Thursday, July 30, 2020

Day 852 Spells and Deception. What are career politicians?

I have experienced these “ information” shifts while speaking and connecting with others. I realize I continue to have fears around this. I notice it when I realize I am in a different point than I was previously and yet I can’t remember the shift. This is most likely because, like the dog, it is a deeply habituated movement. One that I suppressed over time. I realize it is, at the end of the day, a conceptual movement. I am in separation from what is here as the physical, that which is practical. 

I actually feel that it is something like … “ one is not supposed to do that.” “ It is not polite” to acknowledge and expose one’s own personal deception.” DE- ception: the action of deceiving someone - “ from to take.”  A lie-by-omission is a form of “ from to take.”  Meaning, to take something from someone, to take awareness away from - a form of artifice. To take presence from someone, to catch them in a spell, or maintain limitation. A spell that should one see the boundaries of, the spell would have no power. Is it possible that one could be considered “ difficult” if one remains out side of the bubble of the spell ? Like remaining outside of a cathedral ages ago because one realized it was a box of information, like an iPhone, of control, or count rolling, or a thing of measure of limited story, as sequences of events, excited with bright colors and music? I mean what is the difference? There is no difference. One is simply moving at a different pace and sequence!  

The word “ conception “ would mean “with- take.”  The “ con” being an intensifying word, meaning to “ take” in, as to become one with. The prefix “ con” intensifying the root of the word as “ caption.”  Suffixes and prefixes can morph words to intensify their meaning.  So many of our words are related to personalities and likes and dislikes which are all relative to one’s resonant emotional/feeling body, or past experience being projected into the future, that being based on unresolved imbalances one could say are heavily charged with value judgements. That behavioral box that is really no different than a dog being taught to greet the owner with great excitement - that excitement that at times is not wanted, and the dog becomes the problem when the problem was how the human programmed the dog. And the realization that punishment is never an answer because punishment is not solving the problem. It would appear that living in a resonant bubble of likes and dislikes would project the problems outside of itself and onto the surrounding objects. What a waste of potential. 

lol, It is almost as though I wrote out a rant here, about the deception of personal spell casting. Those generated fields of energy around a body. That which becomes visible if one watched a horse whisperer, or a dog whisperer. Some may react as though such a skill is a “ god given talent’ when it is not. It is more common sense in action. Projecting that skill/presence as a “ thing” outside of one’s self, will indicate the degree of separation from real  sound and stable conceptual ability in a person.

Given that normalized deception has been generated for eons, speaking up to such deception will generate reactions! Yet, that is opportunity. Avoiding such is more the same that caused this problem. It is like what Christ said, “ forgive them for they know not what they do.”  That “ forgiveness” does not mean an end game of acceptance only, meaning to realize the limiting and narrow conceptual projections of belief and opinions, but to then follow through and problem solve. Meaning to begin to move outside of that resonant storm to become one’s authority as life, here. It means to disperse the illusions. It means to demystify all of this.

So, I was in this situation where I suddenly recognized that I had been somewhere else, and was in a different space. I cannot remember the switch. I do remember suddenly pulling back. It was so quick. It is like this tiny fragment as a movement. 

This in itself is tied to what it really means to define a word. Meaning, to define words in such a way that the word has an eternal quality to it. It has a steadiness that is myself standing as a “ spell” that is not a “spell” in the sense of deception. It means to stand in such a way, that like a dog whisperer, to with all of me, lend a reflection of a state that allows self-discovery,  or insight into what is real, as the physical creation. If we lived here, on this earth, within the principle of what is best for all, meaning to take the good and do no harm, to give as we would receive, which means to ensure the fundamental basic needs of a human “ plant” we would build a world where our real potential as creators would come forward. We would recognize our own bubbles of illusion and stand here, with creation, which is physical - that one thing we are so impulsed to demonize. This that we as a collective have created and built into a system, which we can deconstruct and reconstruct to build a world that is best for all. 

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