Friday, December 15, 2017

Using distraction. Day 802

I see statements about the state coming up in my world on a local level and within the internet world. It is interesting how patterns begin to emerge in the flow of information. In my world when a question is asked that appears to not have an answer there is deferment to the state. It is the state this and the state that coming forward as a math as a response. Yet, what is the state? What is this determiner? Of what is this “ state “ composed? The state is composed of people. 

For example, if a school committee member defers to the state, to whom are they deferring? They are deferring to other people. It is actually a way to not take responsibility, especially in the state of Massachusetts because the first statement in the state statutes ( state of beingness can it be distracted into limited information?) is that the people can do what they believe is best. This means that the state is there, as a guideline, but it is not what the people must follow. The rule is given that the people follow what is best, even when it moves against accepting something offered by the state ( people who are not in one’s immediate environment).  It is a construct that must allow choice, because ultimately each is responsible for their actions, and each one’s actions must be in consideration of all things. And, each one’s actions have choice. So, no matter what, what one chooses cannot be the fault of another, even what is offered by the state. If one chooses what is offered by the state it is the fault of the person making the choice, because the guiding and first principle is to choose what is best, no matter what. This allows the state to turn around and say, “ but you choose it, no one forced you to choose it - that is made clear in the state constitution.” 

This is why a state income tax cannot be allowed, because it allows money to flow to a body of people who then determine from a distance what may be something to use, but may not be what is best for the local environments, because environments can have subtle biologically configured differences. And the “ state” - that body of people forming things - is not there on the ground in reality. They are more in ideological pictures about something, which is never the real thing. I see this on a local level. My own conservation person has not come out to the field in my direct experience. She had no idea that moss growing on a stem indicates a high water mark. She looks at a field and has no idea about that. She cannot read the environment, yet this conservation person takes courses at the taxpayers expense, to learn how to do paper work. This conservation person is learning the construct of the state, one that has no real practice in reality. 

I also understand this from locals. The state supposedly monitors local species. Local people, local human bodies, out on the flats, working every day for years, have noticed that they have never seen a “ state” person monitoring the local wildlife. When they called the state about it, the state person, as the story was told to me, came back with the response of “ they monitor at night.”  How does that make any sense? I get a sense that each person, each body in a position is more terrified of losing their job than opening what does not make sense. This is not a presence of choosing what does no harm and considers all things. And perhaps it is why there are fewer horseshoe crabs. Everyone is so locked in their “ jobs” with a response that it is the “ state” that the symbiotic fabric of the living reality around us is placed second, which is a spiting of life, because the real “ box” of information is the natural and physical environment around us. What has happened with all the boxes we accept, of which our inter-net of information flow is and does, is not in synch with reality, with the living breathing fabric of life that is what and who we really are as men. 

Last night I met a woman who realized this over the course of her life. She had worked for a government entity as a tax person. She had sat, in her words, and moved paper work around most of her adult life. She said it got to the point where her body was falling apart, and she had to quit or she was only going to get sicker. She had used her natural capacity to sense much more dimensions of physical realty, on ONLY processing symbols forming ideas about things, but never being the real living thing, all day, day in and day out. This is a mis-use of the physical capacity of men. I have seen this in the schools here as well. It is difficult to find aids for some of the special needs students, with consistency, because sitting and redirecting and redirecting and redirecting a child that is a consequence of this distraction from real capacity, that then needs another person to direct them in their resonant chaos, is also a difficult thing for any sentient multi sensory living breathing physical body to do. It is similar to placing an animal in a cage. It is placing a sentient animal in a cage. It is unacceptable. And for what? So someone can play being superior, based on an idea of “ my INFORMation is more than your INFORMation”?  If we humans realize we can become distracted into focusing on very limited set bodies of information ONLY, without cross referencing the physical reality, of which we are the most perfect of forms to be and do, it will cause dis-ease and our bodies will rebel, and we will lose a sense of reality.  And, it is the most perfect means of control. Yet, we cannot blame anyone, because we allow it when we participate in it. When we believe that the state is an authority, the real authority is our ability to sense what is best, as what does no harm. Being present enough to slow down and choose what does no harm, none, is something each and everyone of us can do. 

If we look, we can realize that one of the first boxes of information flow, was probably rituals done with flying feathers and waving bones around a fire. Then perhaps traveling story tellers, those dishing out stories with dramatic flare of knights protecting the castle which is already a state of loss, and perhaps the initial development of the “ state” we were allowing. Then, that grew into a greater technology as a cathedral, with colored stain-class windows, and music, and robed men in richly colored fabrics, with shiny bits of gold, all polished up, and dialogues that held a truth, and yet were of exciting stories of seemingly magical abilities ( ourselves telling ourselves what we had lost? ). Today, we have public schools, and television. We have become masters of mis-information from a box, from a closed environment in separation from the living physical reality around us. And yet, we still defer to a “ state.” Interesting that the word is the word “ state.” This is so appropriate! We are in a hypnotic “ STATE.” Our words reveal us to ourselves. We always know what we are doing. Yet, the shield of illusion has become a norm, and is a comfort zone, one that is not bringing out our real haptic ability, that place where we would be most happy. Words as sounds are an incredible tool, yet they are so easily manipulated.  Our words are not in synch with our self-honesty, our natural sentient natures. This begs the question as to whether one programmed by the elephant in the room ( hyperinflation as a means of distraction that is what value judgement is and does, polarizing sight ) as stories of information, would in thought, word and deed, be out of synch with reality, and find an inability to answer to certain questions, to the extent that there is deferment to the state? This place is the border of one’s awareness, an inner resonant script that should one step beyond that, and deconstruct, one would feel like a kind of death were happening with accompanying feelings within the various and already-drawn-out stages of grief, which is a lack of vocabulary, or proper use of sound, that would move into defense, or resistance, and fear, because the boundaries of the inFORMation had reached a limit and that state of being is so habituated that a sense of realizing all things, appears to be a loss, when it is the opposite. All of one’s words no longer fit, as they are mis-aligned into a false construct one could call a limited morality.  If one moves into a verbal configuration of blame, one is in that state of grief of and as anger, because one is angry at one’s self, because one’s self does not want it exposed that one was not paying attention.This is a state of fear, which if we look has a quality of slow motion, of thick soup, of vertigo, of great resistance, of a lack of presence, which is a form of improper use of a tool and yet, a gift to show us where we have lost touch with understanding. And, just as the cycles of grief,  next stage is a form of self pity, or dejection, or giving up. So many times, there are humans that get to this stage of giving up and find themselves in a state of nothing. A place where there is silence. And, here, there are those who suddenly realize, that change as possibility exists. It is that place where absolute potential exists, that realization that we create our lives. Therefor our  “ state” is only an illusion as a body of humans doing the same the rest of us are doing and that it is only information that is being manipulated, and that the real box, the real information is the physical reality. And yes, it is never all bad. Yet, when the state begins to move in protection of itself, it can no longer be accepted and must change, in this the state is only a reflection of ourselves within. Also, it means that people on the ground must restore what is natural which is common sense. It is always there, one’s words are simply not in synch with it, yet it is there as it is the essence of self as life. 

It is your responsibility Humpty Dumpty, to realize the wall of separation is done with a discipline of mis-aligned information, of and as limitation, of and as an ignorance, a lack of real focus on the living physical reality around us, in plain sight and that which one is accepting of or not and instead rather a form of distraction that is of limited resonant information. The human body is the most perfect of technologies to read, and then to reed the music of and as life, to be in synch with creation.  Falling off the wall, is realizing, metaphorically, that the wall was not what was of real self support, as it was a false construct, and that when one hits the ground, one realizes how scattered one is within, and yet, that the fabric of life allows the pieces to remain, to be realigned to that which focuses one back onto the forest in awareness of all the trees. The tree, being what orders the physical reality to flow nutrients and water to reach all parts of this reality to maintain a balance that allows greater understanding of who and what we are as life manifest, which is physical.  The real and primary information.  Deferring to a state, as a thought, word and consequential actions as deeds, without cross reference to this living, breathing, physical reality is a state of resonant separation.  One was born with presence, with a natural absorbent ability, that allowed one to learn to crawl and to walk and to talk, without micro-management, before a distractive use of sound as language and pictures from a box that can be manipulated, programmed a resonant story of partial truths, that are a form of limitation, separating one into a consciousness composed of resonant pictures and words, that have a tension of uncertainty, as fear, which causes a state of stagnation, because one is like a child in a classroom who feels they are in a foreign country because they have no real reference within the language painting pictures ABOUT reality, to the extent they move into fear as they are not grounded in reality. That child, so much wants to participate in life, because that child is life before a resonant set body of information informed the child in separation from reality. And this to the extent, that a child cannot read the environment and take a moment to UNDERSTAND that the moss on the stem of a plant indicates how water gathers and collects, and seeps away, in this one particular area, of which a story is left behind, as that moss growing on that stem, indicating a high water mark. This is the living reality, telling a story of and as how things really work, of which a paper world is a STATE of separation. 

Real happiness is a state of full employment of the senses that is the self as a living being, that sentience that is that absorbent ability, that has the capacity as presence to read the environment that is the real story of creation. It is in plain sight.  The boxes on the landscape are a form of distraction from that natural presence. Nothing is all bad, and these boxes of information flow are not something to fear, they do move into details at times that is also important, though it is a mis-use of focus.  Even distraction as refocus can be used as a means of practicing the difference between being focused on a resonant construct and the living reality. And even here, in ways that use distraction to rebuild, to refocus and purify using words, those smallest of notes that delineate with specificity. 

It is time to get the very sounds you make as the words you speak, in synch with your presence, and to focus on the living physical reality in plain sight, and to realize the constructs of a state of separation that one is not required to follow as the real law, the real mandate, that must always be given into a state of realizing that a group of people can do whatever they want as long as it causes no harm and is what is best for all.  This is even in the American constitution, that men must sometimes rebuild because what has been built is not in synch with the best use of freely given resources to ensure the fundamental basic needs to the living machine are in effective order to do what we can all do so well if we look, which is to understand how the physical reality is a symbiotic reality of many parts moving in tandem to express what lends real creation of and as things that can withstand the test of time, and express in  balanced and sustainable harmonic practices, which is being in respect of the physical reality, as this is life manifest. 

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