Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 658 Ideas need not define me, because what I am before ideas is physical.

I realize in so many ways how the habit of fear, of not looking here, can cause myself to want to hide or rush an idea into a situation. And all the while, that which is needed to solve problems is practical and measurable, right in front of me.

The other day, in a presentation, I slowed way down, breathed, and instead of rushing to reform I stopped and looked at the inform I allowed and the inform of those I presented to. I realize I had time and space.  It is like listening to a piece of music, the difference in not judging this.  I allowed the other person to complete their train of thought, to where it simply stopped, as I could see they began to answer their own question. 

This was a moment where I realized that nothing can define me but what I accept and allow, and how much ideas can drive one to the extend that an ideology is pushed without regard for all things, meaning to work with what is here, and to reform into building a focus that has responsibility in every moment. In this, any friction is getting stuck on a lack, where the limited form can be directed into what finds solutions, as what can lend ease to a situation.

I have allowed blame and spite to be the behavior of myself, instead of allowing assessment of reality, to gift myself self responsibility. Self responsibility is what each seeks, as in the desire to push one’s information out is a desire to respond, yet somehow the desire to participate has separated from real responsibility, which is to consider all things and take that which does no harm. To cause harm is to destroy a means of being responsible in a seemingly odd twist. One is chasing an ideological form without cross reference to reality. We have been told not to follow false idols, and a false idol reveals itself in actions that cause behaviors of harm in mankind.

Where does truth hide when idea is made greater than reality? Right here. If we look at the media at present, it is touting blame and spite onto a people who have fled a country that no longer has a infrastructure to support them, only to turn and propagate a fear of the same people under the guise of their religion. This is a stew of ideas and beliefs and opinions, streaming though a ubiquitous media owned by a few, in self interest, that is an idea that has no relevance to what it means to live. All those refugees are people, just like you and me, and they, just like you and me, want to feed their families and take care of their children, they want to enjoy life, they want to live. Anyway, the story makes no sense, as who would decide to get on a very thin boat and risk death unless the situation was extremely desperate? I mean, when Americans decide to help in this country, class barriers are forgotten, as well as religious differences, even species differences are forgotten because we will help animals - and they have no religion. 

Our media is buzzing with fear mongering, again and again. And, our congress in American, is passing ‘ mandates’ in the interest of the means of wealth accumulation and suppression of self responsibility in each, despite many standing up and pointing out problems with accepted practices in this age of information readily available on the internet. It is like the information of innovation and lack in current accepted practices is right here. Instead of using common sense, on the ground, we are the good students of imagination only, following information without question, as we accepted a schooling system that by design took us away from reality and forced information into a memory. We are zombified by information, accepted as a truth, despite the outcomes of lack surrounding us in every way. I mean just look at the health of Americans, and our children, we are not healthy and it is getting worse, despite what the media touts.

There are many in my world that say they can see this, and yet believe there is nothing they can do. And meanwhile, many jobs are tied to this system of dis-ease maintenance. So, in reality, there is no one holding this in place but each and every one of us, waiting for someone else to solve the problem, when is is only each of us that can solve this problem.

We can start by investigating our own accepted and allowed beliefs, opinions an ideas, and investigating the real measure of what supports us and what supports the men as the human refugees that no longer have homes because it has been bombed into a state of rubble. These men, these humans, are at the point where they simply want what we all fear losing, which is a stable shelter, clean water, nutritious food and an education.  A system that respects life is necessary in all measure, which means each must stand up and respect what it means to be a physical beingness.

As children we are not born with language and culture, this is what is impulsed afterwards. Hence we are all the same, it is only what measure of belief, opinion and idea that we believe defines us, that we learn, that causes discord and strife. What we are first is a form as a man/being on earth. The rest is a collection of values about life, based on an experience one was exposed to, like carrying information about how to live that can change from one climate to another, from one moment to another.  In this sense, religion is to justify not wanting to change, to project a blame onto something else, because a man has chosen an idea about something to define him, instead of realizing that what a man is, is a form that has two arms, a torso, a head, and two legs that are perfect mechanisms to interact on this earth, create things, build things, working with nature. And that men have the ability to assess the nature of the environment and understand it. Somewhere along the way, ideas became greater than reality, and the few who forced their ideas over others, in the temples of their minds as their memories, forced others to pay them to follow their memories, their measures of belief, opinion and idea! Within this, the followers accepted and allowed this despite the harm it has done and continues to do to so many living things on this earth. Our responsibility is to life on earth, to become what sustains and respects all life.

The things dividing us, are ideas made larger than reality, as the physical. That physical world, is the truth hidden right in front of us. As our refugees make clear, it is not ideas that sustain us, it is food, shelter, clean water and an education that equalizes us to being at ease on this physical world.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become an idea before respect for life, as physical in form.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe the measure in and as the thoughts, ideas and opinions, within and as mu mind.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that one value is more than another, and within this, to not see realize and understand that a value is a value, and has a name that fits into physical living, as in practicing being life, and respecting all things, taking that which is good and does no harm.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to place idea before life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not ground myself equal and one to the physical world, in thought word and deed in every moment of breath here, to see realize and understand that what ideas exist within and as my mind are just this, ideas, beliefs and opinions in and a s my mind, where I can slow own and cross reference the physical reality to ground ideas, beliefs and opinions in measure to a practice of physical living that causes no harm.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that self direction as mind, as idea only is energetic,  as this is the measure of that idea inflated and made larger than life, separating presence into an inferior state of being.

When and as I find myself ungrounded in reality, as in losing a sense of being self responsible with ease, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I cross reference my within to the without, my above as an accepted mind consciousness, to the below, to investigate and assess and consider all things as all things are me in another life, until I am calm, serene, at ease, to ensure in thought word and deed that which takes that which is good and does no harm, applying the golden rule to give as I would receive, and to build a world that is what is best for self, as this is what is best for all.

When and as I find myself having a shallow breath, I stop and I breathe, and I slow myself down, and I assess all things, taking that which is good, in this physical manifestation of life as life would, to ensure that no harm is done to plant, animal or man, to stand in responsibility with and as all life, to become equal and one with life as the physical, as this is the eye of the needle, the gift to birth myself in equality and oneness with life.

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