Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 579 The Lag of Self Definition towards a Natural Expedition in Men

As each faction in our society looks in self interest into its own survival, there is a limitation within the collective communicating and sharing developments that lead to expediting actions needed to improve efficiency and give the space and time to understand practical reality in ways that allow interaction that furthers and sustains effective practices on a finite planet.
It seems to me that this has been forgotten, as each exists in a bubble within their own ideas about who they are. The society is a fabric of people, where perspectives for improvement come from all areas of life. It is like a mix of insight coming together and communicating is how new ways of seeing and thinking come about. It is easy to get caught up in a bubble and miss expansion, thus the people in this world working in other areas are a gift of insight, but that insight must be allowed communion or the efficiency in solving problems  becomes very slow, and the fires burning because of a lack of communication become the focus of the person in the bubble who feared looking outside for solutions, or accepting solutions that were shared and given because a fear of loss of a self definition is allowed precedence.
I see this in many places, where a “ non-profit” entity, which is just a form in words on paper where at the root it is a group of people working together to solve problems, will not have anything to do with a “ NGO” or non-government organization.” In the end these are all organizations of men, how the money flows through them, whether directly or indirectly really does not matter, as the layers of separation that we define as good or bad, or simply each point in the organization getting some monetary compensation in order to live, as we have accepted and allowed money to determine life.
One example is all the so-called non-profits offering consultations hanging in the foyer  of my local library, all making it clear that they are non- profits. But if I look past the initial shield/presentation, they are all organized people giving advice as to where and what to do to address their issues that brought them to the consultation.  In the end, to receive the interventions one must go and see that doctor, and interact with that private company that is profit based. So the screen of non-profit is a smoke and mirrors show that says it is good, but really is a pawn of profit. This happens on a global scale as well, and yet it also happens on the micro scale even within my own town. What I notice is the perceptual ability of people to not see this, which means that little investigation has been done, and often the reaction is based on ideas that define self, more than the practical reality of the sequences that are the real play-out all the way to the end
There is a company here, a social services company, that is privately owned and offers social services to parents, for example, that are having problems with their children. Mostly, the workers seem to hold hands with the parents and listen to their problems. Listening to problems is a good, but it is not something that actually follows through and solves the problem, And the problems become so overwhelming that there is not time to continue to go and have someone listen, I notice this because there are these groups set up and yet they do not appear to exist with any constancy. They rise and “ die” pretty fast. I called one such group and what I got was that, yes it had stopped for a while but was being reorganized into a better structure. It is like the government touting doing good, by setting up these entities, which are now being done by “ private” groups of people ( because that is what it is), but that don’t seem to really exist with any constancy.
I also looked into the owner of the non-profit and what I found was that the owner of this private providing social services group was, in another state is on the board of the private Federal Reserve Bank and on yet another board in another state of a hospital or medical entity. If we do not begin to see the layers here, that on one hand these so-called private groups of social services - ostensively to do a better job of organizing social services- have connections to monopolies in the background, and as such will naturally direct the flow of need in ways that serve the instigators own rent seeking, and realize that this is limiting insight within the collective ability to add insight via perspective who in having the insight and the ability to communicate it are actually men, organized men, no different than any other organized system. It is all really a construct of control, one that is not what is best for all. Were it functioning as something that solved problems, then there would be more constancy in the actions of the social services, the outcome of which would slowly be the removal of extensive social services as the problems created would end, as the nature of men is to expedite actions and expand in awareness. Somehow this is not happening, and the reason for this is in the systemic form of what we have accepted and allowed and what we believe in our individual lives, our bubbles of thought. How we define ourselves, and our reactions to what others think about how we have defined ourselves really show us how we are not paying attention to the whole, and the consequences of lack and counteract of need seeking, are in effect seeking for someone else to take care of the consequences of what has been ignored as we hold onto self definitions that are limited and creating a lag of conceptual development that would actually  move with practical reality in ways that expand and expedite actions that would improve existence that is the real nature of men.

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