Thursday, December 29, 2016

Generating Meaning is ? Day 738

The elephant in the room, generating meaning that is separate from reality.

This morning I woke up, after reading  perspective on ‘ meaning’ generation when I realized that the elephant in the room is that very meaning generation within me, as all the societal constructs that make up the culture and my own mis-understandings. It really was myself , most probably as a child,  moving into that cultural meaning generation that divided me, that I allowed to divide me, from myself as life, that ineffable ability to move through the eye of the needle. I mean, what was I doing when I sat in a musical group and checked my own movements, then extended a sense pick-up of what the bass and the cello and the oboe, and later, into the audience was doing with myself as who and what I was and am, as that same drive to learn to crawl and to walk?

Or those moments, in this time of meaning generation visible in the cultural borders silent and hard that separate human beings from one another, based on meaning generation that are ubiquitous as a drone of sound much like the thoughts in my mind; a consequence of meaning generation from a fixed context lacking any real experience? And, as I have read, that this supposed meaning generation sets humans apart from the plants and the animals, which is actually generating the problem and counter intuitive to common sense? The meaning generation in the media, the MSM, that is a flooding of mis-information that is a story of a victor in self interest  touting  that they are generating meaning of value towards the common good.  This meaning is a time outside of the space of all things. The space of things is practical reality. The equation of information done-with-a-math of values superimposed at the exclusion of reflecting a common sense.  Sometimes a person who walked on the ground with less censure in self interest, reports real actions uncolored by agenda.  A small voice in a ceeded script usually composed of blame and spite, right and wrong, righteousness and victimhood,  punishment and salvation. How often are human rights in practical terms spoken of? Usually, that human right aid manages to get to where it was needed long ago, despite the perpetual movement of resources happening over the hill from a genocide with the same transportation needs to move that aid. It is interesting that raw resource movement  continues , and even munitions movement, seems to flow like water, and yet basic aid does not, and sanctions are used to punish. In contrast,  humans can do and move things on this earth without hinderance, it is happening all the time, thus a lack of movement is by design. I mean we are also good at all those sanctions. 

Yet this is what is happening within each of us, as we stand within our mind consciousness as meaning generators. There is every excuse as to why something is not happening, yet when compared to the actual doing, it cancels such excuses out.  Yet, that meaning generation, in  a bubble in our minds, is supposedly what makes men greater than those who lack this mis-use of the imagination, as real practical movement makes obvious. And yet, it is natural to be able to become present in reality, it was our starting point before we learned to sit at a desk in a florescent room, or stoned edifice flooded with light colored with stained glass windows telling a storied vision of what happened in the past once again written by a victor using force, moved us into generating meaning from texts that used words that in themselves were never the real thing and are a thing, and as such being weaponized, to build an idea of meaning that in itself divided us from ourselves and caused a bias, a judgement of a good and a bad, pulling us in directions of blame and spite, and separating us from being present in space, in this space, we call earth. I mean, a animal can find an owner across thousands of miles in space without reading the signs on the roads, and a man, at our present information, cannot. Our focus on meaning generation so occupies our presence, we no longer know the difference. We are scattered in meaning, generated from within alone, lacking any reference to what is real. When we die, all that is real is what lives on, and that can be but a whisp. Tiny. It is the only innocence left. If I were to grade that, like a test grade at the end of life, I would probably give it a 2 out of a hundred, that is how bad it really is.  That is how big the elephant in the room is. I mean, see if you can stand next to someone and sense the warp of space generated around a person. You know that sense of irritation that can come up around someone sometimes, that is your meaning generation bumping up against theirs. When that meaning generation resonates with another’s there is an attraction. It is like being pulled into a vortex, actually, it might be more literal than I surmise. You are screwed. 

How to reverse this? Word by word, grounding the words back into reality, learning to see and feel here, this physical and practical reality. To touch here, to live here, to repent here, right here, this moment. It is to move moment to moment, to become practical and realize we are all the same. It is to begin to be able to do what dogs do, sense the space here. I mean, go and look up accelerated learning techniques, they describe being present here, in this reality, utilizing all the senses. Our imaginations must be equal to here, to what is in plain sight, the physical. We can, just as a musician, place our presence here, embracing the organ of life, as the physical. even if there were another life, why not learn this one to the smallest degree, how awesome would that be, to really understand this creation and move with it. After all, as we can see, that meaning generation is the illusion. And it feels like one is riding in a roller coaster, bouncing all over the place, lacking any real stability, overwhelming and making one tense. How about some real stability?

In reality,  every move I make I must remain stable in my breath and constantly check with care what I am allowing within myself and realizing what is here as the physical I must re-space my presence. This will, as myself, be one less meaning generator and the movement into one more grounded presence living a calm outside of the storm composed of  a flood of limited information that is illusive distraction from a real value, this life, here, this moment, this ground.

I can begin to realize where I resist, and as that resistance, push out, from myself, an elephant in the room, where I want to manipulate in self interest,  forcing only what I want, desire, believe, instead of looking at what I want to ignore,  based on some idea, long practiced and buried behind my own self accepted generated meaning. I accepted a standard limited measure of value, and judged myself as unworthy through comparison, and then looked for something to generate another value, to have attention because I feared being hurt, as I had raced in my own curiosity about the world, and could not speak to the world of meaning generated around me because it had no real substance,  in relation to this reality, this real physical manifested life.  Lol, it is a desire to discover, to run like the wind, and yet I got caught in saying ‘ why can’t I’ and feeling trapped in not being this.  lol, it is also a sense that I am being told to calm down and wait, and this is the last thing I want to hear. After all, real value generation happens boots on the ground, leading to no dependence on any begging for help, as one is the help one’s self, as a group, standing up, really living what is best and sharing the means towards this, without missing  a beat as one stands steady in that priceless value. This army of providing a service of immense value moving as Johnny Appleseed, among other tree planters,  did, one seed at a time, creating a momentum that leads to a real and stable currency flow. The structure here, laid out, stable, as some things that have proven the test of time, need not change their basic inherent form, the problem being more of who and what one is within one’s self. It is only that elephant in the room that meaning generation that resists seeing. One must let the program go, release it to a well known form of successful stability.  I just tell myself this, as I need not rush to discover, everything is right here, the illusion is that I have to wait. After all, in this moment, nothing can be lost, thus I can forgive a fear of something not being discovered, because life is always here. I can slow down and speed up, when necessary, as ‘ knowing’ in opposition to an idea of ‘ meaning’ is right here. 

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