Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 621 What is the space and time of here? What has been accepted and allowed as me?

Space and time
As I was working with a child, I looked at the behaviors of the child as a sort of grounding mechanism. She had placed both her elbows on the table and with her fore arms perpendicular to the table, her hands moving as though the clapping of her thumb against her other four digits was her talking with another person, I realized she was having conversations with herself. I saw this as a sort of processing action, a comfort, as way to give some kind of order to her existence.
Instead of reacting, meaning to judge this, I just accepted it. It is here that I looked at this as something, as a movement that existed in the space and time of being here.
In this moment, I am the intervention, the directive to understand what is happening without any form of judgement, and to move into grounding the person here, as much as possible. So, like performing in a musical group, it is to simply pay attention to the moving parts and giving direction in what all interventions are, which is to practice being present here. This is to be in consideration of all things, because I live here, in a physical existence.
To this, I add a question. Does what our media, in all its forms, whether informative or entertainment, reflect the practice of actual living? No. The media in informative presentations, often touts potential bad things happening, and/or what good is being done with very little detail as to what is really going on. So much room for a ‘ lie by omission’ going on here because children would not be starving or dying of dis-ease that has accumulated in degree,  evident in the numbers because numbers do not lie. The real story in space and time is not conveyed. In the end, each of us are to blame, because we accept and allow it. This means we are placing something other than what is the real story, as having more value than making real what removes a lack of ease in being physically grounded here, this place right here where we are living.
When a tree is sick, do we blame the tree for not  growing well? Or, do we immediately look at the environment and assess what is lacking, what is causing the tree to not fill out in its full potential? Often, even with animals, we do the same. We say that the dog needs lessons , which is time and space to reform the behaviors.  This begs the question as to why we don’t see ourselves, humans, in this same way? How is a human formed and nurtured in presence measure and in physical sustenance that gives the building blocks of forming a ‘ sound’ tree?
In the end, there is no denying this, that when a human being is not grounded here, it is from lack. And since this earth is very abundant, the lack that is causing children to not be present, developing behaviors that are support mechanisms to reground- taking away space and time in their lives- is making that development second to what? It can only be a separation from being in the practice of what it means to exist as physical beingness. We become physical beingness when we consider that care of a tree, or a dog, well some, not all. And this is the point.  If we do not consider the practice of living, which is a physical living, then we are in separation from living. The consequences of this accumulate into destruction through lack of what supports that physical means and state of being.
What does this have to do with noticing the space and time presence of a child? The child is a reflection of what has been accepted and allowed.  Her processing  presence is like a musical formation, a thing of measure and tempo. Her behaviors her having of measure of understanding. Her actions, some search for structure to ground her. She intervenes herself to develop some coping mechanism. The child has created her own cognitive behavioral therapy to build some order, and that therapy is her own process of applying  behavior that help her analyze reality and within that the measures she has learned that are of values that are not equal in consideration of realizing that living is a physical action, as living demands form to exist which the physical is the means of. 
As a child, I remember working to be able to speak the same measure as my parents, to survive. It was my environment, so to move within the immediate confines of it, I had to take in the measure as beliefs, of my parents. It is like focusing my within to form their ideological measure. And then a movement to reflect that measure, in conversation. Somehow, overall, this was not easy, and then out in the world, realizations that what I had accepted and allowed within imitating the form of belief as my parents, was not always correct, as in not considering what was equal in all men, and instead comparing my belief with others. When those beliefs did not mesh, I rejected without taking the time to consider the measure of another. I was still in the habit from childhood, of taking in a particular measure, imitating it, not realizing its limitations, having gotten caught in the game. Then over time, realizing the limitation of my accepted and allowed construction of belief. my coping mechanisms ones of escape at times, because I did not understand what I had done, on a conscious level, as this conscious level was that part built in separation of being aware of my surroundings in total. Thus, sometimes I escaped my own melody I accepted. Other times I corrected this, even with silent embarrassment. I had to admit that I had separated from reality, done so slowly over time, I could still see the tree but forgot the forest. I was talking to my own construction, my own inner representation of reality, filled with value judgements that had no connection to the means of this building of life, the physical world.
The solution here is to reground myself’s measure within, back into the practice of living. To remeasure through deconstruction  of accepted limited belief  to reconstruct myself within to be equal to the means of life information as life would need to be, as this physical world. This world that bears this consequence of separation visible in accepting practices that are destructive that can change into practices that do no harm. This is practicing what supports physical reality. What supports is visible, in the same way that we approach taking care of a tree, or, as many already do, a dog, a cat, or any pet.  Anything that harms in any measure is simply unacceptable.  In the end it is ourselves hurting ourselves.

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