Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 682 Is the metered measure within, as personality, grounded without as the practical necessity of real living on a physical world?

The longer I walk the process of my journey back to life, I realize how much music is very similar to this process. In music one can sometimes play a piece that changes the time signature from measure to measure. This means adjusting one’s sense of measure in time and space in a moment, from measure to measure.

As I slow down and look at what I have accepted and allowed as a mind consciousness system, the meter and measure of this is like a song that is quantum, meaning it has measures that have patterns and tenors as qualities that change in color and duration and form, they are like a metered measure that I have allowed to define who and what I am. 

In this, the mind consciousness measure that I have accepted and allowed is a metered form, thus it is in many ways a mathematical form that because it was accepted can be realized for what it is and changed. The starting point is to realize that before I was any of this information, I was not yet defined by culture and class and the education as the experiences that  are who and what I am as a personality of that information selected and used to define me, which I then protected myself within and as. 

For a long time now, in interacting with others, the racing measure of belief, opinion and idea, and my own movement within and as my accepted and allowed metered measure of information, was too much to sort through, it all seemed like thus huge entity that was impossible to infiltrate. And yet, that ability to slow down and start picking away as the measure of beliefs and the consequences of fear as loss of such measures, appeared too thick and too deep to sense and then direct within and without.

Yet, if I look at music, at moving measure, I can slow down and listen to the point where this is not so overwhelming, because it is in many ways a song, a mathematical form that has duration, tempo etc. And it is always a perspective about reality, as it is not reality, it is like a movie that is what separates us from being present and caring, steady and resourceful in our daily living. Our daily living is here, on this physical world, this starting point, this “before” a personality began to dominate our self directives, which are our actions.

I have used a protection and self defense measure within and as my chest area for so long that it actually hurts to change this. When there is pressure there, the only thing I have found to help is to change my meter so- to- speak. This means slowing way down and looking here, seeing the meter and measure of what is before me. This means that I have to feel, with all of me, and then within this, it means that I have to respond.  I must become self responsible to and towards that. What I  have found is that when I slow down and describe that, as the behaviors and the consequence of such behaviors and how they play out in real time, I place myself within a picture show and describe that picture show. This has to be done in such a way that the person to whom I talk can begin to see the measured show in more detail.

An example of this happened this past week. I was talking to a woman who had some issues with weight. I said to her that boredom can be as stressful as having too much to do. Overall, this is a lack of real focus in the moment. Our full ability is not in employment. She looked at me and said that made so much sense. In her case, there were habits of eating to ‘ fill the time’ and relax from juggling a busy day. It is as though I am within a performing orchestra, I can stand in the measure sung as the words and movements and begin to call things by name in the grounding order of slowing down and seeing the movement with all of me. It is calling things out and then work on building the structure to allow the real potential of what could exist as a living that is of more ease  because being present and realizing our within movements and how we can ground ourselves in the practical and use the practical to order in ways that are not as overwhelming as we might believe from a perspective of that racing behavior that is a perspective of reality and not what is real.

Within this, I must begin to trust myself, which means that I must touch what is here, remain in touch with the physical. This is an active thing, it is, in a sense to love all things as in not fearing them. This, through a process of elimination, means that love is in a way something that is easy. Love is what is natural when the absence of resistance is here as who and what I am as I no longer reject the physical world or fear the metered measures of belief, opinion and idea as a mind consciousness system that is a memory only and is of a practiced measure, so it is often repetitive..  Even here, as I write this out, I become calm, steady, even with a sense of the pulls of value judgements that I have accepted and allowed to define who and what I am as habits of information of a perspective that was me in separation from the value being equality and oneness to and as life here as the physical. I realize that there is a lot to learn, and a lot of practice within and as being what is the real nature of and as me, which is to love or evolve into being present and respectful of the physical as life information.

Is it not time to realize that that which has been made huge , as a mind consciousness, must become as tiny as it really is, in relation to the physical, and ground ourselves in the practice of walking with two feet on the ground and moving the shadows of separation into their real significance which is but a fleck in time and within this, to see, realize and understand that the value is the physical world as this is life information that is creation. And this creation happens when we all work together moving as individuals and yet one. This would look much like a flock of birds, dancing and moving fluidly with ease and shaping this world into a living and breathing expression of the joy of creation.

It is time to walk ourselves back into the physical wold, to practice the value being life. One can start within walking the DIP Lite process to understand the warping of reality as the information we define ourselves within and as, that separates our real potential into limited values that become emotions and feelings. The emotion being the fear and the feeling being the justification for not having sorted out the fear. The fear a momentary loss of self as life being present and here.

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