Saturday, November 4, 2017

Protean is changeability. Day 798

More on what is means to be changeable

I am naturally able to change in a moment. The use of my words reveals my ability to change, as words are a reflection of my perspective about what is around me, they are the means of expression as me, because I am a human being. 

My skill with words, reveals the means and mode of my changeability in many ways. Yet, it is myself and on what I choose to focus, that becomes who and what I am, using this means of expression as my physical body, my instrument of and as being the life that is here that is me. I am physical, a physical embodiment of life, that is what I am here. It is for me to respect that which I am, all of it. If I allow my imagination to be larger than this life that is me here, I am disrupting life, a life that I cannot remember what lead me to be what I am here, thus, it is to realize and respect the physical that is the means of what I am here. My imagination, as the cumulative experiences I have embraced and followed, resonant within as me, can be a self created mirage,  which did not exist at birth and are the consequences of my environment, can become the mirage of information that I either realize as this, or believe to be more real than myself here, as the physical embodiment of what I am in totality. The physical is the reality of me, before imagination builds resonant mirages of information, with and as an inherent physical ability to absorb information, as my environmental information. Being able to absorb, as reflect the physical environment and the way the physical environment moves, even with imagined resonance, as mirages of belief, I come to absorb and either blindly accept or realize the differences and always look to the physical to ensure no harm is being done to what is real. I am an instrument that absorbs what is a perspective shared that is always about reality - a resonant construct about reality - maintaining a presence in the means as the physical instrument that is who and what I am here is my responsibility.

I can change that instrument with careful practice, informing the machine, as the physical instrument, to enable that instrument to move with presence as what I am as a physical state of being because what I practice can automate, and does come to automate me here. Or, I can allow myself to believe that my resonant mirage as beliefs, are larger than the life that enables me as the physical. It is interesting, because I remember creating music on an instrument. What could happen is that I would automate what I created, as specific forms. I could get caught in them, and not be able to change with ease, which meant that I had not developed a real processing of the means, as be able to instantly create new forms. I was repeating singular ways of expression. change from that appeared difficult, when the difficulty was moving counter to my own creations. A point of change is a point of most resistance, thus resistance is a way and means of realizing counter intuitive movements. Meaning, movement counter to one’s mirage. Or, what one expects, is not in alignment with practical reality. Same difference. What is friction but this? 

How I move, what I am able to do with ease, is a program of skills that I developed and utilized. This is changing the physical, or becoming a master of who and what I express with my physical body. Or, I can become an expression of abstracts about the physical, which is not being equal to the physical, as it is practicing changing only a resonance within me. Thus, change can be within my mirage, my mirror image of and as beliefs, a thing, a resonant object that is a form, and never the real thing, or I can be a real change as real skill development that brings the physical as me to move in practical applications with ease, being a master of me as who and what I really am in totality. This is respect of the physical.

I can see where I have allowed myself to believe the resonance, the mirage, within me is larger than reality, and how what I practice becomes the skills that are my capacity to effectively self direct as who and what I am as the totality of me here, as being a physical expression of and as life. What is interesting is how much a resonant construct when believed to be more real than reality, can be projected outwards, believed to be larger than life, and yet be so in separation from reality, it causes conflict in understanding and that conflict a distraction from the practical, consuming the life of the instrument, to the detriment of life, which is physical because this is the means of myself being here, in expression, as this came before the accumulated series of beliefs, opinions and ideas, that can create a separation from reality.  I am not processing what is life; the physical. Yet, I am the means to do so.

All of this reveals changeability. And it requires constant reference to this reality, to ensure skill sets ( a programing equal to communication with the physical, or probiotic resonance ) that are in respect of the physical reality. What I eat, what I think, what I choose, are all moments of change, and thus, my choices will determine who and what I function as within me, and what will be the effects of the physical instrument that is me here. The very resonant state of me, reveals what choices I have made, as the level of my synchronicity to life is reflected through the condition of my physical body. 

I am the creator of the change that is me, as this. And this is something that no one can be responsible for but myself. All of this reveals the very protean nature of who and what I am as a physical manifestation of life, where what I resonate shows me to myself. It is actually very simple. What complicates this is arguing for the state of lack that is the mirage made larger than life, which is a physical life. 
No one can be responsible for me but me, and I am the very means of being the necessary change to and towards what is best for me. What is best for me, is what is best for all, as I am the same, as equal, to all as who and what is the very fabric of me here, which is physical manifestation. In a sea of resonant mirages, the sea shore is always here, in plain sight. Thus, just as I realized my own automations within performing, as practiced and made resonant constructs, so can I be the necessary change to always relate to the resonance constructs within me, as my practices in the past, and cross reference the physical reality with and as every breath, here. I am protean.

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