Saturday, June 24, 2017

A sense of falling Day 781

What is a sense of falling?

Why have I come to a point where I sense a movement of falling? I remember this sensation when I had to do an audition, or perform in a lesson at times. I remember saying no, and focusing instead. Somehow that focus lent a steadiness, the sense of falling ‘ not a place I wanted to go.”

It took my will to not move into falling. In time, with practice, this was always there, it was determined by me and how I focused. 

A master of a skill told me in my twenties that how I focused determined the time it took for me to learn something. It took a while but I did realize that point. From that point on, it became apparent that doing that skill, was pointless unless I focused. If I did not, how I paid attention, would follow with me. I see this, in using a tool, it shows me where I was and what was following me that I allowed.  Doing things that show one where one is, focusing on things, can reveal one to one’s self.  When we are speaking or listening, the nature of and as what we allow, can be so prevalent. It is the difference between being focused or being in that mode where what one allowed that distracted from that kind of focus remains, carried with one, because it is not sorted out.  A fear of speaking towards that, of seeing it - as I see it from my perspective - is a fear of facing that in another. Children often, remain silent amongst themselves, because they realize this,  to some degree and have probably given up in clearing it up, or realize that the person allowing this is the only place this can be cleared up.  In other words, we all know when we have not been here, it leaves a residue. Such a residue, builds a personality, and then one builds likes and dislikes, as reaction. 

This begs the question as to how we are using sound, as our words. Are our words clear of any of this, did we move with real focus and respect to and towards what is here as the actual physical world around us? Or, do our words carry a weight, as that supposed morality that we are not supposed to question as ideas of being polite, for example? 

Yet, as in my experience, those loaded with so much reaction are so due to an absence of real structure , or clarity, as we live in a world where things get done in practical ways and means. One need only look all around, at every house, at every road, as every man made thing and realize that no ONE ever did all of what was practically necessary to make that thing. No ONE. Everything around us is composed of many things, and what is composed by men has never been done so by one. Just because some one, was at some point of organization, does not make them more than another, they simply had more experience in working with how here, as the physical, is ordered, and can direct. Which begs the question as to why such ‘ living’ direction is not the awareness of all, focused here, without having a measure, as a morality, as that lack of real attention onto and as what is here, in common sense of and as how here works.  Are we as individuals caught in obstructions of our own allowances? 

There are people, who master things and realize that any one can do what they have done. This is why they come forward and teach, and share. There are those who self aggrandize and cannot see the simple and practical nature of learning. There are those who study something without ever living the practice of something, and then believe that they “ know” something. I noticed this difference within going back to school to get a teaching degree, after having actually applied something. When I was finally in the class room, I realize I learned more there, and faster than being in a room talking about teaching, reading these huge books about special moments that went on and on and on. These ‘ special’ moments where some movement in learning for a child, were made HUGE, within and as the belief that if one helps one child, one has done a good job - very limited thinking and unacceptable overall.  it is, conceptually, all a math. 

It has been said that people are uncomfortable around presence. Why would this be? Is presence that supposed ‘ light’ that ‘ cuts through all separation from real presence? Is presence, as how I am speaking about this, here, that  seeming invisible ‘ light’ that burns away all imbalances as an inner morality that has a resonance heavy with not being focused on the practical reality? It probably is that simple. It means that that which causes separation is the complication, or compilation of a lack of real focus on the practical. Since all things are sound, it can be heard. There is no escape. 

Overall, to realize that with every action, with every move, there is only one rule, one law; that is to do no harm. This means looking at what is effectively good, what is that which supports all those men, here, to do what men can do that is so visible all around us, because when we are focused, within this one law, we are happy, and we are so able to within this focus, come up with amazing new ways of doing things when we meet the unexpected.  This means we need no leaders, we need no gods, as the real expression of life, all around us, is being focused here, one and equal to what is here, in common sense of how here works that is so visible. 

One has to walk the mis-take, resonant within, to correct one’s focus, and purify one’s resonant information, pulled into shadows of and as value judgements of and as reacting to a sense of falling as one not being focused and using one’s will, as the difference between being infearfall and instead, as a steadiness stand up within this, which we are so capable of doing. One needs only to realize what does no harm. Life is a beautiful design. 

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