Thursday, October 26, 2017

Looking at the word ' Protean ' Day 796

Looking at the word Protean

This week, I remembered AS KING myself in my twenties how I could be more able to change to meet the expression of a musical piece. Anecdotally, how could I be more changeable within in one moment, playing a  more classical piece of music by Mozart and then be able to change to the whole measure of a piece of music from another era, or genre, such as Brahms. I realized it involved being more changeable. After all, what is music but a math, a form, with different tensions, timings, measures, values, intensities. All things that I may change in a moment, just as I would change within the values of numbers, as in playing with a formula using numbers. And then, also, changing within a form of movement, as in building a set of steps for the entryway into my home from the outside. It all involves realizing, as seeing, as measuring, as being aware of, the values, the qualities of the things I am placing myself into a relationship with as a focus onto. The state of being of a person, in terms of their development in relation to their state of measure within, and the state of measure, as qualities composing the whole, as the world around us, as the without. 

Many years ago, within standing in front of a classroom of 4th grade students, coming from being immersed in a musical environment, I looked out across that room of sentient beings, and realized that I was dealing with so many different measures of exposure to values that I could not possibly address each one. AND, I was in a system - as all things are systems, which is a series of relationships. This system was one of a direct instruction model. Meaning, my job, within the formula, was of one imparting information to many to bring forward a set body of information, composing a picture, abstractly,  to that body of many. Thus, my responsibility in that set of orders, was to bring forward a picture about something, and then practice allowing the body to build relationships into having some greater insight, that was then for the individuals to build within from, and upon. I, as the teacher, could not be that for the students. It is like a small means of building a greater understanding, one that can work when the given structures are built upon, as expanded outside of that initiating situation. It is just like a student with an instrument. Someone of more, or greater mastery, directs towards more realizations within the doing of the thing, that is then utilized by the user, to  expand in self discovery as to what the relationships as the values of that instrument exist within to realize a greater working relationship. Simple. It is an act of stepping into understanding a system, because in effect, everything is of parts working together, which means things are systems. This means that everything is essentially a math. This is how creation works. 

Within this, how can I be more flexible, more changeable, more fluid within myself in relation to respecting what is me that is all around me, as who and what I am in the physical state of sentience that is what is here? 

I remember parents coming to me to request violin lessons. Some would become my friend and then ask for lessons, with a story of what they could afford. It took me a while to catch this. When I said I could not survive on the sum they said they could pay, within me knowing, for example that they never drove a car that was more than 5 years old, they were suddenly no longer the friend they proposed to be. This was a hard thing for me to face, and it brought on anger and disgust. Here, I was moving, as my emotional reactions of blame and disgust, in self interest, not applying what I was using to realize/process the defaults ! Also, I had a hard time, because of beliefs in being polite, in pointing out certain logistical fallacies in the body of information, which was revealed through layers of information, as small anecdotal actions building a picture. This picture being the money being used not valuing the education of the child. Or, wanting the education of the child, which was understood, to not have too great a cost.  Ironically, educating a child is the most expensive thing, and why? Because, it is the most important thing. It is, in effect, realizing a proper use of a natural sentient ability to realize systems effectively. This brings me back to my own point, that of realizing greater changeability, or a more sound ability to process the values and relationships, within and without, about this living reality and my own built ideological constructs within that. 

I thought, or openly asked myself about living greater changeability in relation to musical practices, and yet, I did not relate this to the sounding, as the directives moving me here, as essentially being the same thing! An inner mis-use of the imagination, as an amplification of certain self defining values, is and can be a HUGE distraction! This can slow down an innate changeability. It is like the inner framework of accepted values, gets caught in its own picture show at the expense of everything else. This then becomes a program within that is not in synch with reality. It becomes what we can call, a slow processing dis-order. This problem is rampant in our public schools. I have sat with a superintendent, from one of the best high schools in America today, who has said to me that the number of slow processing disorders in the school are extensive.  

A general scaffold of information is not an education. Within a bubble of comparison, from a state of lack, it can appear to be a more. That is an illusion. This is how a ‘ good ‘ can really be a limitation. 

On a personal level, a general scaffold of a framework of information, within, using an abstraction about something to lend direction ONLY, creates a state that is missing effective awareness as it is lost in a mis-use of the imagination not having effectively practiced respecting  the qualities and relationships of what is in plain sight as this instrument of the physical reality that is the life that is here. Separation is done through a system, awareness is built through systematic and effective movement, as respect of living reality. In effect, because humans use communication, a mis-use of words can create a stagnant processing dis-order. It is really no different than myself sensing I should have a greater ability to be more fluid in changing in a moment, to expressing Mozart and then expressing Brahms.  If I have practiced processing information ONLY abstractly, without enough practical experience, would not my processing of information move into disorders within changing into another abstracted form of information? I have essentially practiced one mode of operations without application, which is slow and of a state of distraction,  misprint in the cells of the body, creating a misalignment to reality. I then become that, and change appears counter intuitive. I then get lost in a comfort zone of not-necessarily-bad information, yet limited information, where the lack of spatial relationships in reality, appears to upset that which I have practiced! It is a quantum imbalance, as a systemic series of relationships. One of which punishment for, is not a corrective process of balancing out, as finding solutions to reopen a natural ability to learn, to process information, to respect this living reality, and to learn to move in synch with and as it. After all, this is where real happiness exists, because we are anxious when we are insecure, and happy when we know something to the extent we can communicate effectively and build, as create, that which can remain stable, and that which can realize transformation, leading to no longer living in fear. In asKING, I can realize greater structural awareness of how all of this works, and call out the logistical fallacies that are polarized value judgements, that are a processing of information in separation from reality. We all know when we are in a polar vortex of limited constructs as ideas, spinning within, building friction and leading no where. We see this in a sudden contrast when we step out of it, and in a moment, sense the whole and the parts and wonder where we have been. 

Ineffective processing is an amplification of limited values, layered and resonant within, from a practice of focus on structures without real respect, as cross reference to this living physical reality. And yet, that ability to focus on ‘ something’ reflects an ability to process information. What i come to realize, more clearly, is that all the research in reading skills development, makes it so clear, that the greater our vocabulary, the greater our ability to process the notes, as the words, the greater our ability to do what is essentially the math of what is here around us. Our ‘ song’ within, must be able to move in synch with the math of what is here around us. Humans with a more effective vocabulary, are more able to process what is all around them, which means what is happening within, and what is without. It can process the past, a resonant amplification in the body, and what is focused upon in the conscious mind, and what is without, as the same constructs in other humans around us, and the math of this existence. If we as a species, actually are self honest with who and what we are, we already know this, and have flashing moments where we see between the limitations of a mis-use of the instrument that is who and what we are here in this reality.  It is simple, what is complicated is a math of limitation, that is a resonant mis-take of and as a reflection of this reality projected from within each individual, each instrument of and as the human physical body. One must develop a critical processing of this math within and without, to become more in synch with one’s shadow existence, as a system of relationships, and change to be changeable in processing the math of the systems around us as the reality as the physical, and a superimposed system that is on one front,  a mechanism to control that lack of real processing ability, that is what our bodies are the perfect means to be and do. Essentially, this means to accept the gift of life that is a correct use of this instrument. 

I will continue with the word ‘ Protean.’ 

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