Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 746 MOTHER earth is speaking.

I remember when performing that a key could change, and the whole tenor as the very fabric of the music could change. I remember asking myself in my earlier years, how I could move with this more, as become more fluid within the content. In time, as I practiced and mastered the small it became easier. I had to focus on the small and sense the whole. I could hold the movement within this, and was often a section leader because of this.

The other day I was talking to a young man, and despite the ‘ drama’ as the conversation moving on one level, I noticed this same kind of shift in the tenor of the conversation. This subtle shift has been pestering me, as I can’t seem to shake it, it keeps coming up, like a memory of a past moment, jumping out of me, which is a resonant form.  What is the point of this, what am I saying to myself, as the very resonance and math of me, my own veil? 

In working with children, I can see how they can change. Their math, or the very measure of their behaviors must change, as they are the ‘ feral’ children of their hosts, the parents.  This process and my resonant experiences, a reflection of how all of this works, and the great capacity of this if used correctly.  A mis-use of this creates a fear-all child as the child mirrors the parents emotional and feeling and belief net-worth resonant within. If not understood, the cart becomes, through the law of accumulation, or the law of compounding, as one’s resonant seed, - the cart begins to be placed before the horse; that horse a symbol for me, as the inherent reciprocity of the physical - this I am living as that memory, that math, that resonant memory of and as that moment where I noticed a subtle, yet very loud  in a way, key change in that conversation.  I would say that the process of self forgiveness, and building proper networks of words to reflect the building blocks of the physical,  is walking backwards, defining that ‘ cart’ and realizing that one can master one’s self, and lead from the physical, being grounded here. 

In all, I must become content with my own accepted and allowed oontent, and realize the content of this overall, and ground myself in the content of and as the physical. I can realize my own ‘ feral’ resonant foundation, and see the resonant accumulation of ill defined as unfocused presence, and step by step, in a proper order, rebuild to become more fluid in the mastery of the focus of me, within the content of what and who I am, as that physical ‘ horse’ and be content with myself as life, as this would be to accept the joy of life, as all this physical world, so expressive , so alive, so fecund with life, with a framework that is symbiotic. 

This must be walked, like a virus into the physical, the opening of the eye of the needle. This must be done, as though spreading through the physical, not drawng attention in one centralized area, as that in itself is an imbalance, and can open one up to attack. It must happen like a slow moving yet consistent current type of tsunami, so to speak, where the water flows in slowly, the awareness like a real wealth accumulating in a spread, to not be noticed, as when it accumulates overall, when noticed, it is too late, and within this, the capacity, the real capacity of men comes forward at the same time. This is being in synch. 

Stay the course, it is a beautiful design. The blue bird knows the way forward. Be like water, persistent, because one does have the capacity to remove the veil, this capacity is who and what we are as life. 

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