun!
In all, this is simply sharing being creative, meaning to look at what is present and realizing it cannot define unless it is accepted as such, which if allowed to define, the means is of self interest instead of being present in the moment, because in all reality, we can only be here.

At one point something was said to me, and I caught myself fearing that this statement would become something for which I would be blamed. Like, there was a fear within me that because I was in the very presence of such a thought, I was  going to bear the brunt of its existence- meaning the very formation of what was being said was the fault of me. It did not matter that perhaps I had not said it.

At this point I began to move into an inferior position, a doom and gloom scenario that this might be found out and that I would lose something if this should be found out. Overall, it makes no sense, it is just a belief that what was stated could be pinned on me- this being a thought that is taken as an end game, completely illogical.
This is complete paranoia, a fear. This fear is stagnant. This fear shares nothing. It is an act of self interest.  It is an act of not accepting life. It is an act of rejecting common sense, an act of self rejection. 

I mean, I can be this in a moment, and then move, becoming creative and looking at what is formed, and transform . Nothing is stagnant unless it is accepted and allowed to be so. 

What defines me is what I allow to define me. No one else can do this for me, unless I allow this. In all common sense, no one can decide what I am within, because no other human can really come within me.  I am the one who creates the very volume of myself. I am the one who builds the neurons within and as me, in reflection of the measure of what I accept and allow. Not even television can decide what I am unless I accept it!This means that ultimately, I cannot blame anyone for what it is that I am! No one. I decide.

Thus, I commit to becoming the self directive principle of myself. I realize that everything I allow myself to be, is by my own volition and no one else. Just as I cannot be responsible for another, no one can be responsible for me. I am responsible for myself. What I accept and allow can change, simply by using my own common sense, the very gift of myself as what I am, here. 

I can share what I am doing, I can ask questions and re-solve formations. I can choose to direct in ways that do no harm. I can become the directive principle of life, to investigate, and consider all things, taking that which is good and does no harm. I can then become constant, even building momentum within this, to find solutions and move into them, in thought, word and deed, to rebuild a world that is best for all, inch by inch, measure by measure. The ground is beneath my feet, I need only connect and feel its ever supporting presence. 

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