Friday, July 12, 2013

DAY 392 Abraham Hicks Vibrational Abundance : You have been HAD!

I listened to this HIcks video about money, about getting abundance.
She, the “ voice” talks about abundance, at first describing that there exists people who are getting more than their fair share, and others who exist in physical lack, and that all of this is based on a belief that resources are finite. Then she/it/the voice goes on to talk about “ vibrational future” . This after talking about following emotions: saying that when you are “ following” your negative emotions you are finding what that emotion as that thought is, and when you are following your positive/feelings you are following that and thus will find that. So, in following one's picture/idea as your mind you get what you “ follow” what you run after. Your myopia?  As the mind of polarity is limited, ignoring details of the physical and selecting the idea, the belief, the opinion?
Then we get vibrational escrow, this place where there is abundance, endless abundance, this beautiful thing, this wonderful place in the “ future” where there is this gift waiting for you, this always non-existent place of “ future” where there are supposedly so many many many humans clinging to this future place of abundance.

So, what do we have here as the words, telling us of what is actually being said?
We have admitted “ taking from Peter to pay Paul”, a believed to be actual real physical finite world where some are physically existing in lack, and there are so many existing in lack now that they are all within the last thing they have, hope. And within this “ hope” is an imagination of the “ future.” A wonderful abundance place in the mind - because in all common sense this is the only place the future can be! And in our minds, in this future place is this abundance, and now, more than ever, there are so many realizing this future place, this imaginative place of abundance in this fantasy/imagination place of ‘ abundance. This woman is actually not lying, she does describe what is happening on earth physically, and she does describe how entertaining hope can be in the mind in a non existent “ future” place, and how this  whole scenario is “ real” at present and so prevalent, so busy as a behavior on earth, because there are many, many, many, probably more than half the world suffering the physical effects of finite resources being owned by a few, as Peter taking from Paul in some droned belief as an inner dialogue  in separation from realizing all life, all dimension,  that is chanting, “ follow the positive feelings to take from Peter to rob Paul”  as there is abundance in my separate picture mind reality as the “ future” that can only exist in my mind where the abundance of my imagination is feeding off of my flesh keeping me occupied so I don’t look at what is real - or include all life as life being the value ( all of it) because I am a maintenance battery for that supposed abundance place as imagination because the future is never HERE.
The problem here, is that, once again, it is admitted that their is growing lack on earth, that the Peters have robbed the Pauls, and that this has placed many people in a desperation they are so busy expending themselves hoping because they do not have the basic needs to live in dignity, thus they are dreaming in some future in their minds because this is all they have, as their physical is not real, and can be stolen because in some future they will have abundance and so it does not matter. 
We have a real world, and an imaginary ( as the nature of the future) world, and the imaginary world is being described by a voice in someone’s head as being more.
Meanwhile what is real is ignored, accepted and allowed, which is an existence of lack, where some take from others to the point where they cannot physically exist in the full potential of what they are for real, a physical being on a physical planet, made less than by a set of words, as a belief, in an imagination as mind which cannot exist without the physical. This is life in reverse, and the ignorance as believing that imagination is more than life is just where those that have the comforts from taking without regard for the basic functioning of physical existence would want the competition to be.
There is enough on this planet to support life, there is enough to give all of this physical existence the basic needs to be self responsible, self honest, self directive, which would birth an earth that works symbiotically as an expression of life, we have the technology to divide and measure what is here and realize what is best for all, and the hands of men who as a nature of life can be an expression of “ give as you would like to receive” , where the mind is realized as an image mechanism and not the primary source of reality, as the physical is what is real, here, breathing.
The solution for this propagated conundrum is to realize the mind is a picture show, that can be made huge and fed ambiguous imagery, much like a limited statement of “ hope” without specific details as to how such would actually physically move on earth and that the separation would manifest as resistance to actual physical reality, because what we resist persists, and that resistance as rejection would become an entity, a personification of our separation , where the bad would be ignored and the justification as the limited gain, to hide the loss, would be chased as our meta-physical ideological ignorance glorified as reality, and the whole reverse is an imaginative illusion causing harm on earth. All of this a created polarity, as our judgements made huge, as our division from equality and oneness to and as life here, the real, actual physical. Thus, the solution is to come back to earth, to come back to the physical, in practical awareness of how the physical world actually functions. And within this to realize a system that supports the right to life, as this is the only way to realize self as life, this that is a gift given to bring us back to what is real, life.
The rewards of such a system would be real physical communication with the physical including the physical world, removing judgements of one thing being more than another, where what is here could be understood, where self as life can express with what is here, enjoying the expression of here, understanding the expression of life here. This that would be so much fun, so fulfilling. The rewards of realizing the physical world as life are numerous, only able to be realized as we allow ourselves to become equal and one with and as the physical, and within this allowing all of this physical world to self realize and become self responsible as life. Then would the volume of life become life. I mean, what  else is there?
Support BIG, a Basic Income Guarantee, get this world in order. What is here is what is needed to self realize as life. Remove the “ straw men” of cognitive dissonance from equality and oneness as life. Investigate the hierarchical pyramid structure of our monetary and militaristic system as Peter stealing from Paul, to understand our accepted and allowed separation  turned into a system that is ignoring the suffering on earth, and thus ignoring life. This earth has the potential for an abundant life, all it needs is for life to stand and structurally order this physically, which can be done by the many. The rewards are real communication with our children, with the animals, with nature. This is life, this is living in all dimension, this is accepting and allowing life to exist on earth. This is practical, structural heaven on earth.
Bring yourself back to earth and birth yourself as life DIPLite. The process of discovering self as life.
Check out the interviews on Listen to those who have realized their separation from what is real, the physical world and listen to the interviews that describe the mind consciousness system of separation in detail.  Know yourself, equalize yourself as life back to life, to live and become life, absolutely.

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