Monday, November 6, 2017

Using change to understand in order to find solutions Day 799

I remember some years ago complaining when interacting with a public servant. I was irritated when an answer to a question went from the collective into the personal. Meaning, when I asked a question about a process, and the answer moved into “ I don’t know,” I became irritated, and more than likely triggered aggravation in the person in the public servant position, changing the whole mood of the situation into protection and defense behaviors. The person from whom I sought an answer was suddenly suggesting that I was rude. IN such situations, one has to agree and then move on. 

I would rant about such situations, allowing myself to become frustrated with a person who worked within a system to hide behind moving into things being personal. Yet, as well, this is a well know logistical fallacy. When one cannot answer a question, a smoke and mirrors wall comes up of and as moving into something having been done on a personal level. It is a form of changing dimensions. Distraction can be used for a good, to direct, or for self interest when one does not have enough information, or when one does not have a large enough vocabulary. Meaning, when one does not have the ability to do the math, and be more of what humans are so capable of, which is to come up with new ways of doing things. 

It is much like standing in a piece of music, as words are never the real thing, yet they are things. Words are a fluid math, they are a reflection of focus, in terms of revealing where one’s within state is in its ability to register and share what is the movement and expression of what is around one.  Is one in synch with what is here, or is one in a state of separation from what is here? Can one remember what one did last week? If not, is one in synch with this reality? I mean, things have a progression, or change over time, if one cannot remember that, and realize what is actual, then is one really focused on reality? 

What I am seeing today, this moment, is that past belief, that had a truth and yet had no real ability to point out the smaller equations that created what was a sense of changing tense, or mood, using words, to a degree that I realize with more clarity ( and which begs the question as to how much I really know! lol) today. And, to add to this, I realize that at times in my life, I have noticed some subtle changes in the physical natural world around me, like a sudden red flag coming up, as sudden deeper attention onto the environment, the physical natural environment around me- that vast space outside a window, for example. I have to ask what I noticed, and often what I sensed and yet could not specifically name. Thus, my ability to attend to changes is natural, my ability to interpret those changes effectively, warrants greater development in terms of communicating that, which is investigating what are the changes composed of and as, such as color, or pressure etc. It is the same with human beings, in terms of noticing subtle behavioral changes, such as that tense and mood changes in the dialogue. We all know this. Ask yourself how a simple conversation that may start with a discussion about something, suddenly turns into something completely different, where the object of discussion moves into being about what someone said, or suggested about the person instead of the subject being discussed? This happens a lot. Just read the comments on any news feed, it is rampant in our society. And it is a huge means of distraction away from an issue. It is time consuming. On another level, if one had access to large amounts of money, could one with such power actually use this? Yes, of course. Yet, that happens on the greater stage, from seeds planted on the ground. It is like a false resonant tree of occupying through distraction purposeful mis-take in reality. It is, not ‘ like’, an imposed super story of business to distract while all the resources freely given somehow continue their movements out of Africa while those displaced because of this action, starve with justifications that the bureaucracies are too slow moving to get aid. Aid moves slow, at one tempo, and resource  extraction moves more fluidly. The construct should be a huge thing of question. I mean, how many articles are about resources not getting out of a country? 

I find it interesting, to note, that colder countries hold more of the administrations, and warmer, resource rich countries have greater economic instability. It is a formula for a perfect storm. The colder climates must get money to pay for physical reality needs, perfect places to build paper work processing factories. The warmer places require less structure, as that would mean more effective education and one cannot have that is one is interested in grabbing the resources. Again, this a general description of a math, a mode, a tense, a pressure, creating a form, determining an expression. It describes the use of the physical reality. A story, is a series of movements, of actions. With hindsight, those actions create our outcomes, of which are visible, over time, unless one simply does not look. In effect we as humans are intrinsically able to understand this. Why, because we use this to our advantage, though limited, we use it, thus we see it. It is a matter of expanding our awareness to realize this to a greater degree, in all the moving parts of what is here around us. The moment we move into resistances, as self protections, or through self protections in a moment, we can understand how we are a math, an equation of an as our movements. Our words are things, we use them. They reveal in their equations, in what they bring forward, our alignment conceptually to this living reality, and even what distractions exist on local and more global stages/dimensions/platforms. I mean, why are conversations called narratives? And, in all common sense, what is a veil? Is a veil something composed of a distraction that is of memory, as resonant experiences or practices of movement within? Wouldn’t it be cool to acknowledge this and begin to move more in the direction of creating a more functioning physical reality? 

Within myself, how to change moving into frustration and irritation, in relation to this living reality, as reactions towards things based on inner beliefs, into being more playful within understanding this composition of reality with a superimposed , as above, or floating on, and extracting from, as that veil, of a false and limited story of more vague information. Limitation is composed of “ unfocus. “  Where the on-focus is a quantum practice of following practices of protection as resistance to who and what we really are. It, by design, is a form of violence as it is not in synch with the practical and living and physical reality that is what and who we are here. 

One must become in synch with the practical, to realize the more subtle actions, and then no longer move into reactions about them. It means moving more as always realizing the next step, the solution, that creates a lath of least resistance, because that path of least resistance is the place of acknowledgement to be effective in action. Effective action has no signature of violence. Effective action has more of a flow to it. In all, this is why in research in educational development, the greater one’s ability to use vocabulary, the greater a generation of successful action. 

Also, developmentally, and from my personal experience, things can move into what I would call, and others have called a plateau. This is where things are accumulating, and yet on the outside it appears that nothing is moving. I like to relate this to tree in the winter. They appear dormant, yet they are not, they are simply more busy underground. It is also similar to closing the circle, meaning one is busy filling in, or realizing the circle, to then make a leap into moving into greater understanding, or awareness. I can remember times when I did not see this, and become insecure, to the degree a level as a plateau, took longer than it might have should I have recognized this!  I became caught up in the distraction of resistance via fear, based on comparison and self judgement. I forgot the actual. I was not forgiving towards the process of development. Regret, guilt, or perpetual reiteration of such a story, a time-line of events, is in itself a form of distraction and an eddy of and as a state of inner resonant beingness, that can come to be one’s self definition as this, which is more of the same, because it is not being that development as an action of closing the circle, being pro-biotic, being aware of this reality, growing in awareness of the whole of and as what is here- just wanted to add that dimension too! ; )

Coming back to where I started, that state of becoming irritated by a mood change, that is a change in focus based on inner self definitions which are a composition, a resonant math of belief,  always recognizable in having pulls, or polarized values, I realize being a reaction to such a mood, is not calling the math out by name, is not recognizing the movement one is experiencing in relation to how all of this works. Usually, a change into the personal is within this context, a personal protection because of a lack of vocabulary, a lack of seeing the math, a lack of recognizing how much an inner resonance exits as a time-line of experiences that were in themselves more of that same action, practiced again and again until the entity of it becomes larger than the reality around it, as what one accepts persists, as what one resists persists until it is moved into greater understanding, a perfect means of self realization, to show what one is doing to one’s self. When I recognize a shift in tone, a shift in measure, within and without, I have to stop, slow down and breath, assess my information and reinform myself. I have to come down out of a resonant construct, and assess the reality around me, to realize where I am not in synch with who and what I am here, as a physical state of being on a physical planet. In this, my resistances are a gift to show me to myself. It is ultimately, my responsibility to use my changeability in effective ways and means. It is my responsibility to realize the vocabulary that is in synch with this reality. What I vocalize, what I focalize must be in respect of what is here and how all of this works. Becoming irritated with what is here, is like becoming irritated with a song on a radio. That song is a thing, that is all, it cannot define me unless I allow it and it is up to me to realize why I am reacting with irritation and to realize what are the steps that move myself into what would not be of that state of reaction. 

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