Saturday, July 18, 2020

Day 851 The patterns of misinformation are visible. What is an emotional fire wall?

In moments in interacting with others and having cross referenced my own motivations, I find that I continue to fear addressing an emotional fire-wall, despite the fact that I have moved through such many times before. It means pulling on strings of belief, it means allowing such beliefs to define me for moment and begin to sort them out in realtime, as though I am a living process in physical space of what is here. A huge fear in facing this, that is the past. In bringing things forward and defining them, one can then relate them to the greater whole. That tends to minimize hypnotic polarized beliefs. After all, we have “ owners” of resources whose means are to thwart attention. We see it every day as the media which comes to reflect our own states of being. What is being scattered and distraught, anxious and uncertain but a loss of self as life? That life that when calm is very good at recognizing patterns. How does one shut that down but with a constant and continuous banter of hyper polarized and thus scattered descriptions about parts of things? Singular, reductionist small points on a bell curve without teaching one to see the continuum? Like someone said the other day, why are our children not taught about a mortgage? Most probably because a child would realize that a loan with interest  in itself denies that in taking out a loan and building a house to have a point from which to create and live, to give value and care for reality, why would one have to pay back more when the more is the stability and creation? This which is the real value? I mean, would we have the consumerist society we have if we ended usury and valued creation? A tree brings massive value to life, and yet it does not pay to live, it simply gives. In fact it gives with every cell of its body. 

Being scattered and hyperbolized into value judgements of right and wrong, more than and less than, good and evil, remains as a fear of something being able to define me, despite having an experience where I realized that nothing can define me but what I accept and allow. This was a dialogue within me before Is started this process. It was spread out, and though I was aware of it, moving beyond some line within this was something I had to live. And, within this, asking questions such as “why does everyone appear to be losing a spatial sense?” That was something I was aware of before I took this initial “ awareness” forward. ON the periphery of our emotional fire-walls that consume our attention and flesh, are moments of insight because that part of us that recognizes patterns is there, even if we are living in bubbles of belief composed of worm holes that look like a techno colored rainbow. Children probably can see this, before they lose a clarity and reconcile with the game because the adults are lost within this hypnotic hyper-realized scattered and anxious distraction in a resonant time loop. Meanwhile the tree keeps on giving and pays no taxes. 

Why does it appear that so many are losing a spatial sense?

Being caught in an emotional firewall would cause such an outcome.

That is pretty simple.

What would it mean to step outside of that loss of spatial sense into really standing here as a living word? 
What would that look like within me? The system programming by those racing to own resources would bring forward Star Wars, that “ force” that in my over-used imagination, would relate to a state of being clear and present, being like a tree, constant, stable and giving, without paying to live. 

Sometimes within being around another person a sudden shift happens. That is in itself telling. I mean, did we have any thoughts of who was wearing a mask or not wearing a mask 6 months ago? How much of that is occupying your attention these days? How much of the narrative is focusing your attention onto some “thing” today? Is this causing more mis-takes in one’s daily life with this additional dis-traction that was non-existent 6 months prior? Compare the two. Is this occupation as a belief of wearing masks entertaining you? Giving you something to make you feel like you “care”? Is it a something to fill a void? 

What would be here if the mask scenario never happened? Shift back to that. Do many other unresolved things suddenly come up that you have a resistance to addressing? Where are you? 

When we become emotional does it cause new consequences that must be addressed leading to a desire to run away and give up? From what? How many times do we realize we are being emotional and stop, having learned that an emotional reaction will lead to greater consequences?

What are the subtle things that occupy one’s attention in any given moment? What resonant ghosts are voicing themselves in your moments of life? How aware of the trees are you? 

Would having the processing ability to read such in self and others, and at the same time retain an awareness on this living practical reality cause one to live that statement related to Christ where he was understood to have said, “ forgive them for they know not what they do’? I mean, it is understood that things as emotions can be triggered, admitting to something existing within the self that can be raised into an expression. That something is not what is here, it is a residual belief from the past, as we live in a practical physical reality. Building a house involves assembling the parts, piece by piece. So it is with what we allow and accepting within. This, and that we have allowed a system where we pay to be life. The trees and the animals all around us do not pay to be who and what they are. That is a human construction and why poverty is ultimately something by design. Poverty is not a condition of life, it is a condition of a system imposed on an abundant earth evident in that trees simply do not pay to live. The thing about a paper ( digitized word ) castle world is that the information can be changed with the click of a button. This was told “ given as a warning” in George Orwell’s 1984. A book written by a man who had his hand on the pulse of “ innovation”tied to that same “ paper castle.” This is the innate pattern recognition of the human at work. Christ’s words were the same thing. The Mayan’s prophecies are the same thing. Yet, if we are over-using our imaginations, and in a space where time-lines of hyper-polarized information is metaphysically imposed via metal boxes and classrooms where the the info is written by these “ victors,” what will come to resonate within our salt and water bodies? Will what is the expression of a tree resonate as the principle directing that tree-that-does-not-pay-to-live but creates-to-live or will what resonates the scattered nature of what anxiety is, what uncertainty is, what hate is, what blame and spite are, what  an inability to speak in ways that empower common sense as that pattern recognition nature not being caught in a reductionist thin-king of belief where one tiny movement is believed to be what defines the whole? 

Remember, everything is a system. I have to ask myself if these “shut-ins” are really about suppressing a natural ability to recognize patterns and realize that the compartmentalized thin-king is simply one point on a graph hyper-realized to sell/cell a half truth that in itself upsets the body because at its core, that pattern recognition ability knows that somehow the whole story is absent. This causes a natural agitation, manifest as more aggressive behavior because we are happy when we are being ordinary and practical and  building that house and we are unhappy and anxious when we are moving as half truths just to pay to live. A tree is being itself in form and function. It is giving with every micro movement of its being, it is a part of the fabric of this physical life. It pays no taxes, it does not declare its income.  It synergistically and symbiotically is with every fiber of its being giving. At the end of the day it is all a conceptual time warp. We are allowing a slow motion of limited information, as half truths, to build in a resonant storm that causes stagnant movement and destruction of the very fabric of life being shown to us every day by a simple tree.  If we slow down enough, we can read the math, see the mirages of mis-information that so many have warned us against. Prophecy is not really a “ magical” state of being. It is simply a state of realizing false starting points. The innate capacity of life in the human has the power to see beyond a resonant storm and realize that we can be like a tree, and that this state of being is natural. It is who and what we really are.

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