Sunday, December 10, 2017

Whorling / Worlding What does a structural resonance ? Day 801

Recently, I have noticed information flow in a way that moves to normalize what is not normal. It does so through repetition, the infamous way of repeating something again and again until it is considered a truth. This even gets to a point as statements made that appear to be of fact. One of them is that Autism is not a problem, it is special. It is saying ONLY that this state is a different kind of being- so to speak, from my perspective.  Interacting with a family member that is autistic and having the people around that child react to that child in different ways, shows me that being autistic is not something considered to be special, but by the one carrying the everyday burden of such a “special” state of being. Autism is a consequence of human acceptances. It is not normal. To want to normalize such a thing is a consequence of not wanting to take responsibility. At present, this child I interact with, is a teenager. I have known this child since they were a baby. What I see is a human more capable of processing information than before, yet caught in what is called stimming movements. This is like a larger interrupting “ tick” interrupting the attention of the young person. When I am with them, I say to them to not go into their imagination for entertainment. They stop that stim and look at me. Then they bounce back. It will take a huge effort to change that behavior. A behavior run by a structural resonance of actions repeated again and again until they are believed to be what that child is and does, and then labeled as “ special.” Also, I can see where this child is bored in so many ways, because of being stuck. In effect their physical systems are not flowing and moving as they should. It is visible in plain sight and therefor, to normalize a state of dis-ease - instead of being able to move with grace and successful interaction in this reality - is not something to make normal, even though it is something that must be corrected which will take time, and effort. In this present system, within how money moves, and with adults who had they known how they worked, would never have allowed a state of function as the state of autism to exist in the first place, are who is taking care of these children, which means it is like asking those who refuse to look to be responsible for the consequences of not looking. How is that going to work? We need only look around to realize it is not working. Yet, within this, there are small movements of change, so it is not all a doom and gloom scenario. It only needs greater specificity. Is it not interesting that in the word “ autism” are the words “au and stim “? It is as though we tell ourselves in an apologetic way, which is a form of confession, and a form of projecting outside of ourselves a sense of the math we allow as our movements within,  as what we embrace, that as that apology or confession makes us a good person, which is simply another form of justification. It is taking negatives and repeating them again and again, creating a feeling body as a statement of making the state of lack “ special” as a good, that is really a spin of avoiding real acknowledgement , real understanding, the kind that realizes there are no problems and only solutions. Within the word we use to label the resonant mathematical construction of values, metaphysically in separation from practical application, from living and thus effective focus and movement, we call out the problem, make it into an idol, that as the word hides the problem in plain sight.  Autism is a form of suppression/stimming of a natural auditory ability, which is an absorbent ability, which is presence. Creating stories of a lack as being special, or a state of cognitive dissonance as being special, is living a logistical fallacy. Two negatives only build a false positive.  It builds a state of inner resonant chaos locked in associative thin-king because the source of separation has not been sorted out and living consideration of all things, as our bodies are the perfect means to sensing this reality. Our sentience is locked in a bubble of limited values. 

If someone cannot explain something clearly, a reason for something, then they are not yet specific enough to justify choices they make. If they meet resistance to their lack of specificity, then forcing a change is not going to work. Rejecting those who are not in agreement only shows an agenda that is superior to developing real understanding. Yet, this is the problem that caused the consequences we now face in the very fabric of human behavior. In this, wording statements in such a way to normalize autism is an abdication of self as life. This normalizing of autism as being special, is cultish. It is a culture of giving up. Cults take values and hyper inflate them, to serve in self interest, within a collective, which has a visible outcome in the environment. If the environment is in balance and prolific, it is in a state of harmony, of balance, it generates support. When not, it is a form of hiding, that is what making something abnormal normal is as a state of hyperinflation a picture that is making a lack larger than reality. It is a form of grief. A collective wallowing. It is a state of default. It is a discipline of focus on a lack. It is a business of avoiding the ordinary. It will become the shame of missing the extraordinary. It is a state of mis-using a natural ability to build through consistent action, one does the same only moving into limitation as being normal, which is the reverse of life. It is a state of cognitive dissonance, an inner resonant structural dissonance, instead of living one’s form of and as a human being,  as coming into synch with the physical reality. What is moving with grace and specificity in this physical instrument called earth? Do we not call such things, or abilities a state of being a master of a skill? 

I was talking with a foot reflexologist this week. We started to talk about memories in relation to rubbing feet. She also said that one person could not read the memories coming out from rubbing one’s feet alone. I thought, well, yes, this is true we need one another, yet, if we sit and direct ourselves based on our past, with a series of movements as beliefs being what composes a memory, meaning we build our own resonant structure, or blueprint, of skill sets, why is it that we cannot remember the steps we chose, and read them as we read a movie flowing in front of us, or read a book? After all, a musician must always cross reference their technique, to check it, or it can run away from the player and automate in separation from presence.  If we shut our eyes, we see darkness, and then we move into reading what is flowing where? Right there in our minds. From where does this picture show come? And yet, we can rub our feet and have memories come up, which is what is being said within the Desteni I Process, where one walks timelines to reframe the movements of these memories embedded in the flesh as can be seen and acknowledged by foot reflexologists? What is a state of anxiety but a false narrative resonant within?  I have also found other methods of looking at memories coming up into the imagination, as the visual manifester we might call the imagination. My point here is what I see around me, as systems that acknowledge that within us we hold memories that accumulate in the flesh and interrupt a natural ability to process the information we encounter in our living physical world, that place where one moves to get things done. We can either acknowledge this, and wallow in it, and get lost in an endgame of and as normalizing this state of being that is visible in our words, as equations of apology and/or confession with a qualifying statement that sounds “ positive” and yet is a excuse to not be responsible, as in making something that is abnormal, normal? Or, we can realize our own resonant constructions to acknowledge what is in plain sight as to how this works and rebuild to ensure that we are present in this reality where things get done and that state of getting things done, as creating stable and functioning systems. This is where we will find real joy.  ( And realize that what we practice accumulates, as compounds, to the extent that the next generation may be in a state where this structural resonance is so in reverse of being practical, as in living a common sense of reality, that it disturbs the machine to such a degree that machine has a very hard time functioning with grace, with direct focus onto reality!) Could we call this being autistic? Does the label reveal the problem, as being an auditory problem ( and I also want to add that perhaps the straws on this camel’s back are also from environmental practices that were not what is best ).  The feudal system by design is a form of monopoly, which started with a tiny movement, which builds a following of authority, and rituals that become holidays, that forget that the disease around us, is a tearing apart of a natural permaculture that moves through symbiotic communication and respect of form and function. 

What if we realized that what accumulates within us, are actions of and as not having been focused on this reality? What if we realized and normalized that when we are not present and in substantiation of this living physical and practical reality, we end up in a state of grief? What if we normalized the realization that when we have a resonant shadow that creates a form of such-lack or resistance in relation to communicating with others, that we are in effect carrying a resonant belief/inner movement/shadow idea around with us in the flesh that is a state of separation from being in common sense of this reality and if we look at that resonant spin, a metaphysical resonant spin, it is composed of the same sequences known in the stages of grief? What if we realized that not being in common sense of this reality is a state of not substantiating who and what we really are? And that being in synch with this reality, this physical system, in ways that we work without doing harm, is the place where real focus exists and that that direct/real focus is where we will find we are most happy?  I mean, what are the stages of grief? Could a polarized memory as an emotional action, or a “ make what is unacceptable normal through a label of good as what a feeling is ( justification),  accumulate and compound in the flesh to the degree that it becomes more and more difficult to focus on that most practical of actions that lead to getting things done? Would the whorl of this, within, get so thick that one is a whorl on this WORLd? Can emotions and justification “ feelings” become a HUGE, yet in reality, tiny WHORLS of and as a state of separation that persist until one stops resisting them, and corrects them, to open back up what is the real and natural state of being on earth? What is being apologetic or confessing without real applied action of correct, or correcting the resonant script?  Does it appear that our autistic children are WHOLRING around in chaos, unable to physically direct their limbs effectively? What is a resonant construct? How is it formed? Why do we have systems talking about resonant memories? What does it take to realize the discipline of lack, that indicates we are all able to discipline ourselves, and therefor can change and walk ourselves into embracing the physical reality, to do the same we are doing but in the opposite direction, to employ discipline into being focused HERE, right here, respecting the physical; the animals the air, the water, the food, the plants, this that is in plain sight?  To have real connection, real touching, real sensing of the nature of things, to move with them, in mastery of an instrument, is a state of ease and flow, grace and agreement! Are we not happy when we connect and agree and our agreements move with grace and a lack of friction, is it not here where we get things done? Are we not happy when we complete a project and realize the fruits of our labor? When the fruits of our labor withstand the test of time, is that not a legend that was built in stability and effectiveness? 

What are the stages of grief, and can we look to that model to realize that a dissonance from effective and respectful living is the accumulation of a loss of effective self direction that no one can change but the self? What are the stages of grief, but a domino effect that is a whorl of stages of inner turmoil that is in itself not being focused on the practical, and that exists as a resonant memory within the physical body that exists through repetition as non balancing out, that is an action of discipline, that could use the same motivation to change and move in a direction that grounds one in real and effective living where one would feel less burdened and more at ease, moving with more grace and connection to life? And that, this resonant memory system is but a tiny thing, that when lost within it, and running from it, appears huge, and appears to be a storm, when it is only a resonant construction that exists from constant FOCUS onto that, and that as in all manner of techniques used to DISTRACT one from that until one sees the ghostliness of it, and the energetic PULLS of it, as a-PULL/apple of good and evil, right and wrong, more-than and less-than, that this is a state of hypnotic separation from reality to the degree to normalize this is a crime against life? 

And yet, realizing that we are caught in stages of grief, and acknowledging them as that, and realizing that they can become a form of and as an energetic whorl within, as memories, that can be triggered by a sound, or a picture -which is basically a whorl of color as pressures as strings of accumulated sequences of ideas, beliefs and opinions- that can build into emotional and feeling bodies that are in thought, word and deed, by the self,  a Structural Resonance of separation from who and what one really is as a living physical state of being! It is a discipline of lack, of grief, of fear. Yet is is a discipline, one that is of ripples. yet ripples can accumulate and become an elephant in the room, because that is the tiny focus of the self. 

At the same time that one might begin to realize this, would it be of benefit to rebuild using sound as words, to restore presence to being in synch with this real WORLED/WORLD? Is the means of and as working with this world, in ways that what manifests does no harm to anything, allow, in the nature of not doing harm, being a state to always approach something with quiet grace because the intent is never to cause harm, and to have the patience to do-the-math of what is here, to develop a real command of self as self being natural which is self being in common sense of reality- a physical reality? Could we balance out the present cult of separation from life, and become a living culture of creation? Is it possible that all the waters in the oceans are a result of past actions of destruction on such a massive scale that our petrified animals and trees are from a huge upset to the extent that the water from the oceans used to be elevated into giant trees to create a more temperate planet, as though the trees worked much like a radiator does in our homes? After all, what flows through our radiators? I mean, I could be wrong, yet I cannot see where the ideas of the water in the oceans, could NOT have been held in giant trees, that WOULD or COULD or MAY have meant a more temperate climate on this earth? Is it possible?  Thus, can we possibly realize that when we create states of separation, we are in effect mis-using a natural ability to create, which is a form of discipline, and can be composed in ways that ground us into living our lives as what and who we are as physical states of being, to realize heaven on earth. Why not normalize how this all works, acknowledge it, and rebuild to manifest an amazing system  that supports and respects all life? The means of separation are known, and the means to rebuilding are known, as the means of separation, is using a natural ability to create! It is only in reverse! Looking at the consequences of this state of separation that is life in reverse, in our autistic children, is not something to normalize. Realizing how we work, and how we can get lost in a state of separation that is basically the same as the stages of grief, we can reverse this movement, and use what is natural to ground ourselves back into life, as this is the place where we will find most joy, and our children will become expressions of and as that joy. This is the only thing to normalize- and the systemic steps are in plain sight.

Things are built from a grass roots level, as a tiny movement consistently done, can grow into a HUGE tree. What must be walked on the ground is the very model of and as realizing the inner resonant stages of grief and letting them go. This must be modeled, and lived on the ground. It means to walk and communicate, to interact, to listen, to deconstruct and reconstruct, to look at the whorls as memories as resonant constructs that are causing separation, and are much like emotional storms in the machine, and to call them out by name, and then to refocus the self, to be present in this reality. It means to begin rebuilding with the small as the words, and at the same time to acknowledge a discipline in reverse, as an abdication of the self-as-life responsibility, to become in synch with a self directive principle that is what enables the potential of self as life to manifest. 

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