Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 554 Apathy and Sound Mind. The Journey of Limitation into Common Sense.


I am looking at where and when I first wanted to participate and could not because I could not express myself. I remember being in the elementary schools and the middle schools, realizing that what children wanted more than anything was to be able to participate, and not having the means, and thus not having the measure to respond to what was being taught, not being able to point out what they could see, and or understand their own behaviors.  And all the teachers, the adults who were so set in their ways that they, more often than not because it is not all so,  did not notice the child struggling to make sense, and instead looked only at the reactive behaviors.

Apathy is really ending standing up no matter what. So, perhaps one stood, and then did not continue to stand, continue to question, continue to ask that something be explained again, or point out verbally what did not make sense to oneself, which is to take the time to reveal what does not make sense over all. If our schools teach a one size fits all story, then there is going to be reactions, because people see different perspectives, and that point of view will expression. If we do not allow this we actually limit awareness, and limit the expression of a child, suppressing the life in the child. I mean, we teach that there are master’s of industry in our schools, tying a name to this invention or that invention, when this cannot be so, as it is what came before as all the layers of human networking that built industry. It could not have been done by one person, or even one generation. The nouns used in limitation are ‘ Rockefeller and Factory workers” - which is very limited. So, what our schools teach makes no sense and the conceptual ability of children see the discrepancy but lack the vocabulary to express this, and this state of being, unable to voice itself is suppressed and labeled as difficult, when it is simply  a sense of an accepted limitation that is not overall sound. There are going to be children, who do not have an ease with language use, that will understand this, and want to speak up. And in many ways, they cannot accept this that is unacceptable.

Apathy is really, the end of making sense, of using common sense, because the voice lacking common sense and choosing limitation is allowed voice instead of the overall expression of a sound measured and balanced whole. Limitations that are really suppressions of sound mind, can be brought out of apathy and given opportunity for a voice of common sense, being of sound mind equal to physical reality in form and function.  The solution to apathy is to stand and to speak up about what does not make sense and to change what is taught and what is allowed as the present design of the system, through following through to what would be best for all. 

In all the real path of least resistance is the path of what is best for all. In our busyness with suppression of our innate empathy, going into endless detail to justify limitation, we become stagnant and apathetic, and the answer is to equalize with practical physical reality, to see directly what does no harm and allows each to direct in common sense of the means of life, which is the physical world.

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