Thursday, April 13, 2017

What am I standing as? Day 749

So, there is this fear, it is such a wall, or appears to be so. Despite the life that is me, seeing this, at the same time, moving through this appears to be impossible. Yet, like any knot, some things take time to unwind. Opening them up to realize the twists and turns, is a part of the process. 

I ask myself, where am I holding onto a fear of loss, where am I comparing myself to someone or something, an idea or a person? Where am I rushing and expecting something other than what is right here? I realize in life, sometimes the means to the end is realized, yet all the meanderings involved in completing something some times run into glitches, which is okay, as this in essence is dealing with fine tuning the balance, and being patient in returning to a more natural presence in a real relationship with this physical reality. I remind myself that in not being present here, and instead reacting based on fear, is a state of missed opportunities, to realize the potency of life around me that is me. 

I notice that once I realize my own emotional firewalls, I can notice the same in others. There is a term called ‘ zone of proximal development.’ This means that one can only see what one has realized within one’s self and move from that point forward. What is cool about acknowledging my own emotional and feeling layered fire/energy wall, projected outwardly in protection and defense as fear, is that it is more natural to see the same in others, and even notice when I have lost them, or them me, depending on which way I choose to look at this. Realizing this, helps me to realize that I can change in a moment, and not fear standing as something, to understand and then change. After all, is not self forgiveness the restoration of a natural ability to process and as the nature of this, restore a natural changeability? I notice that, within practicing working with numbers, that my processing speeds improve, as momentum builds and I am more able to hold greater sequences within me, and move within them backwards and forwards. This is the learning process, and it is the same in learning all things. once momentum builds, more insight is gained, which is the whole ‘ sum of all parts’ coming into a greater recognition and therefor greater processing ability. One must practice the small, even within slow and ‘ faster’ processing and master this within one’s self. Sounds like being able to be the ‘ moving through the eye of the needle’ as self as expression as a state of being able to consider all things, as the physical, to take that which is good and does no harm. And even within such recognition, to realize that i have no idea how far this can go. 

I have been looking at what I remember, how I remember during the day.. Sometimes I find myself realizing that I do not remember what i did a few minutes before, and I have to slow down and see where I was and why I do not remember, because I was not present in the physical. The physical as the real marker of life, as what is here, being present in and with what is here.  In a way, this reminds me of being a section leader in a musical group, and remaining grounded and stable within the form, as that state of focus being what is sustainable and grounding. It is using one’s will in a gentle and humble way. It breeds less work, as an idea of work. The fear is really the acceptance of an idea of a threat, and that threat made larger than life. In this, I can see where placing children in a  box, for 12 years, imprinting a story, is really a crime, a deep state crime against life. 

I was talking with someone in my world, and they were saying that they needed to study history through story. In other words, they cannot read about history as a direct history book. There are two aspects of this, as our history is written by the victors, and within this, there are contrary perspectives that have been so accepted there exists a normalcy bias, thus, counter narratives are actually illegal. This to me is suspect, like a lie being screamed, and the use of story to build a wall, which suggests something is being hidden with a purpose. Given the gross inequality placed through tiny steps over time, is it so far fetched to suspect what we are forced to believe is in itself a psychological game of mis-information? Where am I doing this within myself? And, how is this relationship I bring forward here, related to only being able to hold info in the form of a story, rather than direct reading of sequenced events? A story has a time line of events, of conflict and resolution, so a story holds an accepted inbuilt scaffold to guide into a form. 

Yet, the physical world is right here, and is the real story. The physical as what is hidden in plain sight and which stories of events are the tale told and what is considered to be normal, when they are not the story of creation as the physical. We all know, and understand that we are removed from nature. What is nature, but the physical real life story? I mean, why do a few, want to be creators, determining the story on the information highway? What is actually being done by the victors? They are telling a story, a sequence of events that build a picture of gain in self interest, playing with the physical as though it is here for them to manage, when inherent in the design is the means of management. This would be a direct relationship with each one, to the physical, the realization that the means of life, is the value, and the only choice is to work with the real visible story of creation as the physical world. In this, the media is a stream of the means of a consciousness of separation. 

A media is not a bad in itself, it is what it is within what is does, as what it expresses.. Does the media make us more aware or does it involve us in stories of information that do nothing to help us remember what we did, in real time, ten minutes ago? What is it that we allow ourselves to process? Are we in respect of this reality, or are we watching shadows on a wall in a self imposed cage, called the information highway, while our rivers and forests are drying up, and many animals becoming extinct? In some ways, if we look around, and watch, pay attention to nature, we can begin to realize how many of our trees are not as healthy as they could be. We have the natural sensibility to see this, to realize this. What is that in itself? 

I have to ask myself if the degree of my separation evident in the measure of my separation as an emotional firewall of energy that consumes the life that is me, to the extent that I cannot remember what i did then minutes ago? 

In this I have to practice standing as what i have accepted and allowed, and realize there is only the choice to be present here, grounding myself within calling out by name what i stand as, as a measure, and developing who and what I am as the potential of and as me, within and as rebuilding a relationship equal and one with the physical. 

Thank you for reading.

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