Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 651 The presence of a baby in nature; silent, stable, lite, fluid.

Yesterday I walked with my young three plus month old nephew. We walked around the house, his hands reaching out to touch what was before him, The baby also being aware of the spatial measure within the distance of his hand and what was before him. He would reach out, draw his arm back and try again. He also would move his arm in a circular motion, as though, as it appeared to me, to sense more than what was directly in front of him that he eventually reached to touch.
Then I went and walked outside in the gardens with him. There was this sudden change in him, in his presence. It was as though this silence to a greater degree became what he was. The degree of this change, into a presence of such silence, astounded me, as it was different than how he was when we walked in the house as how I sensed this in the moment. It was like he took a breath and lowered himself into an ease, as how I saw this, within such a differential degree, I just stopped. I realized in that moment, how that state of silence, was such a state of ease and wonder, I can understand why some gravitate towards babies.
It is not the baby, it is how the baby is within themselves that is what is peace inspiring and comforting. As this is showing the degree of separation from being present and aware of this physical world around us, where the very fabric of this physical world is a stability that is constant, and that moves with ease, the ease of expressing a sound of life information.
It also showed me the degree with which I am a mind consciousness, a shaky limited measure of belief, opinion and idea that considers my survival as knowledge and information without acceptance of life, life that is all around me and there to support me, to allow me to become equal and one with the physical to pass through the eye of the needle into life. 
Hence, the solution is to breath, to slow way down, to forgive the projections of blame and spite, calling something a bad, wanting an entity of mind consciousness to change, an impossibility, as each is the source of one’s own demons, and responsible to see, realize and understand the inner picture show that is the separation from seeing directly here, and being at ease with the very fabric of life that moves in an absolute purpose of expressing what does no harm and takes that which is good, to remain constant and stable, in the value being life in expression, This can only be here.
And, that fear, that sinking within, that sense of a vortex like spiral pulling inward, in protection and self defense in fear of a loss is as much a entity of no real value, and a negative value that manifests as petrification, hence a heaviness to it that has no fluid ease and presence equal to life as the physical fabric of life surrounding us and allowing us to be life here. That fear is what I fear to lose as an idea about myself, and if I slow down and look, I will see, realize and understand that this fear has no real substance and can only define me if I accept and allow it. This fear  has no self directive capacity into that awe and that ease that gives a simple and stable directive capacity. Hence the choice is only to take that which is good and does no harm if we as men want to build a solid and stable world and really become equal and one with creation, meaning if we really want to become the creators we were meant to be.
It is like, to use the constructs of belief we are immersed within and as, we are all ‘ artists’ and we either choose to understand the real art of life as the substance that builds the physical world, or we remain scattered and restless as energy- the by product of our separation. It is like money, as how we are using money, to allow access to a few instead of flowing money as the means to what sustains us and allows us to care for the world around is in common sense ways, to develop this innate ability to care for our environment directly seeing as each part what allows the full potential of all things to express their from and function as life.
As we can all realize, the limited monopolies, that are of a structural rigidity, are to order our separation, And these rigid structures tear apart the physical to build a pyramid scheme that creates our class warfare, and our war economy, and our war on health economy, all of which is ripping asunder the physical world to order and control this separation into mind consciousness. Mind consciousness is a limited story, that can layer within, and as knowledge and information without practical application, it does not fit into the physical, which is why we end up in a bed, shaking as our physical twitches of mis-alignment, our fears clenching us within, consuming the flesh as the physical. The way we are using our resources to support a limited system that is in separation from creation. We end up a shattering mess, in total separation from what we are when we are a baby, which is that silence, that ease, that ability to sense the space of here, and rest in a awe that is of ease, present, silent and expanding in awareness of the physical world, as the physical world is life/god/a gift/ expression of what is good and builds a sound stable existence to create within and as the same substance as what we are.
Accept yourself as life. Stand equal and one here with the physical. Time to get this physical world in order, realizing what is best for all, and becoming equal and one to the flow of life that is the substance of all things, around us in every moment, it is only ourselves that reject and resist, thus no one can bring you back to life but yourself. It is time to self forgive your self back into equality and oneness to and towards life, here.

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