Saturday, December 16, 2017

Drowning in the imagination Day 803

Drowning in the imagination

We spend 13 years in a box, being told stories about this world, a general scaffold of information in separation is imparted through a direct instruction model without real direct access to the real movement of this reality. We practice this in our minds ONLY. Because we become what we practice we automate and get stuck in, thinking that is of association to limited information without any real practice development. We are drowning in our imaginations. Like too much water or too little water, we kill an innate absorbent ability to see the qualities of reality and work with them effectively. 

The insecurity such a state creates is a loss of real focus. That spin in the mis-use of the imagination gets in the way and causes problems in our interactions with reality, as the very SOUND as the words we speak are all tied to that which we have practiced as ordered ourselves as, within a limited set body of information that becomes a spin of values of and as limited information, that we associate to and with when using words, because our words, our language has been practiced in relation to processing limited stories about things, that are not the whole story and thus, cause language to have no relation to reality. Thus we are drowning in our imaginations and it causes polarities as value judgements because it is insecure, it has no real living substantial thing to stabilize it. Then one is inferior to reality and cannot communicate and then spends focus on trying to sort that out: one’s words, one’s language is not in synch with reality, with the place of real doing. Our schools are bringing forward social/emotional templates which is social engineering necessary to balance out a lack of real focus that is caused by a mis-use of the imagination as an overuse of the imagination, without any real direct interaction with reality. It is the kind of situation that is of doing the same thing again and again and expecting a change. There is a reason why this is called insanity. AND, this in tandem with one of our most respected and famous people being a doer, who is saying the same things! Elon Musk is saying that public schools indoctrinate , and in being so busy doing so, they are not allowing a child to discover how things work! 

How did we get tho this point of being afraid to do, to be, to get the instrument of ourselves, as our bodies so out of whack with real and effective DOING? Obviously our children can learn because they can remember all the names of the movie stars, thus the problem of not that children cannot learn.  

I had a friend visit yesterday morning. He talked about things that had happened in his life in relation to sexual accusations. This is all over the media at the moment. My visitor came with stories of accusations in the past that had no reality, and he was worried that accusations would come out within my relationship to him. The spin of fear, the spin of stories and possible stories coming at me, that had no relationship to the common sense of the situation. He is a client of mine, and he comes to talk over a cup of coffee, that is all. He point blank asked me is I would do something like accuse him of sexual misconduct? At that point what can I say? He was so in a spin of fear, that all I could do was remain calm, as I also know from experience that these storms of fear, of a lack of real presence, will pass. At this point I said to remain in common sense, seeing that this was not what had happened, and that I did not have a history of being such, and to realize the use of glom and doom, as fear, that can become so blinding because in terms of processing information effectively, fear has one move in slow motion, in a state of thick invisible uncertainty to the extent things appear to be heavy and not what is real. This becomes  a practice if focused on for too long and then expedites as information, meaning one processes it faster, just as when one learns a real skill and becomes more capable within that skill over time, and pretty soon, that information is a small movement, like a ghost in the machine, to the extent one cannot remember and read that info correctly, and it becomes a trigger into itself as some vague emotion, in a way, causing a resistance to reality, and a suppression of common sense, and pretty soon, one no longer knows why one cannot move in this reality! One has a forgotten resistance to something that is simply a moment of making a value judgement in fear, that is then a part of the information of one, that one uses because one has practiced drowning in the imagination, and cannot understand how the movements in the machine were built. The person standing there, telling a story of inflamed information that is not grounded in reality, and filled with hyper polarized ideas made larger than life. And yet, it is so small, as to be invisible, much like a ripple moving through the machine, and loud through the mis-use of words, all tied through association to that imagination filled with mis-information from an extreme scenario also made larger than life through our media. Our media is a reflection of a mis-use of our imaginations.

All of this spin of separation from reality must be reverse engineered, and ourselves grounded back into correct use of our presence, our absorbent ability, to become solution oriented to this living physical reality that involves practical actions that is a state requiring we be focused here. To turn the tide takes the effort of recognizing the spins into misinformation that is always colored with fear, that state of accepting an angle of response as the lesser evil instead of being present and realizing in every action what does no harm to this physical reality. This means taking the good, and respecting all things, which would by design get one out of centuries of passing down a seed of information to the next generation that is more of the same as that mis-use of the imagination through an imbalance of making what is in one’s mind larger than the reality around us.  No one can recompose what is in the self but the self. One must recognize a movement into fear, and how such practiced repetitions of fear can lead to the most subtle of resistances to reading the reality around one. It is all a math in plain sight.

The mechanisms of separation are the churches - as it has been said - to control a human, one places them in a box, and fills them with stories of a better life somewhere else all the while the resources are slowly controlled into a false and limited construction via a paper castle owned by a few. What is the military industrial complex but a false construct desiring control, but a reflection of what each desires, which is self control, which is self mastery, which is being able to move one’s self effectively in this reality. What behaviors do middle school students reveal but a desire to participate? The actions of acting our showing us to ourselves, as the information within is not structured in ways that lend a direct seeing, to place a correct use of an innate absorbent ability into building skill sets that have a living relationship to practical reality? As humans we desire to participate, as humans we are most happy and most calm when we are communicating with this reality. An inability to do so simply reflects our right and left brains are not in synch, our focus mechanism, is not in line, in focus with this living reality. It is the most simple of things, what is complicated is the practiced movement of judgement of right and wrong, within self defining movements, within, causing an elevated and hyper inflated-of-limited-values resonance within, distracting a natural ability to move though the eye-of-the-needle of an as self as presence, as sentient nature, a life nature, into reading and thus reeding/sounding/reciprocating  life, which is in plain sight and physical. At present, this mis-use of the imagination, is but a ripple of ideas, beliefs, and opinions, circling in various stages of grief, initiated as fear, within the self that ends up hoping for a greater life somewhere else, and begging some invisible authority to forgive one for one’s transgressions instead of self realizing that self embraced fear over seeing directly as respecting this reality and focusing here, to instead always move in ways that do not harm. This is building real presence. This is synching with self mastery into the small and the whole. This is realizing a living breathing wholistic equality to all things that are here, as they are so much more substantial than that ripple, as a whirling string of mis-information composed of limited information, separating one from a real focus where one would find real happiness. 

Slow dow and breath, realize even the smallest movements of resistance to what is here. Remember past actions and forgive them, see where one gets lost in the sequences of grief, and call these things out by name, to recognize them and redirect one’s focus back into reality as the physical, understanding how all of this works. Reverse engineer the within to be in synch with life, as life is physical and in plain sight, which is common sense. This is the reason for the living word, to align one’s words, with a correct practice, to not only see the mis-use of the imagination but also to realign one’s innate presence back into being grounded and whole, as being equal and one to the physical creation that is the gift of life and all around us. Imagine an orchestra being in tune, being in synch, being in communication, all parts hearing all the other parts, and realizing that all parts help define one, help place one into being in synch and creating a sound world, one that flows in an expression of life, as that would be heaven on earth, just as we were told. 

There are tools to help one do this. There are tools to recognize the practiced patterns within, and how to rebuild a focus without. Distraction is used to separate and yet it can be used to distract one from a mis-use of the imagination, to the extent one can see the timed lines of information whirling around within one, that have a quality of pulling one into a polarized value judgment, and not a specific action that lends correct self direction in this living reality, to the extent one creates and builds effective communication with what is here, which manifests in ways that live doing no harm, as one would want for one’s self. 

One must stand up, and  call out by name the constructs of separation into hyper inflated value judgements. The anecdotal stories are all around us, they are of ripples and they are a state of being out of synch with reality. They have the nature of not being calm as that absorbent state is and does. They are of sequences that are the same as the sequences of grief, and they distract us from seeing directly here and have us live as beggars for some authority to come and save us from ourselves. Yet only the self can bring back in the fractions of separation resonant within and projected without, and reverse engineer one’s natural presence to mirror the living physical life in formation in plain sight, a physical life that is getting sicker and sicker, because the real life is being pulled from it into the opposite of life, which is fear. One way is to realize, in the most simple of ways, that at present, in the United States that the minimum wage is not a living wage, whereas since the 70’s this through a movement of gradual layers of justifications has become a difference of a high school student being able to work a summer job and attend college, to that no longer being financially viable. This limits real doing, and real opportunity that leads to a resonant seed in synch with this life in plain sight. 

One must recognize that emotions are a movement into loss, into fear, into not-enough-information. And that feelings are often false positives, that are justifications for the emotion that is an absence of effective presence in reality, and a movement into insecurity and fear as a loss of holistic presence. That such practices can accumulate into and are composed of, a resonant time-line of and as a story of sequences of movement as events that come to define the self through acceptance, and distort through a veil of mis-information the real and physical living formation around us that is physical life. One must realize that placing children in a isolated environment to memorize information, is a mis-use of capacity, and the reason for increasing levels of cognitive dissonance with each generation, as what we generate in one life resonates into the next, unless we stop. All religions have the golden rule as their base, in this we are all the same. When we give as we would receive, and take that which is good, as that which does no harm, by degree it means being focused here, respecting the physical reality, realizing that our resonant constructs are products of the environment as we learned to work with here yet made the mis-take of believing our within is larger than the reality around us. In so doing, we made our environmental practices into cultures, that then forgot how we were built, and made idols of those resonant experiences, and created borders based on that resonance, to the extent we fought for our resonant constructions that were all composed from the culture of the environment, yet must be able to live transformative change in every moment which demands a direct focus and respect of the physical reality. The loss of authority precipitated the need for authority, showing ourselves to ourselves, which so many of our stories reveal. There is only one choice, to forgive what has been generated and to reconstruct, as reverse engineer our resonant information to become in synch with the living reality. This is the only place where life can exist. And, it makes sense, as it is the means to being life here. 

One must correct one’s presence and focus onto life, as it is here in plain sight. 

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