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Day 397 Paranoia of the Unknown : Ownership is Serve I = All.

Paranoia of the Unknown : Ownership

What is ownership other than a piece of paper saying that someone owns something of this earth? It is only real if we accept and allow this to be real. And why would we allow something like this to happen unless we were paranoid of the unknown? In the face of the knowable that is the physical world right here under our feet? To which we are all born, being of this earth?

It seems we are not of this earth, because we are not as this earth, being as this earth, meaning there is no one person’s, or group’s name on anything that is here. A tree is a tree. It gives, as how it lives/exists air, and we breath this air, it is how we live. I mean, humans have lived on this earth for a long time, and people have not owned the trees  and we all continued to breath.

In history we have also had ownership change, which means a piece of paper staring ownership can change hands. The forms of governance have also changed. There was communism, which was a bureaucratic form of government, and in this state we have supposed democracy, but what owns the gifts of the earth are increasingly owned by anonymous corporations, or persons. But even here, the corp, can go onto someone’s land and extract resources from under the earth, and our politicians allow this, without even allowing the effects of the extraction process to be made public. Thankfully we now have the internet. This also means that anything that is happening that is not addressed by the collective of people, by what is here as earth, is the responsibility of the people, all of us. We have a supposed democratic system that is the voice of the people. But is it being spoken and used to stop what is happening that is unacceptable, until it is done? No. There is a bully in the room as profit, as self interest, as fear, as survival, and it is not being addressed.  Ownership is part of the outflow of this. Because we have forgotten, and thus ignore and unknow common sense.  We fear losing what we own, that we believe protects us, not realizing that if the present system of anonymous corporate resource grab want what you own, and they now have all the money, you do not have a chance. The fear we are not facing within ourselves has become an unknown/ignored entity, and it is consuming life, and we are all allowing this because we are all this. As within so without, what goes in is what goes out. 

Conflict is a way to wrestle power from another, it is not about creation. Conflict is about control, not creation, because to create one must understand how things function and respect the function, because creation has a outcome of autonomy, ownership. Wanting control has an outcome of stagnation.  And we see this happening all over the earth. Starvation is stagnation, animal extinction is stagnation, alcohol is stagnation, lack is stagnation. Conflict is not life, it is about control, and creation cannot be about control, because real creation gives the ability and the platform of self direction. Creation would understanding, and what has been accepted and allowed on creation, which is earth, by men, is not creation, only ever growing conflict, ever increasing abuse and destruction and war.

Every human is different, but an idea of difference has been made into something that we have to display, taken on by consumerism and placed into pieces rearranged into factions in style: political, social, class, nationality. So the label of being intelligent is simply another layer of  consumerism, choose your party,  for example, your beliefs, the whole not recognized/ignored, and the presented opposition given for an all consuming drama of blame and spite. Meanwhile, the whole is grabbed behind  closed doors that are simply the factions involved in the self interested protection and defense decor presentation of beliefs, opinions and ideas manifested in dress codes and political leanings, all layers of division and thus separation. And meanwhile common sense and creation are ignored. The storms of what entertains to maintain ignorance, given a value of limited self definition and thus an ego have been manufactured, And the media would have us believe that this is creation, when it is not. Humans are delusional, not realizing that each one of us is different, and that supporting what is same, as physical beings, meeting the basic needs of this, will not change what is unique in each of us. If we got rid of all borders and all financial class - and class is based on economy ( because how much money you have determines education and stability allowing a modicum of self directive development ) --  and all wore the same clothes, and we walked around and looked at one another, we would see how every being is unique, thus there is no need to try and be different, or to cling to a group to be included, because we are already included as life on earth. The rest is just a separation,a division into a belief, an opinion and an idea, within a system that is a separation from life.

In the word survival is the answer to the present problem on earth, instead of serving a fear of survival, and allowing a system that does not share what is given without ownership, and to take this and as self serve I all, realizing that what is pure and clear about self that which is unique about self, will remain. So, the conflict of grabbing a dress code will end, because becoming what we are as what is unique about each of us, is serving ourselves as life, and in choosing this, we serve all life.

The sound of life, is always right there in front of us, we either listen as mind, only seeing the consumerist trappings of others trapped in consumerism, or we listen and pay attention and investigate what is on earth, in structure and in consequence and we slow down and we breath, to realize the delusion caused by beliefs, opinions and ideas of a more than and a less than, that have created a fear of loss, and a behavior of grabbing, of greed, causing an ignorance of life.  This, a dress code of separation, and all the while we need not fight to prove we are something, because we are all unique, we are all already part of the expression of life, and in not allowing ourselves as life to express, diminish life. So, it is that we must return to the point of nothing, of relinquishing all values as our dress codes sold/souled genetically to us, that started the day we were conceived, because this system has been going on for generations, and here - having moved back to nothing- we find ourselves and realize we are all unique and that the idea that one thing was more than another, was all an illusion, a state of paranoia that developed into an unknowing of ourselves as life, as we believed that an idea defined us, when we needed no definition, because creation gave us, is us, as having the autonomy to be life, as creation would not be anything else. It is like, DUH.

The belief that something can be owned as the gifts of this earth that support us, means that no ownership has actually happened, that no responsibility has been realized because in believing something can be owned,  a separation from being equal to creation has divided self into a paranoia of the unknown, and here in the abyss of ignorance, one grabs for a dress code to hide a nakedness that is simply a rejection of life.

Practically speaking, as we are now on earth, yes we must continue with ownership, which is to say that a person owns a piece of land to be responsible for, because as we are chaos would ensue. But, we can stand as a group and  realize that the natural resources that we use to support ourselves cannot be owned by a few, this is simply a delusion, and that what produces what is needed to support the soils and the animals and the humans, cannot be made to benefit a few, allowing disease on earth. The resources can be formed into a system that creates a living wage for men, to allow us to walk ourselves back into being self responsible as life, as what we are to get this earth in order, an order of life, because in all common sense, this war order is unacceptable. We are allowing an ignorance of the values made from resources that have been developed by generations of men, thus we all own what is here, so to speak, and we are allowing a few representatives of governing this physical world to lead us into a belief that is delusional, and because it is delusional, it is not something to blame, as it cannot see its own delusion. So, the collective must stand and place in a system that is a form of governing this earth that takes care of this earth, that allows ourselves as creators to be creators, where we become self responsible as life, working with what is here, allowing what is here to be what it is. And our system has become so limited, that so much that is here is not allowed to be what it is. And what is here is the very fabric of life, and thus for life to exist, the fabric must be allowed to be itself.

Stand and support a Living Income Guarantee, a basic income that enables all of us to walk out of the paranoia of the unknown, out of ignorance and equalize ourselves to what we are, to serve I all, to allow the gift of life that is right here in front of us, to be, as this is real ownership.
Walk the Desteni I Process Lite to begin to realize the inflation of the mind as a form of separation from life benefitting a few, creating a chaos of survival, that is only a delusion. Here, you as life, would naturally be the joy of an “ I” that serves all as being self as life. For this to exist, here is what must be lived and understood. Your mind is simply a map of what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be, values held onto to define your survival suit, your dress code, your restlessness is the burden of accepting and allowing this, thus remove the past and the dream of a future, and bring yourself back to self as life. 

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