Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 615 The Circulation of Blame is Self as Life in Abdication.

The circulation of blame.
How is it that we fail to manage what is here on this earth as physical things that are how we exist here, because without them, without the management of this physical reality, in ways that do no harm, we can create environments that allow each to reach their full potential.
As we can see with fracking , we are not managing our environment in ways that do no harm, and the consequences of our actions, that we allow by a state of default through ignoring what is happening in circles of activity that are not in our immediate environment,  we are not being responsible for being aware of what actions and orders  are made and taken by those we have placed into positions to manage the resources as how we use what is here on this earth to take care of the parts within the whole of the physical means as what we are here.
The structures of responsibility we have each acquiesced to,  as our current system, are not in practice taking care of this earth. Fracking is one of a number of consequences of this abdication of responsibility. Instead of realizing that our financial orders/design/system is determining actions by those who are standing in positions of being responsible within a broader spectrum as in a point of ordering larger measures of moving resources around, are not moving the gains from such orders and measures as money around in ways that circulate that wealth created physically, is creating all measure of lack on the ground, where the behaviors of the human machine are in a lack of order and as such emotionally reactive, because the opportunity to program the machine as the human into a structural soundness is denied. This is two fold, because this allows some to play god, and can be used as a distraction where the object in lack is blamed for its own lack.
Thus what circulates is of the action of blaming the lack without looking at and resolving that state of lack.
I notice, as in this article, that what is circulating more than order and organization, is the action of blaming the next level in this hierarchy that is the consequence of lack in development, lack in fine tuning the machine of men. A machine that can absorb what is presented evident in feral children, who absorb the sensitivity of their host with great aptitude. Look at a child raised by wolves, they move like wolves, they begin to sense like wolves, because this is the gift of life, to take in the world around it, done with a self that has the capacity to move through the eye of the needle, which means to sense form and structure and movement, which means to be able to sense all dimensions of physical reality. This is the gift of life, and the gift of creation, the physical is the means to express life. The act of blame, is the act of denial of life, it is self rejecting life, thus there is no one to blame but ourselves, because we accepted and allowed a rejection of what we are, which is life. 
And the irony is that we seek that which we reject. If I look at the ever present sexual impulsing around us, and the constant every-seven-seconds referrals to sex, this reference to physical activity is self seeking through idea that is connected to what is sought, which is the physical grounding that enables one to be, which is life. So, we are aware of the answer, it is right in front of us, we have just separated into imagination only, and tie a truth into a story all charged with emotional highs. The ghosts in our machines as our personalities are entities of separation from practical reality, and we seek equality to practical reality, because this is where we would find stability and the means to direct ourselves in fulfilling ways. The veil is really very very thin, and the answer is always right in front of us.
In the fracking world, the blame moves around, circulates, hidden in a one-way limited presentation. Each part saying it is the next structure in the circle’s fault. And the blame moves around and around, and we get caught in the entertainment of it, using our ability to speak and express ourselves in this circular logic that is so busy blaming nothing changes, and meanwhile our rivers become more and more clogged and our forests diminish and out air becomes heavy with the remains of extraction and processing of raw materials to build a technology that is in no measure equal to that from which it was extracted in terms of forming a world that enables life. What we are doing is harming this planet, we are not taking care of it. It is to say that the wool on the sheep served its purpose on that sheep more completely that it ever did away from that sheep.
Why not come back down to earth, to the physical and work together to support this physical life world? If we can move seeds around, why not equalize to the physical and move cells around, which would need many parts working together, which would employ all the sense of men, of all parts, which would focus one in full measure which would fulfill all sense which would be a state of joy, a state of awareness which is the real point, because this is living. It is only the idea of the picture show as being the imagination only as being caught up in the head/mind only that has caused the separation creating the blame game that is circulating on this earth and destroying the means of life, which is the physical. It all makes sense, one broken/fractured record/recording as the mind, as belief, opinion and idea, is the limitation. We have made an idol of the imagination and are refusing to give up our mental constructs because we believe that this is what defines us, when what defines us is what we create, what we manifest physically, because the physical is the manifestation of life and what we do with it determines our sensory experience, and life would be a manifestation to show us to ourselves what works and what does not work. How cool is that? We need only accept it.
We are life, and as this we can circulate to understand the parts that make up the manifestation of life, as our feral children reveal to us, and we can then put an end to a circulating blame in a delusional belief that our minds are minds are more than another which is manifested without as a movement that we can accumulate wealth as money. This kind of accumulation is making an idea as a picture show in our imaginations larger than reality and the consequences of this are moving the physical world into non-existence because a picture in the mind is a separation into a limited formation. It is not being interactive with equalizing to what creates a physical self sustaining formation that considers the practice of respecting and working with creation.  We cannot be allowed access to being creators until we leave nothing behind, which means to respect and consider all things and move in ways that transform with understanding.
Therefor, instead of blame, we look at the parts and the whole, and order that which does no harm, that which respects physical existence. 
Because of the consequences of our separation, the ways and the means to stabilize is to order ourselves here,  to slow down, to have some space to breath, to then move from fear of death into looking at reality as the physical here and what we have done, and then to begin to order this existence in ways that do no harm to anything. To realize that our forests create oxygen, to realize that our rivers and streams move nutrients around, and can temper the climate like a giant heating system, that the veins and neuron streams within our bodies move nutrients and build a sense of how the physical works. These must be cleared and flowing, because this is the way and the means of being physical expressions of life and that this is using our sensibility to its utmost potential which is what we all seek.
It is time to end the circulation of blame as a drama in the mind, moving through as an inner superimposed likeness-and -image of our separation, mimicked outwardly as our media flowing through devices made from extracting resources that are this physical existential means of life as this earth and forcing the physical manifestation of life as the physical into inferior devices of communication that mimic what hued men we have become and allowed, and to use this that is the signature of our separation to reground us back into what is creation as life in formation which is the physical world, to become the response of ourselves as life. This is to realize equality and oneness to life, this is where we will find stability and fulfillment because this is using the sense of all that we are as physical beingness. 
Do we want blame to circulate, or do we want life? We decide. It is time to stand as what would segue into life,  to ground oneself here.
Walk the steps to end the circulation of blame within, seemingly so real because it is all we each have allowed ourselves to hear as the voices in and as our minds. We have allowed this to become huge, and as such is the veil that we exist as. It consumes our flesh as something must support it! Walk the process of self forgiveness, become a master of self, to reorder one’s self out of the mind only, and ground one’s self back into creation manifest, as this actual physical existence.
Listen to the Eqafe interviews, they explain the process of our separation, and the way back into becoming equal to life, begin to circulate with common sense, it is far less burdensome and a far more fulfilling state of being.

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