Monday, November 2, 2015

Day 655 I am the nature of change.

I realize that I fear change, and yet this is a natural ability within me, and the physical world surrounds me to enable me to change to fit with what is here, and to work with in ways that do no harm.

I can see where television, imparts a vision that has nothing to do with the reality as the physical world surrounding myself here.

I also can see where the contrast of our present education system, moves at a much slower rate than the imagery on a screen, filled with possibility and excitement.

In a world where a child has little to no interaction with the physical reality surrounding them, and a communication system that use words to bring out detail, and a television that orders movements and picture that appear to defy reality, and an education system that micro manages in abstraction only, for many hours a day, can we see how we are in effect not educating our children to realize their full potential?

We understand that what we think can become automated in our behaviors, the measure we are exposed to, as media and the slow-motion of learning in our schools of a set body of information, abstractly, without practical application- as being away from using our immense common sense - eventually becoming what automates us, or, what directs us, or what we program ourselves to direct our physical bodies as.

I mean, look at the Harem effect in our schools. This is a program of a set body of values, that a person believes defines their value, or believes brings some excitement. If this is the information, as a series of values composed of measures, like data, or like ‘ tradition” which is a set of data based on a past,  then that is what that person attends to, has programmed their body to move towards. This is okay, yet when one’s set of values are made larger than other values, as they are all values, one not more than another, what is missed in perception and what directs that lacks a respect for all values? What is lost in the elimination of other values that are in no way more or less than one’s perceived values collected into what directs the person’s attention?

And, is one so busy chasing these limited values that the potential of other values is simply ignored? This is like wandering though a forest and ignoring anything that does not motivate one, when all those others trees have values, and together form the forest that is the very means of life, as the trees all emit oxygen for each part in this fabric of existence.

And if one is so busy following these limited values, is everything else no longer visible, as the imagination has become larger than life? I mean is this not what abstract teaching only and constant tele-vision in effect doing?

Have we allowed ourselves to become programmed with limited information and within the practice of that limited programming as what is our cognition/our directive map, lost sight of how we accepted that programming to the detriment of a natural spatial ability that is the very means to sense that forest and each individual tree? In other words, we have become a mind consciousness system, following an inner informative order on automaticity as what directs us, forgetting how this all works!

Imagine trying to explain this to a mind consciousness system that believes that mind consciousness is more real than that forest?

And meanwhile that program will say “ you are not listening” when that ‘ not listening’ is really that the program that is all that is seen, only wants acceptance of itself because it sees nothing else!

And yet, one can change, because that information was placed and accepted, a process of construction that can be deconstructed. Yet a principle must be what guides in the reconstruction, as this can create a constant, and that constant must be what can withstand all change. It must be that point of stability, reminding the person of that forest and the individual parts of that forest, down to the leaves on the tree.

This principle must be what is best for all, because this has that which follows a program, for a moment, to consider all things. We can sense that forest and the leaves on all the trees, as this is how great our ability to assess and absorb information is. We can retain what we assess as a form for a moment, and become an ability to change in every moment with that innate spatial ability. 

Given that what is programmed can become automated on another level through generations. As the parents become the program and physically direct themselves as this, and end up modeling this for the child, who then is exposed to this every day, because the child does not have enough information accumulated to realize what is happening.  Thus the parents model the limited information, as this is physically directing them.

We all know this is happening, as we ignore what is happening in the world, and are involved in our immediate environments, where television/entertainment and specialized jobs consume our attention. We move like we have visors on, and bury our frustrations in entertainment and drugs, because the suppression of our full potential is a lot of work. Thus we are allowing a fluid ability to assess ( learning to crawl) to direct in a very narrow focus.

If in every action we make, in this next moment, included the principle of what is best for all, we would begin to look outward,and realize the structures of, for example, our economic system as being what is not what is best for all.  We would begin to investigate the structures, and even begin to understand that we were never taught how the money system works because it would mean we would understand that by design it is not what is best for all and therefor cannot work. We would begin to realize the structural patterns within and without.

We are accepting a system that is acting in self interest, just as we each are lost in our own self interest, having forgotten to respect what we are, as physical beings living on a physical and finite planet.  This is  a planet that works in symbiosis, not as a monoculture. Look, are our bodies a monoculture? No, they are a system of many different parts that work together in symbiotic ways. Our bodies are not a monoculture.

Is it no wonder that the physical labor jobs are paid the least and the abstract-on-paper-work jobs are paid the most? This is because the paper work jobs can manipulate in self interest away from what is real -moving limited information. This is a building of structures far away from that forest, forgetting that fabric of the physical world that is the means of one’s life, as that forest is a part of one’s physical body- without it, one cannot live. The system reflects what each is allowing within.

In this, all jobs, no matter what, are equal in importance and within this, each one must move within the principle of what is best for all, in consideration of all things, as all things are you in another life, in another form. 

As one begins to realize one’s program composed of values that are essentially a measure about the physical world surrounding us, and begins to look not only at what one has accepted and allowed, and the distractions to not face this, as the television ( not a ‘ bad”) and the education system of a set body of information that does not teach how the system is structured  ( or we would not have starvation and environmental degradation) one begins to discern the without and the within. The without being the real  physical world around us as that forest and all the leaves on all the trees, and that within as what one has accepted as belief and idea and opinion that is an enlarged imaginary value only; a measure, a data about this symbiotic world. This is how a  mind consciousness system  is what has been accepted, where the imagination is in separation from reality, and that imagination is believed to be more real, than reality as the physical.

The means to begin to ground one’s self back into reality, is to move as the principle of what is best for all, as this is what is best for self, because self as life, exists because of what works and what works is what is best for all, which is how earth exists because it moves in symbiotic ways, which is respecting all things and taking that which is good and does no harm. 

One must be able to change, in every moment, assessing all things. One must be fluid as to what is formed within and what is formed without. Each has this capacity, or we would not have learned to crawl and to walk and to talk. For those who could not learn to crawl and walk and talk, it is because of the consequences of each, within each generation, not considering all things, taking that which is good and does no harm, in every moment of breath. We are all a part of creation as the physical. Our responsibility is to all things. What is best for us, here, is what is best for all.

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