Sunday, August 27, 2017

Is sudden onset of erratic breathing normal ? Day 791

Regret, as a form of self pity.  That it is too lateness, that is a composition of sadness,  that is in itself an illusion, as the joy of self calling -out-by-name is the means to the end, to become auto-didactic, self determining. To realize the interference ( inter fear-ness) of past belief, as an emotional/feeling firewall, of protection, as not having enough information, as a limited vocabulary, as a mind filled with memorized limited storied ( ironically often through story) information, all built in separation from considering all things, as that which we know to be true in our awareness that we have separated ourselves from nature. LOOK at what a classroom is, it is a space and timing that is not of nature! 

Our systems reflect the way and the means. The agricultural system, where we need only walk down one of the normally two supermarket chains, in our areas, with middle sections filled with dead food that has a shelf life beyond the duration of our own lives. Food that can be the real medicine that is instead like the walking dead, it has no vitality. The very pesticides and fungicides lacing our food (not to mention the preservatives ) causing a blocking of essential nutrients in the plant which must have an effect on the body. 

Our education system, that sequesters children in a tele-vision box away from the actual real, physical natural world, and made to appear to be free. What is free is not free. It is an illusion.

Our health care system, where nurses believe that a reaction of a child, moving into erratic breathing is ‘ normal.” How can a sudden onset of erratic breathing be normal? It is a red flag, not something to see as normal- it, overall, is an acceptance of harm.  All a nurse/doctor/health care worker  need do is pay attention to their own breath, and realize, even if looking at an anxiety attack, that the pace and depth of a breath, changing into a more tense state, is the mark of imbalance, and not something to create and accept in one area, and yet not see within one’s self. We can always look at the self, and if the self would not want it, then why accept such in another, for another, especially a baby?  After all, waves lap against a shore revealing the barometric pressures, indicating high and low pressure areas, as something pressing down on the water.  When the waves are moving with greater intensity, there is pressure on the body. Something somewhere is inflamed, there is a cause and effect action on the overall form- intense pressure on the water, causes it is become reactive, to the extent it moves over its own boundaries and infiltrates the shores- causing , at times, massive damage .  If a breath increases, it would be within a function of purposeful action, much like an orchestra moving in synch, much like a flock of birds, moving like a wave.  Sudden, unmanaged by the body, onset of erratic breathing, is more of a red flag. To believe this is normal, is ignorance. It is an ignorance that is a state of ignoring harm, in self interest. 

Our media, a perpetual story of doom and gloom, potential apocalypse, of dystopia, of  foreboding. Always, a tension of possible worst case scenarios. A form of entertainment, as looking at something out there happening that is bad, is in itself a form of distraction, and a lack of being self responsible; that state of being focused on what is around one that is this reality.  Some people like to watch horror movies as a form of excitement and movement within- to get the juices going as an adrenaline rush, a form of a drug addiction. Can we not realize, that those of us that follow the news, are essentially the same? Do we believe that in following the news feed, as it exists today, that we are more responsible, when it is unbalanced, in being storied information that is always foreboding some harm? Do we get a rush from the adrenaline trigger as that form as that set body of colored information in emotional story, that is so formulaic, as that  measure/composition of in-formation? Is this, in following this, really a perpetual self abdication of real self responsibility, self autonomy, self determinism? When we, as parents, for example, accept when a health care practitioner  says a baby suddenly breathing in an erratic manner is normal, after a vaccine shot,  are we so unaware of our common sense, that we are not actually really looking at that being reacting suddenly with a more violent action as interrupted breathing ? Would we want to suddenly have that in ourselves? No.  If we as young children can learn to crawl, and walk, and talk without a manual, our real sensitivity is more than able to realize changes within our bodies, we need no authority to sense this, because it is, in essence the very fabric of what is our capacity. It takes a great effort to keep this state of agitation alive within- a state that is a separation from the practical ( practice all). Learning in boxes away from nature, is one of the layers that maintain this separation. 

What is an interference ( inter-fear-an-ce ) of our common sense, is it a resonant math of information?  And, it is this that separates us, from our common sense. Can this be all by design, and of a starting point of the individual?  Is not the real "light workers"  the many hands of men?  One could say, our great great great grandparents started this mis-measure. them all no longer present. Thus, to blame them, is pointless because the only possible solution is to reform the self, to allow what is actually more natural, to be allowed to exist. No one can do that but the self, and if we want to blame, and punish those we deem to have caused this, they are no longer here, so that is pointless.  Ironically, we are so often immune to our own irony, all the while, what we seek, is what we already are! 

What if humans came together, and imagined things that fit into creation? What if we gathered all that we are that is creating separation, if we placed all that effort into creating and focusing on what can withstand the test of time, would we not build a world that embraced and brought forth  the real expression of what and who we really are? Would we not move with our interrupted breath, and instead come to move in synch with the physical breath, to live that happiness, that is being haptic with a correct use of the imagination, to live within  the full volume of life? Would that not be awesome? Is that not what we all want? 

Finally, if we look to the financial system, could we not stand together, and forgive ideas that one is more than another, and realize some are actually closer to being informed in effective ways and means, and extend that to all, to open what is natural as our ability to be common sense of all things, to then,  stand and become real creators?   We must de-segment, we must realize what is the same, we must realize that we are the products of our past, we must realize that religions are storied information that is not the real story of reality.  We must change the currency flow, to allow all physical forms the basic and proper means to support this physical existence, to move it back into its potential to express in balance and real respect.   We must begin to realize that resonant interruptions that are of an energy, are something that needs perpetual validation to exist, because it has no real standing in creation, it has no real constancy, it is of no real stability.  It is that game of more than and less than, instead of practical living actions that regard all that is of what we are, and respects it, to realize it is us in another life form. 

Our words are sound. They are a geometry, as the very shape and form of the letters. The more we can call out the math, by name or realize what we sound, which is what any logistical fallacy describes, we realize movement,  in number and space and time, much like a musical song.  What we believe, what we say, what we do not say, as speak up, reveals the math of who and we are by acceptance and allowance in what we focus upon, as thought , word and deed.  

One experience I remember, is being in a room with a musician that had mastered their instrument to a certain degree. They understood where I was at, as they had heard me play. There were few words interchanged. The whole vocabulary of and as the physical body in movement, into form, like the shape and geometry of a word, was the means of expression, of communication.  It is more of a presence, of an awareness of the expression, as the forms and movements of reality with all things around one.   In all, we as what we are , that is equal to what is all around us, truly have the means to create heaven on earth.  If we listen, even the frame of a building, in a room in which we perform, determines the sound we make, and we, as our physical forms can instantly adjust to fit into the space. No metal robot, can work with such efficiency. We are, as physical beings, the most incredible means of life. We need only realize its value, and embrace what we are, stepping out of a resonant form of layered information that does not fit, is not equal to this creation- a creation that is physical and all around us -  allowing us, even in our state of separation, so great is the gift of life.  Practically speaking, this means to change the financial system, to one that guarantees all basic needs are met. It is that simple and only a step away, if we come together, and realize the magnificence of who and what we are as the very flesh of our form. 

Thank you for reading! 

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