Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 666 Is my accepted and allowed automation reminding me of the seasons?

Am I automated within behaviors? Do I realize how automated I have become, missing the changes in the seasons, forgetting what happened last year at this time? Do I realize how much I am lost in my own measure, my own memory, my own past experience? Can I see that what is not sorted out remains until it is normalized in a way that it no longer occupies my thoughts, which is myself caught in thinking about it instead of placing what I am thinking about in a context that gives a practical solution in real time where I no longer have to think about it?

Think about having to pay a bill. It can consume a lot of thinking time. If you are busy thinking about this, your attention is on that thinking within, which is not a bad, but is something that can occupy one’s attention. This then distracts one from what is around one, to the point where one cannot remember the sunset on that day, or those days.

If these things are repeated, then that movement, that measure remains, because we are creatures that learn, and we learn through practice, through integrating measures, as what words really are - for example- until we integrate that measure. If a solution as a practice that we understand enough that we are confident enough within as, the need to think about it no longer exists, because we understand the movement necessary to complete the task.

If we cannot move or complete the task, and that which blocks this, as an idea within us, remains, then we focus on that because we have not solved how to move to complete that task where it is no longer a burden being carried around occupying out focus, as what thinking is- something we focus on that is not us being present in reality.

How many times have we been afraid to do something, and then when we went to do that thing we feared, we realize it was not something to fear in any way!?  How many times have we been embarrassed that we feared doing something and then wanted to hide this from others because we realize we were inflating an idea about something, causing a huge doom and gloom scenario about something - which is us thinking about something- that did not need to be something we participated within!?

Can we see, that this process of thinking about something with fear, without actively changing within ourselves, as sorting things out in practical measures can separate us from real efficient practice/movement in reality?  Are we creating these huge doom and gloom measures within that end up taking up our time and can become automated behaviors, distracting us from being self directive?  Can we instead get things done in effective ways that allow us to be present in our days here on earth, to enjoy everything that is here!?

Can we see that this seemingly endless thinking ONLY can build that doom and gloom measure that divides our changeable/teachable/learnable selves? Can we understand through what we have allowed with this capacity how this capacity functions? And can we realize that no one, not one single person or thing can become the directive of this but ourselves? Can we realize that even if the fault of what we believe as a measure within, may not be our own, that no one, not a single person or thing can be the change of what measure within has defined who and what we are but ourselves?!

If someone in your world comes to you and explains this to you do you reject this because this means you have to change, you have to assess what has been accepted and allowed as beliefs, opinions and ideas and change them? Have we become so acclimated to thinking about this that was accepted and allowed as a measure of information, a comfort zone, that change from that is believed to be some huge doom and gloom situation, when it is simply realizing one’s measure- so reflected in personality of likes and dislikes ?

How changeable are you, by this I mean the kind of change that is not reactive? How many times have you changed with calm, simply assessing a situation, where there is no behavior of projecting blame, which is spite in action!? Behaviors of blame are reactions, they are a rejection of self responsibility, they are not those actions where one assess what is here, as what is around us, to discover ways to get things done! After all, is this not the behavior one would want as guidance for one’s self?

Are you someone who moves as problem into solution, or are you someone who uses your changeable self into problem, reaction - as behaviors of blame , which is spiting what we do not want to look at because we have to accept what we have resisted?

The analogy of the train and the landscape, the relationship between the two. Let us look at this. It represents your cognitive skills - overall. I say this because some of us have developed some cognitive skills, yet is that skill synergistic, meaning can you transpose the ability to understand that form of information developed, into understanding other forms? In this instance is your cognition functional within a narrow focus only? The information that is you, is it clear, meaning can you see, are you aware enough, meaning do you cross reference what is outside that train, that measure  of information within, as your memory, is that aware of what is outside of that ‘ picture show’ as your memory? How flexible are you? How many reactions of fear, and uncertainty, and insecurity do you have? These emotions of insecurity, are they simply where that train of thought, that train of out-of-proportion thinking as unresolved-issues  are the focus of that which accepted and allowed them - the self, struggling to change from seeing with respect to the speeding train to slowing down and seeing that landscape outside of the train-of-thought? Is this where a reaction of doom-and-gloom happens- in that segue moment of realizing that one has in thought, word and deed, been focused on one’s self accepted and allowed racing train of ideas, beliefs and opinions, to such an extent that one cannot remember what one did at this time last year because what is real, is outside that racing train? Has the physical world that has become blurred by one’s self accepted and allowed focus -that only self can change, been forgotten? 

It took patterns of behavior to build that train. It took a mis-take of reality. It took a fear that was a moment of inferiority, of fearing to lose something. It took generations of this to happen, many. Hence, there is no one left to blame, as they are all gone. There is only the solution, to forgive self, to forgive what self has accepted and allowed, and to self correct. The physical world is right here, our guide, always stable as it is only the separation of men from themselves that has caused the discord to life, which is physical and always right here in front of us.

Slow down and breath. Ground yourself here. Realize how we have each programmed our physical bodies to survive instead of to live.  It is time to build a cognition that is in sync with reality. It is time to realize and respect all things to create an inner world that is equal to the outer.
It is time to slow down and practice checking with every breath how much the self is lost in a train-of-thought forgetting to include reality that is the means of life. It is time to give as we would receive, which is to stop looking at our lack, and punishing ourselves, fighting with every breath, and to ground ourselves, here. It is time to take that step and realize that each and every one of us is fractionalized, segmented into a lesser measure than reality as the physical. We can begin to see, realize and understand through breathing. It will take practice with breathing, to catch ourselves in our own accepted and allowed habits that no one can change, because no one is us within. It is time to see the separation and then from there begin to read the patterns of behavior, and to forgive them, which means forgiving one another and becoming solutions that restore our natural ability to change, to learn, to be teachable, to invent, to create, to live.

Turn impossible into I am possible. it is a subtle change, one that can change this world into heaven on earth. Then can we all forgive ourselves and each other for what has been accepted and allowed. Two or more in my name, -which is that train being in sync with the physical world, that sunrise outside your window - is great strength. It is seeing directly here. 

Our current systems are a reflection of what we have accepted within that is a separation from the without, as the physical earth.  The present system mirrors the accepted lack of responsibility to this physical world.  The present system is to order the separation, to control it. This is a structure of violence because it does not consider all things, instead it uses a mean that ignores all that does not fit within that mean. This cannot work, because what is ignored, is what is resisted, and what is resisted, because it is a part of life, will accumulate and become bigger than that mean, it will become the consequence of disrespecting life. By design such a system cannot work.  What if you were that child born in Africa where mono-cultural forms brushed aside a symbiotic world and all that resided there that worked and was fecund with life, that a monoculture destroys down to the stuff of the means of life, which is the soils and all tied to that soil, a living breathing beingness equal and one to and as us? What if you were that child, born into a land ravaged by a train of ideas built of a means that rejected so much because it did not bring the wealth as how we have allowed money to be defined, into the hands of a few?  Is this form the same as what each and every one of us is allowing within ourselves when we do not slow down and realize that we are the creators of this through what we accept and allow within ourselves?

Each and every one, every person, must slow down and stop. It is time to realize we are creatures, and that we creat this world. We can as our ability to change, move our focus onto reality and our within, and do what does no harm, meaning work with what is here. We can change the system, standing together, as the very fabric of reality- the within and the without. We can change the flow of money, to in this moment, have money flow to each and every person on this earth, to allow each point to step out of the scream of a mind in separation of what is real, the physical world. 

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