Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 434 Transnational Action disregards practical physical reality.

I was reading about two brothers who amassed exorbitant wealth organizing a product we all use to live, their names unimportant to me because it is the action and outcome of what they did that is important. Having a name to place on this is unnecessary and part of the problem. I mean in school the organization and development of resources are always given a figure head, this figure head given the status of a “ creator” which is in itself a delusional presentation. And I remember thinking that some people on earth, as I read away in the stories presented at school in text books, that there were supposedly “ amazing” people who did this and did that, and many of their names are placed on brass plaques  for all to see. There are subjects about how resources are developed and moved around, but this is not aligned with the supposed “ movers and shakers” in our society whose names we drop to show our accumulation of knowledge and information, leaving out practical common sense, the whole story,  the actual physical facts. Our consequences of history told always incite an associative drama  of “he said she said”- be it country of event-  about the  figure head lacking all common sense. It civic classes he structural mechanism of world order is taught, in history, the “ he/they did this or that” story. Perhaps this is changing into other combinations, but still is the alignment with physical movements tied to a figure head given super powers that this figure head does not, in all common sense, really possess because they are a point in a interconnected fabric where a media touts one aspect as a “ more than” as a god -  a “ figured head” that has all this media “light” exaggerating its significance in contradiction to physical reality?
So, these two brothers organized the production and storage and distribution of a product. For them it was this process that drove them, and they held onto the money, living lives that were not ostentatious. The accumulation of money, how much collected was the end game and nothing else. They played with transnational practices, squeezing money from the production end and the consumer end to have gains through tax havens in the middle because it was about collecting the money. Physical life was secondary, profit was primary,  a backwards equation, the cart before the horse, a trough of self interest.
How is that we have allowed ourselves to make one part of a process more than another? The workers if not given what is needed to be decent human beings are naturally going to cut corners and lack health and thus not going to take care of the very ground on which they exist and the consumer using the product, are they getting what is best for them, what will sustain a human form composed of parts and mechanistic functions that are able to be understood, are they going to function in their full capacity? What does this undeveloped entity on earth leave behind for those to come? And if humans are more than another species, then why would we need that other species. if we cannot exist without it than we are not more. Dependency really reveals an interconnectedness, not a more than.
Figure heads are an organizer, and usually they have the money to organize larger groups of things, but they are only this through capital gains. These gains are dependent on the physical world and the actions on the ground, thus, a figure head is dependent on what is here, and is only a part of a connection dependent on what is being connected! Without the connections, that figure head cannot exist.  Thus, the idol making of a point of organization is an illusion and the allowance of money to collect to a few is a complete delusional separation from reality.
In reality, if the entities on the ground had more natural ability to be responsible they would, it is only an idea that order must come from afar, not to say that at this point in time because of the amount of non allowance of common sense, within each point, more organization of what is here will be needed, but as each part becomes what it is as life capable of understanding, less organization from one point will be needed. In other words it is the accumulation of money that uses the division of understanding as a means for self interested gain. Can’t blame the effects of this on the effected, that is simply ignorance. In all of this is those that compose the castle walls, as the administrators, the teachers, the municipal workers, those that have pay checks that really keep that wall up. So, ironically, it is those in the middle, that are the wall of separation, that must realize that a Living Income Guarantee will remove the divide that is the wall, that is a formation as men that is removed from common sense of earth, meaning practices that do no harm absolutely.  We all know the choices we make, that are not self honest, that allow a “ lesser evil” over an absolute, really looking at what causes no harm. This is why, the collective has no choice but to stand for a Living Income Guarantee. I am sure that there are many soldiers who are cast out and/or realize they serve a lesser god of profit before life.
Think of someone who starts working within some process, on the bottom level and begins to understand the whole production process and moves up through the different levels of organization. They simply focus on this part of existence, it does not make them more than. Another person working may be developing themselves in another way, for instance, learning to play a musical instrument, or studying how one point in the process could be improved, etc. etc. one is not more than another, we have simply allowed money to flow into one point above another. We have maintained a system that directs money into pooling through one point without any regard  for life what so ever. This is a picture of stagnation, it is not a picture/story of development that does no harm, that does not disregard consequence of practice and consideration of earth, that on which we depend. This is a sickness, a separation from reality. What some call reality is really delusion, because in the end our lives are dependent on physical existence.
The mis-take was choosing the belief in a good and a bad, despite the tree of life emitting oxygen to breath, a tree whose form and organization as parts we can all understand, even in detail if we look.  The mis-take was believing that one thing is more than another, an in this forgetting that the physical is a form that enables the expression of life and therefor all aspects of physical existence are interconnected, it is only illusion that one is more than another. Allowing  excessive amounts of money to accumulate into the hands of a few is a crime against life, it is a separation from reality, and its consequences are in the state of ignorance that this allowance is, destructive. So the physical is diminishing as so much is destroyed and turned into a bill. This bill cannot feed us, this bill cannot suddenly become a tree again. The physical world, is life and this is the value. That figure head touted as a god is the illusion. And we were told to not create false idols.

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