Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Changing the goal post Manipulation with words Day 793

Two things I carry with me, as a measure, as a tool, to help me to help myself, are the terms, the words, for a moment as a tool so-to-speak,  ad hominem and hyperbole.

An example of ‘ ad hominem’ is another way to reveal a change in the ‘ goal post.’  I was talking with a man about politics. Suddenly, he says to me. “ You are a political philosopher.”  The whole fabric of the conversation changed, even put me off balance, because it is actually natural to flow with things, to want to get along, to ATTEND to what another says and brings forward.  It is like the whole fabric and direction of the conversation changed. It was a sudden change in dimension, really...  We were, speaking , sharing perspective, bringing forth things to substantiate our perspectives, telling stories of information ( actually could relate things even in political arguments to local real-live stories more - something to check within myself here! lol).  The sudden change in attention in space and time, went onto me as an object, being a certain way, as having a  “ political philosophy.”   This is a sudden change in the goal, in the direction of the conversation. It is from looking at certain issues, and spinning it around onto me the object, giving me  a general label, and coloring it is a ‘ vague’ yet positive sounding term, as the word “philosopher.’ I remember hearing/seeing/noticing, a sudden shudder through the person’s body at the same time. I am still too slow, in taking all the ‘ music’ the ‘ geometry’ in around me, that I do not always respond. Even if, the very terms used, were of distraction, because this is really what this is, to change tracts. Which, is what changing the goal post is and does. It is used in conversations all the time, as we play with words, and do geometry with and as the sounds as the words we speak.  It is really just like being in an orchestra! It is orchestrated! it is formulaic! Where do we learn this from? We get this from our environment!  Remember we all have a natural learning ability, an absorbent ability. It is why advertising is so effective.  

Yet, this is my point. What is advertising for some, is. evidently ‘ attention seeking’ for others! Amazing how one can manipulate with words, changing goal posts, in a quantum way, with sound, creating a geometry as a system on earth, ignoring the total fabric of this reality.  it is a form of fear mongering!  It would be like taking away most of the letters of the alphabet and telling people they could only use every other letter, that using certain letters was “ attention seeking’ where another entity could use those letters, and that would be called advertising.  This is how absurd this blog I read is and does, and how one can manipulate with sound, as words, and how it is all a math, a geometry, a song, a fabric. In the word communication is the sound bite ‘ muni’ which can mean a wall, or to fabricate.  Our english words contain little ‘ zip’ filed terms, than come together to compose a new sound.  It is a reflection of what men are capable of, because we are capable of working with sound, and, just as one practices a movement, improves that movement, into no longer having to think about it, that movement gets quicker, and in some dimensional ways, smaller/shorter, and then is attached to other sounds, and thus we have words, that change over time, where meaning can become hidden unless one has the same practice and recognition, as the words. If one is ONLY focused on the words, never having the opportunity to know the words really really well, to the point where one need not think about them, one can open one’s awareness to realizing, lol, the geometry of movement, as words, and in others around one, because this is how awesome each of us, as instruments of the orchestra, really are! I would not call sharing this perspective ‘ attention seeking.’ I would call it natural. The means of doing such, is speaking up, every where, on the internet, in social groups, in blogs and vlogs. Some could say, it is a form of advertising, yet in effect, what is advertising but communication.  It is only fear, and lack of real processing ability ( which is natural)  that warps the very fabric of what is here, as us, as instruments, as life. 

What happens when one gets caught in a false web of ‘ sound’ and embraces, as resonates, that sound construct is a loss of spatial ability in reality. Meaning, just as I, for a moment,  lost my ‘ train of thought” as words as perspective, when the goal post was changed in a moment, through words as ‘ you are a political philospher,’  and my slowing down sense as a morality, of and as, wanting to attend to the other’s words, and everything else, as myself and the very geometry of the reality around me,  so was I at a loss in ‘ reading’ the sounds/forms/movements around me. My processing was not up to speed, as I have not been taught this, which is incredible, because it is the very nature of who and what I am as a human being!  I mean, this is what happens when one learns an instrument and performs with an orchestra! Why are we not taught this in school for example? Why are we sitting in boxes, memorizing a set body of information, that is really a very limited scaffold of information, that one could say, is tantamount to using only half the alphabet!?  Some may think this comparison is absurd, yet it is probably not absurd enough! lol

It is like, we are being or allowing, ourselves to be made into a square, when there is a whole circle out there, called earth, that is of a geometry far beyond that very limited form. And we wonder why we lose out spatial ability, as it becoming more difficult to drive at night as we age, or to deal with traffic, as we age. Or, it becomes increasingly harder to communicate, which is to share, ‘ advertise’ our perspective, with others.  Why we forget our new homes, our new kitchens and suddenly move in our new kitchen as though we were in another ‘ past’ time, suddenly moving as though we were in that kitchen of the past! It is why we want to tell the same stories again and again and again, as we age, as this is validating our own accepted and allowed geometry that we use to define us, this needing constant attention, because to step out of that is to suddenly realize there is a whole circle out there, filled with shapes and sounds and movements that are who and what we really are. To change, and communicate as life, the life that is this reality, a sudden change of one’s goal post’ would appear to be an incredible interruption, and one would feel like one was falling, just as the tiny moment, when one realizes one is no longer in that old kitchen! A sense of loss of space and time. What if one could never lose that sense of ‘ life’ and flowed with and as it, which is the real capacity of one as life?  What if one, could attend to creation, as the very fabric of this incredible creation, and express with and as it, here, working together. communicating life? 

In some ways, what I do here, in this blog, is  an a lie tic, is analytic.  It is where, I myself have become such a response, as a reaction to a ‘ lie’ which is really just a limitation, moving to synchronize myself out of having, as an analogy, only used half or so, of the alphabet as a means of communication, of and as attending to, and spent time as reaction in advertising my own protection and defense, as a character, robot, form(ulaic), instead of  responding to the quest, embracing all of the geometry of here, as who and what I am.  It is a form of protection, after all, to analyze the tic, the geometry of this reality, and what is limited and imposed upon it.  Who and what I really am, is probably here, and always has been, it is my own attention seeking, into limited forms, that separate me from myself  that I have accepted and allowed. I am that famous humpty dumpty, in many ways, this which is eventually noticed in the space of one’s life.  It is like a shill, composed of sound, that is like a shield, of protection, pulling one’s self through limited geometry as practiced polarized beliefs, that has no real structural resonance with reality, with creation- as myself not being in synch with creation.  What is cool, is that I can embrace, as move to discover my own protections and question my own geometry, to make mis-takes, to  recompose myself as allow myself to question myself, and see that there is really nothing to lose, or gain, as what is awesome is already here, it is up to me to accept and allow who and what I really am as life. 

Thus, ad hominem, is changing to goal post, creating a label, attaching it to an object, and adding a color of hyperbolized, or inflamed value judgements, warping space and time.  It is using a natural communication system as what men do, and calling it advertising in one area, and attention seeking in another, meanwhile, it could still remain under the heading/framework/umbrella of and as sharing perspective, focusing on dimensions of reality for a moment, to clarify and define, to understand details within the greater whole.   In all, words can be used in manipulative ways, building stories through comparison, constructed connections on a page of and as words spoken and written using inflammatory language, polarizing into narrow means. If one is not stable within one’s self, one can be tossed like a wave on a shore. Yet, that means as that shore, is always there, if one simply moves with it, and becomes aware of the alphabet of creation as the cells that are the pro-biology of life all around us, that are who and what we are.  

Thank you for reading. 

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