Monday, June 26, 2017

Looking at Stories ; Continuing Obstructions Day 782

I am looking at stories. I am looking at meter, at measure, at time. 

There is something called a mini-day schedule. It is where one has a form of measure of time, where during a certain space in time, each day, one takes care of certain actions in relation to one’s enterprise. 
Meaning, for example, from 10 am to 12 pm, one takes care of all correspondence. One writes letters, or makes phone call. Then, from 12 pm. to 1 pm, one does all tasks for another part of one’s business. Perhaps checking necessary paper work etc. Within that space, that measure, one does all that one can do for the day within that framework. If something is not finished, one follows through the next day in the same frame of time. Ofcourse, this is flexible, yet the overall frame, is the structural basis.  In this, one does the ordinary necessary things each day, that then, within the law of compounding, or accumulation, builds the whole, or the extra-ordinary.  Quite simple. And, what one could call, as an outcome, a story. it becomes the course of events, having rises and falls, within our present way of looking at things, into the steps that build a picture, or build any number of things, of outcomes. Some may consider such a story uninspiring. Yet, what is a story other than a series of events? 

This begs the question as to how humans listen to stories about a series of events, from another’s life? Mostly, the ‘ he said, she said “ stories.  In this, often such stories have both details and emotional value judgements, even happy moments. The overall feelings and emotions, of the good and the bad, being a colored part of the story.  That additional color of emotions, of and as value judgements,  creating a filler in the space of and as the story, where we need those colors, because we have become those colors, and are therefor, used to the math, the tempo to such an extent we acclimate to that ‘ beat.’  It is a separation from the practical, and from real creation, from real respect of the practical that builds real things, that enables real presence and equal respect of creation, as the physical. This physical world a real sense of creation. The colored, value judgement world,  like a hot air balloon surrounding and separating one from what is stable, as this physical creation.  Can this, that we accumulate and acclimate to, make what differs from such, as the practical where we are not actually doing and moving, appear, by comparison, boring and slow? Which story line would actually be more stable? 

I look at teenagers, who are mostly repelled by the history in text books put together by a federal entity, as the storied line of events by a victor who has accepted and allowed, as us too, a word to be placed to define a private bank, called the unclear and deceptive name as ‘ The Federal Reserve” ?  Is it possible, that because of our own practice as stories, or sequences of events as larger than life, filled with ideological ‘ good and evil’  as value judgements, superimposed on the practical reality of doing the ordinary to create the extraordinary,  as a state within, create a cursory perception that does assumes the general statement of the name of this entity as the “ federal reserve’ to have a relationship to the government as being the government, when it is not? Do we look behind the measure as the words, as the math of what this name inscribed in stone on the head stone of a building? Do we see behind the veil of this series of words, and define the terms projecting out towards us, in practical action, as what those words mean as the sequence of events they compose in action behind the pillars in our world?  The deception, the ‘ lack’ of ception, the lack of real seeing, is so right in our face, that through acceptance, because of not realizing the very meter, measure, math, spatial division of events, we miss, as we are so defined by ‘ good and evil’ as polarized superimposed value judgements, that we are so elevated from what is ordinary and the means to getting things done that that storied smoke and mirrors, or resonant shadows emanating from our flesh as our accepted and allowed practices, defining ourselves, automated through that practice of projecting ‘ good and bad’ that a conception of deception is allowed, instead of using a natural spatial ability, or real critical and creative thinking skills, or sensation of reality as what our physical bodies are so capable as their natural function? 

Do I allow that deception to become real when I in any moment, believe it is impossible to change? This, especially, when what is real remains and what is not of real substance, as what sustains the practical, as the physical, is that which is constant, under all the storied information creating religion, and a history that is of the same polarized value judgements, blaming and spiting one person, one event, one nation, in our history books of the same form of deception? Have a look, in the order of growing a tree, one places a seed in the ground, ensures it has the basics, as water, nutrients, sunlight, etc. and the tree will grow. It is what it is, no projected survival games of good and bad, change the physical properties of that sequence of ordinary events/math/measure  that build that tree, that tree that does practical actions during its day, to move from the ordinary into the extraordinary.  That building, that sequence, that is the means of real conception, of real presence.  

To focus ourselves back into that, means slowing down and breathing. It means writing out of deceptions, to place our superimposed math, as series of events resonant within, to realize our own separation from who and what we are, and as that how things are done to become equal to what is constant and real, as that stone on which deceptive and unclear words are etched.  The stone is more real than those unclear words, and those words cannot exist without that stone, which is why the corps that are hidden under the guise of ‘ governance’ for the people that is moving as a reflection of the accumulated series of events within each as that projected value judgements  as the game of good and evil, that is a separation from the practical, as the living of ordinary events that effectively create the means of what we are, as physical beingness, as that which is always here, always right in plain sight.  What is religion but a distraction from what is real? 

There is reason within the reason that men are happy when they know something, when they know how to complete a series of events that create a real and sustainable living form. There is a reason why value judgements separate one from practical action, and leave a residual sense of anxiety and uncertainty.  If one has practiced value judgements over the practical, as one’s  mini- series of events,  one accumulates that math, that we can call, beliefs, opinions and ideas,  creating a mini - day schedule of spinning in value judgements eating up ones life, and missing what is in plain sight. one becomes a walking bubble of swirling colors, revealing what one has focused upon, determining one’s eventual lack of spatial ability, as one ages and turns into having difficulty walking on the ground, or up a flight of steps, because one has separated one’s self and followed the words on a stone, without any real defining of what those words mean in practical movement, as the series of events they create in real time, here.  It is, in all, a crime against life, a ception rhyme, against the measure of creation.    After all, what is a rhyme, but a series of words, as a series of events, as written down ‘ orders’ to follow, accepted and allowed, building a construct what? Is that construct sustaining and caring for this physical reality in ways that do no harm? As that principle, of and as ‘ doing no harm’  that demands real defining of practical actions as the cause and effect of a series of directives/events in the practical order of respecting all things? 

Overall, our words, must be related to the real, to the practical, to reality. Each word we speak must be in tune with this physical reality, as that tree and how it is built. It is to stop eating the fruit of that tree to sustain the illusion of ‘ good and evil’ and to instead remain steady in the practical action of respecting the physical reality as creation. This one law, is really the only law we need, it is that law of ‘ giving as one would receive’, it is the law of being equal and one, to the series of actions as events, that built this living creation all around us as the physical. If we realized the physical as creation, as us, would this world stop contracting like an aging human, getting smaller and smaller, with greater and greater extremes of weather, just as age ( a series of events as what one accumulated within one’s actions, be that a sum of value judgements within one’s self, becoming the resonant seed of ego, that is separation from reality manifest? )  brings forth greater and greater dis-ease manifest as a loss of spatial ability? 

What we are doing, as what we are allowing, is so right in front of us. The illusion, is that this is impossible to change. One need only stand, and sound the ordinary all around us, that is real so much more than that limited and tiny resonance of separation composed of value judgements within and as our words, creating our thoughts, leading our habits into actions that cause con-sequences that are not what is best and that are not in alignment with the principle of equality, as the one law, as taking that which is good and does no harm. That choice is always right here. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the measure of me, within and as my thoughts of and as opinions and ideas filled with value judgements, of right and wrong, more than and less than, comparison within limited frameworks of values, separated from the practical measure/math/rhyme/sequence/ series/stories of the practical and actual real physical reality where nothing/no thing was ever done within and as thinking, as the focus of and as me, gets things done within focusing on the practical, as the ordinary on a physical reality where no one does all of what is actually physically here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I move into a belief, as an opinion, as an idea, as something being impossible, I am actually not present here, in this reality, equal and one with the practical as being the ordinary real sequence of events, as actions that create in a physical reality, here, as this is what, in all simplicity what common sense is and does.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I am not present, I am not seeing the practical ordinary steps that create.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize, and stand within and as, equal and one, with what is here, as the practical as the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the words on the side of a building, as ‘ federal reserve’ say nothing about what that entity as a series of steps, which can be a frame - lacking considering of being and doing as what life is in expression, as allowing no harm, as realizing what takes that which is good and does no harm, as allowing no collateral damage, in any way shape and form, is the means to aligning all, equal and one to this creation that is physical as life would be, in all common sense, as the principle of oneness and equality being in respect of all things, realizing we are all the same, that we are not born with religion, or language, or culture as this is imposed upon us, accepted by us, where what is real, is the practical application as what and who we are, as physical life, as life would be, in all practical common sense, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and underatsnd that any thoughts within and as me, are thinking, based on a past, of and as not being in alignment with the practical as the physical, as nothing was ever done within and as thinking about it, as doing involves focus here, with all of me, as what common sense is and does, this but a slight shift, out of a resonance built within, as accepted series of value judgements separating myself from here, composed of hyper-sensationalizing, creating a roller coaster of movement within me, of a sinking and a falling, of a false positive as a high, unsustainable and thus not being of and as life, grounded and present here as presence is calm, just as when one is truly focused here, where one has a sense of knowing, as a sense that is calm and stable, consistent and steady, as I, as life, am the most perfect of forms to be and live the practical, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that all that is here, is me in another life, as life information, and that any movement within and as me, as a ‘ pull’ into an inner picture show, is a hyper institutionalized ideological limited and singular state of measure that cannot withstand the text of time, because it cannot fit, as a math, into life, here, and thus is an indication of and as myself being in a state of separation from the practical living reality that is life information that is me and all around me, as the physical here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the depths of my separation, as a mis-use of the imagination, as a singular entity creating a bubble of values, as a superimposition of and as resonance, as a form of inversion, within me, as value judgements, as the story of good and bad, right and wrong, more than and less than, when I already am the ‘ more’ as the value being all around me as the physical, thus am I already here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as I accept a schooling system of and as sitting in a room, with only children of the same age, following and following and following written knowledge and information, without practical application, I am in effect programming myself as a resonant bubble of limited information, creating an attention dis-order from realizing who and what I am, by design, within and as being the very nature of common sense, which is why the design of schools and media, constantly projected and limited, is always present here that is only a reflection of my own acceptance and allowances of and as separation into a hyper-sensationalized reality of and as value judgements, , as the resources freely given, of this earth are then owned by words on a page and thus only real through acceptance and allowance,  is the false story of information that is imposed, and not in alignment with common sense, as who and what I am am, as  physicality that is life information  here. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I go to a ‘ climate change’ meeting, that the person/personificaiton of and as data collection being shared, and yet said to be a projection, is ideological, where if I ONLY follow such, and abdicate my own common sense, as what I live around me, as it not being warmer overall, but more of and as extremes in weather, as colder temperature dips in winter, and hotter temperature swings in summer, with stronger winds overall, that what I physically notice does not fit into that data model.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that within and as the game of fear, as the game of survival, as the game of separation from reality, as the inversion of myself as beliefs, opinions and ideas, of good and bad, right and wrong, good and evil, more than and less than, I am being shown within myself an imbalance towards what is practical and real, and if I look, a state that is lacking in calm and presence, as focus, as attention onto what is actual and real, as the practical actions on/in a physical life, as life would be, in expression, physical and always here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that there is one way forward, and that is to become equal and one with what is here, which means standing through the storm of nyperrealized value judgements as actions, as a lack of focus, as a lack of presence , as a lack of calm, as that hyperinflation state of being, as value judgements accepted through comparison, competition instead of acceptance of and as who and what is here, as what is real, as what is the real story of and as life, as the building blocks of the physical reality, here, in plain sight,  as real creation information in expression, that is the same as me, where no one, has ever done any one thing as things are composed of many things in union, in balance, as the very composition of life, here, which is physical, in all common sense, and to exist expresses the principle of oneness and equality, of and as to take that which is good and does no harm here. 

When and as I find myself standing anywhere here, as myself here, as a physical form, in relationship to all things that are the same as me, I breath, I remain here, I focus here, I attend to here, I lis-ten to the practical, physical reality, and I realize the tiny movement, of and as a mind consciousness system of and as all being reaction, as defense in view of threat, as that threat is a separation from being in a state of knowing, as realizing a series of events, as a story, of and as taking that which is good and does no harm, as being present in the practical reality as the physical. 

When and as I am here, in every moment, I breath, I forgive that which is not of and as a focus here, as an attention to here, I see, realize and understand, as practice, this reality, as the practical actions of and as life as physical expression,  as no thing can define me,  as all threats are of and as fear, as a state of being focused is more a state of knowing, as no thing was ever done within thinking, as all things are done with focus, on the practical, as the physical world that is life in creaiton, in expression here. 

When and as I find myself in a state of fear, as a belief in threat, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, to realize the thread, as the series of events, with hyper sensationalized values, to stop and be practical in listening, in stringing the use of associations, as a series of relationships , to realize the composure as a resonance as a belief system, always lacking real calm, real direction, real insight, as what presence in the physical is and does, here. 

Interesting. I am going to look at the word “ thread’ as I noticed a movement within and as my upper chest and neck and throat area! Thank you for reading! 

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