Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 553 A sound form begins with each of us.

What does it mean to captain, and can humans “ captain” anything else but what they are a their form and function as men?
Look at a captain of a ship, for example. Someone must care for the sails,  another the tiller, another the longitude and the latitude measure. And I am talking about a big ship. One must look to the horizon, as their measure of attention. Not one is more than another, they are each simply focusing on an aspect of running a ship. It is only a value judgement, that one carrying out one task is more than another. And all must learn, must have had the time and space to walk the experience of understanding/ having exposure to that which they attend with understanding.
On another, developmental level, each unit of focus as each man, and each measure of material used, for the ship etc. must be of a condition that is sound, meaning physically cared for from and through the process of inception, that the structure is solid and complete; in utmost capacity. As well, the abstract side as the focus and “ reading” mechanism of the man carrying out the task, which takes a process.
So, what would happen on earth, if our physical materials were all sound, meaning solid and sturdy? And what would happen is the men of earth realized the importance of all parts being equal, and simply being a point of reference, to care with the end outcome being to captain the physical world and all its parts, in ways that each part is a captain in its own right, as a physical form, in space and time, that is working with a group of men, where the collective tasks are because a man cannot do more than one thing at a time, within large endeavors, and must share the focus? If each part were respected for the simplicity of what it is, as a necessary part, there would be no need for a “ captain of industry.” To have such, and to allow “ more”  money to flow to such, having aggrandized such a position of focus, when in essence all such is doing is looking at the horizon, ( and perhaps not, just aligning the parts - which is another task ONLY ) is a value judgement. It is an idea that one is more than another, when in practical physical reality it is not, it is just another aspect of focus.  Would not the belief that one is more than another, or that one alone can make the decision to organize this world really be an impossibility? That we have a system of compound interest, usury, where structurally a belief is allowed that gives a few the ability to hold a form in place that flows what is decided to be the means to exchange material things  and services,  and then with this, to determine the development or lack of development in men despite the ability inherent in the capability of men, as all of the physical when formed in ways that are sound?. 
In many ways, there is a debt of lack, with many men on earth, where so many are never given access to physical development and abstract development, meaning understanding something enough to direct and captain themselves and as such enter those endeavors that happen when men come together and share the  function of the whole- which, actually, is every moment of life.
Also, the aggrandized, fear those in lack becoming aware that everything as life is capable over time of becoming aware, even when slowed down, due to physiologically needing time to take care of weaknesses in physical structure- and here, actually creating with the purpose of slowing down full awareness and capacity within and without as awareness allowance and structural soundness.
All of this, creates a busyness that takes away from what can be a solid and stable function, as life on earth, had it been accepted that no one thing on this earth is more than another, had no value judgements been made and then embedded into a system. This is how hierarchy is built, and it is of limitation, by the nature of it ordering and then having to maintain such order, through limiting access to sound structure, and clear measure of seeing practical reality as the forms that we create and use to captain ourselves as life, here.
Each person, on earth, at this point must forgive the accumulation of a belief that one thing is more than another. We must accept that we have become walking value judgements, in self interest, and stop.
Each person must realize that what we believe is a collection of values, that we are using to define us, where not all is “ bad” but that such values are aspects of what is means to exist as life, and that the order we have accepted over eons of time is one of value accumulation within realizing that awareness of understanding from all perspective is of value in itself . But it is the awareness of here that is the value, and not just becoming aware of something and then labeling oneself as being this value ONLY. And then, within this, placing one person who happens to have an awareness developed as more than another, and then creating a system that holds this value accumulation in place, to make sure that no one takes your inner value away as your awareness. I mean , it is being aware and as such interacting that is the value, so if one part is not respected and allowed development as this, the awareness becomes stagnant and the attention of maintaining a value gained is a stagnating act. I mean, if we were sound within ourselves,  and learned something new, and realized that this learning demanded in itself a mutable ability, then that changeability, that reformation ability, that transformative ability would mean that nothing could be lost, ever, because one can learn, one can transform, one can understand, one can focus, one can learn to captain oneself!  Humanity is really,  being petulant ( ill mannered- ill tempered) and as such immodest as in lacking humility. Petulant comes from petere, which means to aim at, and immodest is not being moderate, is being impudent. Impudent is not giving something respect, which is not focusing in common sense, as an agenda, an aim is allowed, without realizing one is of the same form as another, as life, and that the form must be sound in order for things to function and that nothing can be lost, so there need be no “ aim” because the only real aim is sound formation. Such a small measure of an inner usurious act, can compound over time, this inner wanting to bypass a connection to being in form that needs the total form to move a ship across the water of earth, where the very nature of the substance of self is one that is mutable, able to understand sound formations, within and without, that needs only the process of becoming aware of it, and as such there is no rush, there is only the joy of the being of sound formation. The irony of the illusion as mind as a belief is really one of limitation, and when and if we wake up, this illusion, this separation from life, will be realized the the petulance that it is.
If we look around at this earth, what we see is a stagnation of life to the point where the earth is dying, slowly but surely.  And, the laws being written, are to hold this stagnation in place, because of a value judgement that one part of a machine is more than another that is only a belief. 
But, this happened because each person, every human, had defined themselves as a value, instead of realizing that it was becoming aware of the physical, as sound formation being an expression, as being the value.  A system, as our present money system, is by design a system of lack to prevent awareness, when the solution is to cultivate awareness because awareness is how a respect for life is developed. Awareness of how each part is cared for with respect to the whole, and for each part to be a focus of care, each part must have the ease to express themselves as life.
As we stand now, each part is dealing with behavioral issues of the consequence of suppression of development, getting all jumbled up.  Instead of admission of this, what is presented is an idea - because the hope and “ positive” face value that if a good is touted, everything will even out eventually. But, things can only even out when an action is taken, that gives from the get go, what prevents suppression. The only way to awareness is to cultivate awareness.Practically, a direct democracy would focus us into considering all things as being of value because what happens on earth effects all of us and participating in what is going on directly, as the measure of resource use and movement, needs the insight of every point of the form of life, which is earth. As we can see, a few making decisions, is not working. We must all become equal to and one with what is the from of life, as earth and participate, which means supporting one another to have each become sound within and equal to our world without. It is the only measure, the only balance, the only way..
Because of what has been built as a system, based on value judgements of one thing being more than another, one human being more than another, based on the means to build as money, and the access to what develops awareness and express awareness as words - the secret code only a few have access to- is to flow the means of access to all, which is money at present. Money can be an organizational measure to do what it is presently doing in the opposite way. At present money is monitored to flow to a few, we simply change this unit of measure, and allow money to flow to all, enough so that the basic needs are met, so that each can become aware and slow down in dealing with accepted and allowed, structurally embedded, systems of suppression, which is limitation. Within this, so much fear is removed, and the ability to begin to take care, to captain oneself, as  a part of the machine of life, which is earth, can begin to wake up and become aware, so that each is a captain of industry, the expression of life- to be industrious, a “ formation” of dust that is in an expression of life in an order that is of sound structure in stability, harmony, communication. This is creation, this is life information. This is what we all really enjoy doing, which is giving, forgiving ourselves as life as our sound form, being creators, being captains of creation, stewards of earth.

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