Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 603 The courage of water

The courage of water
I have had a problem in my chest for a while. It has taken time to begin to slow down the protective shield based on ideas, beliefs and opinions. And, that what I have allowed is so habituated, as my actions, in reaction based on fear, which is myself accepting and allowing an inferiority to life, as life would be what is best for all, as an expression, because the real purpose is creation, in and as what does no harm, what takes that which is good and does no harm, transforming in a moment, fearing not an expression, because the structure as the physical shows the way, in form and function.
Sometimes this movement in my chest becomes warm, like a liquid, and other times I can feel it tensing up, as I allow a program of moral righteousness and/or an idea of competition, where I compare myself to another within allowing a very limited ideology/belief/conception/perspective.
Other times, it feels like a hole is in my chest, where I have not caught up in practical application as my own structural alignment with being here, focusing here.
Water is here, it has the courage as is its nature to mold into every form here, even into the very rocks of this earth, through the layers of clay underground, into everything, and everything is of this substance, this water.
Thus, I can become any accepted belief, as being such in a moment, to understand need not define me as who I am here, in a moment, because the next moment comes and with this change, just as water changes and circulates and moves on this earth. In this respect water is courage, and courage is water -like. And we were told that we had to move from the heart, on this earth, that is our hearth, here; hearing heaven here is allowing the courage like substance as water as self as life here when aligned as this nature as self as life, using the abstract making quality of the mind - that which can become a concrete embedded structure that lacks common sense directive when held as hallow ground as being more than that from which it builds its program. This is in essence playing god, leading nowhere, which means the now of time, here, and we have been told that time is the illusion. So, the joke is on you - mindbot. lol, it is a saying that reveals its outcome, mind  only bottoms you out, like a pyramid scheme will eventually bottom out as is happening here on earth unless we become our real nature, that of courage, which is the nature and characteristic of water, which happens in the heart, the earth, the hearth, I mean there is a reason why the sounds in these words are the same. Is there not? It is like the pictograph of the word heart, as the ‘h’ is like a chair, and that chair ‘h’ is before the ear - the hearing/hereing  of self in the cross roads, as the cross, as the ‘t.’  So it is the choice to sit on the chair and stare/stair the shadows on Plato’s wall as one’s experiential mental map that has now manifested into a system of same limitations or to become equal and one to the physical, to make the choice to respect the physical as life in formation, and to accept self as life and become equal and one as a creator. It is to accept the transformative quality of self and direct from this to develop and return to the means to pass through the eye of the needle into eternity as becoming equal and one to the essence that is life. This way and means with which we are born, that has been moved into some fantasy world of religion and consumerism,  is much simpler than lead to believe as the action is a practical one, which is right here in front of us; we need only accept this, because in reality it is freely given. Time to put down the apple and return to the presence of the tree. Then maybe the tree will become the choice of freedom, the tree, when becoming equal in awareness to it, one comes under the dome of freedom.
You have the courage, as what you are to stand and equalize to here. This is to choose freedom, to begin the process of alignment to life, as the physical, and to realize that each part reflects and as such substantiates who you are as a creator because who you really are as life fits perfectly into life.
The process of self forgiveness is to forgive the judgements of being inferior or superior, of removing comparison and competition, to equalize through stopping the voices of one’s past of uncertainty and the voices of a lineage of ancestors that were not themselves equal to life as including the physical world as life - caught in an idea of something greater that is and was a metaphysical construct in separation from reality.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not listen, to within this, not see, realize and understand that I can become what another believes, opinions, or idealizes as such cannot define me, but I can understand as the nature of courage as that being like water, to realize the conception of another and to take this and bring this into a from that takes that which is good and does no harm.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge, to become inferior to what is here, and /or superior in fear of loss of what I have accepted and allowed myself to be defined in and as, and within this, to use meta-physical mental action to understand and equalize understanding and then to take this and move this into what does no harm , taking that which is good and referencing practical physical reality to consider all life, as the physical and begin to rebuild a life on earth that considers all things in ways that do no harm, to create heaven on earth, and as such to live with courage as is the real nature of my myself as the word courage is the word heart.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that my ego is my accepted and allowed metaphysical ideology in separation from accepting the gift of life in manifestation which is the physical world here, right in front of me.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand my own accepted and allowed separation into ideas, beliefs and opinions where I move as judgement, resisting that which limits or does not substantiate my survival character, as my self definition that was built in self interest only, separating me from myself as life, rejecting life as it rejected the physical, this physical being the way and the means of myself here as life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have rejected the courage of myself as life, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that bring right was a fixed thing, when being here, in consideration of practical reality as the physical was “ righting” myself here, with every breath, to cross reference practical reality and participating in creation as the physical becoming sound with and as the means of life as the physical.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that being here, accepting the physical is real substantiation to and as life here.
When and as I find myself thinking only, I stop and I breathe and I slow myself down, to become equal and one to and as the physical to substantiate life, as the physical here.
When and as find myself wanting to be right, I stop, and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I listen, I hear, to bring myself here, equal and one with the physical, to begin to walk with and as the practical measure as the physical world, to become equal in sound with the physical, and thus substantiating myself here as life.
When and a s I find myself moving into fear, I stop, I slow down, I breath, I realize where I have not taken the time to be courageous and slowed down to understand the conceptual form around me, and I take the time to investigate and to discover that which is good and does no harm, here.
When and as I find myself believing that I must protect myself in fear of loss of something as an idea, I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand that the space is here, and that this is eternal, thus I have the time to slow down and review, as investigate all things, listening to hear the heart of the matter, and to reflect on this, and move this into what would be best for all because what is best for all is best for myself here, and to be thankful and grateful for all expression around me, as the expression around me is perspective of this reality, and as such, if I allow this, builds my own courage as life, as this expands my awareness of and as life here.

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