Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 614 Equality with The Physical, Grounding Oursleves Here in Practice.

There have been times when playing in a quartet, that a rushing starts, or an insecurity in the playing, and things start to “ come undone” so to speak.  If anyone has ever watched a sport game, and is seeing the patterns of the players moving, a pattern can set in, a ‘ state of mind” that appears to become stuck and getting out of this appears to be impossible. Often, the pattern remains but there are many stories where the pattern, the ‘ psycho- logic’  changes and a ‘ comeback” happens. We love these stories , we find them amazing.
Back to the quartet. Performing with a quartet, such ‘ psycho-logic’ states can come to pass where the players are on edge appearing to have lost a groundedness and focus more on their individual parts are become undone because the focus on the whole and the individual part is lost/misssed/separated-from. As the leader, the first violin, what I have had to do, is really become stable within myself and really place the volume of myself into the part, which means into my part and the parts of the others, and to ‘ make loud’ the measure of overall ‘ beat’ pattern so-to-speak. Sometimes, I have had to hold this, sometimes the other players would ground themselves and a sense of placement in the total, as the space and time of the piece and the moment would return. Then, an ease would come and more ‘ play’ as in more ‘ wiggle room’ within the music. I notice in such situations, more eye contact was made, more cross reference between one another. One could also say, more intimacy.
I had never really realized this same behavior as being applicable in every moment of my life, in every interaction. I mean, I am a product of the present socially engineered school system, where I sat in a box, away from practical reality looking at pictures and taking in a presented measure of the past, and the way we move numbers around in formulas- which is another notated form of dividing volume and space, and moving the ‘ amounts’ around. And this was done in notation only without any real application. This abstracting without application, can be fun and yet lacking in real substance, because I enjoyed algebra for this very reason, moving the numbers around like a game, but not seeing other information because it had no real context. What I spent time on in such a model was really very limiting.  Being in a  quartet has more living interaction though still limited, it is dealing directly with different objects moving in different ways,  and I would say in more quantum ways because it was more dimensional overall. 
We live in this physical world of many shapes and forms and sounds and qualities. If I can be trained to sense rhythm and sound duration and staccato, and the way each wooden string instrument sounds, and the way the sound changes in a different hall space, performance space and adjust myself accordingly, then what I am as a man, can sense the space around me, with great capacity. So, what happens when that capacity is placed in a separate and limited environment that lacks all the sensations of our physical world ? What happens with this awareness? What does this form within as an experience, as a memory? Is this a distraction, using this quality of men as a memory builder, like a computer, to limit its natural perception?  Does this not take away the opportunity to become aware of all the formations of life on this earth, that earth we drive over to get to work? That earth we feed ourselves from? That earth that allows us to walk over  it with our two feet? That earth that is a formation, one that men see, right in front of us? Are we actually allowing a matrix of memory, as mind living only, that is the cause of the malfunction of and as the problems on this earth? Is this how wealth has accumulated into the hands of a very few, who then have the means to socially engineer the systems, which is really all of us, because we believed our memories to have more value than actual living?
Like a quartet, if the parts do not remain in awareness of one another, as in being more than just/only performing the measure of one’s part, then the whole thing begins to fall apart. It is like the group has to breath together as one. If one person focuses only on their part, it begins to fall apart, because it is the whole that guides the overall form and measure of the form being expressed.  In other words, on a physical world that is in expression, one cannot become automatic, because a sense of the space must always be in focus, which really means always being here and not only in one’s mind.
Men as a organic form that can sense the parts and the whole, the form and the function, the movement and its consequences within this physical world, means that one cannot take such a fine machine and force it to do repetitive tasks within a limited environment, because it forces a sensory machine into limitation and the energy accumulates, a dis-use presence and this has to eventually come out so-to-speak, especially if it has not had the opportunity to build a structural awareness of its environment, because it was fed limited controlled imagery and information away from what was real, the actual physical world around it.
The only real way to clean up this earth, with what is here, is to allow the means for that presence in men, to awaken, because that presence, with focus on the forms and functions of what is here, sense the total expressive means of it, and work with it, in ways that do no harm. It would be the most efficient means of cleaning up this earth. This and using the technology that has been created because of this separation, as this would help refocus us here, and expedite the reformation back into what respects what is here and does no harm. I mean, look, each part defines who and what we are, so that we become aware of what it means to be life, to create, because life is creation. It is really very simple. The limitation of belief in and as the mind is what complicates; complicated means not seeing the parts and the whole, not having the information clearly enough within to reflect life, as the actual real physical without.

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