Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 555 Distraction away from Common Sense into an Idea of Gain

I realize that I have been having expectations, and then I fall because these expectations do not play out.  I then go into analyzing the situation to discover a mis-step. Then a rant starts in wanting to blame something and become obsessive in figuring out how to address this. 
Even if I am correct in my assessment, it is the rushing forward in haste and frustration within choosing something to address from a starting point of blame to and towards something that creates more rushing, instead of slowing down and being practical about the situation, asking questions to really discover what is limiting, because if I remain within myself, as a reaction, and go off in secret to figure things out, I end up building ideas that have no direct solution. It is not to say that some measure of reflection is not productive, this must also be done, but to know the balance of this, within the whole scenario of living.
Our money system is much like this action manifest. Meaning that we rush forward to gain something. And what has happened is that money/gain has become the order of men’s existence on earth, and now we are enslaved to our own personal desire for gain, to be defined as something, rather than being at ease here, and enjoying being life.
A child is not born with any sense of money, they must learn this, as they learn languages, and culture into which they are born, into the religious systems within their environments.  What children will begin to do is order the world, collecting all the aspects of the physical world around them. The physical aspects. And then they begin to learn to move within this. The culture of men, as the order of men, is learned, each believing their culture and religion to be more than another, when culture is just a measure of reality and nothing else. What is same within all men is being physical.
This is really an illusion, because the real gain is to move, at ease, with the physical, realizing that life is the value, and that the physical world is the means of expression and that to be so means using common sense, because we are the machines built of the substance of life as sound formation  to exist as common sense. This is why advertising must force itself into every corner of our lives, to maintain the distraction from common sense. This is how strong common sense is. And it is right there beyond the veil of the mind in a rant of limitation.
When enough people begin to realize this, then standing will be done with ease, without violence, and within standing until it is done, but it will take many to do this, to silence the voice of profit for a few, the rant of self interest made manifest as how we are allowing money to determine life, gain to determine life, as the accumulation of wealth, when the real accumulation of wealth is to become equal in understanding and working with practical physical reality, with ease, with grace, with humility, with out any sense of fear. So, overall, this system is our fear in action, which means we, each of us are in essence maintaining fear when we continue to allow a system of profit being monetary accumulation instead of an ease and enjoyment with the physical world around us, where another’s self development is our own self development, because we are all life, and in order to become life, the physical world around us must become the life within, as the form expression in common sense, equal in sense within to the without as the physical, the real means of expression of life. Here, no one is alone, yet every one is individual. It is up to us, we decide, but the rant of the mind, an abstract, in separation, lost in an idea of gain, must equalize into common sense of practical physical reality, here.

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