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Day 552 The Limitation of the Conspiracy of Self Interest in Zimbabwe and within Myself

I noticed an article that pointed out that Zimbabwe had farms that were producing 90% of internal food. I don’t know all the details about every move on the ground in Zimbabwe history, but what I have read from a few posts is that Mugabe distributed the land back to the people, meaning he gave the farms back to Zimbabweans. This has been given a term called Indigenization.
Some are calling this a failure because the immigrants who had come to work on the mass of farm  land owned by a smaller number of people, are now displaced and do not have work. But, the smaller farms that were reallocated to Zimbabweans are becoming productive, and this has taken some time, and even here, as one article pointed out, will improve as the generations learn and work with the land.
In space and time, depending on the view point taken, there are articles that say this new collective of - what just happens to be- the indigenous people ( also another measure)  is not working, as they point out the lack based on an idea of perfection or/and an idea of how what is produced should flow out into the system.
So, a farm in development is not working, meaning instant success and single measure of what should be produced is the association made.
Also, how the money flows, through the people, where when looked at, behind the justification, is an accepted and very limited idea of what a social order should look like.
So, now the local people are busy on these farms, and they are improving their practices, which is what men can and will do given the chance. Sometimes, I think I am lead to believe that only a corporation can improve, and it is as though this is what is touted without being said directly and the irony here, as what is the means of corporate takeover is a politic of calling this democracy when it is not.. But, corporations are men, just as governments are men, so the starting point is that it is men who improve things when given the chance, which means the opportunity and access, and time to develop, as the physical world takes time to change.
And yet this is ignored, and what is not being supported, or has lost because of a restructuring, as in the case with Zimbabwe, is brought forward as a bad, and used to justify the agenda of another, and it is all about getting the money, grabbing the resource and forming it in ways that flow the money, as the value created from the freely given resources, into an idea of social order, where there are those that do not need a decent life, where their basic needs are met, and their ability to develop and understand many aspects of practical physical reality, and that this is the way it should be as an idea is embedded in stone. But this is an idea, this hierarchy, this method of suppression, and in Zimbabwe we can see that if men are given land they will learn to develop it, and begin to produce 90% of the food production within the borders of a country. In many ways, when Syria had a drought and the farmers there in that country that had been producing its own food, being responsible within it’s own home, and then a few having an agenda to grab what was there , using a situation to create conflict to reorder based on an idea of changing the money flow, to really just take more for a few, believing that this was leading, wanting to order the very development of men, when this has proven not to work all over the globe, had it then there would not be starving children, and animals becoming extinct. Controlling the physical world without consideration of all its potential, meaning to limit potential based on an idea, as a picture in the mind, is not a solution.
If men can be placed on the land, and allowed the time to develop that land, they are capable of doing so. This is obvious. The restructuring itself, is not a good or a bad, it is a movement, and unless it is a movement that considers all life, leaving no one behind, then consequences of lack will emerge and as long as money is allowed to determine life, that lack will be used to justify a change, in the interests of greed.
Also, it is interesting that the European banks are there, offering loans, to restructure the land, to correct, as is touted, the imbalances. If more people own the land, and are learning to farm it successfully, then people on the land working with the land works, it need not be in the hands of a few.  It is more about proper food flowing to those in need, than money flowing into the pockets of a few.
So, now the food produced by the nation ( Zimbabwe) exists but the money is not moving into the hands of the politicians, nor the interest payments - which is the usurious practice of moving principle value from Peter to Paul, flowing into the banks who can then and must, create a suppression of life, to build a conflict, to destroy infrastructure, to then create more loans to rebuild, controlling who gets this opportunity to rebuild, in self INTEREST, so that the cycle of interest as principle keeps moving into the controller who then believes themselves to be more than another, and the land is justified to be controlled by what is touted as working, while the liabilities are not carried by the loaner/leader but by the labor. And the labor is what is the capacity in the first place, as this is how and what has formed this earth, as men. These loans perpetuate  into  our present chaos using ideas of one thing being more than another, despite the success of giving people the land to farm and produce food and that given space and time, a human being will discover efficient and effective ways to use the land.
But this is what each of us are doing in our minds, that spinning voice that we have been told to stop. It is because it is a series of associations that are very limited, and because they are limited, cause an imbalance that then runs after ideas made more than practical reality.  And the individual ideas have a “ truth” to them, such as the immigrants that were employed by the colonizers or at present the corporations  ( a new name for the subsequent order, which is  moving into another name of same design, but of more unequal measure)  no longer having jobs, and yet the farm lands are now owned by a larger number of people ( who just happen to be men who’s ancestors had worked on the land before it was colonized under the auspices of improvement - which was improvement for a few - which naturally caused conflict as lack that then lead to uprising arriving at the point Zimbabwe is today, where there are consequences from a previous act , as the workers that were brought in, who are dispossessed yet still remain men,  that no longer have the old format/division systemically to give them some means to life support as having access to money/wages. Suppression of life causes chaos. It is very simple. Those in abundance are simply the other end of the spectrum of suppression, thus we are all responsible, and the crime we allow as this is a crime against life.
And the programs of the politicians remain, each wanting to “ rule” and the corporations are there waiting for the banks to loan with conditions, from an imagined order that has as its god, the flow of money back to Europe or some other continent, touting good ostensibly being done, not noting the collateral damage of the dispossessed that are of the previous order that was not a balanced order that considered all life, and choosing overall to create a system that brought men into contact with the physical, of which men are composed of to exist, and as such are incredibly capable of working with when given the space and the time.
I did something similar on a micro scale towards another person in my immediate environment. They called and told me about an event in their world where they received praise. I immediately related this to myself as said, oh ‘ isn’t that interesting, I had a similar thing happen this week where someone praised me.”  I was creating a relationship to counter a self accepted and allowed self definition of being inferior to them, which means I was feeling lousy,  thinking I was less than because I was not being in the “ limelight” of praise, of gain. If I had slowed down immediately and not reacted with inferiority trying to bring a “ good” forward about myself, I could have learned from the situation  immediately, and expanded my awareness of what it means to interact with people, as this was what this specific instance involved. But this is the point, to bring a truth forward, and align this in ways that expand awareness, and so enable one to balance out what would make one aware of the function of the physical world in practical ways that support all life, that are the measure of what gives all the potential to become aware of that fact that we are physical beings, and that being physical is the way and the means of life. The fractional reservations we exist as as mind, are the separation from life, when allowed to be considered more than physical reality. What exists as mind, is  a part of reality brought forward, and this in itself, shows the incredible capacity of men to imagine aspects of physical reality, that which is what is real, and if realized as such the nature as life, as what we are, to order this the physical in ways that do no harm.  In order for the chaos of limited association making to end, the physical world must be realized to be the measure of life in formation, and worked with as the means to balance ourselves as life, to move in ways that are creative instead of destructive. And the destruction is caused by a constant judgement of how the physical world should look which creates a lack when allowed to be more real than the actual physical. We are all composed of the same substance, the sound of life. This sound, as the physical as life information, must be balanced and aligned in ways that allow the mechanism of the physical to reach its full potential as the innate capacity of what men are, and all that composes the physical formation of life as what life would be in all common sense.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to compare myself to another in protection and self defense, in self interest..
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I must compete with another and compare myself within and as finding a story as a past event , in and as the imagination construct of and as my mind, to become a definition of and as me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that the imaginations of others conspire against me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become jealous of another, believing myself to be inferior, and reacting within and as using my own conspiration as the story of my past, as the imaginational construct of what I believe myself to be, based on my past that is an accumulation of the measure of a system of hierarchy that began with me, acting in self interest, fearful of changing, transforming, being equal and one with and as the means of life information, which is the physical world.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to order myself in self interest, instead of considering the physical world with every thought, word and deed, realizing that everything that is here is me, and that the state of being of everything that is here, determines my existence, as what I accept and allow persists, unless I stand equal and one within and as the principle of what is best for all here.
When and as I find myself going into comparison, based on inferiority, I stop and I breath, and I look at how what is being said can be aligned within and as what is best for all here.
When and as I find myself wanting to tell my con-spirations to survive, I stop and I breath, and I bring myself here,  realizing that I am an expression of and as life, here.
When and as I find myself having a thought of inferiority I see, realize and understand that this is a belief, as I am using a belief to define me, as a comparison, instead of taking that which is good, that which expands awareness, and praising this as a cool insight.
When and as I find myself believing another to conspire against the value of myself as what I accept and allow of what is presented to me, I stop and I breath and I see realize and understand that what is told, is a series of events, as an insight of the measure of here, and that this measure is a part of reality brought forward, thus not good or bad, but when used as a more than is used as a consequence of time as mind, slowing down a direct access to practical reality in totality, where I need not react, but simply breath, slow down, and equalize within and as the principle of what is best for all.
When and as i find myself reacting to a measure of description of space and time, I stop and I breath, and I see, realize and understand that the conspire, the sequence of events used to describe an action, are simply this, and as such need not be something to compare myself to, define myself as not being equal to, measure myself to as lacking the experience, going into self pity as in believing I have no access to when I am as physical life, here,  and I slow myself down, and I remain here, in breath, walking the principle of equality and oneness, to take that which is good and does no harm, and to give as I would like to receive.

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