Monday, August 21, 2017

Reviewing the practical Day 790

I notice that I have back chat that I do not do enough, or am not doing enough. This then generates anxiety about that “ not ding enough.’  

In many ways, as a western east coast woman, this would match the general ideological class program of believing that I have to work hard, and succeed. Yet, what is success, but fulfilling as may variables as possible, which is an idea in itself. 

I realized that discipline was walking the ordinary into the extraordinary, The discipline itself, being the means to the end, and really awesome when one is focused, meaning when one uses one’s will to focus correctly, thereby getting more done in less time. In this, the focus, is a place where one can learn something in a shorter period of time than believed to be true within the general system.  It is a state of  ‘ less is more.’ Meaning, being focused on the practical, the immediate, allows one to ‘ order one’s home.’  

The contrast of this, was getting impatient with others, who could not focus. I could take on a project and move through it. This is interesting in itself, because the research in people who study music says just this about them. 

If I look at all the research in ‘ reading, ‘ it makes the same claim. This claim being that the more words one effectively knows the greater the ability to process information, or, process seeing and realizing the steps necessary to complete a task.  This is what is meant by having a direct relationship with words to reality.  And, this is a focus that is of a more direct seeing.  I relate this to a child who places everything in their mouth, the mouth having more sensors than may other parts of the body. This would mean that a child is sensing the form. Thus, may not so much  be wanting to eat the thing it places in its mouth- which is interesting because humans running on belief, instead of direct seeing, would suppose a child is moving to eat something. Yet, what they are really doing is taking in information about this physical reality. They are doing what is natural, which is to order their world. This is more discovery, than repetition. 

If a tendency towards violence can be measured in accord with one’s ability to use language, then why do we say - as I heard in a movie script - that humans are intrinsically violent?  If a human is born in a natural mode of discovery, as processing information, physical information, and we know, as it is in all the research, that a individual can move into successful self direction relatable to their mastery of language, why do we not see that the outcome of ourselves is based on programming, or lack thereof?  This, is visible, in being able to assess an immediate situation, and see the basic scaffold of necessary steps to reform within the perception of the moment having taken in the information!  And, within this, to be able to change that up as one moves through employing the actions. 

We have opposing arguments that children need freedom, yet freedom without structure, creates too much individuality, causing isolation. It is, again, as in so many things, a balance. 

What I find incredible as well, is how accelerated learning techniques actually describe physical learning. And, how logistical fallacies describe changing dimensions where one jumps from the personal to the collective, the object from the subject.   Just try asking a government administrator some questions, when they cannot answer they move into the personal, as a means of hiding. And then, suddenly the object of the one asking the question is being annoying, it is no longer about the subject that is the real object! We are, as humans living in a sea of behaviors that are an absence of utilizing a real and natural ability to process and order reality in ways that make the best choices. The information of how we do this is all around us, even given in our first years in schools, as that golden rule, ‘ to love your neighbor as yourself.’  The present system must do this, because it is a dimension of what is best, so that dimension is brought forward in youth because the system can them say, ‘ You accepted it. ‘  ‘ You were told how to behave, it was you who accepted the opposite.’  This all means that our present system of inequality, that abuses the freely given resources of this earth, is the fault of each of us, because we are the ones who move against real principled living.  No one, not any one person, can be that necessary discipline for any individual but the self.  

Back to myself.  I have an idea, that I have to work , to keep moving, to move effectively, to get things done, and this idea, in itself, which is not necessary to live as an idea, is what I am by nature, it is what the man-being is by design. It is not necessary to have inner voices, a math of judgements, running based on an ideological more, in my head. It only causes a rushing and an idea of repeating specific behaviors, instead of just being here, pointing this out, until it is heard, and to live this with more consistency, which is to let go and just be who and what I am here. It is not to repeat something, as that is a illusion, this idea, as we all learn the same way, and we all discover, just as that child discovers, as ‘ reads’ the nature and quality of an object.  

Our physical bodies, with what we have allowed to direct us, reveal what we have done to ourselves, when we are not effectively self directing in ways that do not have accumulating consequences that are necessary to go back and reform.  This must have one beg the question, as to why our present media system, is so ubiquitous, too constant- I mean, one cannot walk into a store and have it be quiet, the moody music is always filling the space- and it is so often a math of longing for love- using an idea, to occupy one’s attention, which is a form of distraction and yet us telling ourselves what we are missing, as what we are missing is that natural ability, inherent in the very design of what we are. This being in full volition of our natural capacity to express actions that are supportive of all things, realizing a system that supports and values all things here.  By association, as a construct of the mis-information constantly blasting away, is an idea that ‘ true love’ will appease our loss of presence in reality. When, a real grounding in the practical reality, would be real love, as it is a respect of all things, including the self as what self is. 

I remember in my early teens traveling into what was Czechoslovakia. There were no advertisements, it was really really quiet to my western eyes/I.  One could hear the leaves moving on the ground.  It looked more barren to me.  I also remember not seeing many people. Yet this is based on ideas, from what was more of my own western customs/experiences. Thus, in this example, it is easier to realize how much I project onto something as expectation, based on things that are habitual within my environment. If we can slow down and look, it is natural to begin to realize how much we are actually doing this in so many ways in our immediate environments. 

It all is, so simple, it is astounding we do not see what is right in front of us. Yet, this would be what being caught in a resonant construct, self generated would be and do, as it doninated one’s actions, into those now famous, comfort zones that appear, by illusion, to be of a ‘ thing’ one is unable to change. This is what is meant by the ‘ elephant in the room.’ It is the stuff of projection and conjecture! 

To move into the way that we all learn, as taking in form  and function with that ‘ like water’ absorbent sense, and discover a reality that is all around us, to become real stewards of this earth is the real goal.This goal is where all of us would be most haptic, as in utilization of who and what we are. When we are focused, we are more calm, and in the presence of what is awesome which is being life, in expression, which is physical, and where we see to then move forward effectively.

What is used to separate can be used to realign us back to who and what we are. This is why, in all the research in ‘ Reading’  it is common sensually understood, that the more words we effectively know, the less tendency there is towards behaviors of violence. Thus, empower yourself, align your words to the practical reality, and ground yourself in what we all seek, which is to accept who and what we are, as it is here, that we can find happiness. 

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