Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 549 The journey to life is to rule equal to the measure of the physical.

I had a conversation with someone where they talked about a friend who had put together some entertainment to raise money for breast cancer.

So what is good here and what can be changed into understanding what we as humans are doing and the sense of it practically?

Organizing a show, this is cool.

Performing is cool too.

Singing songs about the tragedy of breast cancer? Why are we not in joy, singing songs about life lived to the fullest? Why are we not playing with sounds in ways that teach about sound, meaning using sound to do more than wallow in tragedy or become excited by an idea of a “ perfect relationship,” or righteous about wrongs  becoming blame instead of solution ?

Why do we allow a congress of men and state governors, who are allowing ordinances that prohibit feeding homelessness, suddenly, in an economy that uses half its revenues for war. ( and here I wonder if the 'drug war' and the 'war against cancer' is included in the 
“ war budget.” as the liability placed into taxes as subsidies?) 

We all know, if we investigate, that the revenue from charity and from taxes is supporting a war, a war using emotions and feelings, the good and the bad, judgement, a limited story recited as just division of how earth’s freely given resources are formed and moved, utilized and distributed in form and function. As it is the physical that is what is real and nothing else, so the real story cannot be hidden.
We also know how to produce food that is sustaining, both within and without. 

We understand that children that have a very large vocabulary tend to to well in school. And we know that a lack of opportunity creates a person who lacks skills, and the fear that is insecurity structurally within, builds a person who has no self directive capacity, so even here, if we allow a lack of access to our children having a solid foundation built of simple common sense of how the physical works, and how the physical works is understood because of the amount of innovation going on, then why do we not see, realize and understand that territorial resource controls, and wars on health, and wars to move drugs around, have nothing to do with supporting life?  That these wars are control mechanisms for few to maintain an idea of needing to control the systemic form of flow of resources as an order on earth that is the reverse of life? 

War and disease are big business, created from economic strife, which means creating a survival game on earth. At this point in time, there is so much understanding and innovation being done, even by 14 year olds, that we understand how to use energy that does no, or very little, harm to the environment.

The word, to govern stems from Latin word, gubenare, which means to steer, to rule. To “ rule” means to measure. So, someone who steers really is measuring the world around them. We have inverted this, and forced a measure based on self interest, and abdicate our natural ability to measure to a limited measure as in internal abstract of reality, called mind, that is what is steering the use of resources, freely given, as the physical means of life information/expression. And we believe that measure,  based on the mental picture that is flat, lacking dimension is a real life, a real measure. If we steer from this limited measure we become in conflict of the physical, because we are not considering all dimension of the physical - this that is composed of a building blocks of atoms that function in knowable practical ways - did we not then how have we allowed drugs to be touted by a written law to be the means of a cure? So, on the one hand we pass a law saying “ we know” and on the other hand within consequence of such supposed knowing, we continue to have cancer- for example? We cannot say we know how atoms work with how electrons transfer, and use this is create drugs that we force onto people, and then say we don’t know at the same time! This is essentially saying I know when it is my monetary/control interest, but then personally saying “ I don’t know.”  So, we have created and allowed a bring forward knowing for the corp, but when questioned we become personal entities that don’t know! That is snake like, forked tongue behavior, that is demonic, that is what it means to be demonic, to be a measure that shift's responsibility in ways to not have to answer in common sense!  And then if someone points this allowed self measure of limitation out, a response is “ I don’t like people “ like”/ ( that have a measure of and as) you!  Hissssssssssssss. And then the inner quantum mind begins to shake as its FALL - I -SEE does not want to admit its limited measure!

We can have no real power of creation, is we allow ourselves to own a memory that has no real measure of that which holds the memory, which is a para-sight as mind only, without cross reference of the principle means of life, which is the physical. If we allow a governing system that rules/measures by self interest as a system of usury that moves through the debt of interest that only exists by taking principle, then we allow a ruler/measuring device as a man, or a small measure of men, to steer- and this done from a point of overview that is just another measure as perspective. 

But if the “ view” is a picture as mind only, without cross reference, then the whole is forgotten, and the idea of para-mount (ed) inFORM as a projected para-sight becomes the rule/measure. 

Sounds like television. But what came first, the outer structure as our present “ rule of measure system’ or the inner accumulated SELF inner-rest of men as mind? What have we as personification measure of life accepted and allowed? Where are we not responsible and as such respectful of what is physical right in front of us?

A child is born with an ability to begin to measure this world. What is placed as knowledge and information to them, is what they become. If this measure placed within is one that is allowed constant cross reference with respect to practical form and function of physical reality on which the child depends to be life, than the child becomes equal to the rule/measure of the physical on which it depends. If not,  then the child has difficulty steering itself as the expression of life that it is.

Thus, we can become life. We have the gift of the physical to steer us into a rule of measure that is equal and one to and as life, as the physical, here. It is only limitation that believes it’s limitation to be more than life, that limitation is the mind developed lacking the use of common sense in respect, with every breath, of the physical. It is the accepted and allowed measure as a inner map made larger than life, it is what one has owned as a self definition, and just like television, one is allowing this to be one’s vision based on an inner ruling measure that has forgotten a respect and thus responsibility to and as the means of life, which is the physical. The steering, ruling measure within must be equal and one, respectful of, the means of life, which is the physical. 

This separation has accumulated for eons, it is time to stop because this separation is destroying the physical world, and as such life. It is time to use what we have created in ways that allow each the time and space to realign the inner measure that we have allowed to rule us, to remeasure, and re-rule, practical physical reality, to respect and be responsible to the physical gift of life. This is to give each the security within basic needs, which is clean water, shelter, education, and food. It is time to equalize ourselves to the physical which is the structural form of life expression. This  would be fun, and each would begin to stand, because what we all are looking for is the journey to life, and it is here right in front of us.

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